TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 505

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 505

The red moon shines through the dark clouds. Derus Robert turns his back, looking down on the world like a mythological wolf in the moonlight.

In his dry eyes, Kubara is reflected, who has disappeared and reappeared.

“My lord.”

Kubara kneels on one knee and puts her hand on the ground.

“Siris is dead.”

She announces Siris's death in a calm voice, as if she were having an ordinary conversation.

"I'm aware."

Derus taps his forehead, where the Rage Worm's mark is located.

“Since the reaction of the Rage Worm I put in his heart has disappeared. And....”

He nodded, as if expecting such an outcome, his gaze serene.

“Given Raon Zieghart’s history of escaping crises, this result was foreseeable."


Kubara kept silent and quietly raised her gaze.

"How did the battle unfold?"

“Siris thought he could finish it off for sure, so he didn't deploy any Shadows, so we don't know the exact situation.”

Derus Robert clicked his tongue roughly. He seemed more annoyed by the fact that he couldn't figure out the situation than by Siris' death.

“According to a report from a late-arriving agent, Raon Zieghart survived in a state of exhaustion, and the envoys were engulfed in flames.”

Kubara recited the report she had heard a little earlier with eyes that showed no emotion.


“The agent said he couldn't confirm the cause of death because the body was burned before he arrived.”

“The battlefield was devastated like it had been bombed, and twelve of the envoys who were engulfed in flames were in good condition.”

“Twelve of them were fine….”

Derus rubbed his clean chin and closed his eyelids.

‘So that means Raon Zieghart cut off Siris' breath before the twelve of them could move.’

The envoys only obey the orders of their master's aura, which is registered in their broken hearts.

It was clear that the twelve remaining envoys were unable to do anything and fell down because their owner Siris was dead.

‘It's unlikely that any information leaked.’

The Rage Worm embedded in Siris's body did not transmit feelings of fear or anxiety.

It meant that Raon killed Siris in one fell swoop and stopped the envoys. The possibility of information leaking was quite low.

‘But I can't be completely at ease….’

Siris was under brainwashing that he would die if he said the names of Derus or Robert, so there was no need to worry about that, but he might have said something about the envoys. It seemed like it would be better to be careful.

Derus opened his eyes calmly and licked his lips.

‘Still unstable.’

Although he had succeeded in several assassinations with the envoys, it seemed that there were still many things lacking when confronting high-level opponents.

Even if the owner (master) dies, I need to make sure they keep their focus on the immediate target. Feigning death and exploding might not be a bad strategy.

Despite not witnessing it with his own eyes, he figured out how to improve the envoys.

Derus took out a small piece of paper from his pocket. He wrote down the methods he had thought of a little earlier and handed them to Kubara.

“Send it to the factory.”


The paper that went up to Kubara's hand melted away like bubbles in her hand.

“Strengthen the security of the factory. Report directly to me in case of any issues."


Derus turned around after giving additional instructions. He frowned as he looked at the moon that looked like blood was flowing.

'But that guy...'

The fact that twelve envoys were in fine condition meant that he had either eliminated or dispersed the remaining envoys. Achieving such a result in a state of exhaustion was an impossible feat.

'He's becoming more and more of a monster.'

Even compared to their previous encounter, it seemed he had grown beyond expectations—an ever-growing demon with limitless potential.

Derus sighed briefly and turned around. Kubara was still there, not leaving.

"Do you have anything else to say?"


Kubara nodded.

"The people that the lord was waiting for have arrived in Cameloon."

She delivered the news she had just received in a calm voice as always.

"Who came?"

Derus Robert's eyes flashed red like the moonlight above his head.

"Both of them came. Thanks to them, Cameloon has become a battlefield."

"Yeah. He couldn't stand the fact that 'that thing' was in Cameloon."

A sense of excitement and murderous intent began to bloom on his lips.

"Orgos moved in the direction of the city of Barena, the capital of the Five Divine Rulers, as predicted. It seems that he is moving to find Raon Zieghart."

Kubara bowed her head to Derus Robert as if she had conveyed all the information, and then stood up quietly.

She left the garden with a calm expression, as if she had returned to her duties as a maid.

Derus Robert touched the vibrant blue petals, forming a sinister smile.

'Now that guy's life is over.'

Sending Sirius was just one of the experiments, but he had planned to kill Raon Zieghart from the beginning as a hit-and-run.

Since Orgos, who is famous for being narrow-minded, has come personally, his life is already gone.

'If this continues, I can also kill Glenn Zieghart.’

Though Glenn concealed it well, he cherished Raon deeply. If that guy dies, the old man will have no choice but to act.

Just as Derus was drawing up his plans for the future, he heard small footsteps coming from behind the garden.


When he turned around at the tired voice, his youngest son, Lepon, was wearing a dusty training attire, grinning.

"What were you doing here?"

He approached Derus with a worn-out training sword slung over his shoulder.

"I was taking a night walk."

Derus changed the murderous smile to a refreshing one as he looked at Lepon's appearance.

"It looks like you've been practicing until now."


Lepon nodded proudly.

"You're working hard. Is it because of your idol?"

"Of course. Raon-nim continues to grow, so I can't just stand idly by."

He smiled as he pointed to his training sword with Raon's autograph.

"You want to follow him?"

"Even if my talent is inferior to his, I definitely want to follow him!"

"I see."

Derus Robert smiled kindly as he hugged Lepon.

"You can do it."

He revealed the murderous intent he had hidden as he gently patted his son's back.

"You can definitely do it."

*   *   *

Raon slowed his pace and checked the message that appeared in front of his eyes.

[You have accomplished an impossible feat.] [You have surpassed the limits of your realm.] [You have surpassed the limits of your body.] [All stats increase by 25 points.]

Having defeated Cloud a Grandmaster while he is still a Master, and even defeated the attack of Siris and the envoys who came after him, he gained an immediate boost of 25 points.

Crackling sounds echoed.

His limbs trembled. Like tempering a sword by pounding it with a hammer, a powerful resonance erupted from within, reinforcing the fractured muscles and solidifying the already strong bones.

The flames guarding the pillar of the soul flared up with intensified heat, suppressing the hostile emotions of the Demon Kings.

There was no pain. A warm, verdant delight gently swept through the spine..

A massive reward of 25 points at once. But the real thing hadn't even started yet.

[The rank of the trait 'Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation' has increased.] 

[The rank of the trait 'Glacier' has increased.] 

[The rank of the trait 'Fire Resistance' has increased.] 

[The rank of the trait 'Ice Resistance' has increased.]

The ranks of the two cultivation methods rose to seventh stars, and the lower energy center resonated with the Ring of Fire.

The dignified wave flowed throughout his body, expanding the energy center to accommodate more aura, and the dirt in the mana circuits that reached the capillaries seemed to be washed away.

It felt like a cool stream was cooling down the heat of his whole body.

'Finally seventh star?'

Was it the effect of using both fire and ice in the sword field, or the effect of defeating a Grandmaster?

As the ranks of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier, which had been stagnant for a while, rose, a deeper delight rose than when he got the increased stats.

A natural smile came out at the thought of being able to use the new sword techniques of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the skills of Wrath (Glacier).

'The resistance has also increased.'

Both resistances connected to the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier increased. The fire is still lacking, but the coldness(ice/frost/etc) can withstand the attack of a Grandmaster-level mage for a while. 

What, what is it! Why does it keep coming up! There's no more... gasp!

A new message appeared above Wrath's head, who was blinking his eyes like a frog.

[The rank of the trait Bleeding Curse trait has increased.] 

[The rank of Indomitable Will trait Ambush has increased.] 

[The rank of Psychological Resistance trait has increased.] 

[The rank of Armor of Snow Flower trait has increased.] 

Since the assassination-related traits had risen, it seems like they were obtained while dealing with Siris and the envoys a little while ago.

This, this is outrageous! Does this even make sense!

Wrath held his head and shook it, saying that he was going crazy and jumping.

'This is how much it should be.'

Raon smiled at Wrath, who was struggling.

'I defeated a Grandmaster.'

Having defeated a Grandmaster, and even successfully eleminated the assassins. It was not at all strange to give this kind of reward.

What's so special about a Grandmaster! The King of Essence can kill one with just a flick of his finger!

Wrath gritted his teeth, saying that it was nothing, and it was too much.

'Yeah, yeah.'

Raon ignored Wrath and looked at the message again.

'My body and mind have grown, and my martial arts have deepened.'

all stats increased by 25 points, and the traits also rose in a variety of ways.

Especially since the rank of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier have risen, it seems that it will take quite a lot of time to adapting to his newfound strength.

Damn it!

Wrath looked up at the sky and cursed.

No matter how I think about it, this doesn't make sense!

'What's wrong again?'

Raon turned to Wrath after turning off the message.

Isn't there a saying in the human realm that good deeds bring blessings?


Why doesn't the King of Essence receive blessings? He generously lends his energy to you to burn and free those zombies. Why is the reward only going to you?

'You're not human....'

The King of Essence is more human than you!


There was no immediate retort to that. It wasn't that I wasn't human, but rather Wrath was too human.

The heaven hates only the King of Essence! This is the real injustice!

Wrath wiped his eyes with his chubby arms.

'Well then...'

Raon licked his lips and stopped walking.

‘I'll take care of it on behalf of the heaven.’

He patted Wrath's shaking shoulder.

You're talking bullshit! How dare you, you lowly human!

'I'll buy you ice cream then. Wouldn't that bring you blessings?'

That shut Wrath up, who was spewing curses.

'You can buy any ice cream and food you want. We're going to Cameloon anyway.'

Wrath slowly turned his gaze. His eyes were glowing red.

 It doesn't work?

After all, it was too disrespectful to try to appease him with food when he was so angry.

'I'm sorry. I've been ignoring you...'

How many?

'...Thre, three?'

Oh, heaven, you're so stingy! Bless humanity more!


* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Zieghart lord's manor, the audience chamber.

Glenn was sitting on the throne, reading a golden book.

His hand as he turned the pages was as gentle and careful as a mother's hand playing with a newborn baby.


Glenn, who had been concentrating on the book for a long time, raised his gaze. He closed his eyelids and sighed.

“It seems that there is no line as good as [Don't block my sky].”

He stroked the Raon Gospel wistfully, saying that it was a moving scene.


Roenn smiled kindly and took out the second volume of the Raon Gospel.

"I like the part where the president of Sephia Company came and praised young master Raon the most. The thing that makes parents the happiest is to hear the praise of their children from others."

"That was a new flavor too."

Glenn nodded in agreement.

"When young master Raon returns, there will be a lot of parts that need to be added to the Raon Gospel. [You can't reach my sky]. This must be included, right?"

"Yes. We should also keep in mind in detail that he defeated the three of them alone."

As the two of them were discussing the new parts to be added to the Raon Gospel, hurried footsteps could be heard outside.


The door to the audience chamber opened without even a knock, and Chad, the master of the Shadow Agents, came in. His expression was pale beyond seriousness.

"What's the matter?"

Glenn read the urgency in Chad's brow and asked the situation first.

"S-something big has happened!"

Chad ran to the center of the carpet and knelt down. He didn't even bother with greetings and just came out with the main point.

"The city Barena in the Five Divine Rulers domain has been attacked by the Holy Sword Union and the White Blood Religion!"

Glenn's red pupils flickered with a sinister light.

"The Holy Sword Union... They've finally come out. And the White Blood Religion is moving too... "

The wrinkles on Roenn's eyes were filled with tension.

"Tell me the details of the situation. Who came?"

"The leaders of the Holy Sword Union and the White Blood Religion, along with their disciple and Apostles, came directly!"

"They came in person?"

Glenn stood up from the throne at the news that the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader had come in person.

"Yes. The four heads of Five Divine Rulers are holding them off. And inside... "

Chad told him everything that had happened in the city.

"So Raon and the Light Wind division left the city protecting the civilians?"

"Yes. The leaders of Heavenly Blade division and Light Wind division are blocking the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster and Apostles in front of the city wall."

"Hmm... "

Glenn let out a low sigh.

'That's a relief, I guess.'

He was worried about Raon, who was always pushing himself too hard, but he felt a little relieved when he heard that he had left the city with the Light Wind division.

'Those two should be able to get out safely.'

Sheryl and Rimmer are survivors of countless battlefields. If Raon and the Light Wind division have left the battlefield, they will find a way to retreat on their own.


It might be wise to check for himself.

The head of Five Divine Rulers, or even Five Demons, were transcendent beings capable of achieving anything with their will alone. In case of any unforeseen events, it was right to go and assess the situation firsthand.

As soon as Glenn decided to go to Barena, Heavenly Tremor, which was standing next to the throne, rose up by itself and was caught in his hand.

Perhaps because of the anger that was transmitted, Heavenly Tremor in the scabbard let out an eerie sword cry that was chilling to the bone.

"The dimensional gate to Barene must have been destroyed, so the closest place is Cameloon. Get ready right away."

"T, that's right. But that side is also unusable."

As Glenn put on his long cloak and descended the stairs of the stage, Chad bowed his head tremblingly.

"What does that mean?"

"I tried to contact Cameloon first to prepare the dimensional gate, but they were also attacked by the Black Tower... "

"The Black Tower?"

"T, the Black Tower master and the vice master both came."

Glenn's eyes widened like Chad's trembling voice.

"The Black Tower suddenly attacked Cameloon?"

"The Black Tower master was looking for something in Cameloon and clashed with the Grand Magician Chamber of Balkar, and the vice master destroyed the facilities in Cameloon before heading south."

"Chamber... "

Glenn bit his lips thinly. The compatibility between Chamber and the Black Tower master is not good. She will not lose, but it will be difficult to win either.

"Why did the vice master of the Black Tower move south after attacking Cameloon briefly, wait south..?”

He stopped as he sorted out his thoughts.

"Raon evacuated the people, right?"

"T, that's right."

Chad nodded and unfolded the map he had brought in his arms.

He pointed to Cameloon, which was not far from the city of Barena.

"The closest and most safest place from Barane is Cameloon..."

He continued with his lips trembling.

"At this rate, the confrontation between the Light Wind division and the Black Tower vice master is inevitable!"


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