TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 190


Raon looked at Cale's back as he advanced towards the coastal cliff. The strength gathered in his two front paws holding the statue.


At that moment, Choi Han's voice was heard. Originally, in this situation, the person who would have followed Cale before anyone else was next to Raon.

"I'll help you."

And Choi Han showed a truly gentle smile, not the soft smile Cale used to show.

"Although I don't think I can do much. I don't know anything."

Choi Han's carefree appearance scratching his head somewhat resembled Toonka. It sounded like he was saying he looked foolish. However, Raon would never tell Choi Han he looked foolish because he thought Choi Han would genuinely be hurt if he heard that.

It was then...

"I'll follow that guy."

With a calm voice, Sui Khan spoke and began walking after Cale. Raon's blue eyes met with the Team Leader's.

"Don't overdo it."

Sui Khan stopped and, casually, stroked Raon's head before walking away without hesitation. And Beacrox followed him.

"Isn't Grandpa Ron coming?"

If Ron followed Cale, Raon would feel more relieved, without realizing it, he asked Ron. Ron showed a gentle smile.

"I think the Young Master will feel more at ease if I'm near Raon-nim."

He looked at Raon while saying that. The gaze was quite gentle. Raon felt as if his two front paws holding the statue were numb for no reason.

He looked around.

Unlike the chaos that had erupted around, where the scene had turned into a disaster, his companions looking at him caught Raon's attention.

Normally, everyone would be with Cale. Raon would have done the same. Today, however, they decided to stay here longer.

When Choi Jung Soo, who had been holding Cale's Divine Mirror, smiled at him cheerfully upon meeting his gaze. Raon laughed foolishly.

Raon clicked his two front paws, holding the statue, out of pure irritation. His sole itched.

It was then that Raon finally felt the cold touch of the statue.

Along with the slight breeze created by the flapping of his wings, he also felt the tingling sensation in his paws.

And he could hear the rumbles of the sea mixed with the roars of the sky, which had come much closer.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The regular sound of his own heartbeat. Finally, Raon remembered the last words Cale had said to him before leaving.

'Raon, Think of it simply. And if you can't, leave it.'

And added:

And then he added:

'Of course, Eruhaben-nim wouldn't describe something you can't solve as simple.'

Raon's gaze finally turned to the visual communication screen. He could see Eeruhaben looking at him with crossed arms.

"Grandpa Goldie! Can I do it?"

To the energetic question, the Ancient Dragon responded in a carefree tone.

-Yes. Don't make me state the obvious.

Raon's wings flapped strongly.

"Exactly! I can do it! Because I'm a great Dragon!"

-You always say obvious things.

Raon grabbed the monk statue and headed towards the 10-sided column where the two Formations were connected.


After a long time, Eruhaben used the nickname "boy." Raon remembered when he first met Eruhaben. He was of the same species, but unlike his own black body, Eruhaben had a bright silver glow that dazzled Raon.

-See the flow in that column?


Raon looked at the 10-sided column. Along with the Dragon's energy, the newly discovered World Tree's strength flowed up and down, changing positions between the two formations.

-The essence of the World Tree is the nature of that world.

-Therefore, the World Tree's strength tends to return to nature.

-But now, the World Tree's strength cannot return to nature. Why do you think that is?

Raon's mouth opened immediately.

"The Dragon's energy is blocking the World Tree's strength in various places."

The purple light flowing in the 10-sided column looked like a maze. And there were too many blocked paths in that maze. The World Tree's strength flowing inside was constantly agitated, unable to find a way out.

"I understand."

Raon felt like he understood how the situation was unfolding.

"The Dragons of Apitoyu have infused the World Tree's strength into these two formations!"

Secretly to the Blood Cult. Probably, initially, they brought the World Tree's strength and the Dragons' strength with them, putting it all in the core. Among them, the World Tree's strength was deposited in the Magic Formation.

"Through the Core, they've been suppressing the World Tree's strength with Dragon's Force."

They must have been suppressing the power of the World Tree to return to nature. However, when Cale pulled out this Core, the balance was broken. Additionally, Apitoyu manipulated the formations as well, turning them upside down and backwards. Thanks to that, the World Tree's strength was even more trapped in chaos, as if it was about to explode.

And this was getting worse as the remaining Dragon's energy in the Formation, not in the Core, created a maze and disrupted the stable orbit of the World Tree's power.

"The World Tree's strength wants to return to nature, but since that's not possible, it's attracting nature!"


That's why the sea and sky roar as they approach this island.

"And the remaining Dragon's energy in the Magic Formation is being increasingly overwhelmed by the World Tree's strength."

Compared to the Core, the energy of the Dragons in the Magic Formation was small.

The force of the World Tree, unable to find the exit from the labyrinth, became stronger and seemed like it would destroy anything.

Raon uttered a response.

"This is ultimately a time bomb!"

Invoking both the sky and the sea, eventually, the Magic Formation would explode.

So, as a result...

"This island will blow up!"

-This land will collapse.

Raon looked at Eruhaben, who said the same words as him. The Golden Dragon asked calmly.

-Have you found the answer to what to do?

Raon felt it was similar to when he received lessons from Eruhaben in the past.

And at that moment...

"I found it!"

Raon had never failed to find an answer even once.

"I just have to open an exit!"


Laon's gaze turned to the ten-sided column. For a while now, he had been staring intently at this place, looking for something specific.

-Do you see it?

"Yes, here!"

Raon pointed to a spot where purple energy flowed.

"Here, we'll drill a hole and guide the force of the World Tree through this statue."

-That's right. That is the correct answer.

Raon swallowed saliva. He had found the answer. However, to execute that answer, there was a prerequisite that needed to be fulfilled, and Eruhaben mentioned it first.

-To do all this, there is something more important.


Raon swallowed saliva again. Tension overcame him.

-That purple energy. To be precise, it is mana.

Raon knew the true nature of that force.
Surely, it would be the power of the Lord Dragon of Apitoyu.

Raon, who had been close to Cale and had learned the situation in broad strokes, remembered Dragon Maxiliann, who handed the ring to Raon, and said that Raon would defeat the Dragons of Apitoyu and become the hope of the world.

In other words, the force in front of him was the power Raon had to defeat.

-You must not be overcome by that force.


Black mana rose around Raon. It fluctuated unstably as if it felt its owner's tension.

-What's wrong, kid?

At that moment, Eruhaben looked at Raon as if he were surprised.

"W-Well, I..."

Looking at Raon, who answered awkwardly without knowing why, Eruhaben threw him an impressed look.

-Do you really think you'll be overcome now?

"Uh, yes..."

When Raon responded uncomfortably and evasively, Eruhaben looked at him with an even more impressed expression.

-No, why so unsure? Dragons must have confidence! The biggest being is the Dragon!

The purple power was also from the Dragon.

Raon couldn't reply.

Eruhaben's expression was truly perplexing. No, rather, it was an annoyed expression. As he spoke, his voice grew louder. It was a scolding.

-Raon! You're not fighting face-to-face with the main body! You're fighting with the inherent power of mana! Moreover, it's even such a small amount. Are you really scared now?

Perhaps seeing Eruhaben scold for the first time, Crown Prince Alberu Crossman on the screen quietly distanced himself from Eruhaben.

Raon, undecided, timidly asked.

"Grandpa Goldie, but that force is from the Lord Dragon of another world."


Eruhaben asked with an impressed expression.

-And what does that have to do with anything?

He pointed to the purple energy on the screen.

At first glance, it seems manageable.

Raon's wings blinked slightly. Anyway, the Ancient Dragon spoke as if he were annoyed.

-Kid, don't you remember what I said?

It seems this kid has forgotten something. I'll have to remind him. Is there any other choice?

-Don't you remember what I said? About there being nothing you can learn from me about magic or mana.

-Even after living over a thousand years, there was nothing I could teach you. Don't you understand the meaning of those words?

Although he had not fully matured. He couldn't use the Breath of Fire. He didn't know how to properly use his special abilities even if he knew their characteristics. Despite that, Raon was strong.

-Your powers are not weak.

Although the Golden Dragon hadn't seen Raon use all his strength, he was sure. Raon was strong. Of course, Eruhaben didn't want to see the process of Raon using all his power. It's not that he himself was weak, but why the hell should a brat like him use all his power? As a Dragon, that would hurt his pride.

-You are also a Dragon.

Dragons are arrogant. Eruhaben doesn't deny it. In fact, he acknowledges it.

Because it's true.

But living for a long time as a Dragon, a rare creature to find, such arrogance might be a necessary element to survive, thought Eruhaben. And if you turn that arrogance into pride, then it's fine.

A Dragon is magnificent by its mere existence.

If you make this a source of pride...

-Are you afraid of the Lord Dragon's power?

There's nothing to fear.

Dust. One of the qualities Eruhaben has cultivated and valued, which other Dragons mocked.

The Old Dragon asked the Young Dragon.

-The power of the Lord Dragon. Is it such a terrifying presence as to avoid what you must do now?

At that moment, Raon shivered.

'What I must do...'

Laon's gaze turned to the sea.


A different sound was heard than before.

Surely it's the Human, Cale, using his power.

"I, I-!"

Raon spoke with determination.

"I'm a Dragon that can even destroy the world!"


Eruhaben snorted and said disdainfully.

-Now you respond like a Dragon. That's how a Dragon should be.

And he nodded indifferently.

-Seal it immediately.

"Understood, Grandpa Goldie."

-Don't rush. It would be troublesome if it exploded. Proceed slowly. And seal the power of the World Tree in the statue.


-Well, start now. I'll be watching from here.

"Yes, yes."

Raon nodded energetically and approached the ten-sided columns even more.

And then he advanced one of the toes of his front foot.

The black mana was stored at the tips of those toe fingers.

Raon focused.

It was said to be like a maze. The interwoven columns in hundreds of streams were so complicated that it was difficult to approach easily.

Raon stared at the point he had seen before in the midst of it.


Drops of sweat formed and went down Raon's face.
But Raon didn't think about it.


The sound of rain grew louder, enough to silence the dull noise of the sea. Or rather, the sound of water.

It was definitely Cale's power.

Soon, Cale would create an amazing scene.

But Raon, listening to the sound of Cale calming the thunder of the sky and the sea, felt even calmer than that.

'It feels like the Human is by my side.'

Even though they were separated, it seemed like Cale was watching him.

Raon's toe finger finally moved.


Black power pierced through the purple power point.

A small hole appeared.

-Yes, that's right! Make the hole bigger!

Raon had created an entrance.

-And fill the hole with the power of the World Tree! Then this Formation will stop working!

The Ancient Dragon casually said.

-Oh, but getting the power of the World Tree for free would be very useful! It's probably a precious item that not even the best treasures could surpass, right?

Raon's eyes sparkled.


The Young Dragon's eyes blinked.

So, Raon continued gradually carrying out his task with the stimulation and advice of the Ancient Dragon.

With fervent hope that Cale would be safe.



It wasn't raining. But the sound of rain was heard. Moreover, it was a rain sound so loud that it seemed to absorb all other sounds around.

The Martial Artists, who had followed Cale, Sui Khan, and Beacrox, along with some others, including the Heavenly Demon, pressed their lips.

All their bodies tingled.

-We will soon reach the limit.

The Sky Eating Water spoke softly.

"How much have you used so far?"

-About 150%.

The power of water, which had increased to 300% after the fight in Yunnan City and realizing it was rechargeable, Cale had rested a bit in the last hour, and his current limit was 150%.

But this wasn't the end.

It wasn't enough to stop that Tsunami.


The purple stone that Cale held in his hand vibrated violently.

-You know the solution, right?


Cale sighed and brought the stone to his mouth.

And he swallowed it.

-Since you once ate stones to get the power of Super Rock, there's nothing you can't eat. Isn't that right?

Cale ignored the voice of the Sky Eating Water, full of excitement.

After Super Rock, now he had to eat something like this. Seriously?


-What's wrong?

Cale, who was watching the approaching Tsunami without realizing it, suddenly spoke.

"It's delicious."


Cale spoke honestly to the Sky Eating Water, who asked incomprehensibly as if he hadn't expected it. The stone was sweet in just the right measure, and for some reason, it had a tasty flavor in the mouth.

"...It's the most delicious dessert I've had so far in comparison."

-Oh, well.

"...It's a taste you want to keep eating."

Cale savored it unknowingly.

At that moment, Cale abruptly loosened his clothes and spoke suddenly.

"How many black points are there?"

Team Leader Sui Khan responded.

"One moment."

The white water drop tattoos, seven in total, and one gray, were gradually transforming. Very quickly.

Soon, Lee Soo Hyuk could answer Cale's question.

"There are five black drops and one gray."

The black drops returned to being five.

-So I can use 200% more!


Cale simply laughed.

Anyway, now was a good time to test it.



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