RDM (Novel) Chapter 578

Chapter 578

Iron Tyrant Dragon Yong Geom-sang, stood still and gazed ahead.


As he opened his mouth, white breath flowed out and dispersed in the air.

Spring had arrived, but the chill of winter still seemed to linger in the air.

A vast plain stretched out before him.

The snow that had fallen all winter was still piled up on the plain, unmelted.

Come to think of it: Last winter's cold was severe.

Sometimes it snowed for three days, accumulating up to a person's waist without melting.

This not only prolonged the journey from Yunnan province to here but also resulted in numerous casualties.

The culprits were the cold and snow.

The Yunnan province, where Dragon Mountain Manor was located, was warm all year round.

There wasn't even a need to prepare winter clothing; people usually wore minimal clothing, often almost bare.

When Yong Geom-sang's son, Yong Ha-sang, died and he angrily headed towards Poyang Lake, it was late autumn.

At the time, he didn't think it would be a big deal.

In the Yunnan province, snow never fell even in winter, and late autumn just meant slightly cooler temperatures compared to summer. Thus, most of the martial artists left Dragon Mountain Manor in light clothing.

They didn't realize the hardships that lay ahead of them.

His priority was to avenge his son, so he set out without proper preparation.

Soon after leaving Yunnan, they faced a harsh cold. It was as if the season had changed overnight, and a heavy snowfall came down.

They should have returned to the Dragon Mountain Manor at that time, waiting for the winter to end while regrouping, but Yong Geom-sang's choice was to break through head-on.

Without a thought for the safety of his men, he marched on.

Their clothing was too thin to endure the winter cold and blizzard. Many suffered frostbite or collapsed, unable to withstand the cold.

Yong Geom-sang tried to find winter clothing for his subordinates on the way to Poyang Lake. However, it was impossible to obtain thousands of garments thick enough to beat the cold all at once.

By the time the martial artists of the Dragon Mountain Manor had found and donned winter clothing, many had already died.

In the end, Yong Geom-sang had to stop the forced march, and they rented a large mansion to pass the winter. They wasted several months that way.

Time had slipped away without any gains.

When the snowfall lessened somewhat, Yong Geom-sang resumed the forced march. At least this time, the followers were dressed in winter clothes and well-equipped.

Despite their preparations, the march was not easy. The snow hadn't completely melted yet.

Regardless of their martial arts mastery, wading through waist-deep snow consumed tremendous energy.

Months had passed since Yong Ha-sang's death, but Yong Geom-sang's fury had yet to subside.

The moment anyone mentioned rest to him, their heads would fly off.

Everyone was dead tired.

Looking at the snow-covered landscape before him, Yong Geom-sang muttered,

"The road to see my son is so difficult and far away, but I can't stop myself. I will hunt down all those responsible for my son's death and tear them to pieces."

Just as he began to stride towards the snowy plains,


Something caught his senses.

Someone was approaching from across the plain.

A presence he could feel clearly, even though it was more than ten li away

Only a handful in the world, those at the level of Yong Geom-sang, could emit such a profound presence from such a distance.

This meant the figure approaching from across the plains was undoubtedly a martial artist of the same caliber as Yong Geom-sang.

He narrowed his eyes and looked forward.

A tiny dot was visible in the distance.

The dot was gradually enlarging.

It was drawing near.

Yong Geom-sang's face turned cold.

The object that appeared as a dot due to the distance was actually a human.

An old man in simple robes and a staff, seemingly frail.

"A Taoist?"

Although his Taoist robe was so ragged that it resembled that of a beggar, the vital and ethereal energy flowing through him was profoundly dignified and not to be underestimated.

"Has there ever been a Taoist of this caliber in Kangho?"

While he tried to recall, the taoist closed the distance. He seemed to walk slowly, but in fact, he used the aerial skill of shortening space to come closer.

Yong Geom-sang watched the plains that the old Taoist had crossed.

The snowy plains were untouched; not a single footprint remained, let alone any trace of his passage.

It was the lightness skill of "Traceless Snow Step."

A supreme Qigong skill that leaves no trace even when stepping on snow.

There weren't many martial artists in the world who had reached this level.

Yong Geom-sang became even more alert.

Finally, the old Taoist stopped in front of Yong Geom-sang.

With a slight grin, the old taoist said,

"Greetings, Lord of Dragon Mountain Manor."

"You know me?"

"How could I not? Those banners with the symbol of Dragon Mountain Manor are flying everywhere."

The taoist's gaze landed on the martial artists of the Dragon Mountain Manor.

In the hands of the leading martial artists were gigantic banners symbolizing the Dragon Mountain Manor.

Yong Geom-sang glanced at the banners, then glared at the old Taoist.

"You know me, but I don't know you. It seems unfair. How about revealing your identity at this


"Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My memory isn't what it used to be. My Taoist name is 'One-Sword master, Il Geom-jin'."

"One-Sword master?"

Yong Geom-sang furrowed his brow.

After a moment of recollection, his eyes widened in recognition.

He now recognized the old Taoist's identity.

"You're from the Wudang Sect?"

"That's right."

"What's your relationship with Cheongjin, the Gate of Wisdom?"

"Humbly, I am his senior."

"So you are even superior to the current leader of the Wudang Sect? A legendary master has graced us with his presence.”

Yong Geom-sang's eyes sharpened.

His piercing gaze radiated a terrifying aura that few could endure.

Yet, despite the intense aura that few would dare to face, Il-geom Jin did not erase the smile at the corner of his mouth.

Yong Geom-sang said,

“You’re a rank above me; I shall address you as a senior.”

“If you're giving me the honor of seniority, I’ll accept with gratitude.”

"Why have you appeared here, Senior? It doesn't seem like a coincidence."

"I've come to persuade."

"To persuade whom?"

"Who else? I've come to persuade you."

"Ha! You've come here alone, to this place, to persuade me now?"

"That's right."

One-Sword master nodded.

A sad light filled his face as he looked at Yong Geom-sang.

He was a father who had lost his child.

To block the path of a father who wanted to take revenge with his own hands was troubling for him as well. But Il-geom Jin had no choice.

Kangho was already in chaos from the war between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall. If Dragon Mountain Manor got involved, the situation would escalate uncontrollably.

Nobody could tell how many lives would be lost if Iron Tyrant Dragon and Dragon Mountain Manor entered Kangho.

That's why he came down alone from the Wudang Mountain.

He could have led the full strength of the Wudang Sect, but he did not.

Because if mishandled, it could turn into a battle between the Dragon Mountain Manor and the Wudang Sect.

He had to resolve it alone.

That was the only way to minimize the damage.

One-Sword Master took a combat stance towards Yong Geom-sang and spoke,

"The old One-Sword requests instruction from the great Yong Geom-sang."

He deliberately avoided the words Wudang Sect and Dragon Mountain Manor.

He wanted to confine it to a personal duel rather than a clash between the sects.

Yong Geom-sang raised an eyebrow, realizing Il-geom Jin’s intent.

“Why should I accept your challenge, senior?”

“No reason. But…”


“Isn’t it the way of the martial world? For both you and me… Do we need a reason beyond that?”

“Perhaps your time on the Wudang Mountain has made you a romantic. Sadly, such romance no longer exists in the current martial world.”

"I know. Nevertheless, this old man has no choice but to force the issue. I believe it's the way to minimize the damage."

"Anyway, I won't fight with you, Senior."

"Then I, too, will have no choice but to mobilize the full strength of the Wudang Sect."


"Let us just settle everything through a fair duel between you and me. If you win, the Wudang Sect will not intervene in Dragon Mountain Manor's affairs."

"If Senior wins?"

"Take the Dragon Mountain Manor's elites and retreat."


Yong Geom-sang roared, his voice filled with internal energy.

The members of the Dragon Mountain Manor turned pale hearing his roar. But Il Geom Jin, standing right in front of Yong Geom-sag, remained calm and composed.

"I'm not saying you have to hold back forever. Just wait until the end of the Kangho Great War. You can accept that much, can't you?"


"It's not a loss for you either. On the contrary, you can use the time to strengthen your forces and cultivate your anger."

One-Sword Master's words shook Iron Tyrant Dragon's heart.

After considering the pros and cons for a moment, Iron Tyrant Dragon finally nodded.

"Very well! I accept your challenge, Senior."

A duel with the One-Sword Master was unavoidable anyway.

Whether he accepted the offer or not, One-Sword Master would never back down.

Losing to One-Sword Master was a problem, but winning would also be an issue.

Because the Wudang Sect wouldn't stand by idly.

In that case, it was more advantageous to accept the One-Sword Master's challenge.

Yong Geom-sang yelled to the Dragon Mountain Manor martial artists.

"Nobody is to intervene in my duel with Senior. Do you understand?"


The warriors of Dragon Mountain Manor answered in unison.

Yong Geom-sang looked at One-Sword Master, his eyes aflame with determination.

"Now, everything is as you wished, senior. Satisfied?"

"Thank you! For accepting this old man's insistence."

"There's nothing to thank. I will surely defeat you and advance into the martial world."

"If you defeat me, the Wudang Sect will never intervene."

"Don't forget that promise."

"I will definitely keep that promise."

"Then let's begin."

Yong Geom-sang gathered his internal energy.

Ku ku ku!

In an instant, the air in the area shook like crazy, and the snow dust on the ground rose into the air.

"Everyone, step back."

"Be careful. Our Master is planning to use his full strength."

The martial artists of Dragon Mountain Manor hastily retreated.

They knew all too well the calamity that occurred when Yong Geom-sang used his full strength.

To stand idly in the direct path of such energy would result in instant death.

They had to move far away before that happened.

In a flash, an area of about thirty yards around the two men was cleared.

The One-Sword Master sighed and drew his Pine Gate Sword.

"Sigh! I'm not sure if this old body will move as I wish."

He had mastered his internal energy, but the problem was his aged body.

For ordinary experts, it might not matter, but to face someone like Yong Geom-sang, who had reached an absolute level, both internal energy and the physical body had to be perfect. But the One-Sword Master had no choice.

If he couldn't stop Yong Geom-sang here, there would be no force to stop them before they reached lake Poyang. Even if there were, they would be too engrossed in the Great Kangho War to notice Dragon Mountain Manor's approach.

If One Sword-master hadn't read the Heavenly Qi, he would never have realized that the Dragon Mountain Manor was approaching from the west.

As soon as he sensed the uneasy heavenly Qi, he led the elders and rushed to this distant place, where he encountered the martial artists of Dragon Mountain Manor.

Excluding the Wudang Sect and Dragon Mountain Manor, limiting it to a duel between him and Iron Tyrant Dragon was the best he could do.

"Hu! Come. I've wanted to experience the Dragon Mountain Manor's techniques for a long time."

"Very well! I won't hold back."


Iron Tyrant Dragon stomped on the ground and charged at the One-Sword Master.

The one who strikes first wins.

In the martial artists' battles, the one who attacked first had a much higher probability of winning.

The situation was no different even in a duel between absolute experts.


When Yong Geom-sang thrust his fist, a dazzling fist qi was released.

Facing this, the One-Sword Master thrust his sword.

Kwa kwa kwang!

A massive explosion occurred.

The whole area shook as if an earthquake had taken place, a fight that surpassed human limits between the two men.

"Good heavens!"

"How can this be called a human duel?"

The martial artists of Dragon Mountain Manor gaped, watching the duel between the two.

The area was turned upside down as though the end of the world had come.

The battle between the two continued for more than half a day.

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