IBRV (Novel) Chapter 126

C 126

Sharnae is acting strange!

No matter how I looked at Sharnae recently, she seemed off. The number of visits had decreased, and when we did meet, she appeared very tired.

And what clinched it was this situation I witnessed today when I had arranged to meet Richard in the city for the first time in a long time.

"...I didn't say that!"

"If you come near me one more time, I'll warn you that I won't leave you alone."

Someone was intimidating Sharnae. To be more precise, it would be more accurate to say they were blocking the way and causing trouble.

"Who are these crazy people?"

What on earth are you doing to our heroine?

"Ah, so I asked you to tell me why you don't like this appearance, this wealth, that's all. Where else can you easily find talent like this? Honestly, for you, an illegitimate daughter, my conditions are so good..."

I can't listen to this anymore.

Who the hell is that tall, ugly, unkempt joker?

Just as I was about to take a quick step forward with a stiff expression on my face, someone intervened suddenly.

"Brainless things are going crazy in my area. It seems like they want to die."


The cold-faced gangsters turned their heads. The faces of those who had frowned in disgust changed subtly in an instant.

"What? By the way, aren't you the head of the Rosemont family? I don't know why you, a weak and timid person, are getting involved in our work."

"It's my territory, so it would be nice if you could stop when I say nice things."

Hill Rosemont?

As I walked, I suddenly stopped moving for a moment.

"No, how can he act like a nerd?"

His face, which had been acting determined even in front of Albion, was wrinkled, and unlike usual, he seemed less relaxed.

Not only that, he seemed to be in a very bad mood.

"By the way, what are you saying? Spare me your stupid words and move along~."


How old do they think our Sharnae is?

"Ah..., seriously. Why does nobody listen when I talk? They have to be beaten for them to listen to me..."

Moreover, by looking at the bulging tendons on the back of Hill Rosemont's hand, it seemed like he was about to get violent.


I quickly ran and blocked their path.

Laurent wasn't here because I asked him to run a brief errand.

"I should have brought a knight as an escort."

I was meeting Richard today, so I didn't bother to bring one.

"Ey...? Are you serious? What are you going to...?"

"Do you want to die?"

These aren't just words; you're very close to dying. I guess it's good that I don't know Hill Rosemont's personality.


"Who are you to harass my precious sister?"

Sharnae is the heroine I value so much!

These nameless extras...

"Sister? Where's that little thing...?"


When I opened my eyes wide and growled, they raised their hands high as if they weren't mocking me.

It was at the moment when I tried to use magic to reveal my true self.

Hill Rosemont's hand reached out and grabbed the back of the anchovy's neck.

"You're in trouble too."


The anchovy's face was smashed against the wall. I felt embarrassed and opened my eyes.

"Is he dead?"

"It seems like he knows how to use mana, so he's probably not dead."

Hill Rosemont looked at me slowly and smiled. He then turned his attention to the anchovy's friends.

"Aren't you guys thinking of leaving?"

Hill Rosemont tilted his head and asked while pretending to take off his gloves.

"You, you, I won't leave you alone next time!!"

The startled people shouted, hoisted the stunned anchovy onto their shoulders, and hurriedly disappeared.

When the gangsters disappeared, Hill Rosemont turned his head with a relaxed expression.

"Where were you going?"

"Richard..., no, to meet Young Duke Collin at the successor's meeting..."

Today was the day of a successor's meeting.

I also received an invitation, and I don't know how Richard found out, but he invited me to go with him.

Today was the day I had arranged to meet in the city. And on the way, I ran into Sharnae.

"Ah... Phil will also attend today, so I'll leave him in your care. My lady."

Hill Rosemont said with a smile. He didn't even stutter like he used to, making him seem like someone who had completely given up on acting.


"Ah, where was this miss going?"

In response to Hill Rosemont's kind question, Sharnae looked at me and shrugged.

"I went out because I had some matters to attend to."


"Sister Sharnae! What's been going on these days?"

"No, nothing's wrong."

Sharnae hesitated for a moment, then pursed her lips and shook her head.

I recently heard that she's attending an academy to learn alchemy...

"Now that I think about it, those guys from earlier..."

They had the Academy emblem on their belts.

Clearly, it was school bullying.

"I'll help."

Sharnae repeatedly pursed her lips and then shut her mouth again with a dark expression.

"Let's talk separately later."


I wondered if Hill Rosemont's presence was bothering her, so I nodded silently.

"Where are you going?"

"To buy ingredients."

"Oh? Then come with me!"

I thought I should tell Laurent to go with Richard first, so I responded quickly, but Sharnae shook her head.


"I will accompany her. Oh, my name is Hill Rosemont. I am working as Lady Eirin's tutor. It's been a while since I could see you because I've been busy."

Hill Rosemont, who had already put on his white gloves again, introduced himself politely to Sharnae and extended his hand.

"Oh, I heard a rumor. He's a great teacher..."

"That's too much praise."

Hill Rosemont briefly kissed the back of Sharnae's hand and then stepped away.

"Eirin, I will ask a favor of your teacher so you can go on your date."


"I will be a gentleman, so please take care of my foolish little brother."

When I tried to approach Sharnae, Hill Rosemont bowed and blocked me with a smile.

"... "

There was no excuse to prevent Sharnae from going with Hill Rosemont.

I quickly clung to Hill Rosemont's neck. Hill Rosemont's eyes opened slightly.

"You're very brave."

Hill Rosemont murmured so quietly that only I could hear and hugged me.

"If there is too much mistrust, I feel quite hurt as well."

"That's not it... Why did you stop acting?"


Hill Rosemont squinted.

"Because it seems more unsettled with its mischievous nephew than its well-behaved nephew."

"... Are you saying it's because of Director Albion?"

"I don't like the fact that the only adult from a proper family I've met is the director of an orphanage that takes care of illegitimate children..."

Hill Rosemont faded slightly.

"It seems like stupid Phil needs a family like that."


I tried to calm my lips but swallowed my words.

Phil didn't seem to need anyone other than his older brother, Hill Rosemont.

Of course, he said he liked his uncle, but he wouldn't be someone I could be obsessed with.

"Maybe what he really needed was the director..."

I also thought that the person who killed his parents and the guild leader at an early age also had a human heart.

"Those guys from earlier will probably also go to that party."


"Yes, still, they are the successors."

Hill Rosemont whispered softly.

"If you're going to get revenge, do it properly."

Before I knew it, I was smiling with a simple expression. It was the expression of a child who had just arrived in town from the countryside.

"Don't you dare climb on top again."

After saying what he wanted to tell me, he put me back on the ground.

"Well, if Sharnae doesn't tell me, I can take care of it."

As I watched the two of them walk away, acting rather chivalrously, I headed to the meeting place where I had agreed to meet Richard.

"Yongyong... no. Eirin!"

Richard approached me with a bright face.

"Is it a little late?"

"Yes, something happened on the way. I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay. Shall we go?"


Richard muttered something while holding my hand. The next moment, we were in front of a mansion I had never seen before.

"Wow, it's amazing."

When will I be able to use magic so freely?

If I used magic incorrectly, I would be unconscious for several days, so I couldn't use it because I was afraid.

"Let's go inside."

Richard and I went inside under the guidance of the staff.

They led us directly to the backyard, and there were many people our age, including Richard, Sharnae, Callan, and Silian.

And in the middle...

"These crazy guys! If I see them again, I won't let them go!"

There was a loser smiling with a big bump on his forehead and swollen cheeks.

I smiled. Today's party seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

I checked my pockets and carefully took out the praying mantis I had received from Hayel Etham.

"After taking care of it, I realized that it's affectionate too."

Moreover, every time I tried to go somewhere, it stayed in my pocket and didn't even think about coming out.

Furthermore, as Uncle Hayel had said, it really understood the language well.


At my call, the praying mantis, its wings trembling, hissed and looked directly at me.

"You know, would you like to bring some friends? He harassed me."

As I pointed to the smiling gangster, the mantis waved its sharp front legs and flew up.

I laughed, and my eyes sparkled.

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