TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 511

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Chapter 511

As Wrath was about to reach out to the White Blood Religion leader, Rimmer stepped forward.


Rimmer was being crushed by the immense pressure between the auras of the transcendental beings, but he did not kneel.

“I have something to ask.”

He stood in front of Wrath with a thin trickle of blood running from his lips.




Wrath nodded as if to say, “Go ahead if you have something to say.”

“When you killed Orgos….”


“The one you called the owner of the crude magic. Did you see a young human by any chance when you killed him? He has blonde hair and red eyes.”

Rimmer was surprised by the word “shitty-ears,” but he seemed determined not to miss this opportunity, so he described Raon’s appearance.

“He had two swords, a long sword and a dagger, and he was wearing black clothes.”

Sheryl approached Rimmer’s side. She relieved his burden by adding the weapons to the description.

Both of them wore desperate expressions, indicating the urgency of the situation.


Raon bit his lip as he saw Rimmer and Sheryl’s desperate eyes. He wanted to tell them that he was alive and to not worry and just leave this place, but he couldn’t say that for their sakes.


‘I know.’

Wrath slowly turned his gaze to Rimmer and Sheryl, as if he were bored.

"The King of Essence dealt only with the guy with that filthy magic. There were other humans within the barrier, but he didn't bother with them."

He waved his hand at the two of them, telling them to move aside, and continued.

"They might have fallen into a dimensional rift or been thrown somewhere else."

Well done.

Wrath did his best acting. It would be strange for a demon king who even ignores transcendental beings to care about a Master human.

“Hmm, thank you.”

Rimmer and Sheryl nodded to Wrath and backed away.

‘That’s strange.’

However, Merlin didn't buy it.

‘I can smell Raon.’

Merlin, who had been possessing various animals, now seemed to have a keen sense of smell as she sniffed around Wrath.

‘It should be nearby…’


Wrath trembled at the sight of Merlin’s eyes, which were turning red and blue. He seemed to still feel fear at Merlin’s obsession.

Wrath, now is not the time for that.

‘Ah, I know.’

Wrath nodded and turned his eyes to the White Blood Religion leader.

“How long are you going to make the King of Essence wait?”


The White Blood Religion leader did not answer and raised her two hands. A transparent aura rose up in her palms.

It looked like a beautiful water droplet, but inside it was a bloody energy of a different level from before. Embers were smoldering around it.

The Holy Sword Union leader did not step forward, but rather took a step back.

He subdued his powerful aura, wearing a smile that mirrored the curiosity of a spectator. His thoughts remained unreadable.


Wrath sprinkled the aura of frost from his fingers. The cold that drew a geometric trajectory like a magic circle landed on the ground, creating a faint light.


Wrath stepped on that light and moved forward. Even with the White Blood Religion leader and the Holy Sword Union leader in front of him, he did not lose his dignity.

He lowered his hands and raised his chin as if to say, "Come at me anytime." He said he would show the majesty of the King of Essence.

On the other hand, Raon, who was behind Wrath, swallowed his dry saliva as he observed the situation.

I need to gain something, at least one.

The White Blood Religion leader's aura was even stronger than before, and the Holy Sword Union leader is a sword expert who is said to be on par with Glenn.

Even if Wrath was pushed back, a fierce battle would unfold, so he had to learn at least one thing.

"For someone who is coming to someone else's land, you are arrogant."

The White Blood Religion leader twisted her lips and spread her arms shoulder-width apart. The condensed bloody energy formed a single blade and rose like a sword.

“You're just talking nonsense.”

Wrath calmly brushed his hands. His will fluttered in the wind, causing those around him, including Rimmer, Sheryl, and Merlin, were pushed back.

It was a high-level technique that made Grandmasters and Transcendents retreat with a light gesture.


“It wasn't just simple energy, was it?”

“This is the Demon King…”

Heukgeumje, the Demon Killing Spear, and the Evil Sword Queen frowned as they felt Wrath's energy.

“The price of hitting my cheek is expensive. I'll kill you!”

The Dark Swordmaster rolled his cold eyes, vowing to repay the price of being slapped twice.

“You're all so cowardly. If you don't come, then….”

Wrath curled his lips as he put strength into his fingers, which were trembling because of Merlin.

"The King of Essence will make the first move.”

With these words, Wrath's body radiated light. The manifestation of frosty energy aimed at the neck of the Dark Swordmaster.


The fist that burned with the cold of the demon world aimed for the Dark Swordmaster's neck.


However, the Dark Swordmaster was a transcendent being superior to Orgos.

In response to Wrath's attack, he immediately raised a sword barrier. The black flames that burned like coal collided with Wrath's fist.


The mist of frost that wrapped around Wrath's fist froze the Dark Swordmaster's aura completely, penetrating even the blade.

“What the hell is this!”

The Dark Swordmaster retreated in a hurry and sprinkled the blackened energy that had gathered on the edge of his sword. The black flames swirled and gathered as if to trap Wrath.


Wrath shouted as if commanding the black flames that were rushing in from all directions.


The voice filled with the will of the Demon King materialized. The flames that the Dark Swordmaster had raised could not even burn Wrath's clothes and died down.

“I, it doesn't make sense….”

The Dark Swordmaster trembled his chin as he repeated the words that Orgos had said.

“I can't believe it!”

With fear and disbelief in his eyes, he pierced the sky with his sword.

The black flames that burned from the blade trapped Wrath, creating hundreds of heat lines. Each flame was a sword art that contained the martial might of a transcendent.

“How Crude.”

Wrath sneered and waved his hand as if to shoo away a fly. The wave of frost that bloomed from his palm spread in a semicircle like dew on a leaf, freezing all of the Dark Swordmaster's flames.

The black flames trapped in the blue ice revealed both beauty and eeriness.


The frozen flames shattered and collapsed, and the Dark Swordmaster's expression was just as crumpled.


Wrath stepped on the footwork when the white cold rose from the ground. He appeared behind the Dark Swordmaster and roughly grabbed his arm.


The Dark Swordmaster's arm was pulled out completely and red blood was splattered into the air.


"In the presence of the King of Essence, getting careless? Seems like you wanted to go mad and die."

Wrath threw the Dark Swordmaster's arm to the ground, revealing sharp white teeth 


Raon let out a sigh.

Is this how you really use ice?

He had never even thought of the idea of freezing flames, but Wrath was demonstrating it firsthand. It seemed like he now understood why imagination and visualization were crucial, as he always emphasized.

However, the battle was far from over, and the enemy was not just the Dark Swordmaster.


The White Blood Religion leader seizing the opportunity when Wrath's vision was obscured by the cold, infiltrated his space, shooting bloody energy blades toward him.

Her lips rapidly moved, and the blades of bloody energy spread to thousands and wrapped around Wrath.


The power of the blood sword surpassed the Dark Sword Master's sword art. The blood sword pierced through Wrath's cold energy and tore into his insides. It was a martial art and spell that showcased what a true transcendent being was.


As the White Blood Religion leader recited her high-speed chant again, the bloody energy blades that had covered the sky rained down on Wrath.

They did not move at the same time. They were eating away at the space itself, as if they were aiming for the time difference.  

“Not bad.”

Wrath drew a calm smile as he watched the rushing transparent blades.


As his hand swept through the air like forming beads, the fragments of frost began to gather.

The blades of coldness rose like a surge, causing the same changes and illusions as the blades of blood that the White Blood Religion leader had used.


The collision of cold and bloody energy produced a terrifying sound that echoed through the night sky.


The White Blood Religion leader frowned as the cold energy wrapped around her, but Wrath, with calm eyes, pushed the ground with his left foot.

The space folded horizontally, revealing the White Blood Religion leader's surprised eyes in front of his hand.


Just as Wrath was about to grab the White Blood Religion leader's pitch-black hair, a terrifying energy appeared in his right blind spot.

‘He's finally here.’

The Holy Sword Union leader, who had been waiting on the sidelines as if avoiding getting involved in the battle, thrust hud sword in the midst of the explosion.


There was no time to look behind. He quickly raised his will. His will and magic resonated, and a giant wall of frost rose from the ground, blocking the Holy Sword Union leader's sword art.



However the leader of the Holy Sword Union, appeared to anticipate the movements, slicing through the air and delivering a second powerful strike.

Wrath extended his hands in both directions, combining the pulling force with his left hand and the pushing force with his right hand, infused with magical power.

The waves of cold spread, drawing the White Blood Religion leader's body in, and the Holy Sword Union leader's sword technique was unable to approach and was pushed back.

“Where are you!”

The White Blood Religion leader, as if satisfied, reached out her hand with bloody energy. Her fist, with cold blood swirling, rushed towards Wrath's chest.


Wrath's hand rose along the crescent moon, smoothly evading the White Blood Religion leader's attack and infusing her body and soul with the chains of cold.

In turn, he suppressed the Holy Sword Union leader's sword strikes, forcing them to hit the ground.


It was a thrilling power that blocked the attacks of the two transcendentals and even counterattacked. However, the White Blood Religion leader and the Holy Sword Union leader were also not ordinary transcendentals.


The White Blood Religion leader ignited the flames of blood all over her body and broke the chain of cold, while the Holy Sword Union leader moved to a position where Wrath's cold couldn't reach, swinging his Dark Sword surrounded by frost.

Wrath, without letting his guard down against the Holy Sword Union leader, stepped into  the White Blood Religion leader’s space, who was trying to consolidate her defense.

"Take this!”

In that brief moment, the White Blood Religion leader regained her breath and launched a technique that penetrated to the chest even before taking a breath.


Wrath caught the White Blood Religion leader's shin with translucent cold in his hand. A strong spark erupted as blood and cold collided.


In the midst of the strong spark that even swallowed the flesh of the transcendent beings, Wrath hand reached out unhindered. When he was about to grab the White Blood Religion leader's neck, the Holy Sword Union leader stabbed his sword as if he had been waiting.


Wrath let go of the White Blood Religion leader's leg and drew a figure like holding a bead, raising his left hand up and lowering his right hand down. The cold that welled up in his hand distorted space.


As the space was destroyed, the Holy Sword Union leader's sword that was aimed at Wrath's heart stabbed the air, and the White Blood Religion leader's fist hit the ground.

Wrath punched the White Blood Religion leader's face from within the distorted space.


The White Blood Religion leader also created a shield of blood in the meantime, but Wrath punched her head as if it didn't matter.


The Holy Sword Union leader let out a snort as he looked at the space where his sword had been distorted.

“He certainly has the skills to deserve the title of Demon King.”

He nodded as he looked at the sword that was filled with frost.

“This cursed demon!”

The White Blood Religion leader wiped the white blood dripping from her lips and ground her teeth.


She gathered her anger and clasped her hands together.

A blood-red tsunami rose from the blood-soaked ground. The tsunami, which soared to the end of the sky as if to contain the starlight, poured down on Wrath. It was a harmony of martial arts and sorcery. It was the power to make illusions a reality.


Wrath's sky-blue eyes spilled auspicious light. He muttered with his hands behind his back in front of the magnificent wave of blood.


As the Demon King's voice resounded through the world again, the blood wave created by the White Blood Religion leader split. It was a mysterious art that infused will into one's voice. It was an incantation.


The blood wave, which did not even touch Wrath, completely melted the forest behind, sinking into oblivion.

 “This, this is….”

The White Blood Religion leader opened her eyes wide, as if she could never have imagined such a situation.

It was like that earlier too...

Raon swallowed his saliva as he remembered the waves and flames that had split apart at Wrath's words.

‘It's called incantation.’

Wrath told Raon inwardly what he had done a little earlier.


‘The King of Essence told you about it once before, it's a technique that uses the voice to infuse one's will into reality.’

Is it like dragon language magic?

‘Reptiles do it instinctively, but others have to achieve enlightenment. Oh, come to think of it, we need to finish this quickly.’

He muttered that they didn't have much time left and spread his hands.

"I'll kill you with all my might..."

The White Blood Religion leader gathered her hands as she exhaled a rough breath. Her lips moved so quickly that they were invisible, and a white dawn flared up in the night sky.

A hazy silhouette spread out in the noble dawn, and the goddess of the White Blood Religion with six arms and three eyes descended. It was the manifestation of the enigma that was also called the Blood God.

When the Blood God opened her eyes, blood flowed from her bloodshot eyes, flooding the ground.

That thing...

Raon opened his eyes wide as he looked at the Blood God.

The number of arms has increased!

The number of arms on the Blood God was 44 when Glenn faced it before, but now it is 46. As expected, she was also growing.


As the White Blood Religion leader's lips moved at supersonic speed, the evil intent of hatred covered the sky, and weapons of bloody energy rose up on the forty-six hands of the Blood God. 

She didn't stop there, and chanted a second spell. The forty-six weapons held by the Blood God were engulfed in pure white flames. It was the special bloody flame of the Goddess of Blood Devouring Anguish.

"I'll have to put in some effort too."

The Holy Sword Union leader floated his Dark Sword. The Dark Sword blade that had gained life burned with darkness deeper than the night. A suffocating pressure emanated from the sword blade of the Dark Sword, which seemed to have melted the shadow.

However, he seemed to have left some of his strength behind.


The Blood God’s bloody weapons strikes and the Holy Sword Union leader's Black Dark Soul Slash simultaneously extended, erasing the ground as if it never existed, with a dim light.

A massive storm surged around them, a wave of mana so enormous that anyone who stepped back would be torn apart by the wind.



Wrath exhaled a low breath. With a mysterious air wrapped around him like a scarf, he extended his right hand forward. The loser of Devildom, who had gone beyond transcendence, drew a faint smile.

"Pierce through."

A dazzling light that made it impossible to open your eyes appeared on the palm of the Demon King's hand.

The special technique of the Monarch of Wrath.

Silver Moon Prison.

The blue flash shot out with incantation collided with the Blood God's bloody weapons strikes and the Holy Sword Union leader's Black Dark Soul Slash.


Bloody flames, darkness, and blue light clashed, causing a terrifying explosion of mana. It was truly the manifestation of supernatural strength. It was a clash of transcendence that no one in the world could suppress, no matter who came.

Wrath accelerated the force of repulsion with his will. As the cold of Silver Moon Prison spread out as if to envelop the enemy, the White Blood Religion leader spread the energy of blood around to block the gap.


Wrath, with flames flickering in his pupils, compressed the energy of Silver Moon Prison into a single point.


The energy of frost condensed in an instant, piercing through the Blood God weapons strikes and pushing back the Holy Sword Union leader's Black Dark Soul Slash.


Wrath took advantage of the opening and moved in front of the White Blood Religion leader. He gripped her throat where the bloody energy had vanished and exerted force.


The White Blood Religion leader tried to defend herself using bloody energy, but Wrath blocked it with cold and twisted her neck.

"Just stay still."

"Sorry, but letting that woman die is not part of my plan."

The Dark Sword of the Holy Sword Union leader, who had approached by now, slammed down on Wrath's shoulder.


Blue scales sprouted from Wrath's clothes and blocked the blade.

Armor of Snow Flower!

The blue armor took on a perfect form and was blocking the Holy Sword Union leader's sword.


However, it didn't seem like it would last long. The power of the Holy Sword Union leader's sword was increasing rapidly, and Wrath's forehead was sweating.


When the armor broke, Wrath grabbed the Holy Sword Union leader's sword with his hand. He was still holding the White Blood Religion leader's neck in his left hand.

"Get away..."

The White Blood Religion leader pushed Wrath away with bloody energy, and the Holy Sword Union leader's sword emitted a terrifying light.

‘As expected.'

When Wrath nodded as if he had just realized something, a massive mana wave erupted from the sky.

When he raised his head, a giant golden dragon that obscured countless stars was opening its mouth wide.


A bright yellow breath flashed from the dark maw. Lightning Breath. The Golden Dragon's ultimate weapon, Lightning Breath, fell down like lightning strike.


At that moment, a sword, wrapped in red lightning from the right side of the sky, swooped down.

A sword strike surpassing the concept of speed. The lightning-covered sword overwhelmed the air, not yielding even to the Dragon's Breath.

'Finally, it's here.'

As if he had been waiting for it, Wrath released the grip on the White Blood Religion leader's throat, folded his hands as if in prayer, and twisted his left hand in the opposite direction.

The ice pattern that had been laid on the ground emitted a brilliant light.


The breath, lightning, bloody energy, and dark sword collided, and a storm of light that did not exist in the world rose up.


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