TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 181


And for Cale, three were enough. He had Raon, the all-powerful Dragon.


Old Baek suddenly stopped. He could see how his body became transparent. He also felt his two feet lifting off the ground and slowly rising upward.

"Raon, let's go to the roof."

"Understood, human! It's been a long time since we played together, you and I! Ji ji!"

Raon, who made a comment that Old Baek completely ignored, responded with an excited voice and immediately cast a flight spell.


At Cale's request, much faster. Despite that, Cale felt the speed was insufficient.

'I have a bad feeling.'

The back of his head was strangely cold. Usually, this meant that something had gone wrong.


When he looked down, he could see people who seemed to know martial arts emerging from everywhere. Although their number was considerable.

'It's strange.'

What drew the most attention was not just that they were dressed in white, but they still wore masks.

It was at that moment...

Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah!

Choi Han kept destroying.

Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah!

...Team Leader Lee Soo Hyuk was destroying everything too. East and west. The two groups simply smashed everything in their path as if they were trying to announce their arrival.

"Human! We'll destroy everything!"

There was no need to respond.

He had no other choice.

Strangely, Cale felt uncomfortable. But he couldn't worry about his mood all the time.

'Anyway, the situation has occurred.'

The Blood Cult had detected the infiltration. It wasn't surprising for the Blood Demon to appear here at any moment.

"The Blood Demon will probably reveal himself soon."

Of course, it was unlikely that the Blood Demon would reveal himself immediately, but his subordinates might appear. Anyway, given the Blood Cult's response, they didn't seem to take this situation lightly. After all, they were about to celebrate a grand event.

'I think it's about to become a big mess.'

For that, all he had to do was simple.

'Call the Martial Artists of Murim.'

The Three Factions.

Gathering the elites from those three places and scattering them across the city and the sea would be enough.

'And for that, there's one thing I have to do first.'

Destroy the Magic Formation Core.

'Not a bad decision.'

The Priestess and Princess Orsena could be found moving quietly when chaos unfolded.

'Well. Let's do it this way.'

So far, was there ever a place where there was no chaos during a fight?

Thinking like that, Cale felt that much of his discomfort had dissipated. Of course, there was one thing that worried him.

'...How strong is the Blood Cult?'

Their strength was expected to be considerable compared to the Black Blood Family of Xiaolin.

Therefore, there seemed to be a high probability that a situation would arise where Cale and his group had to intervene because the members of the Central Plains couldn't handle the situation.

"Anyway, let's first think about destroying the Magic Formation Core."


Cale's two feet landed on the roof.

"Old Baek."

"Hmm. What, what is it?"

Cale looked in the direction of the hesitant voice. Even though he was invisible and couldn't see anything, Cale asked with a smile.

"Why? Do you have something to hide?"

"No, I-"

"No, it's okay. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You can deceive me."

At this point, Cale was already fed up with the Blood Cultists.

He said what he had to say.

"Is there any device underneath here?"

"Well. There's a Magic Formation Device on the highest floor."

The Magic Formation Device that ruled the sea around Hainan and covered this city. It was said that at the center of this device was a core given by the dragons of Apitoyu. Cale's mouth opened.

"You don't know how to break the barrier?"

"That's right."

Tenth floor on top of Heavenward. It was said that the entire area was covered by a massive barrier. All of this was to protect the Magic Formation Device.

"The only way to enter the Magic Formation room is through the barrier entrance."

Old Baek continued.

"And that entrance can only be opened by the Blood Demon, the Priestess, and the Gatekeeper (Guardian)."

"You said that gatekeeper is the Blood Demon's Master, right?"

"That's right. He was the Blood Demon's Master when he was young. He is protecting it along with the True Jiangshis. Anyway, only these three have the keys to open the entrance."

Old Baek fell silent.

Cale and Raon were equally silent.


The wind blew.

'It's cold.'

A cold sensation that seemed to have touched the depths of the water covered Cale's back. His whole body stood on end. He turned around to look back.

Something was approaching.

At that moment, Cale saw it.

"...Blood Demon."

A blue aura that had a more tangible presence than any other light in the city was approaching like a giant wave. Although it was too far away to see clearly, on the wave of that blue aura, a figure with white hair could be seen.


A choked cry came out of Cale's mouth.

"It's definitely different."

It wasn't approaching fast or slow; it was approaching calmly. Cale had a premonition.

"I don't think the people from the Central Plains can overcome this."

There is no one in the Murim World who can fight the Blood Demon. At best, the Heavenly Demon could compete with the Blood Demon to some extent. Cale turned his head.

The sound of buildings being destroyed stopped.

Choi Han and Lee Soo Hyuk.

Both would have understood that they should no longer use their strength in vain. Because they too felt the energy of the Blood Demon. Perhaps more keenly than Cale.


At that moment, Old Baek's voice trembled.

Cale looked at him in surprise for the response he didn't understand. Old Baek looked at him again and said abruptly:

"She has become stronger. How...?"

In the face of Cale's reaction, who didn't understand, he told Raon:

"First, let's examine the wall barrier."

"Understood, human."

Cale felt the power of the flight magic that hadn't been fully released yet and rose from the roof. Before facing the Gatekeeper and entering the barrier, they needed to examine the barrier first. If Raon could clear the barrier and enter, it would be the most convenient path.

All while Choi Han and the Team Leader drew attention.


The tenth floor was blocked, unlike the other floors, with no windows.

'It's a barrier.'

And along the wall were translucent blue lines that were interwoven regularly.

"Raon, this..."

Cale, who was about to ask if he believed he could solve this, shivered.


The wind blew. This time, the force of the wind was much stronger than before. When he looked up, he saw that the giant wave of blue energy had split in two. Those energies headed towards where Choi Han and the Team Leader were, respectively.

'What's going on?'

And the Blood Demon was approaching them. Exactly toward Heavenward. Faster and faster.


Is she watching us?

That was impossible, right?

In his urgency, Cale, without realizing it, opened his mouth.

"Raon, do you think you can break the barrier?"


Right then, a loud boom sounded.


Cale's eyes widened.

'The wall-'

The wall shattered.

-Hey, Human, I didn't do it!

That's right.

Neither Raon nor Cale nor Old Baek did it.

The wall broke from the inside. It seemed possible to break the wall that was inside the barrier.



An old man with a long white beard that reached his stomach came out of the hole in the wall and lifted his head. However, his words were firm.

"There are intruders."

Then, he looked into the void.

"Sure, they're here, but they're not visible. So, they must be hidden. Hehe."

The Blood Demon Master and the Guardian of the Magic Formation Room, a man in the last stage of the Profound Realm, noticed Cale's group first. Although all directions were blocked by walls, how could he be aware of Cale's group's presence outside? Cale wondered, but he had only one choice.

"Dispel Old Baek's invisibility!"

The Guardian's gaze shifted in the direction of his voice.

-Yes, Human!

And at that moment...

"What the hell...!"

Old Baek's invisibility dissipated.

And Cale, still invisible, pushed him from behind.

Toward the Guardian.


Old Baek's eyes widened, his pupils showing a mix of betrayal and anger, but it wasn't Cale's concern.

What sense was there in understanding the emotions of someone who had turned tens of thousands of people into living corpses?


Instead, he pushed Old Baek again, who had caught the Guardian's attention.

-Human, do you need help?

Even with Raon's help.


Old Baek quickly flew towards the Guardian.

"Oh no. Venerable Elder Baek, were you on the enemy's side?"

"Ah, no, Elder!"

Old Baek's face turned pensive. However, the force with which he flew was considerable. A blue aura moved around the Guardian's hands.


He drew his sword.

Seeing that, Old Baek shouted with a pale face.

"I was just a hostage! I didn't do anything wrong, Elder!"

The corner of Cale's lips lifted as if mocking.

While Old Baek was buying time, Cale thought about how to move and immediately headed in the opposite direction of the chaos. Raon knew how to follow him.

At that moment...


-Human, I just broke it!

Raon made a move. The wall on the other side broke.

-But the barrier is not breaking.

That was true. Even though the wall was breaking, the barrier still maintained its blue form. It seemed that only the Guardian could take his body out of the barrier.

-I'll hit it more!

And Raon didn't give up after one hit.

Kwaang! Kwaah!

The walls of the tenth floor were being destroyed.

'...Alright. Let's move loudly.'

Cale, who had given up on moving silently, had a good view of the situation on the other side.

'I see.'

Old Baek was still floating in the air, controlling the True Jiangshis placed in the Magic Formation Room to surround the Guardian.

Kwaaang! Clank! Kwaang!

Meanwhile, the walls were being broken one by one, thanks to Raon.

'Okay. Let's move.'

Cale, who was still invisible, started moving toward the broken barrier.

And stopped.


When Raon destroyed all surfaces and the interior became clearly visible through the translucent blue barrier.

'That's it.'

On the ground was a strange ten-sided pattern, with a gem of strange colors floating above it. It was obvious that the gem was the Magic Formation Core.

'It's purple.'

The Purple Blood Family, the Dragon Hunters of Apitoyu, came to mind.

'I have to destroy that.'


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