IBRV (Novel) Chapter 125

C 125

All the preparations were proceeding in silence. The employees were quiet, and my father was very busy today, so he barely left his office.


After hearing Laurent's story, I quickly ran to my father's office.

Knock, knock.

As I nervously knocked on the door, I heard a calm voice telling me to come in.

It felt entirely different from the voice that was always kind to me.

It was a serious, emotionless, and dry voice.

As I cracked the door open and entered, my father lifted his head indifferently, then opened his eyes wide and dropped the pen.

"Dad, are you busy?"

"Absolutely not."

Those words sounded so sweet. The corners of my mouth curved without me realizing it.

Back when I was Cha Miso, I was envious of my younger brothers who would enter my father's room without any issues.

I remember my father always furrowing his brow and raising his voice when I entered, so opening the door and entering like this was a trauma in itself.

"Well, I have quite a few minor traumas."

It was surprising for me to feel things here that I hadn't felt much in the past.


"Ah, yes."

"What's going on?"

I shook my head slowly at his gentle voice.

"Dad, can you have dinner with me?"

"Of course."

"Then come to the greenhouse, and let's eat! I've already prepared it."



I cautiously opened my mouth with a nervous expression. Then my father shrugged and immediately nodded.

As if he didn't need time to think.

"Of course, I should go."

Having overcome the first hurdle, I nodded.

When I reached out my hand cautiously, my father made a strange expression but smiled and took my hand.

"My daughter is amazing too."


"Yes, I always feel lucky that you came to me."

"...Me too. I've been through tough times, but I'm glad I met my dad."

I said, holding my father's hand tightly.

I'm very used to solving problems on my own rather than asking someone for help.

"...Yes, for that to happen, we have to figure out how to solve that problem."

I couldn't hear my father's quiet mumble, so when I looked up, my father smiled and shook his head.

"It's nothing."

My father said quietly.

I arrived at the greenhouse with my father. Laurent was standing in front of the greenhouse.

"Have a good day."

The greenhouse door was wide open.

In front of the door stood the direct Etham family members dressed in formal attire. My two brothers were also there since Laurent seemed to have brought Callan and Silian at my request.

However, as the door opened, my father, who was about to enter the greenhouse with me, suddenly stopped.


My father's expression darkened slightly.

"Dad... I feel like I haven't taken care of you properly until now. I've prepared a gift..."

I swallowed hard and moved my hands. It was Charniel Etham who strode toward my motionless father.

He reached out his arm and lightly wrapped it around his father's shoulder.

"I don't know how many years it's been since you had your birthday party. Happy birthday, maknae."

"What is this...?"

My father's face turned fierce.

"P-Papa...! If you don't like it, you can accept my gift... Still, I received the position of family matriarch as a birthday gift from my father..."

"...What gift?"

"The position of family matriarch as a birthday gift?"

"Maknae, did you really say that and give her the position of family matriarch?"

The Ethams started murmuring at my words. Oh? Something seems off.

As I rolled my eyes in embarrassment, my father frowned and opened his mouth with his arms crossed.

"What does it matter if I give what I have to my daughter for some reason?"

It was such a brazen comment that I found it a little distasteful. If my father wasn't on my side, I might have been a little upset.

"Maknae~! I brought you a gift!"

Nelia Zardan approached holding something with a very excited expression.

It was a dress.

I tried to open my mouth but was left speechless.

"...A dress?"

It was way too big for me to wear.

At first glance, it seemed like it was for adults. Nelia Zardan walked directly up to my father.

My father lightly snapped his fingers.

Then, the dress Nelia Zardan was holding burst into flames and disappeared in an instant, leaving no ashes.


"Oh? I brought one too!"

"It seems like everyone wants to die, don't they?"

My father growled in an unusual manner. He seemed more touchy than usual.

I got scared.

Was it better not to do it after all?

"Dad, are you okay?"

As I looked at my father with a pale face, I suddenly thought that this was all too much.

"Whatever happens, it's the day my father lost someone precious to him..."

I guess that's probably why.

Perhaps they were trying to lighten the mood, but their exaggerated antics were drawing attention.

I was so annoyed that my mood worsened.

I blocked my father's path and extended my hands to the sides.

"Why do you keep bothering my father? Still, it was a tough day for my father and a day when he lost someone valuable to him..."

As much as the intention was to lighten the mood, there were some lines that shouldn't be crossed.


"No matter how much you're trying to lighten the mood, I don't think you should make fun of my dad like this..."

I appreciated that they had come to congratulate him, but I didn't know that my dad would hate it so much.


"If I had known that my dad would hate it so much, I shouldn't have done it..."

It was just an event where gifts were exchanged, and I wanted everyone to eat together, even if it wasn't a party.

"I'm sorry."

"No, there's nothing to regret. I know you thought about it and did it... I'm happy that you thought of me."

Dad continued to speak in a slightly impatient tone. It was clear he was trying to appease me.

"No, I heard that dad actually feels uncomfortable on his birthdays..."

"Your daughter is going to cry. Why aren't you honest?"

The grandmother, who was watching from behind, said. The grandmother was also holding an elegant dress.

"No one has ever died on my birthday."

Last time, when I asked Laurent for the first time, Laurent told me to ask directly.

"Oh, not...?"

"That's right."


"It's not like there was any major accident. It's not even like I was kidnapped."

Dad said as if reading my thoughts.

Then why is it like this?

"...it was..."


"It was because I didn't want to wear a dress on my birthday."


I was dumbfounded by the unexpected secret. You didn't want what?

I was actually a little embarrassed. While pouting my lips, Charniel started shaking his shoulders and lowering his head, and Nelia Zardan and Akrea Safile laughed at the same time.

"Hahaha! Oh my God, because you hid your birthday like that, your daughter misunderstood."

I silently pursed my lips.

This was because I felt that even if something went wrong, it wouldn't be that bad.

Suddenly, my face started turning red.

"I'm such a fool..."

What the hell have I done?

"Oh, I'm glad it wasn't...that."

I quickly turned my head and took a few steps back with a shriek.

"I mean..."

"Did you think someone precious had died?"

Dad followed me and asked in a low voice.

"Yes..., I heard that you didn't like it..."

And as there were clichés I learned from years of reading romance novels, I thought my dad also had that kind of trauma!

"Did you think your mother had died?"


I couldn't bear the embarrassment, but I still had to answer, so I nodded firmly.

I held my breath and moved my fingers.

"I'm sorry."

I felt embarrassed.

"No, it's because I didn't explain."

Dad said.

"The day your mother died wasn't a special day for anyone. So don't worry."

Dad's large hand stroked my head.

"It's not a big deal."

Nelia Zardan shrugged.

"Is that so?"

"Whenever it was your birthday when you were young, your mother dressed you in a dress and put a wig on you. Naturally, I tend to tease the maknae on his birthday."

Nelia Zardan slowly pursed her lips as if making a confession.

"Well, then this guy's temper exploded... After that, every time he tried to prepare a birthday party, the whole house was devastated."


My grandmother was mean.

"My mother stopped doing it when he grew up... Because he didn't actually celebrate his birthday."

"In those days, Erno was cute and pretty. He was like you."

The grandmother muttered as if making an excuse.

"Well, I mentioned it today as a joke. I couldn't even say happy birthday..."

The grandmother approached dad and patted his shoulder.

"It's not that I hated you specifically, but if I had known you would hate it so much, I would have done less."

However, she never said that she shouldn't have done it.

"Anyway, happy birthday."

"Happy birthday."

"Happy birthday."

"It's late, but congratulations, this cockroach is a gift..."


"Get lost."

The cockroach in Hayel Etham's palm burned up in an instant.

"That temper..."

Hayel Etham muttered bluntly.

"Still, you've improved by not stirring up the situation..."

"My daughter did that. How can I do that?"

While my dad spoke brazenly, Hayel Etham trembled and turned away.

Everyone scattered and started eating and opening bottles of alcohol. Dad came up to me and hugged me.

"Thank you, daughter."

Dad kissed my cheek. Dad slowly entered the greenhouse as well.


I thought, smiling happily and hugging my dad.

"For my next birthday, I should ask to see a picture of dad wearing a dress."

I laughed as I thought about it.

I knew my dad would be surprised if he found out, but I was still curious.

What the hell was it that the grandmother was so fixated on?

Fortunately, the party continued until quite late, and the atmosphere became increasingly lively.

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