TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 191


The sea rose to engulf the island and everything in its path.


Amidst the falling rain, the Heavenly Demon heard the sound of rain resonating in his ears and recalled his childhood in Xinjiang, where he grew up. In that place, there was no direct connection to the sea. Therefore, the first time he encountered the sea was through a book. There was a phrase back then.

"The colors of the sea are truly varied. It doesn't have the same color for a single moment. Bright blue waves under the sunlight, waves wrapped in the light of the sunset, calm waves as if holding the light of stars in the night sky. All have beautiful and unique colors."

The Heavenly Demon thought that phrase was indeed true. After all, the sea he had seen was somehow varied. But now he could say this:

'It's dreadful.'

Devoid of any color, what approached flickered in black. It reminded him of the Dead Mana that had tormented him, turning him into a Living Jiangshi. However, it was clearly the sea. An undeniable manifestation of nature. Nevertheless, it was repulsive. He felt revulsion. The reason was simple.

'Because it's frightening.'

It seemed as if a mountain range made of water was about to strike this side. Was there ever a disaster in this form? At least, the Heavenly Demon had never seen it. And...

'...Are there beings capable of creating this intentionally?'

He had never heard of those capable of intentionally creating such a horrendous disaster. He couldn't even imagine it. It seemed like he should flee from this impending disaster. Even if he had to leave behind any concerns about where to escape. However, the Heavenly Demon did not flee.


The sound of rain increased more and more. Sima Pyeong, the Evil Alliance Leader, was right beside, opening his mouth to say something, but it wasn't audible. He seemed to realize it himself and forcefully closed his mouth. Then, he looked at a particular person. The Heavenly Demon also fixed his gaze on the back of that same person. A man of small build. Kim Haeil. His two outstretched arms were visible.

¡Splash! ¡Splash!

The giant Tsunami he had created in Yunnan. One taller, thicker, and longer was approaching.

Could he stop it?

'It's impossible to eliminate that monstrosity. Instead, I plan to hold it off as much as possible.'

Young Master Kim said that and added:

'And after that, my colleagues will take care of it.'

The Heavenly Demon closed his eyes and opened them again. The tiny back was still visible. It was the back of a person facing anything without fear.


At that moment, Cale started to exert a bit more force.

-...Will you continue using more?

When the Sky Eating Water spoke, Cale nodded before stopping. When Sui Khan was puzzled by his slightly trembling appearance...

"Ah, it's cold."

Cale opened the clothing covering his collarbone.

"Maybe because it's too windy."

It's cold. You could catch a cold like this.

Ignoring the perplexed look of the Team Leader, Cale, for no apparent reason, stretched to shake off the cold from his shoulders.



A mantle fell on his shoulders. When Cale turned his head, he saw Beacrox looking at him with an indifferent expression, as if asking why.

"No... thank you."

Cale would have liked to ask where he got that mantle and where he had kept it, but he didn't have the chance.

-Cale, you have to hurry!

Since he knew the current situation.

"Continue until I tell you to stop."

Paying no attention to Beacrox and Sui Khan, Cale raised his arms and slowly extended his hands forward. The direction was towards the imminent giant black Tsunami that could cover everything.

'I have to stop it.'

No, I have to resist.

"I have two Ancient Powers I can use in this situation," Cale thought. One was the Sky Eating Water, and the other was the Indestructible Shield. Currently, the shield had 73% of the seal undone, but he couldn't use both at the same time.


The Glutton Priestess spoke slowly in a calm tone.

"If you use the power of water to the limit in my current state, your heart won't bear it. Your body won't either. You'd probably explode before stopping that Tsunami."

The Glutton Priestess spoke indifferently about the consequences. As Cale didn't want to face that outcome, he decided to use only the Sky Eating Water.




It started to surpass the limit set in Yunnan.


Cale's clothes began to flutter as if being wrapped by the wind. The mantle that was on his shoulders was already on the ground, but he didn't care.


The sound of rain gradually intensified, and the Tsunami approached the coast.


Cale closed his eyes. His limit was approximately at 356%.

-This time, you must not faint, the Cheapskate said.

-Cale, if you collapse, this island will be swept away by the water.


So this time, Cale had to set a limit and fight. His limit would be 350%.


The voice of the Sky Eating Water gradually became calmer. Meanwhile, the speed at which that voice flowed accelerated.

-310%, 320%.

Cale slowly opened his eyes.

And finally...


He opened his mouth.


And the Tsunami also reached an appropriate position. The aftermath that would occur when the Tsunami created by the Dragons of Apitoyu and Cale's Tsunami collided with each other...

Assuming that...

"It's enough."

This level is suitable. To collide.


Due to the sound of rain, Cale didn't hear any sound around him. Probably his voice wouldn't even reach Sui Khan, who was right next to him. But Cale wasn't worried and opened his mouth.

"Let's go."

Because the person who heard what he said wasn't an external being.

-Yes, let's do it!

The moment he heard the firm voice of the Sky Eating Water...


The sound of rain ceased. In front of the approaching Tsunami along with the darkening sky, the sea, trembling as if suddenly frightened, calmed down. And finally...


Another gigantic wall of water began to rise. It was a fleeting moment. People looked in astonishment at another Tsunami that emerged in an instant. Even if they were not on the coastal cliffs, those in elevated areas couldn't help but see it.

Two Tsunamis shot under the night sky. Both were dark in color. Black. But there was definitely a difference. If one was imbued with a too deep darkness, the other was transparent. Although both were Tsunamis, they were different.


Once again, the thunder of the sky echoed. Since the rain had stopped. But no one easily let out a sigh. Because they couldn't easily imagine what would happen. It was at that moment...


The wind blew. And that wind gradually became more imbued with the sound of water.


Once again, the sound of rain made its presence. When the roar of the sky was buried again. People were sure.

"It's now."

And this became reality.


A giant roar that devoured all sounds echoed. Tsunami against Tsunami. The walls began to clash. If they hadn't seen this spectacle with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it.

-Raon! Don't look away!

The voice of the Ancient Dragon startled Raon.


That voice was quite severe.

-And don't rush!

Black Mana flowed around Raon.

The Ancient Dragon spoke firmly.

-Just a little more.

The Ancient Dragon comforting Raon felt a headache. He saw what Cale was doing.

And Cale felt the same way.

His head was complicated.


A Tsunami big enough to engulf Hainan Island at once and reach the coast. Saying it and facing it were really different problems.


The two hands extended towards the Tsunami. With those hands, he could feel the force blocking.

This was the true nature.

And true nature was a terrifying thing.

'This is no joke.'



The two Tsunamis kept colliding.

One advanced, while the other blocked.

"...It's like a Dragon fight."

The murmur of the Heavenly Demon didn't even reach Cale.

-If we're not careful, we might be pushed.

The Sky Eating Water spoke.

-...We might be devoured with a single snap.

Cale also understood this matter.

-I was arrogant.

They got drunk with a power that was considerably stronger than usual. They thought they could easily give it a try.

'It's not like that.'

It definitely wasn't that easy. The reason was clear. The moment the sea was blocked...


The sound of the thunderous sky increased, and thunders and lightnings began to fall. Moreover, the clouds brought with them the wind. The wind pushed the incoming tide from behind, as if they were wings.


From Cale's perspective, who had to stop it, this was maddening and exasperating. And where else?

-I'm going crazy.

The approaching Tsunami began to silently rise.

-Cale, we're going to be defeated like this!

-I thought we could hold on for ten minutes, but now...

The urgency in the Sky Eating Water's voice grew.

-At this rate, it will collapse soon!

In this situation, resisting for ten minutes is all we can do!


The two Tsunamis kept colliding without stopping. For those far away, it seemed like they were fighting or maybe dancing. But for those who were close, they had to swallow saliva or grab their clothes.



Every time the Tsunami trying to break and the one trying to block collided, the water shot up. The Tsunamis fought giving their bodies to each other.

"This is incredible!"


But there was a difference...

When Cale's water spilled directly downward, it didn't return back to Cale's Tsunami. But the nature was different. The gap that opened in the other Tsunami closed with another torrent of water.

"...Can humans not stop nature...?"

Commander General Jegal Miryeo sighed and looked at Cale. In the firm posture of Young Master Kim, he didn't show the slightest sign of weakness. But could he keep resisting like this?

'What should I do?'

Is there something I can do to help? If I can't stop this, in the end, this island and the inland coast won't escape unscathed.

'...Is it right to just stand by like this?'

Is it really right? Can I trust everything to one person?

At that moment, Jegal Miryeo saw someone approaching. The one who came running quickly was Choi Han. He headed towards Young Master Kim and shouted:

"5 minutes. So now you just have to endure for 4 more minutes!"

Saying those words, Choi Han finally caught his breath after running so hard. And it was at that moment...


Jegal Miryeo felt chills all over her body.


A loud rumble echoed from the sea. She lifted her head. A Tsunami approaching to destroy. Whether nature had more thirst for destruction than humans or not, the Tsunami's height was increasing.


She had no thoughts. She stared at the Tsunami. The Tsunami that sharply rose stopped as if tilting.


The Tsunami covered Young Master Kim. In the roar, she looked at Young Master Kim instead of the Tsunami. And she saw it. What he was murmuring.

Cale was speaking.

"Raise it higher."

-... 340.



Cale felt that his power hadn't disappeared yet under the Tsunami that hit him. Not yet, it hadn't collapsed. So...


-... No, that, aigoo, 347-


-Cale, if you keep this up, you'll reach the limit....

The news Choi Han delivered. You just have to endure for 4 minutes, he said. If Raon could seal it in just that time...



-Oh, I don't know. 350! Should I continue?




Cale's two arms began to tremble.

-356%. Now it's the limit.

Seeing this, Beacrox frowned and pulled on Cale's clothes.

8 water drop tattoos. 7 were white. And 1 was gray. But even that gray was turning white.

Beacrox opened his mouth to say something, but then looked into Cale's eyes. He closed his mouth again and picked up the cloak that had fallen to the ground, placing it on Cale's shoulders. Then he stepped back.

He looked forward.

Cale's water, which was covered by the Tsunami, still wasn't visible. However, the Tsunami was no longer approaching. It was as if it was caught on something. Which clearly meant one thing. Still, Cale's Tsunami hadn't collapsed.

At that moment, Cale's mouth opened.

"Did I reach my limit?"

The Sky Eating Water immediately responded to his question.

-Yes, you've used it to the limit!

It was at that moment...

A cautious and timid voice made itself present.

-Um, that, it's still not the limit.

Not yet?

The corners of Cale's lips lifted. Curiously, after the Sky Eating Water's power was strengthened last time, there was no backlash in using that power. He didn't spit blood or faint. What does that mean?

'It's not really the limit.'

Vitality of the Heart. The Crybaby spoke.

-There's still some of your own strength left, Cale.


The Sky Eating Water reacted. There was a strange excitement.

Cale ignored this and spoke to the Crybaby.

"When I reach the limit, let me know."

-Yes, um, yes. Understood.

4 minutes. He just had to endure that. Cale focused more power.

'As expected!'

As expected, the power increased.

Cale felt like smoke was coming out of his clavicle, but he ignored it. He didn't want to know what was happening. Because...

'It still doesn't hurt!'

It doesn't seem like he's going to spit blood. So it's okay, right? Wasn't it like this in all previous experiences?

It seems like I won't faint yet.

-Oh, damn! It's so good!

At the moment the Sky Eating Water shouted wildly.


With a much louder bang than before, the sea roared.


And once again, Cale's Tsunami rose. And once again, the Tsunamis began to clash.

-Um. You can still do more.

Cale smiled with a smirk upon hearing the hesitant words of Vitality of the Heart.

'Now, 3 minutes.'

He just had to endure that. He can do it. If Raon can do it, shouldn't Cale be able to as well?

A smile formed at the corners of Cale's lips.


But then it stopped...


It wasn't the feeling that he was about to spit blood. It wasn't like he was about to faint.


His head, especially the forehead and around the eyes, felt a slight pain. Yes, definitely a little.

'Did I concentrate too much?'

...It shouldn't be a big deal, right? After all, Vitality of the Heart isn't saying anything, right?

The moment Cale tried to ignore that pain...


A groan escaped from his mouth. Unconsciously, his body hunched forward.

"Young Master!"

Beacrox, who was closer, held him surprised. And he saw it.

Cale, unable to open his eyes properly, was shedding tears.


Even with groans mixed with sobs.

Beacrox's face also paled. And Cale's face also became noticeably pale.


He couldn't even articulate words properly.

-Eh, eh? It's still not the limit, right?

Crybaby was bewildered. Whether he spoke or not, Cale seemed like he was going to go insane.

'It hurts!'

His head hurt too much. This kind of pain was something he had never experienced in his entire life.


Using Ancient Power and feeling such intense pain, it was really the first time.



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