TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 502

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Chapter 502

Raon clenched his lips. His body was losing its strength, and his vision was blurring. If he didn't get his head together, he would fall down right there.

'As I heard, the recoil is severe.'

Rimmer and Gambling Monster said that sword field creation was like a lethal weapon.

They advised that if you use it, you must always kill the enemy, or at least end the battle itself.

Only now did he understand why they said that.

'It feels like all my muscles have exploded. My energy center is empty too.'

His limbs were swaying as if they were about to fall. The heat and cold from his energy center were completely empty, and he could only feel the wind's energy and the divinity that bloomed from the darkness. (Divine energy/attribute)

If he hadn't managed to cut Cloud in the end, he might have suffered instead.


Still, I can endure it.

Thanks to the effects of various titles and the recovery effect of Sloth, his stamina and aura were quickly recovering. It seemed that he would be able to recover to the point where he could perform normal activities if he just endured for a while.

He was confident that he could do the best acting to look fine. He approached Cloud, who was kneeling on the ground, with his eyes and lips hardened, pretending that he had no injuries.


Cloud scratched at the two streaks of sword marks on his chest with his fingernails.


He couldn't bear it and let out a scream of excruciating pain.

Surprisingly, there was no blood flowing from the wounds.

The sword mark that was cut from the left shoulder was burned and the wound was scorched, and the sword mark that was torn from the right shoulder was frozen.

Thanks to the burns and frostbite, no blood flowed, but the pain seemed to be worse than death.


Foam spilled from Cloud's mouth, and his burst blood vessels gave his upturned eyes a demonic appearance.

"This, this monster...."

He forced himself to raise his head. He began to mutter with trembling lips due to pain.

“You are not human. If you were human, this would not be possible….”

Cloud drooled red saliva and shook his head, describing it as a demonic-like talent. He then slammed his weak fist on the ground.

That's right! Finally, someone who knows came out!

Wrath nodded quickly.

This monster is just a human in disguise, but he is a different race! Not even a demon! Just a lunatic!

"I am a very normal human. More human than anyone else."

Raon gave an answer to Cloud and Wrath at the same time.

Don't make me laugh! The King of Essence has never seen humans like you!

"That's nonsense!"

A human and a demon king shook their heads at the same time. 

"And your words are wrong."

Cloud bit his lips, clutching the wound on his chest.

"It wasn't the Holy Sword Union that lost to Zieghart, but that I was defeated by your talent...."

“Talent parrot is starting again.”

Raon kicked Cloud's chin with his right foot.


Even if he had no aura and was tired, he was strong as a human, so Cloud's body rose to his height and he spat out bloody teeth from his mouth.


Cloud bit his lip, his mouth still bleeding from the teeth that had been knocked out.

“If you’ve lost, shut your mouth.”

As expected of the talent of the demon..

Raon pushed away Wrath, who was rubbing his chin, and picked up Cloud’s sword which were half broken.

“What, what are you going to do!”

Cloud backed away, dragging his feet. He was slower than a snail because he had no aura and his body was damaged.

In addition, he hit the back of his head on a tree stump while backing away and stopped before he could go far.

"It's nothing.”

Raon took a deep breath and approached Cloud, who was shaking his chin.

He knelt on the ground and thrust the broken blade he was holding in his right hand into his left shoulder area.


The blade easily cut through the bone and muscle, piercing his flesh, as the barrier of aura that protected Cloud had disappeared.


“Shut up.”

Raon hit Cloud’s chin again, who was screaming at the top of his lungs. His mouth closed only after three more teeth were pulled out.

“It’s better not to move.”

This time, he stabbed the broken sword into his lower abdomen. The bastard trembled all over from the pain, but he didn’t resist, perhaps because he was afraid of being hit again.

Drip, drip.

Because he didn't pull out the sword (broken blade/sword) after stabbing it, the wound was blocked and the blood flowed down very thinly.

“Kugh, kugh….”

Cloud couldn’t bear the pain, and he let out a grotesque moan with his eyes rolled back.

“The one in the shoulder is right above the heart, and the one in the abdomen is next to the energy center.”

Raon grabbed Cloud’s hair and glared at him with cold eyes.


Cloud didn’t dare meet Raon’s eyes, and he lowered his eyes. Fear that he could not resist was planted in his mind as well.

“If you move, the blades will go into your heart or your energy center.”

Raon laughed coldly and knocked Cloud’s head against the stump of a tree.

Hmm? You’re not going to kill him?

Wrath tilted his head in surprise, as if it was unexpected.

Didn’t you usually eliminate everything that would be harmful in the future?

‘That’s right. But this time, the case is different.’

Oh, it must be because of that guy.

He blinked his eyes as he looked towards Barena, where the Holy Sword Union leader was located.

‘That’s right. I don’t know how that sword-crazed guy will react.’

As Wrath said, it was uncertain how the master, who had lost his disciple, would act, so Raon had no choice but to keep Cloud alive.

If the Holy Sword Union leader ignores everything else and seeks revenge for his disciple, the Light Wind division will not be able to avoid annihilation.

However, if Cloud is left alive, the possibility is significantly reduced. Even if he is a disciple who was defeated miserably, he will not abandon the man who reached the realm of Grandmaster.

The incident had not been known here for a long time. It was difficult to expect help from the family when the news hadn't even reached Zieghart.

It was necessary to draw up a plan and move based on the assumption that the Holy Sword Union leader will act in the worst possible way.

“Geez, in the end, even you are afraid of the master.”

Cloud's lips twisted. He seemed to have realized that he couldn't kill him because of his master.

“I will never lose next time. I will twist your neck before you can use the sword field….”

"I never lose to someone I've beaten once. Are you thinking of winning next time despite being terrified of my talent?"


"And what are you deluding yourself with?"

Raon smiled coldly and stimulated Cloud's mana circuits with the energy of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier in his fingers.

"It's not over yet."

"What, what did you do!"

"Wait, and you'll find out."

He finally put the heat and cold into the area around the spine and removed his fingers.


Cloud's body bends like an octopus. His bones and muscles were twisted, and his face was covered in thick tendons due to the worst torture method that made him feel cold and hot on top of the itchiness of thousands of worms eating his flesh.


"Hey You'll die if you move."

Raon laughed lightly, and Cloud's body stopped twitching.

" ."

But in the end, he couldn't bear the pain and started to struggle again.

Thicker blood began to flow from the sword blades stuck in his shoulders and abdomen.


"If you move, you die, don't even scream."

"Huuuuk... ."

"Your head is messed up. Keep your arms and legs still. Otherwise, your heart might be split in two."

"S, stop! Please!"

"Ask your esteemed master to release you."

"Eerrghh... ."

Cloud, caught between excruciating pain and the fear of death, began to tremble all over and foam at the mouth, unable to do anything.


Wrath shook his head with his eyes wide open.

Is this truly the nature of a human?

‘I'm human, so it is.’

Yeah, that's right....

Raon turned his back on Wrath, who was muttering to himself, and grabbed Cloud's hair again.

"What did you say earlier? You said you would kill me and kill all of my subordinates to eliminate the risk factors?"

He exhaled hot breath as he faced the eyes that were distorted with fear.

"If you can, go ahead. The next time you meet me, your neck will be the first to go."

Raon lifted the corner of his mouth and roughly threw Cloud's body.


Cloud held the sword blades stuck in his shoulders and abdomen tightly so as not to die. However, it seemed that the pain had worsened, and he trembled all over while lying down.

"Hu... ."

Raon turned his gaze to Barena, where a bizarre vortex was rising.

'I wonder if the two of them are okay.'

He was worried about Rimmer and Sheryl, but it would be stupid to go back there now. It would only be a hindrance, not a help.

Raon pulled out Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem, which were stuck in the ground, hoping for the safe return of the two and the Heavenly Blade division. For some reason, the two swords felt heavy.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

As the will-controlled sword soared through the sky, the Holy Sword Union leader, who had been observing the swordsmanship of the Dark Swordmaster and the Evil Sword Queen, created a semicircle, unleashing a black radiance.

"This is..."

Evil Sword Queen, who saw the movement of the will-controlled sword, furrowed her brows.

"No, no, you couldn't have..."

Dark Swordmaster, who forced the will-controlled sword away, bared his yellow teeth.

"Did you imitate my swordsmanship!"

"It was good swordsmanship that was not bound by form. I liked it."

Holy Sword Union leader nodded slowly. The will-controlled sword floating in the air cried out as if representing his cheerful heart.


Evil Sword Queen took a deep breath and put her sword back in its sheath before immediately drawing it.

The blade silently appeared, and an enormous amount of energy was compressed into a single point and extended. It was a thin point thinner than a hair, but it contained the true will of a swordsman who had reached the realm of transcendence.

"This is quite..."

Holy Sword Union leader nodded with a faint blush. The will-controlled sword that was pressuring the Dark Swordmaster flew in front of her like it had teleported and created a palm-sized sword barrier.


An explosion erupted that was unimaginable considering that the small sword and sword barrier had collided, and the sky seemed to be crushed by a fist, with a huge crack appearing.


Evil Sword Queen clicked her tongue briefly. However, she seemed to think from the beginning that she could not finish Holy Sword Union leader, so he immediately prepared his next attack.


Dark Swordmaster also gathered his wits and, with a grimace, wrapped his sword in a purple stream of energy and created a hexagonal sword formation in the air.

Despite being surprised by Holy Sword Union leader's abilities, they were a posture befitting of transcendence, trusting in their own martial arts.


Holy Sword Union leader laughed out loud, looking at the distorted sky.

"Yes, this is how it should be. This is how it becomes worth appearing in the world."

His face turned red as if he had drunk alcohol. His eyes, which were delighting in the swords of Evil Sword Queen and Dark Swordmaster, glowed red.

"Although I'm curious about the other side...

Holy Sword Union leader turned his head to the right. The energies of Raon and Cloud had both subsided, so it was not clear who had won.

He wanted to draw out his aura to know the situation, but the distance was too far. During the battle between two transcendents, diverting attention could lead to a counterattack, so focusing on this side was the right choice for now.


At his call, a masked swordsman descended from under the Sword Wing.

"If Cloud has defeated Raon, he may even kill him, so stop him. If it's the other way around, bring them both back."

"Yes, sir."

As the woman named Kelin snapped her fingers, men dressed in the same clothing appeared behind her.

They were the swordsmen, who silently protected the flying battleship Sword Wing from being visible.


When they tried to leave through the collapsed city wall, a red lightning bolt struck from the sky.


It was Rimmer. He was blocking Kelin's path while operating the sword field and observing the entire battlefield.

However, the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster took advantage of the gap and grazed Rimmer's waist.


It was not a large wound, but it was a thick scar that could decide the outcome of a battle between Grandmasters.


Rimmer frowned and bit his lip.

"I heard you can use the sword field creation, but it seems it was true."

The Yonghyeon Swordmaster nodded slowly, shaking off the blood that had gathered on the sword hilt.

"And the lightning, did you beg Glenn for it?"


"Anyway, it's different from before."

A twisted smile flowed from the corners of his mouth.

“Are your subordinates more precious than your disciple?”

“Shut up!”

Rimmer rushed at Yonghyeon Swordsmaster, unable to resist the bitter provocation.


Kelin nodded to Yonghyeon Swordsmaster and tried to move to the city wall again, but this time a white flash came in and blocked her way.

“Where are you going?”

As Sheryl raised her sword barrier, the Apostle reached out as if he had been waiting for it. A transparent energy, carrying a terrifying speed, fell down


Not just speed. Sheryl's feet were firmly planted in the ground by the force that seemed capable of splitting the earth.


Even in a situation where she could not move her legs, Sheryl did not panic and crossed her two swords. The black and white energies broke like sunlight touching a lake, and the Apostle's fist was forcefully deflected.

“You idiot!”

She gritted her teeth and yelled at Rimmer.

“Don't be fooled by provocation!”

“I know. I know! But….”

Rimmer no longer made a malicious expression. He shook his head with eyes that looked like he would cry if he was touched.

“Huuu, idiot….”

Sheryl muttered “idiot” in a different sense, as if she knew Rimmer's heart, and pulled her two feet out of the ground.

“The Heavenly Blade Swordsmen will protect the city wall!”

She roared, pressing her bloody bare feet to the ground with the shock.


As if declaring that they wouldn't retreat even if they died, she, with blood-soaked bare feet, stomped the ground, raising a storm-like wall over the crushed wall.

“Come on if you dare.”

Sheryl lowered her white sword to the top and her black sword to the middle, twisting her lips.

“The only thing that can get out of here is your necks!”

* * *


Raon ran back the way he came, clicking his tongue.

‘I came too far.’

After finishing the intense battle with Cloud, Raon began to worry about the Light Wind division as he found a little leisure.

It was to reduce the damage on the Light Wind member, but the distance was farther than expected.

Even considering the escorts of Encia and Denning Rose, Raon predicted victory, but a feeling of anxiety like a spark was burning in his chest.

‘Damn it.’

He bit his lip unconsciously because he was annoyed that he couldn't unfold the Supreme Harmony steps continuously because he didn't have enough aura.

It will be fine.

Wrath landed on Raon's shoulder and shook his head.


They are the King of Essence's subordinates. Surely they will all be alive.

Wrath shook his head, saying that he didn't raise his subordinates that weakly.

‘They are my subordinates, and I raised them. You didn't do anything….’

Anyway, those kids will all be alive!

Wrath shook his head, emphasizing that the words of the King of Essence have always proven right once spoken.

‘That's right.’

Raon smiled slightly as if this guy was trying to relieve his worries in his own way. So, he patted his shoulder.

Be quiet!

‘My shoulder was itchy.’

Raon continued to walk along the road while chatting with Wrath.

As he was moving as quickly as possible to restore his aura, Wrath frowned.

The battle is over.


There is no one there.

He shook his head, saying that the presence had completely disappeared.

It seems that the subordinates of the King of Essence have won.

Wrath chuckled, saying that the kids really did well.


Raon stopped walking and looked at the place where Cameloon was located.

‘They must have gone there.’

Just as I trust the Light Wind division members, they will trust me.

Seeing that no one was in that spot, it was clear that Burren was leading the Light Wind division toward Cameloon.


As Raon was about to move towards Cameloon, Wrath licked his lips.

It seems that you still have work to do.

As the words ended, the sounds of the forest abruptly vanished. In the silent breeze, there was a very faint noise.

Someone was approaching from this direction. Stealthily, like a shadow.

What exactly have you been doing?

Wrath asked, tilting his head.

Why is someone who has lived for only 21 years facing so many enemies? Who are these guys?

‘I don't know. However….’

Raon extended his aura around the forest, frowning.

‘I smell a familiar stench.’


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