TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 507

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 507

Raon closed his eyes as he moved in the direction of the trading city of Cameloon.

'Surely Seven stars are different.'

As the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier reached seven stars, the rate at which his aura recovered was twice as fast as before.

Even when he was running at full power, his aura was recovering.

'The battle is not over yet. It would be better to focus on recovery rather than speed.'

While the heads of Holy Sword Union and the White Blood Religion are being blocked by the heads of the Five Divine Rulers, but their subordinates were still numerous. (sword union and blood religion subordinates)

He had to be prepared to fight at any time.

As Raon was maintaining his speed and adapting to his grown body and traits, Wrath popped out of the ice flower bracelet.


Wrath seemed to know why Wrath came out. It was clear that he would say to raise his speed because he wanted to eat ice cream.

Increase your speed immediately.

'Wait a minute. There are a lot of things to check right now.'

When he smiled at the expected words, Wrath's expression hardened without a drop of water.

Are they just passing by? No, it won't be that simple. They must have known from the beginning. They’ll meet soon.

Wrath looked up at the dim night sky and muttered unintelligible words.


Pour all the aura you have right now and run. Otherwise, you'll regret it.

He pointed to the direction he had to go with his finger, which was a little to the west of Cameloon.

Raon nodded heavily, looking at Wrath' dry eyes.


Wrath often doesn't read the atmosphere, but when he's serious, he's infinitely serious.

If that guy said that, it was clear that something had happened to the people ahead of him.


Raon expelled phlegm and forcefully kicked his feet. The heat from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, now at the seven stars, condensed within the mana circuits of his feet and calves, unleashing a terrifying explosive power along with the Supreme Harmony steps.

The speed increased so rapidly that the field of vision was dark.


Although the gathered aura was rapidly depleting, Raon continued to run, trusting Wrath and following the direction he indicated.


Raon, who had been running at full speed for less than a minute, trembled his tightly closed lips as he looked up at the sky.

‘What, what is that?’

A huge mana soared from not too far away. The extraordinary aura that even surpassed Grandmaster. The monster that reached the sky was revealing itself.

'Is it the Black Tower?'

There is no other being with such mana except the Demon Summoning Association and the Black Tower.

Since the Demon Summoning Association, which has not appeared for decades, would not suddenly appear, that was clearly the black spirit (magician) of the Black Tower.

'The fact that a monster of the Black Tower that has reached the transcendence is in this forest means...'

Raon bit his trembling lips with his fangs.

'It means that the Black Tower vice master has come, right?'

There are two transcendents in the Black Tower, the Black Tower master and the vice master. Since the Black Tower master has no reason to come this far, that guy must be the vice master of the Black Tower, Orgos, who came to find him.

'Damn it.'

He frowned as he looked at Wrath.

'Now I understand why you told me to hurry.'

Due to Orgos's massive magical power, it was not easily discernible, but it was obvious who might be ahead. It would likely be the Light Wind division, the warriors of neutral factions, and civilians.

You felt it too, so you understand. You can't defeat that thing right now. Are you going to run away?

Wrath looked at Raon with a serious expression, as if asking him what he was going to do.


He coldly laughed as he looked into Wrath’s sky-blue eyes.

"After how I trained those guys, running away is not an option."

There was no such thing as a choice of running away in his mind. The only thing that came to mind was to plan how to save the people there.


Raon left deep traces on the snow-covered ground as he unleashed the Supreme Harmony steps, leaving a powerful imprint. There was no hint of hesitation in his steps as he rushed into the swirling vortex of magical energy.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:


The transcendent beings who remained in Barena cut through the sky and earth, revealing a dark dimension.

Various cracks of different colors, like adding layers to a worn-out garment, opened up, creating a massive vibration that seemed to collapse the entire city.

The transcendents, who were looking at each other with narrowed eyes, turned their gaze to the north, almost simultaneously, as if they had made an appointment.


The Holy Sword Union leader rolled up his sleeves and stroked his beardless chin.

“They’re making their presence known. That kind of energy is from the Black Tower, right?”

He licked his lips as if he had found a new toy.


Heukgeumje frowned as she recognized the owner of the mana. It was the first time she had shown her true emotions since the battle began.

‘Why is he here?’

When she looked at the heavenly signs regarding today’s events, Orgos did not appear. It was an unexpected event, and her fingertips trembled.

‘Could it be….’

Is it Raon Zieghart again?

No, it’s for sure. It was clear that his existence had once again twisted the heavenly signs.

“If he’s Orgos, then he’s the vice master of the Black Tower.”

As soon as the Holy Sword Union leader realized that the one who had spread his energy to this place was not a swordsman, he immediately lost interest and floated his Dark Sword in the air.

"Leave that one alone and let's start again."

He muttered that they should not let the excitement die down and flicked his fingers at the Dark Swordmaster and the Demon Sword Queen.

It was not long after the transcendents felt the mana, Sheryl and Rimmer also noticed the abnormality in the north.

“That, that way is….”

“That’s where the kids went.”

Sheryl and Rimmer were perplexed. Despite facing the Yonghyeon Swordmaster, Apostle, they couldn't concentrate on the battle and kept glancing back.

“Where are you looking?”

"It's time to end this."

A brown fire dragon rose from Yonghyeon Swordmaster's sword, and a colorless astral energy extended from the Apostle’s palm.

The massive offensive peeled off the skin of the earth, and the surrounding buildings collapsed.


Sheryl and Rimmer looked at the approaching powerful aura and gathered all the energy in their swords.

A flash of light that cut through light and darkness rose from Sheryl’s black and white cross sword, and red lightning and the energy of the wind flickered from Rimmer’s sword.

The two did not simply clash with the condensed energy. They imbued the principles of flexible sword in their sword techniques toward the approaching energy.

They used the elasticity created by the curvature of the blade to kick the ground on the other side. They used the enemy’s energy to gain momentum and escaped to the city wall.

“Heavenly Blade division, scatter! Return to Zieghart with all your might!”

Sheryl scattered the Heavenly Sword division, which would not be of much help in the current situation, to attract attention, and then climbed over the city wall.

“Will you be okay?”

She looked at Rimmer with her eyebrows narrowed.

“I don’t know. I have to go anyway.”

Rimmer looked back at Yonghyeon Swordmaster, who was standing blankly, and bit his lip.

‘Damn it….’

His chest screamed. It cried out to immediately turn back, cut the guy's throat to avenge those guys.

But now was the time to think about the living rather than the dead.

'Even if I have to sacrifice my life for it. I'll make sure to get revenge. Wait for it.'

As Rimmer increased his speed while vowing to someone, a flash of seven-colored light flashed in the air and Merlin appeared with a broken chin part of his mask.


Merlin flew towards Cameloon like a beam of light, wearing several layers of amplification magic.

“Damn it!”

The White Blood Religion leader gritted her teeth. She threw her black hair back and dashed towards the north.

“Where are you going?”

The Demon Killing Spear followed her on a red horse, saying that he wanted to finish the fight that was not over yet.


The Holy Sword Union leader narrowed his eyes as he swept the hilt of his Dark Sword.

‘Are they chasing Raon Zieghart?’

It seemed that all those who had left were moving to save Raon Zieghart and the Light Wind division.

‘That vampire is moving?’

Does she wants him as her new vessel?

The Holy Sword Union leader floated his Dark Sword and extended his aura towards the north. Cloud was not dead, but he was on the verge of becoming a cripple, and Raon’s figure was not visible. There were many burned corpses nearby, which seemed to have been killed while targeting Raon.

‘Did he defeat Cloud and kill the assassins?’

He was interested in Raon’s talent and the actions of those who moved to save him.

“Kellin. Take care of Cloud.”

After giving instructions, the Holy Sword Union leader mounted the Dark Sword.

He waved his hand lightly and flew towards the north on the Dark Sword. A speed that was on a different level from walking. A terrifying wave spread around him.

“Where are you going!”


The Dark Swordmaster roared in anger, and the Demon Sword Queen bit her lip silently.


Heukgeumje sighed and pressed her temples.

'How long is that damn guy going to interfere?'

If the situation ended like this, she could achieve the desired outcome, but it didn't seem like it would end that easily.

‘What should I do?’

If Orgos, who is near Cameloon dealt Raon and the Light Wind division and attacks the Five Divine Rulers, it would be dangerous, but there are Balkar and Owen nearby.

Since support will be rushing from the two places, it might be better than staying here.

“Let’s go too.”

Heukgeumje, who made a decision, gestured to the Demon Sword Queen and the Dark Swordmaster.

‘I have to see how things go for myself.’

* * *

Dorian leaned against a rock. Otherwise, it was hard to endure.

The pain was no longer felt, and there was only the thought of enduring.


He closed his eyes and tried to focus his strength.

‘I have to hold on. I have to.’

He had to hold on until Raon came.

He had to hold on until he could avenge his friends.

He had to hold on.

He forced himself to raise his head. He could see Orgos turning his chin up.

His already grotesque appearance seemed even more terrifying. His white eyes, with their protruding nerves, scanned the Light Wind members, and landed on himself, who was in the innermost circle.

He felt it again. That was not human, nor a monster. A natural disaster. The Light Wind division could not handle such a being at the moment.


As soon as Dorian made eye contact with Orgos, he naturally rose into the air.



"This bastard!"

"Look at me!"

The Light Wind members drew their swords and tried to charge at Orgos, but the demon that had emerged from the shadows blocked their way.

"Damn it..."

Burren gritted his teeth, gripping his shoulder, which had been pierced through. 

The thought that it was all over flashed through his mind, but he shook his head in defiance.

Orgos ignored the others and looked at Dorian.

"If you tell me the truth now, I'll spare your life. Who are you?"

He seemed to be interested in Dorian, who was the first to say Raon's name.

"I, I told you. I'm Raon Zieghart."

Dorian's face turned pale from pain, but he continued to speak Raon's name.

"I'm glad I didn't kill you right away."

Orgos flicked his finger, and Dorian's left leg twisted.


Dorian could not move his limbs because he was suspended in the air, so he could only scream.


"You bastard!"

"I'll kill you!"

The Light Wind members could not bear it any longer and charged at the demon that blocked their way.

The clash of aura and magic caused sharp sparks to fly on the white ground.

Burren spat out the blood that had gathered in his mouth and looked back at the people behind him.

"Everyone, run away! We'll buy you some time!"

Even at this moment, he thought of the civilians and the warriors of the neutral factions and shouted for them to flee quickly.


"I want to go, but my feet..."

"M, my body won't move."

Unlike the Light Wind members, who had gathered their resolve with anger, the people of the neutral factions and the civilians were unable to move as if they were bound by Orgos' overwhelming presence.

"Who are you?"

Orgos scoffed at Burren and the Light Wind members and asked Dorian the question again.

"Old man, are your ears blocked because you don't have eyes? ..."

Dorian did not seem to have the strength to look at Orgos, so he looked up at the sky and trembled his lips.

"... I am Raon. I am the White Sword Dragon, Raon Zieghart."

"That's right."

Orgos flicked his finger lightly. With a loud bang like a rubber ball bursting, a dark hole appeared in Dorian's abdomen.


Dorian could no longer even scream, and he collapsed to the ground, spitting out blood and saliva.

"The relationship is more intertwined than I thought."

At Orgos' gesture, the blood flowing from Dorian's abdomen stopped.

“That guy killed quite a few of my subordinates, didn’t he?”

A sadistic smile appeared on his lips.

"Burning all of you in front of him might be quite amusing." 

“Old man! Look at me! Stop messing with the weak and hit me!”

Burren stepped forward, pounding his chest.

“The person you should be looking at is….”

“I don’t like those eyes.”


As Orgos’ lips dropped, Burren’s right eye exploded.


Burren fell to his knees, clutching his bleeding eyeball.


This time, Runaan stepped forward, trying to stop the bleeding from her abdomen. There was not a hint of fear in her violet eyes as she held her beloved sword, the Snow Flower Sword.

“Next is me.”

“No need to beg. I have no intention of giving you a painless death.”

Without even looking at Runaan, Orgos turned his finger.

“Die, regretting having formed a relationship with Raon Zieghart.”


Runaan stumbled and fell to the right. Her right thigh had been ripped off thickly, as if it had been bitten by a beast.


Mark Goetten, roared and ran towards Orgos. He had no thought of winning. He simply ran with his broken sword in his hand, determined to protect the others.

“Eyes without fear. I don’t like it.”

As Orgos twisted his lips and snapped his fingers, a blue flame erupted from Mark Goetten’s uniform.


The small flame instantly burned Mark Goetten’s uniform and stuck to his shoulder. Despite the sound of flesh burning, Mark Goetten did not back down.

“You might have heard that the flame of  Inferno never goes out.”

As Orgos shook his head, the flame that was burning Mark Goetten’s shoulder suddenly flared up and wrapped around his arm.


Mark Goetten’s steps slowly came to a stop. In the end, he couldn’t bear the pain and fell to the ground, soaked in blood.

Orgos looked down at the Light Wind members, who had fallen into despair again, and curled his lips.

“That’s right. Those eyes. In the end, human relationships are nothing more than sand castles that crumble like sand in the face of fear. Raon Zieghart….”

As he stopped talking, the Light Wind members, who were slowly getting up, appeared on his white eyes.

Dorian, with his crushed arm, got up, gripping the sword that was stuck in the ground. Burren’s aura grew even stronger from his empty eye, and Runaan raised her violet eyes as she froze her leg wound.

Mark Goetten, despite the burning pain in his body, got up again and stood up with his broken sword.

Although they did not shout “Raon Zieghart,” their aura and will had taken root more firmly than before.


Orgos' forehead furrowed for the first time.

“I don’t like these guys.”

He seemed to have forgotten his plan to kill them in front of Raon, as he raised his hand with murderous eyes.

A huge inferno, much larger than the flame that burned Mark Goetten’s arm, flared up and blazed.

“Turn to ashes.”

Just as Orgos was about to pour the inferno on the Light Wind division, a dark dagger flew towards his temple.


The dagger did not even touch Orgos, but it momentarily distracted his concentration.

In the fleeting moment when the trajectory of the inferno twisted, a wall of silver frost, so transparent that it was sacred, rose up in front of the Light Wind members.


The inferno, which was said to burn anything, disappeared, leaving only black ashes around it, unable to penetrate the wall of frost.

“Th-this wall is….”

Dorian trembled his lips as he saw the silver wall that surrounded the Light Wind division. It was the wall that had saved the lives of countless people in the Arian family. It was a martial art that Dorian could never forget.

“You’re late.”

Orgos’ gaze rose to the wall. A twisted smile appeared on his lips.

“Raon Zieghart.”

On the wall of silver that even the inferno could not melt. A swordsman with bloodshot eyes was looking down at him.

Note: It appears that the translation of Orgos' title, "chang-yeom-magun," has dual meanings: "Spear Flame Commander/General" and "Flame of Inferno Commander/General." Based on the context in this chapter, it seems to be more fitting as "Flame of Inferno Commander/General.”


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