TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 488

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 488

You spoke well for once!

Wrath, grabbing Raon's sleeve, cursed maliciously.

Take down that bastard first! Kill anyone who hurt our Ice Cream Girl, it won't be lcool until they're dead!

He declared, vowing to freeze everyone, from the one who knocked out Runaan to those who gave the orders.

However, unlike Wrath, the arena filled with many people was silent as if it had become a library.


“What did you just say?”

“You’re going to fight four people alone?”

“That’s not all. The people he just pointed out are all Master-level experts!”

“And they’re disciples of the Five Divine Rulers….”

"Isn't that something only a Grandmaster can do?"

“He’s just bluffing, I guess.”

The spectators turned their gaze to Raon. They thought he was bluffing to participate in this duel, but his eyes were serious.

“He, he seems serious….”

“So he really means to do a four-on-one with those monsters?”

“Even if he was given the title of White Sword Dragon, this seems a bit too much….”

“It seems like he’s too confident because he gained fame at a young age.”

People frowned, saying that even Raon was too arrogant.


Heukgeumje sighed, covering her forehead.

“The warriors that Raon-nim pointed out are all Master-level experts. If they had the opportunity, they could break through the wall and become Grandmasters.”

She shook her head, saying that this was impossible.

“I’ll take your previous words as a slip of the tongue, so please….”


Raon turned his gaze away from Heukgeumje.

“It wasn’t a slip of the tongue.”

He smiled faintly at the spectators who were still in shock.

“Since you imposed restrictions on the eligibility for participation because you were afraid, I couldn't just come up here. It's my own consideration. Please feel free to come in.”

He waved his hand to the three warriors who had not yet come up to the arena.

'Thanks to Denning Rose's information.'

He learned their faces and names thanks to Denning Rose.

They were already quite famous warriors, but the Five Divine Rulers had probably planned to spread their fame throughout the continent through this duel tournament today.

‘I can’t just watch that happen passively.’

If he could defeat them all at once, he might break their wings before the Five Divine Rulers’ name soared.

He couldn’t back down for the sake of causing chaos.


“That bastard….”

The woman with the sword closed her eyes quietly, and the warrior with the spear became furious. It seemed that they had similar personalities, just like the disciples of the Five Divine Rulers.


Burren’s voice was heard from below the arena. He seemed more surprised than anyone else, and his eyes showed his confusion.

"Hey, you crazy bastard! What are you doing right now!

“Why are you choosing the difficult path?”

"Did that guy really get hit on the head with a sword?"

Not only Burren but also Dorian and Krein jumped in shock. Their expressions seemed to say, "Are we witnessing a madman?"

"Ju, just stop it now!"

Dorian shook his head, touching his belly pocket as if he was worried.

Even though he had seen many amazing feats, he seemed to think that it was impossible to fight four master-level experts at the same time.

"Divison leader! Why aren't you stopping him...?"

As he turned back, he abruptly stopped.

"Come on, opportunities like this don't come every day! Hasn't the unfolding been too fast, and you haven't made any money? This is your chance for a life-changing turnaround!"

Rimmer had opened a gambling table and started collecting money from the crowd.

"To those betting on Raon, go to the right, those betting on the Five Divine Rulers' warriors, go to the left! Quickly, quickly!”

"Ten gold coins on the Five Divine Rulers!"

"I'll bet thirty!"

"I'll bet fifty gold coins plus this armor!"

As the duel progressed rapidly, gamblers who hadn't placed bets rushed towards Rimmer.

Of course, most of them bet on the disciples of the Five Divine Rulers. Only one in ten people went to the right.



Burren and Dorian watched Rimmer energetically, shaking their heads in amazement.

"That elf..."

Raon closed his eyes. It had been quiet lately, but the elf was starting again.

How an elf only seemed to gain presence when gambling was involved was beyond understanding.

However, the current Rimmer was a bit different from before.


Everyone's attention turned back to the arena at the sudden roar.

Rikri, who had been quiet until now, rolled his feet and engraved a deep footprint in the center of the arena.

"You bastard..."

Rikri glared at Raon with his piercing eyes.

"Do you think you can ignore people to this extent? Am I invisible?"

"No, I see you."

Raon smiled, tapping his own eyes.

"It wouldn't be possible for me not to see the face of a bastard whose swordsmanship is as vulgar as his personality."

"Vulgar? Me?"

"It's customary to show some restraint when there's a significant difference in skill, even in a duel, right? It's basic to concede three moves like in training."

“That's just consideration. It's not an obligation that must be fulfilled.”

"That's right. However..."

He nodded and raised his eyes to the stage where Heukgeumje was.

"Your leader said she organized this duel tournament to build camaraderie among young warriors, didn't she? Is this your way of building camaraderie?"


Rikri couldn't answer and frowned. He seemed to have nothing to say because he had also heard Heukgeumje's words.

"That's why I'm trying to build camaraderie in my own way too."

Raon wiped the smile off his face and looked at Rikri with dry eyes.

"It would be better for you to come up quickly. My patience is about to run out."

"…I admit that part was my mistake. But!"

Rikri gritted his teeth and put his hand on his sword hilt.

"I cannot accept such humiliation! A four-to-one duel? Cancel it immediately!"

"You're annoying."

Raon, not addressing Rikri but looking down at the three warriors who hadn't yet stood up from their seats, smirked.

“Okay. Then I will subdue that person within 10 moves. Then will you accept the three-on-one duel?”

When he said that he would defeat Rikri within 10 moves, the eyes of the three warriors flashed with a fierce light.

“I will take it as you have accepted.”

Raon turned his gaze to the side where the Light Wind division was located as he turned his wrist.


He flicked his finger at Burren, who was standing in front.

“Huh? Oh, yeah!”

Burren nodded in a daze, as if he did not expect to be called in this situation.

"You should have a chance too for it to be fair. Watch closely. You might gain more than the others."

Burren nodded with his left hand on the back of his right hand, as if he realized what he had just said.

“Raon Zieghart…”

When Raon smiled with satisfaction, Rikri’s voice, as if he were grinding his teeth, could be heard from behind.

“Are you ignoring me!”

“Your voice is loud. I can hear everything even if you don’t yell like that.”

Raon approached Rikri, scratching his ear.

“You’re going crazy….”

“Do you have a favorite food?”

“What? What kind of nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden!”

“Just say something. What kind of food do you like?”


Rikri only sent a fierce gaze without answering.

“Can’t you even say that? You’re more cowardly than you look….”

“I like roasted pork.”

“Pork roast? That’s delicious.”

“Why did you ask about my favorite food?”

He frowned, wondering why he would ask about food before a duel.

“Because the kid you knocked out with a kick in the stomach likes ice cream. Even after coming here, she would run right away to buy ice cream after eating breakfast.”

Raon smiled slightly as he glanced at Runaan, who was receiving treatment.

“It's the only time that the kid who doesn't show her emotions is happy, so I liked seeing her back. And it was fun to tease the gluttonous guy who was yelling to be taken with her.”

As he said that, he turned his gaze to Wrath, who was blushing.

“But that small happiness was taken away by you.”

“So what are you trying to say….”

“I was pissed off.”

Raon’s voice sank as if it came from the underworld.

“Now that I think about it, 10 moves are too long.”


"I've decided. I will break you in three moves, just like you did with Runaan."


Rikri’s neck turned red.

“You’re crossing the line.”

He frowned, as if his patience had run out.

“You’re not going to get out of here in one piece….”


As Rikri became even more excited and his face began to turn red, the Dark Swordmaster on the stage stood up and called his name.


Rikri seemed to come to his senses and hardened his expression as he bowed his head to the Dark Swordmaster.

"So that's what you wanted. To excite me and..."

He turned to Raon and gritted his teeth.

"I don't care if you're excited or not."

Raon looked down at Rikri with an eerily cold gaze.

"I'll kill you..."

Rikri waved his hand roughly at the referee.

"Start it quickly!"

The referee, who was trembling, looked at both sides in turn.

"Are you ready?"


"Yes, I am."

He nodded and raised his hand.

"We will now commence the duel between Raon Zieghart and Rikri of the Black Death Union."

Before the referee‘s hand could come down to signal the beginning, Rikri's left foot moved.


With a loud roar, Rikri's body rushed forward on the wind. He held his long sword in both hands and fixed it at his waist, assuming a stance similar to a cavalryman's thrust.

However, his charge was on a different level from that of a cavalry unit. The sword blade split into dozens of pieces, creating a fierce storm of intense astral energy. It felt like facing a meteor shower.

Raon did not move until Rikri's sword blade reached his chest.

Swirling the Ring of Fire and utilizing the Perception of the Snow Flower, Raon just observed.

'The flow of astral energy is rough, and the sword's movements are quick and changeful. It is a swordsmanship and footwork that is suitable for a slender body.'

He gripped the hilt of Heavenly Drive as he swept down Rikri's astral energy flow, sword movements, and even the slightest movements of his body.


Raon pulled out Heavenly Drive with his right foot forward.


A sharp blue blade that rose with a clear ring climbed up the sword that Rikri had thrust.


The swords clashed, and the clear sword resonance turned into a bizarre noise, spreading throughout the arena.

Applying Blue Rain's, the effectiveness of the footwork technique was enhanced, delivering a shock to the opponent's sensory organs.


Rikri frowned as if he were in pain. The astral energy that had been gathered on his sword blade became slightly weaker. Seizing the opportunity, he twisted Heavenly Drive toward the opening.


Rikri could not withstand the shock he retreated.

A footwork that moves while leaning forward with the upper body bent. Even though he was surprised that his first attack was blocked, his body balance was close to perfect.

"That's one move."

He lightly stepped on the Supreme Harmony steps, and the space seemed to fold as his field of vision narrowed, and Rikri's distorted expression came closer in an instant


Rikri, proving that he did not reach peak Master level for nothing, in that brief moment, struck a sword barrier formed of astral energy, preparing for a counterattack.

'The sword barrier can be broken.'

And that too, quickly and decisively so that he could not counterattack.

He raised Heavenly Drive, which he had lowered. The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's fire that rose from the sword blade twisted the space as they rode on the wind.

The fierce flames of fire rose sharply, scratching the crumpled dueling ground and drawing a crimson slash.


The reverse-operated Crimson Slash, the flame blade that seemed to split the world in half, tore through the astral energy barrier created by Rikri. It was a speed and sharpness that surpassed the rank of Master.

"Second move."

Raon calmly announced that it was the second move and rushed towards Rikri.


Rikri opened his eyes wide as if he didn't expect the barrier of astral energy to break so easily, but he finished preparing to retreat again in that short moment.

When he tried to step back with his left foot and step on the footwork, Raon stepped on his right foot, which was still attached to the ground.


Rikri's right foot, which was stepped on by Raon, was embedded in the ground, and cracks resembling spider webs appeared throughout the arena ground.

"Where do you think you're going?"


Raon chuckled and slammed Heavenly Drive he had raised up.


Rikri concentrated thick astral energy above the blade, but it was within the expected range.


He broke through Rikri's last barrier and wrapping astral energy around Heavenly Drive.

"This is the last move."

"Just a moment, you used your foot..."

"The foot doesn't count."

He smiled coldly and swung Heavenly Drive even faster. The thick aura on the blade hit Rikri's face.


A more chilling sound erupted than when Heavenly Drive was raised. Rikri, spitting out all his teeth, crashed beneath the arena ground.


Blood bubbles were dripping from Rikri's mouth, who was shaking his whole body due to excruciating pain.

"Runaan is experiencing more pain, but since you won't be able to eat roasted pork for a while, let's consider it a tie."

Shrugging, Raon tilted his head. Rikri, unable to overcome the pain, seemed to have lost consciousness.

Aren't you going to kill him?


Raon licked his lips briefly and shook off Heavenly Drive. The blade, from which a thin drop of blood had fallen, emitted a bright light in the setting sun.


He put Heavenly Drive back in its scabbard. No one in the arena spoke until the friction between the blade and the scabbard ended.


Only after the blade disappeared did the spectators breathe a sigh of relief.


"Did he really defeated Rikri in three moves?"

"They're both peak Master level, right! Is this even possible?"

"It doesn't make sense...."

"I don't know what's going on...."

The spectators trembled their lips as if they couldn't imagine that this would happen.

"I think this is enough to prove that I'm qualified, right?"

Raon stood in the center of the arena ground, which was cracked, and looked up at the VIP seats.

"Come forward all of you."

He pointed to the disciples of the Five Divine Rulers, who had their eyes wide open, and flicked his finger.

"I'll show you why Zieghart is called the King of Sword."


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