TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 189


The scene where the blue energy soared into the sky and disappeared was truly beautiful. The Heavenly Demon, also known as the Heaven of the Demon Cult, heard the voice of an old man behind him who couldn't hide his exclamation.

"It's as if an Imoogi is ascending to the sky."

It was Byuk Sun. The Heavenly Demon already knew of his presence, so he didn't bother to turn and look at him. He didn't want to show his gaze to the old man.


The fight between the Blood Demon and Choi Han. The Heavenly Demon saw it all clearly. In reality, he wanted to jump into the battlefield. He wanted to interfere in the fight between Choi Jung Soo, Choi Han, and Lee Soo Hyuk, but he couldn't.

It wasn't because of the enormous energy the Blood Demon generated. Initially, when he faced that energy, for a moment, he completely forgot his position as the Heavenly Demon and was about to bow his head and kneel. However, he finally overcame it and managed to stand firm against that energy.

Of course, it might be because that immense energy wasn't directly aimed at the Heavenly Demon himself, but he could still withstand it. However, when the energy of that kind, Kim Haeil, was unleashed, and it blocked the Blood Demon, the Heavenly Demon momentarily forgot that he also had to fight.

'Kim Haeil.'

There was a moment when Kim Haeil displayed that energy in front of him.

'No comparison.'

If back then it felt like a handful of sand, what he felt this time was like a vast expanse of sand, and realizing that, he suddenly had a thought.

'Where does his power end?'

Kim Haeil...

It seemed like he wasn't using his full power.

When the Heavenly Demon ascended to the pinnacle of Martial Arts known as the Profound Realm, the Heavenly Demon came to understand a bit more about Nature. And he could sense a bit of the essence of the energy Kim Haeil was using. To be precise, he looked at the dust particles.

'Nothing there.'

In that kind of energy, there was no nature. He only felt something vast and unfathomable. Realizing that, he suddenly had a thought.

'Then, what is contained in that?'

The Heavenly Demon couldn't know the answer until then. However, he soon discovered the answer.

'Choi Han.'

From that guy's body also emanated an energy similar to that of the Blood Demon and Kim Haeil. Of course, it might be much smaller compared to the two, but it was clear that it wasn't Inner Energy or the power Choi Han used to use.


And as soon as he felt a drop of that energy, the Heavenly Demon realized. Choi Han and Kim Haeil.

Inside them, there was no nature.

'They are human.'

What they exhaled was something inherent to their humanity. Therefore, the Blood Demon seemed different. What the Blood Demon possessed was a prison intertwined with countless human beings.

"Thump. Thump."

The Heavenly Demon felt his heart beating strongly. He didn't want to show his face to anyone. Because...

'It's been a while.'

Because he was excited.

He found another path to become stronger. He went through the Unrestrained Realm, then the Profound Realm, and finally wanted to reach the Nature Realm. Especially the Nature Realm, which was called so because it was said to become one with nature. But the moment he saw those two people, he realized. Especially, when he looked at Choi Han, he understood. About the path he should take.

'I don't need to become one with nature.'

Human. By himself, he could also open a path. A unique path for him, different from other beings and beings from other places.

'This is driving me crazy.'

He was so excited. Today, he found his guide for the path he must take.

'Choi Han.'

He was the best person to follow according to the Heavenly Demon.

As Kim Haeil already contains Nature, he doesn't fit with the Heavenly Demon. Instead, Choi Han looks more like the Heavenly Demon. He had already felt that Choi Han's dark energy was similar to his energy.

'Nature Realm?'

Forget that realm. I will be complete as myself. That's right.

The Heavenly Demon felt his heart beating strongly and, at the same time, felt something gripping at the tips of his fingers. He wanted to unsheathe his sword and practice his sword skill in some quiet place right away. The corners of his lips rose more and more.

Profound Realm Mid-Stage

The Heavenly Demon, who could be considered the best among Martial Artists in the Profound Realm, decided on the path he must take.

'Someday, if I can also exhale my own path with my energy...'

At that moment...

'I want to fight with you at that time.'

Especially with that guy, Choi Han. In the place where the Blood Demon disappeared. The eyes of the Heavenly Demon, who was looking at Choi Han, who was standing alone, shone with the desire for victory and rivalry.

It was at that moment...


The Heavenly Demon stopped. His gaze went far to the sea. With an urgent sound of steps behind him, a tense voice was heard.

"Everyone must gather!"

It was Jegal Miryeo, the General Commander of the Murim Alliance. Wasn't she clearly directing everything from the shore? The firm gaze of the Heavenly Demon turned towards her. By her side was Mok Hyun, the Fist King.

"Something seems to have happened to the Magic Formation."

As soon as she finished speaking, the Heavenly Demon moved immediately. Jegal Miryeo and Sima Pyeong were also there. Especially, Sima Pyeong suddenly joined and said:

"First, let's go to Young Master Kim."

The three representatives of the Three Factions moved quickly. And in the place they passed, the members of the Murim and the followers of the Blood Cult, who were watching the scene of the battle between the Blood Demon and Choi Han with blank minds, finally regained their senses.

Urgently, at a moment they realized that the oppressing energy had disappeared, they tried to exhale calmly.


Finally, they could hear the thundering sound of the sky. It wasn't a simple rumble. No, it was a sound that instinctively caused fear.


And that sound was getting closer and closer. When they felt it, they could hear several voices.

"Come to your senses!"

From Elder Ho Songyi of the Beggar's Band to the words of the sect leaders.

"The Blood Demon is dead, all Blood Cult followers lower your weapons!"

"Find the civilians within the Blood Cult! Gather them! Don't let anyone go to the shore right now!"

"Do you see that in the sea now? Shouldn't we identify the people first before lifting the boats?"

"The fight is not the issue!"

In various places, the leaders of the Justice Faction, Evil Faction, and the Demon Cult came out to organize the surroundings according to the instructions of the General Commander.


Again, the sky rumbled. A fearful voice resonated.

"Even though we hear the rumbling, why don't we see any lightning?"

"And, why is everything dark?"

The sky rumbled and drew closer, darkening everything. Gradually, the violent roars of the sea reached those leaping from the coast towards the center of the island.

The increasingly violent roars of the sea. Unease gradually rose in the hearts of the people. The bright light of stars and the moon in the night sky were no longer visible. It seemed that the darkness in the distance would soon envelop them.

And one person observed that darkness.

Cale opened his mouth.

"Please, take care of the explanation."

"Yes, Young Master."

Delegating the task of facing those approaching to him, Cale turned his gaze.

Ron, who was floating in the air thanks to the flying magic, descended naturally.

"Human, I can't analyze this!"

Raon frowned as he observed the Magic Formation.

"It sure was a Magic Formation before, but now it has changed to something else! It's not magic, and I don't know what it is!"

Despair filled Raon's face. He had no other choice. Although he could learn and understand the unknown through observation...

"Nature is coming!"

But the immense nature approaching now was too large for Raon to handle. The energy approaching faster and stronger than before, unlike the beginning, was becoming larger and more intense.

"Human, if this continues, it will cover not only the island but also the mainland up to the coast."

Raon seriously advised that it would cover from Hainan Island to the continental coast.

"Originally, it wasn't like this, but after the Blood Demon collapsed, it became faster and stronger. As if it was waiting for that."

Cale's gaze turned at those words.

'If you think about it, the person who could manipulate this Magic Formation with ease was the Blood Demon.'

In other words, it means that the Magic Formation knew the energy of the Blood Demon, and this Magic Formation was the work of the Apitoyu Dragons...

'In that case...'

In the midst of urgency, admiration sprang from Cale without even realizing it. Although he had never seen the Apitoyu Dragons in person.

'Aren't they terrifying guys?'

Cale thought their intentions were very profound. But there was no time to think about that.

"Human, I'm sure the purple energy is a mixture of the Dragons' energy. But I don't know its true identity."


Cale let out a short sigh.

He couldn't stay like this.

'First, let's give it a try.'

He took out a purple stone from his chest. The Magic Formation's Core vibrated intensely. Cale approached a bit more with the inverted formation.

The 10-sided formation emitted a purple glow. The purple energy dispersed among them, connecting them to form a unique ten-sided column.

Cale reached out his hand towards the transparent wall created by the purple energy.

‘If I return the Magic Formation's core, maybe it will stop.’

Without haste but without hesitation, Cale reached out his hand.




And his body was thrown backward. Raon hastily caught him. If he hadn't, Cale would have been slammed into the ground. A rebound force of that level struck him.

"Human, are you okay?"


Cale massaged his numb right arm and stared fixedly at the formation.

"... It doesn't work at all."

The formation repelled the core. And the core also repelled the formation. They were pushing each other.

‘This is annoying.’

What to do?

Then, the voice of the Sky Eating Water rang out.

-Cale, it seems a tide larger than the sky is approaching. A tide that will cover the entire island.

Understood, I understand! Should the islanders move to the coast for now?

No, they said the tide could cover the coast too.


A cold laugh escaped involuntarily.

‘No, are these Apitoyu Dragons crazy?’

Cale felt more irritated than ever.

Defeating the Blood Cult was already very difficult, and now they come to me with this other big problem?


When his mind became complicated, Raon hastily spoke.

"I think Grandpa Goldie might know about this."

Oh, right! Cale took a mirror from his chest. And he quickly connected to a visual communication.

The screen appeared on the mirror. Calling Eruhaben by calling the Crown Prince should be enough.

A screen appeared on the mirror. He would soon see the Crown Prince.

"Kim Haeil!"

At that moment, a voice echoed from below. Piles of collapsed debris. In the midst of that, Choi Jung Soo lifted a person by grabbing his throat.


It was Old Baek who created the Jiangshis. And below him...


The Master of the Blood Demon, who was protecting the tenth-floor formation, was writhing on the ground unconscious.


And Choi Han grabbed the back of a Blood Demon Successor Candidate from a short distance and lifted him up.

"Raon, bring the three!"

"Okay, Human!"

Following Cale's instructions, the three ascended. Of course, both Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo were there, holding the hostages by the neck.

“Everyone, wake up right now.”

"Yes, yes, I'm aware!"

Old Baek hastily waved his hands to show that he was fine. Cale approached and asked him.

"Why is the formation like this? Tell me why and how to fix it."

Cale radiated the Dominating Aura without realizing it himself. The situation demanded it.

‘I can't handle this alone!’

Sky Eating Water told him that the Tsunami would cover the island, and even though she also said that calming the sea would be best...

How could he do it?

He couldn't compare it to breaking down the walls of Yunnan City; it was a completely different task. This involved stopping a real natural disaster. Therefore, the first thing would be to seek a solution through the Magic Formation.

‘If I can't stop it, at least I must find a way to weaken it!’

Perhaps due to Cale's severe gaze, Old Baek responded quickly.

"No, I don't know. I couldn't even imagine a situation like this."

Then, a loud sound was heard.


When he turned, Choi Jung Soo strongly slapped the Guardian's cheek.

"I know you're already awake."

The Guardian's face twisted.

"If you already know, why-?"

Before the Guardian could ask why he was slapped on the cheek, he was left dumbfounded watching Cale approach.

"Do you have information?"

"... I don't know."

Cale turned back.

"Haa, haa."

Myung, a Blood Demon Successor Candidate, was breathing heavily.

"...I don't know either."

The moment Cale closed his eyes.

-What is happening?

Alberu Crossman's voice echoed.


Another person's voice also joined.

Cale immediately opened his eyes.

A strange substance floated in the air thanks to Raon's magic. The image in the mirror showed Alberu Crossman, and next to his tired face was Eruhaben, sitting comfortably.


Cale approached him and showed him the Formation.

-Why is this happening?

Eruhaben, who had stopped at the urgency in Cale's face, closed his mouth after seeing the Formation and then spoke.

-That is...

Seeing that Eruhaben had noticed something, Cale inadvertently pressed him.

"Eruhaben-nim, do you understand what this is? Do you understand? Right?"

-Hm? No, the currents of this energy are-

At his hesitation, Cale asked again.

"What is it? Just say it!"

The problem was not just avoiding the Tsunami, as if he tried to handle it alone, he might vomit blood or faint. Furthermore, it could be fatal. And there was no one else who could handle it. He also couldn't risk young Raon helping him with something so difficult, right?

-That force cannot exist that way.

"Ah, then what is it?"

Cale spoke without realizing he was using coarse language.

-No, I mean, you know what that is, right?

With a puzzled expression, Eruhaben looked at Cale and suddenly spoke.

-That is the energy used by the World Trees.

Then, he added something strange as if he thought it was strange.

-But why is the Dragon's aura energy so intertwined with the power of the World Tree?

World Tree. Perhaps a being that has protected a world for longer than Dragons. Cale suddenly remembered the explanation he had heard about this core. The Guardian had said it.

‘Basically, it's an object separate from a world's treasure.’

Cale's eyes turned to the Guardian.

"Hey, you."

The Guardian was surprised. Cale asked before he could say anything.

“You said this core was taken from a world's treasure, right?

"I, I just heard that from a Dragon."

A world's treasure. World Tree. A perfect match. And if the Dragon's aura energy is mixed with the World Tree's energy, Raon was right not to be able to feel the World Tree's power. Because Raon has never felt the power of the World Tree.

"Eruhaben-nim, is there any way to eliminate or weaken that energy?"


Looking at the Ancient Dragon, Cale observed him with a tense heart. And the Dragon responded.

-It seems sealing it will be the solution. But to seal it, we would need a sacrifice strong enough to withstand both the World Tree's energy and the Dragon's, and getting that suddenly would be a challenge.

Cale's eyes narrowed upon hearing this. At the same time, Raon suddenly appeared.

"Here it is!"

On his chubby front paws, there was a monk statue that looked slightly cracked.

"Grandpa Goldie! This is the statue Jungwon entered, from this world! Couldn't he handle this?"

After saying that, Raon looked at Cale with sparkling eyes. Cale patted Raon's head with an indifferent touch while saying:

"I was thinking the same thing."

It was at that moment...


The rumble of the sky was getting closer. Cale turned his head.

Not far in the ocean, what was previously only felt as dark due to the clouds was now properly revealed. A massive wall was approaching.

It was a Tsunami large enough to swallow this island and beyond.


Cale closed his eyes and opened them again before speaking.

"Eruhaben-nim, is it okay if Raon seals it?"

-Yes. Since that thing is imbued with the energy of a Dragon, it would be easier for Raon to do it. It's not a difficult process as long as you know the principles of the World Tree's power and make the sacrifice correctly. It may take some time, but it will be straightforward.

Raon, Choi Han, and Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale simultaneously. Whether they shared the same thoughts or simply couldn't say anything, the companions looked at Cale with perplexed expressions. Cale calmly spoke as if it were nothing.

"There's no other choice, right?"

Yes, there's no other choice.

-Let's do it, Cale. I can do it!

Cale ignored Sky Eating Water's words and tightly gripped the purple stone in his hand.

"The solution is simple."

A calm voice flowed from Cale's mouth.

"I'll prevent the tsunami as much as possible. Meanwhile, proceed with the seal."

And when it's sealed, the ocean and sky will calm down.

Sky Eating Water spoke refreshingly.

-Let's try it!


Cale headed towards the coastal cliffs facing the vast ocean.



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