IBRV (Novel) Chapter 127

C 127


The sound of fluttering wings sounded like a sharp mechanical noise.

Something that covered part of the completely black sky soon rushed towards them.

"Well, are all of those mantises?"

Mantises are stronger than I thought...



Screams began to echo from all directions. To be precise, from around a group of bullies.

"Were you harassed? Bambam... No, Eirin."

Richard's eyes narrowed as he asked that question.

"No, not me, but my sister Sharnae..."

I explained to Richard what had happened before coming here. Then Richard's eyes narrowed.

"I see."

The ending was very meaningful. I tilted my head back and looked at Richard, and he shook his head.

"It doesn't matter."

I don't know why, but it's creepy coming from an 11-year-old.

"Are all the people here successors?"

"Yes, most of them are the firstborns."

"But why was I invited?"

"Maybe because it was revealed that you're Yongyong. Since it's a Dragon family, there's a high perception that a Dragon will be the next family head."

"Is that it?"

"Otherwise, it could just be curiosity."


"There are many people who are very curious about your true identity."

What is my true identity? Was my identity hidden somewhere I didn't know?

Seeing me puzzled, Richard chuckled lightly. He took my hand.

"It's just curiosity because people really don't believe that dragons still exist."

There was a sound like a scream behind me, but it wasn't important to me.

Mantis, who was commanding the other mantises like a commander, flew when I moved and landed on my shoulder.

"The more I look at it... the more I like it."

When I first saw it, I thought they were giving me some kind of praying mantis, but I really felt like I was raising an insect as a pet.

"Aargh, what's all this about?"

It was a sound like a scream!

Soon, I could hear the sound of a fire burning.

When I looked back, I saw the bully using fire magic.

"I hope all the fire goes out and more insects come. And cling to them."

As soon as I finished thinking, the flames shooting in all directions were extinguished in an instant.

"Uh, eh?! Why is this happening?! W-wait a moment..."

At the same time, a sticky sap that appeared in the air poured onto the young man's body, and soon all sorts of insects began to swarm in from all directions.


"Did you do that?"


I only thought about it, but it was a little embarrassing that everything came true every time.

"There must be a way to control this."

I felt dangerous because I thought I might kill someone if I got angry beyond my control.

"Who is it?! What kind of person would make a joke like this-...?"

Wow, he has a bug in his mouth.

So why mess with Sharnae?

And so rudely.

"It's a threat."

I wondered how unfortunate it would be for a family to have someone like this as the family head.

I took a quick look and approached the gathering place.

"Oh my god... What is that?"

I opened my eyes and murmured naturally as if I were witnessing this scene for the first time.

It seemed that Richard's gaze was focused on me, but I decided to pretend I didn't notice for now.

"I don't know, he may have played a bad prank again."

"That's right because they always intimidate the weak."

"The Viscount must be very worried to give magical talent to someone like him."

"What? He's just like the Viscount."

"It's widely rumored that he always treats servants like rats."

"Well, they say you can tell what their children are like by looking at the parents."

As soon as I raised a topic, the conversation quickly spread among the group.


"Are you saying that this is really a shared story among middle and high school kids?"

I wondered if I had grown up too quickly.

"Well, maybe it's because it was a long time ago."

Anyway, even if it's a romantic fantasy, it basically borrows some ideas from the Middle Ages.

"By the way... It's been a while since I saw you, Young Duke Collin."


Richard replied briefly and indifferently.

The other ladies didn't even give him unpleasant looks, maybe because they were used to his rather cold demeanor.

"Anyway, this is a lady I'm seeing for the first time today. Can you introduce me?"

One of the group said to me.

"My name is Eirin Etham."

"Oh God, that Etham..."

"Now that I think about it, I heard invitations were distributed this time."

"There was a rumor that it was a dragon. Is that true?"


The ladies who had suddenly popped their heads in took a step back as they were surprised by the sudden attention.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We acted too frivolously."

"N-no... I must have startled you a bit."

In fact, I didn't have very good memories of girls my age, so when we were together like this, my heart beat faster.

"There's no dragon as weak as me."

If you're going to reincarnate me as a dragon, why not make me a great person? Why not at least enhance my courage?

"I've often heard stories about Lady Sharnae. I was very happy because I had such a cute little sister."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, that's why I've been looking forward to meeting her at some point, and I'm glad to meet her like this."

There was definitely no malice in their feelings. As I nodded with the corners of my mouth loosened, the women's eyes widened like saucers.

"How can her skin be so clear and beautiful?"

"Oh my, that's right. Can I ask what cosmetics she uses?"

"Cosmetics... I don't use them..."

"Oh heavens, is it because she's still young?"

"Yes, that's right, we feel like our skin changes every day. Does this mean I'm getting old?"


No, I think you're still very young...

I didn't know how to respond to the embarrassing compliment, so I pursed my lips and then just smiled awkwardly in response.

"Anyway, the young viscount's accident was a good thing."


When I opened my eyes, the ladies said.

"He's been pestering and bothering Lady Sharnae too much."

"... Is that so?"

"Yes, a real stalker. He follows her every move, and that's because we attend the same alchemy academy."

"... ah."

"That's right. I saw him intentionally touch her butt the other day."

Ah, you mean he harasses her and even sexually harassed her? Is it really that bad that rumors are spreading like this?

"Wasn't Sharnae's personality so gentle?"

Why didn't she do anything to defend herself?

"I heard the rumor that there will be an announcement of a new successor within the Etham family."

"That's why Lady Sharnae couldn't even respond properly to avoid causing as many problems as possible."

"Moreover... It's a bit of a rumor, but there's also a rumor that Lady Sharnae's ties fell apart when the previous duke retired from the front..."


Another lady quickly stopped the girl who was talking to me.

When I opened my eyes, the ladies looked at me in confusion and then withdrew silently.

"Well, after all, it's just a rumor. I don't think that will happen. Jojo..."

"Ah, in the end, the young viscount will get expelled. I guess the banquet will start soon."

"Well, I see... Let's go to our seats then."

They bowed with stiff expressions on their faces and walked away.

"Sharnae's ties have been severed?"

Which part?

... What I was thinking quickly disappeared from my mind. Clearly, my involvement in this story has reduced Sharnae's ability to play an active role.

Furthermore, it is an undeniable fact that the family's attention is focused on me, as I often get sick and cause trouble, and on top of that, I am a dragon.

"Eirin? We're separated. I'm over there, and you're here."

Richard seemed very dissatisfied, but he was surprisingly obedient, maybe because he was in front of me.

Although the seats were a bit far apart, it wasn't that much.

"... yes."

I replied curtly and walked to my seat, crossing my arms enthusiastically with my short arms.

How dare you treat my only sister as if she's out of your league?

"They're all dead."

I was planning to abuse my power very well. They won't even think that the ties have been severed.

I was planning to proceed with the operation called "Sister, do as you please!"

"To do that, first..."

I need to practice some magic.

Because it had to be done without Sharnae knowing. I sat in my chair thinking seriously.

There were other young people sitting at the round table.

"... What is this chubby thing?"

Oh, let me correct that.

To be more precise, they were arrogant bastards with very high noses, but invisible snobs.

"How dare you sit here on your first attendance without having performed a ceremony?"

One of the boys snorted, pushing me and pulling the chair.

As I tried to sit down, my body stumbled, and I hit my butt on the floor.

"You pushed me?"

"Yes, I did."

"Oh, did you?"

I slowly got up and smiled cheerfully like my father as I looked at the boys who had scratched the skin of the sleeping dragon cub.

"So is this self-defense?"

The next moment, something rained down on their heads.

It literally happened five minutes before the successor's banquet was about to begin.

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