RDM (Novel) Chapter 581

Chapter 581

Many ships were anchored at Sea Gate, the gateway city to the sea.

Each ship was the size of a small island. It was the only way to navigate the waves, which were as high as houses.

The bigger the ship, the greater the likelihood of safety.

That's why most ships sailing the high seas were this big.

The docks at the Sea Gate were filled with ships returning from long voyages. The sight of dozens of ships lined up looked like a huge fleet.

A small boat sailed in between these gigantic ships.

Onboard the small boat were Pyo Wol and his party.


The boat finally touched the dock.


"What's this?"

The workers at the dock looked at the boat with Pyo Wol and the others in astonishment.

It was too small to be moored here.

There was a separate area for small boats. It had been a long time since such a small boat had entered a dock where huge ships were docked.

At least the sailors here wouldn't make such a mistake. That meant they were from outside.

A fisherman who was arranging his net approached Pyo Wol and his group.

"Where do you come from?"

Suspicion filled the fisherman's eyes.

It was only natural, considering strangers had suddenly arrived on a small boat.

Not only him, but the others also looked at the three with wary eyes.


"Why is it so loud in there?"

"What's going on?"

Suddenly, a group of people approached from one side of the dock, making a lot of noise.

They were men with red hoods on their heads.

The complexions of the fishermen and workers turned pale at their appearance.

The fisherman stammered,

"It's just, there are some suspicious people here..."

"Suspicious people?"

The men in red hoods looked puzzled.

Their gaze turned to Pyo Wol.

Anyone could see he was acting suspiciously.

The men's expressions turned fierce.

"Who are you?"

"Are you from the Red Turban Association?" Pyo Wol asked in an emotionless voice.

The red-hooded men were stunned at the word "Red Turban Association".

Red Turban Association was an organization created to protect the rights of the workers in the harbor.

When the harbor was first established, the workers were exploited for a pittance. That's when a skilled martial artist among the workers founded the Red Turban Association.

They made sure that the merchants could not cheat the workers, and assigned workers to the ships coming into the harbor.

Since most of the workers in the harbor belonged to the Red Turban Association, no one dared to disregard them.

They evolved beyond a mere assembly of workers into a martial organization. The workers of the Red Turban Association all wore red hoods when they worked. Their status in the Sea Gate City was significant. No one dared to ignore them and treat them as ordinary workers.

"Are you from Sea Gate?"

If they were from Sea Gate City, they would undoubtedly know about the Red Turban Association.

Because it was closely related to their lives.

Pyo Wol shook his head.

"I'm not from Sea Gate."

"Then how do you know about the Red Turban Association?"

"Do you have Taemu Sang?"


The eyes of the men from the Red Turban Association flickered.

They knew the name Pyo Wol had mentioned.

"Tell Taemu Sang to come. Or guide me to him."

"What's your relationship with him?"

"Quite close."


Pyo Wol's answer caused the men of the Red Turban Association to fall silent.

Taemu Sang was one of the rising stars in Sea Gate at the time.

He was a young martial artist known throughout Sea Gate City as being second to none, especially after being trained by a powerful master. Taemu Sang also had close ties to the Red Turban Association.

Since the other party mentioned Taemu Sang, they couldn't deal with them carelessly.

The eldest among them cautiously said,

"I will contact Master Tae, but you better wait. If you're lying, you should be prepared."

"Alright, don't nag me, just call him."

"Understood! I'll do it."

The leader gestured to his subordinate, who then hurriedly ran towards the bustling area.

Pyo Wol, Soma, and Sal-no sat comfortably, each waiting for the subordinate to return.

How much time had passed? Just as they began to feel bored, someone was seen running from the direction of the busy area.

The moment they recognized the faces, the complexion of the Red Turban Association's men changed drastically.


"The Sword Brothers are both here?"

Young boys, with a touch of youth in their appearance, rushed to the pier.

The slightly older boy's name was Taemu Sang.

The younger one was called Geom Yeong.

People called the two boys the Sword Brothers.

Taemu Sang reached the pier first and asked the men from the Red Turban Association,

“Someone is looking for me?”

"Yes, that person over there..."

The men of the Red Turban Association pointed at Pyo Wol.

Taemu Sang's brow furrowed when he saw Pyo Wol.

Since Pyo Wol's face was hidden under his cap, Taemu Sang could not recognize him.

With a puzzled expression, Taemu Sang approached Pyo Wol.

“Who are you to seek me?”

“It's been a while.”


Taemu Sang slightly frowned at Pyo Wol’s words.

The voice sounded familiar.

He got closer to Pyo Wol and looked up at his face.

It was both familiar and foreign.

'What's this?'

As Taemu Sang tilted his head,

[Do not be surprised. It's me, Pyo Wol.]

A telepathic message entered his ear.

For a moment, Taemu Sang was visibly surprised, but he was an observant child and did not let Pyo Wol's name slip.

Geom Yeong approached him.

“Brother, what's wrong? Someone you know?”

Taemu Sang pulled Geom Yeong closer and whispered in his ear.

“Don't be surprised. It’s Pyo Wol, that's him.”

Geom Yeong's eyes widened for a moment, but like his brother, he quickly regained his composure.

Taemu Sang spoke calmly.

“You are Brother Gong, right? It's been a long time.”

He led Pyo Wol's group with Geom Yeong.

The people of the Red Turban Association did not dare to question Pyo Wol's identity, they just watched his receding figure.

They merely considered Pyo Wol's party as guests of Taemu Sang.

When they reached a place hidden from the public, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong changed their expressions.

“What's going on? Without any contact.”


Geom Yeong clung to Pyo Wol's waist, laughing heartily.

Pyo Wol ruffled Geom Yeong's hair and spoke.

“You both seem well?”

“Of course! We are learning martial arts from our master, and we hold high positions in the Red Turban Association.”

"I've been working hard to master the martial arts as well."

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong looked up at Pyo Wol with sparkling eyes.

Both boys were orphans who had wandered the back alleys of Sea Gate City. It was Pyo Wol who had rescued them.

Thanks to Pyo Wol, they were able to save their lives and become disciples of Tarha.

After becoming disciples of Tarha, everything changed.

Once living at the bottom of Sea Gate, the boys' status soared, and they were the envy of many.

At least within Sea Gate, there were hardly any who posed a threat to the two boys.

Pyo Wol asked,

"Are your master and Yul Ayeon well?"


"Take me to them."

"Just follow us. Master and sister will be thrilled to see you."

The two did not even question the identities of Sal-no and Soma. Being Pyo Wol's company, they naturally believed them to be trustworthy.

Such was their blind faith in Pyo Wol.

The place where they took Pyo Wol and his party was a huge estate near the seashore.

The massive estate even had a pier where ships could dock.

A single, large ship was anchored at the pier.

The shape of the ship differed somewhat from those in the central region.

It was a ship that usually operated in the western regions.

Pyo Wol looked at the ship, then turned his gaze to the estate's signboard.

The sign hanging at the main gate had three characters written in a bold script: 'Sea Dragon Manor'.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Taemu Sang approached the Sea Dragon Manor without hesitation. The warriors guarding the Manor bowed their heads to greet him.

"Have you arrived, Master Taemu?"

"Where is my master?"

"He's with Lady Yul."

"Open the gate. I've brought an honored guest."

"An honored guest?"

The warrior looked at Pyo Wol with a puzzled expression.

He had seen Pyo Wol before. However, since Pyo Wol had changed his face using the Reverse Bone Technique, he couldn't recognize him.

Although he was curious about Pyo Wol's identity, he had to respect Taemu Sang's guest, so he couldn't pry any further.

Gum Yeong scolded him, "Hurry and open the gate."


The warrior opened the gate.

Pyo Wol's party followed the Sword brothers into the Sea Dragon Manor.

The interior of the manor was exotic.

It felt like they were in the western region, not the central region.

At that moment, a man and a woman emerged from inside.

A bearded old man with a full yellow beard and a woman with golden hair and blue eyes.



Seeing the two, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong rushed to them.

"Have you arrived?"

The old man with the yellow beard greeted them with a smile, while the woman with the blue eyes looked at Pyo Wol with a puzzled expression.

"Who is that?"

For some reason, his aura was familiar.

At that moment, Pyo Wol took off the hat he was wearing.

Then, he undid his reverse bone technique.


With the sound of bones shifting, Pyo Wol's true appearance was revealed.

The woman and old man simultaneously exclaimed.

"Grandmaster Pyo?"


They both approached with broad smiles.

"It's been a long time," Pyo Wol said.

"Really, you should have told us if you were coming."

"Why didn't you even contact us once?"

The two who warmly welcomed Pyo Wol were Tarha and Yul Ayeon.

They were from the Mara Law sect and had come to Kangho to find Mahondo, the symbol of their lineage. Pyo Wol had helped them find Mahondo, which had been stolen by the Ghost Fleet, so they considered him a benefactor.

Tarha did not return to the Mara Law sect even after finding Mahondo.

He thought that settling here would be good for his granddaughter Yul Ayeon.

So, he built the Sea Dragon Manor and took in Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong as disciples.

In addition, he completely subjugated the Red Turban Association and placed it under his control.

He rose to become the absolute ruler of Sea Gate City.

Originally, Sea Gate was ruled by the Sea Dragon Hall, a faction of martial artists. However, after Tarha established the Sea Dragon Manor, their power quickly diminished and they could barely maintain their existence.

The ones who contributed the most were Tarha's disciples, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong.

The talents of Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong were indeed extraordinary.

They achieved amazing success in a short time and worked diligently for Sea Dragon Manor, ruling Sea Gate as if it were their own home.

Sometimes they quarreled with the martial artists of the Sea Dragon Hall, and they fought with those who threatened the Red Turban Association.

As they fought like dogs every day, the fame of Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong echoed throughout Sea Gate.

So much so, that their nicknames were the "Mad Fighting Dogs."

Tarha's eyes turned to Sal-no and Soma.

With a single glance, he realized the extraordinary level of the two.

Tarha spoke to Pyo Wol.

"It seems they're with you. Won't you introduce them?"

"This is Sal-no, and this is Soma. They are my comrades."

At Pyo Wol's introduction, Sal-no came forward with a smile.

"Pleased to meet you! My name is Sal-no."

"I am Tarha. It's so nice to meet someone my age. It is fate that we should meet like this, so let's have a few drinks together tonight".

"Heh heh! Sounds good."

The two men cheered, their spirits high.

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