TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 506

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Chapter 506

Glenn stood by the window, biting his lip. He rarely showed such strong emotions, but now he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, Heavenly Tremor.

"Orgos and the Light Wind division..."

Chad had said that Orgos, the vice master of the Black Tower, and the Light Wind division would clash, but that was not an accurate description.

If they met Orgos, not a single member of the Light Wind division would survive.

Although Orgos was not at the level of the heads of the Six Kings, he was still a peerless being who had reached the sky with sheer strength.

Even if Raon, Rimmer, and Sheryl were together, they would find it difficult to withstand him, and the Light Wind division would be no match for him alone.

‘It's pointless to assume that they won't meet.’

Orgos was targeting Raon. Given his level, he would easily find the Light Wind division, even if they realized the abnormality in Cameloon and tried to hide or run away.

'Using that ring will be difficult too.'

Chamber's Ring, which had been the prize for winning the Six Kings Conference Tournament in Owen Kingdom. If Raon could use the ring at the right time, he might be able to escape this crisis.

However, the ring's power was so great that it required not only the mana within it, but also Chamber's mana, something he might not have in the midst of the battle with the Black Tower.

'Then there's no way to get there on time.'

Given the time frame that Chad had told him, it was impossible to reach the location before Orgos and the Light Wind division met, unless the dimensional gate in Cameloon was repaired.

Glenn sighed and closed his eyes. He could see Raon's awkward expression, and his occasional look of confusion as his eyebrows furrowed.

Then, the faces of the other children, including Burren, Martha, and Runaan, appeared behind him, and his heart tightened like it was bound in chains.

'Whatever I do, it will be too late. But still...'

He's going.

He couldn't find the answer just by thinking about it here.

It was right to pour out all of his energy and rush to Raon and the Light Wind division.

"Master Chad, what is the nearest dimensional gate?"

Glenn made his decision and removed his hand from Heavenly Tremor.

"There is a small city called Dior to the southwest of Cameloon. It should be somewhat between Owen and Balkar."

Chad responded without hesitation, as if he had already prepared for this.


Glenn threw off the cloak that was wraped over his shoulders and headed for the door of the audience chamber. His footsteps, concluding his dilemma, were eerily silent.

"I will not look back."

Roenn bowed with his hand on his chest. His eyes, which were usually filled with kindness, had darkened to black.

"I will follow you."

* * *

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For Indonesian:

In the nameless forest between the trading city of Cameloon and the city of Barena, the capital of the Five Divine Rulers.

Wounded warriors walked along the forest path, which was covered in white snow instead of emerald green leaves.

Dorian rubbed the bandage on his shoulder and turned his gaze to the back. He did not look at the group he was traveling with, but at a distant place with a frown.

'Are you going to be okay?'

He had witnessed the miracles that Raon had created up close, but this time he couldn't feel at ease.

'The opponent is a Grandmaster.'

The difference between a Master and a Grandmaster is even greater than that between an Expert and a Master.

No matter how powerful Raon is, it was evident that this battle involved the possibility of death, making him feel uneasy.

'Whether winning or losing, I hope he come back safely.'

As Dorian pressed his temples, hoping for Raon's safe return, he heard someone muttering from the right.

When he turned his head, Burren was looking at his own hand and his lips were moving.

"I became a Master, I became a Master, I..."

Burren repeated the same words as if he couldn't believe that he had become a Master.

Dorian smiled faintly as he looked at Burren's hand, which was covered in scars.

‘Becoming a Master isn't that strange.’

Burren was the direct line of Zieghart. He had a predetermined path to becoming a Master.

Of course, he was so surprised that he became a Master at the age of 21, but if you think about what he's been doing so far, it wasn't really a big deal.

'He has overcome the danger of death more than once.'

He always practiced as if it were a real battle, and he almost died countless times. Even during actual missions, he consistently fought with his life on the line, so it was natural for his martial arts to grow rapidly.

'He got what he deserved.'

Dorian left Burren pinching his own cheek and looked ahead.

Runaan, wrapped in bandages all over her body like a mummy, was turning her arm with blank eyes. Blue frost was blooming from her fingertips.

'It looks like Runaan is also in a good mood.'

Since Runaan, who only cared about Raon and ice cream, couldn't keep still, she must also be surprised that she became a Master.

Runaan was also a person who had worked as hard as Burren, so it was not at all strange that she became a Master.

'In fact, the most surprising thing is...'

Dorian smiled faintly and looked to the left, where Mark Goetten was.

'That uncle.'

Mark Goetten was still with red eyes, clutching the Dark Sword that Raon had given him.

'You cried. Well, I would have done the same, but...'

No, I wouldn't have been able to endure it.

Although Mark Gorton (yes I miss Mark Gorton) quickly became a Master, his growth halted, and he watched others surpass him. Starting with admiration and eventually collapsing, the criticisms of others must have been even more painful.

However, Mark Goetten overcame such wounds, insults, and despair and stood up again. He strengthened his resolve by serving Raon, who was much younger than him.

Others laughed at him, but he never gave up his principles, even while training with the Light Wind members, who were of his son's age.

After many hardships and suffering, he finally reached his goal of intermediate Master level, Therefore, the emotion that visited him was undoubtedly greater than what others experienced becoming Masters.

'I hope you keep advancing.'

Dorian bowed his head slightly to Mark Goetten with respect.

'I wonder if I can become a Master too.'

To be honest, he had never thought about becoming a Master.

However, since the three captains became Masters, and he himself has touched the Master's wall, the thought that it might be possible was coming to mind.

'If it weren't for young master Raon, I would have never been able to imagine becoming a Master for the rest of my life.'

During his trainee days, Habun Castle, the Light Wind Squad, the Sephia Trading Company, and the Light Wind division. He received countless help from him.

It was thanks to Raon that he became a Zieghart's swordsman, so he was just grateful to him.

'It's a debt that I have to repay even if I risk my life.'

Even if it sounds unbelievable coming from a coward like himself, he could truly sacrifice his life for Raon.

Dorian smiled as he thought of Raon's face.

‘Of course, if I say something like this to him, I'll probably get scolded to swing the sword or something.’

Now I can see roughly how he moves and what he thinks.

Because he spent the most time with Raon, he could roughly predict what that person would say.

"No need to worry too much."

When Dorian thought of Raon and turned around again, Burren shook his head and lowered his hand.

“He's probably finishing up with that monster and thinking about training us when he comes back.”

"That's right. We just have to think about surprising Raon."

Runaan nodded and said that she would brag about becoming a Master and ask him to buy her ice cream.

"Don't you trust our leader?"

"Our leader is Rimmer...?"

"Oh, right."

"It doesn't matter. Raon looks more like the real leader anyway.”

The Light Wind swordsmen lightened the mood with playful banter, dispelling any unease about Raon.

"That's right."

When Dorian nodded with a smile, Denning Rose and her guards stopped walking as the forest ended and the field appeared, revealing the view of Cameloon.

"What, what is it!"

Dorian widened his eyes. The city walls and buildings of Cameloon were crushed, and black smoke was rising into the sky.

In real-time, the city was falling apart. Despite being far away, his fingertips trembled at the powerful waves of force erupting from within Cameloon.

"Cameloon is under attack too?"

Denning Rose bit her lips while looking at the collapsing buildings.



Burren and Runaan also couldn't have predicted this situation, and they couldn't speak as they looked at the burning Cameloon.

"What do we do?"

"If it's Cameloon, then Owen or... Balkar..."

"Owen and Balkar are the ones who protect Cameloon. It won't be safe over there either!"

The warriors of the neutral forces were also flustered and their faces were red. The civilians looked around at the people around them, not knowing what to do.


Dorian gripped his trembling wrist and shook his chin.

'What on earth happened?'

He thought that once he arrived at Cameloon to wait for Raon, Sheryl, and Rimmer, everything would be over. He never expected an attack here as well.

The ebbing sense of crisis overwhelmed his entire body like a tsunami.


Denning Rose looked at the view of Cameloon, which flickered with light and darkness, and turned around. Her complexion was as white as snow on the field.

"It seems like the Black Tower attacked Cameloon. The ones blocking are probably from a kingdom like Balkar, but it doesn't look easy."

She shook her head, saying that it was not a good idea to go to Cameloon now.

"Turn off the lights first!"

Burren quickly assessed the situation and ordered the warriors to turn off the lanterns and torches they were carrying.

People turned off their torches and lanterns with frozen expressions. They realized that Cameloon was no longer a living gate, but a dead gate.

"It's not good to stop here either."

Denning Rose shook her head as she looked at the field leading to Cameloon. It looked dangerous as it was a place where all sides were wide open.

"Let's go back into the forest."

As soon as Burren heard Denning Rose's words, he turned around. He walked to the small hill behind him, which he had seen on his way here.


As Denning Rose snapped her fingers, her cloaked guards emerged from behind her.

"Erase the tracks.”

The guards spread out to the entrance and exit at her command.

"Kasia. Help them."


At Encia's gesture, the guard named Kasia also moved to the entrance.

Kasia and the warriors of the Black Market divided into the entrance and exit of the forest and erased the traces that were on the ground.

Though there was a high chance of being spotted due to the snow, it was better than doing nothing.

"What should we do?"

Burren sighed and looked at Denning Rose.

"First, we can't go to Cameloon. It doesn't look good for Balkar either, considering that Balkar's magicians have come, and the only other place is Owen or... a small city called Dior..."

Denning Rose gave the group several options to choose from.

"Owen or Dior..."

"But both require leaving this forest, increasing the risk of being detected."

She frowned, saying that they could be attacked during the move.

"T, then what about hiding here for now?"

Dorian crawled up to the two of them.

"Hmm, I think it's best to stay here. The fact that the Black Tower attacked Cameloon means that they have something to gain, so I don't think they'll come all the way down here...."

Burren looked at Denning Rose, agreeing with Dorian's opinion.

"I think it's a good idea, but…”

"Why is that?"

"Because sir Raon has issues with the Black Tower, and they might come here to target him…”

She sighed, saying that the Black Tower is the most persistent of the Five Demons.


Dorian's fingertips trembled as he held the hilt of his sword.

'That's right.'

Raon is currently in a problematic situation with the vice master of the Black Tower. As Denning Rose said, there was a possibility that the Black Tower would move to target Raon.

"For now, let's wait and observe the situation. If a rescue party comes from Owen, that would be the best time to move."

"Understood. Then that's it..."

As Burren nodded, Denning Rose's guards, whom she had ordered to erase the traces, returned.

"We couldn't handle everything, but we took care of the important parts."

"Thank you, Poyen."

Denning Rose smiled at Poyen.

"It's not... "

Poyen shook her head and stopped.

"Ah, miss. Run... "

She was about to say run when her neck was twisted 180 degrees with a loud crack.


The Master realm warrior, who had been breathing just a moment ago, fell to the ground.

"L-lady Encia!"

When Encia's guard, Kasia, whispered to her to run away, a blue flame rose up from her shoulder.


Kasia tried to push the flames away with astral energy, but the blue flames burned brighter and brighter, instantly turning her body to ashes.

A moment of silence. What followed was fear and screams.


"What, what is this!"

"What is going on...."



Everyone screamed and backed away, Denning Rose and Encia fell to their knees, crying out in pain.

"Lady Denning Rose!"

"We have to retreat!"

Dorian tried to pull Denning Rose and Encia away, but then...

Something huge appeared in the sky.

His jaw trembled as he raised his eyes. A creature with dark skin like and white eyes without pupils was standing on the sky like a staircase.

Not tall, not massive—smaller than average, one might think. Yet, the sense of presence emanating from him covered the entire sky.

He seemed to be no different from the heads of the Five Divine Rulers, the leader of Holy Sword Union, or the White Blood Religion leader, who are called transcendentalists.

"Spe..Spear Flame General Orgos..."

Denning Rose's faltering voice made Dorian release her arm.

'Spear Flame General....'

Though unfamiliar with the name Orgos, the title "Spear Flame General" was a nickname he couldn't recognize. He was the vice master of the Black Tower who had reached the transcendent realm. Now, upon seeing him, the black skin and white eyeballs matched the descriptions.

Orgos's white eyes twisted. Since his pupils were not visible, it was impossible to tell where his gaze was directed.

In fact, no one could speak before the overwhelming presence of the Spear Flame General.

"You are Zieghart."

He knew that there were Ziegharts here, so he immediately said the name Zieghart.

"Where is Raon Zieghart?"


Dorian's heart tightened at Orgos's words.

'He came here personally to find Raon?'

Denning Rose's information was not accurate. He must have come here himself to kill Raon, who had interfered with his plan to capture the drake in Werthers Village.


A sound of explosion came from behind. Hot liquid fell on their heads, and the smell of blood permeated the air. Someone had died.

"Second time. Where is Raon Zieghart?"

Orgos's question continues. No one could answer, and another person exploded.

His jaw trembled. He was terrified that Orgos might turn his gaze this way, but he was also anxious. Someone might reveal Raon's location.


Another person died. Whether they belonged to the Light Wind division, neutral factions, or civilians, it was impossible to tell. There was no courage to look back.

Drip, drip.

Blood dripped down Orgos's feet. It wasn't the blood that was wet here. It seemed like the blood of the people who had gone to Cameloon before them.

'Young master Raon is going to die.'

Having experienced the path of life and death countless times, he could sense it. If they revealed where Raon was, he would undoubtedly die.

No matter how much genius he is, he cannot survive in front of a monster that reaches the sky.

'If that's the case…'

I have to step forward. Now is the moment to sacrifice myself in his place.

He had made a resolution to give his life for Raon. However, he lacked the courage. He disliked pain, and death was frightening.

But if he did nothing and survived here, he would inevitably regret it for the rest of his life. That was more terrifying than death.

"For the last time. Where is Raon Zieghart?"

Orgos raised his hand as if he was going to kill everyone. A creepy light flame burned on his palm.


Dorian bit his tongue, chewing on his own blood as he raised his head. Though his entire body trembled with fear, the pain helped dispel the fear.

The image of Raon in Dorian's mind is not just gratitude.

He recalled the first time they meet, a sickly little boy with loneliness and desolation in his sharp eyes.

Thinking of the boy who is now free from loneliness and cherishes his colleagues as family, he straightened his waist, which was trembling with fear.


He clenched his sword like a salute to the person he most respected, and he vigorously stomped his foot on the snow-covered ground.

"I am."

His voice wouldn't come out. He forced the aura to rise from his throbbing energy center and continued speaking.

"I am Raon Zieghart!"

The gaze of Burren, Runaan, and everyone else present turned from Orgos to Dorian.


Orgos twirled his finger.


A sound resembling bones shattering echoed, and Dorian's arm twisted unnaturally, turning backward.


Dorian knelt, clutching his crushed right arm.

"You insolent bastard."

At Orgos's gesture, Dorian's body floated up and soared into the sky.

"A pest that couldn't even reach the realm of Master. What did you say you are now?”

"Do….. Don't you hear, old man?"

In Dorian's twisted eyes, both terror and relief flickered simultaneously.

"I am. The White Sword Dragon. Raon Zieghart!"


Orgos laughed mockingly, then this time, he shattered Dorian's left shoulder.


Dorian flew backwards and crashed into the ground. He seemed to have suffered a severe internal injury, and a large amount of blood gushed out of his mouth.

"If you utter nonsense again, I'll snap your neck."

A thin nerve appeared in Orgos's white eyes, as if it was serious.

"I, I am Raon...."

Dorian managed to stand up, staggering on his two mangled arms. He spat out the black blood that had accumulated in his mouth and raised his head.


"I am Raon Zieghart!"

Burren roared as he blocked Dorian's path. He also knew why Dorian had stepped forward.

"I am Raon Zieghart."

Runaan also blocked Dorian's path and drew her sword.

"I am Raon Zieghart."

Mark Goetten, as if he would be the first to die, stood in front of the three with his Dark Sword raised.

"You worms."

With a casual gesture from Orgos, Burren's shoulder was sent flying, Runaan's abdomen got pierced, and Mark Goetten's Dark Sword snapped as he was slammed into the ground.



All three trembled with their entire bodies, spitting blood due to not fully recovered injuries.

But none of them lay completely still.

Burren and Runaan stood up, clutching the wounds that had torn their flesh, and Mark Goetten gritted his teeth with the half-broken sword in his hands. Dorian, who had suffered the worst injuries, also exhaled a breath mixed with the smell of blood, leaning against a rock.

The Light Wind division members stood in front of the four who had accepted death, raised their swords, and shouted.

"I am Raon Zieghart!"


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