TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 483

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 483

The conference of the Five Divine Rulers began.

First, it was an explanation of each faction.

Heukgeumje explained calmly, Demon Killing Spear explained passionately, Dark Swordmaster explained gloomily, and Evil Sword Queen explained dryly. Each of them explained how their group had grown and what their goals were.

After that, there was a report on what each faction had done recently. Of course, there was no mention of any evil deeds. All they reported was fighting the Five Demons or doing good deed.

Raon was staying on the sidelines, not picking a fight, in order to understand the intentions of the heads of the Five Divine Rulers.

Of course, Heukgeumje was leading the conference, and the other three people were only giving flexible answers within the limits of not breaking the atmosphere.

What they wanted to convey was simple.

The Five Divine Rulers expressed that they have no intention of being hostile towards the Six Kings and neutral factions. They claimed to be prepared to fight against the Five Demons for the protection of the continent.

In essence, their message was not to consider each other as enemies, as they were not adversaries. Instead, they encouraged everyone to work together amicably for the protection of the continent.

"Everything we've said so far is sincere," Heukgeumje affirmed.

She expressed a desire to get along with all factions on the continent.

"We feel the same way!"

"In fact, we'd like to ask for cooperation from this side!"

“Most of the good deeds we hear about these days are about the Five Divine Rulers. You are always welcome!”

"I agree. I'm just thankful for being invited first."

The heads of neutral factions congratulated the establishment of the Five Divine Rulers, shouting their congratulations and applauding. As no one declined, the atmosphere in the conference room became lively.

While the neutral factions invited to this place might naturally form a group, the treatment they received here couldn't be compared to that of the Five Divine Rulers. 

However, amidst the newfound warmth in the conference room, Raon, without succumbing to the friendliness, let slip a cold smile.

'They are all too naive.’

Knowing that he had clashed directly with Heukgeumje, Raon was aware that the true purpose of the Five Divine Rulers was not merely establishing friendship with neutral factions.

While the exact nature of their goals remained unclear, it was evident that they intended to leverage the neutral factions for some purpose.

"Thank you," Heukgeumje bowed again, leaning forward toward the table.

“Not only us, but we also want to strengthen our friendship with the younger generation, so we are planning to hold a duel tournament where only warriors under the age of forty can participate. There will be special prizes, so we encourage your participation.”

She smiled, expressing that since they had come to a consensus, she wanted to give young friends an opportunity.

"It's a great idea since the kids rarely have a chance to gather!"

"To think Lady Ariel is offering such special prizes, it's quite exciting!"

"We'll have all our youngsters participate!"

"Under forty? It's a shame, I won't be able to join."

"You're already past sixty, what are you talking about!"

The heads of neutral factions nodded at each other, finding the idea amusing.

"Oh, even if it's for those under forty, you can't participate if you're representing your family.” Heukgeumje's gaze slowly turned towards Raon. It seemed like she was implying that, as a representative, Raon couldn't join.

"May I add one more thing?" She thought the time was right, so she stood up from her seat and raised her hand.

The conference room fell silent. Heukgeumje's voice now filled the room.

"I didn't know we would communicate so well, so I'd like to propose a temporary alliance among those present here."

"An alliance?"

"Isn't an alliance a bit sudden?"

"Isn't this too hasty?"

The heads of neutral factions were surprised by the sudden mention of an alliance.

"I'm sure you're already aware, but the current situation on the continent is not favorable," Heukgeumje paused at the center of the rectangular table. The moonlight pouring through the window portrayed her presence even more sacredly.

"Black Tower, White Blood religion, and South-North Union have started to show their strength, while Eden is quietly nurturing monsters. On top of that, there was also information that the head of the Holy Sword Union appeared recently.”

Her solemn voice subdued the previously quiet conference room.

"Oh, the Five Demons?"

"Are the Holy Sword Union trying to emerge again?"

"A new monster from Eden? What misdeeds are they planning this time?"

"I heard it too. Yurt City was said to be completely annihilated by an attack from the White Blood religion."

"The Black Tower is no different. There are stories about the appearance of the Black Tower's vice leader..."

The heads of neutral factions shuddered at the news of the Five Demons becoming active.

"It's not just their appearance. Monsters that were once thought to be unrelated are now working together.”

Heukgeumje lowered and raised her eyelids. Her red pupils gleamed with an eerie light. The warriors from the neutral factions who met her gaze swallowed nervously.

"Since we don't know when a calamity might strike the continent, we would appreciate your assistance."

She turned back, facing the end of the table.


"A-as in asking for help?"

"You mentioned an alliance, but what are you saying now?"

The heads were surprised by the Heukgeumje's request for help.

"Our Five Divine Rulers have only recently revealed themselves to the world. While we are confident in our strength, our foundation is still lacking. We hope that you can fill that gap by joining forces with us.”

As Heukgeumje turned her request for help into a proposal for an alliance, the heads of the neutral forces began to smile slightly. Her voice was changing into a variety of colors like a rainbow, dominating the conference room.

'Surely, it's a mutually beneficial approach. Giving and receiving... Huh?’

Raon furrowed his brows as he organized his thoughts.

'What am I thinking right now?'

There's no way it could be a mutually beneficial approach. If an alliance is formed among those present here, all the fame will go to the Five Divine Rulers, and the burden will fall entirely on the neutral factions. It couldn't possibly be a good approach.

'But why did I have such thoughts?'

He had always been ready to seize an opportunity, yet suddenly his mind went blank, and he entertained strange thoughts. It was undoubtedly not a rational judgment.


Raon lightly bit his tongue.

'Is it Heukgeumje's doing?'

Even though she wasn't using aura, her voice echoed vividly, as if striking the ears. There was definitely something going on.

Woo, woo, woo!

He immediately operated the Ring of Fire. Seven rings resonated, and the energy within the conference room became apparent.

'Surely, it's not aura.'

Heukgeumje wasn't using even a tiny bit of aura. However, every time she spoke, the air inside the room fluctuated. There was definitely something contained in her voice.

Have you finally noticed?

Wrath sighed as if he was disappointed.

'What is it?'

What do you mean what is it? It's a will.

He looked at Heukgeumje, as if saying he was pathetic.

Achievements (profiency/mastery) raise the level of the soul, and the art that unfolds on the basis of that level is the will. In other words, will is the power of the soul. That woman is using her will to persuade those fools.

'Is that even possible?'

If overdone, it can backfire, but that woman is handling it smoothly, not just once or twice.

'What a strange way to do it.'

I thought it could only be used in martial arts, but I didn't know it could be used in this way. Indeed, Heukgeumje was not an opponent to be taken lightly.

But no matter how you think about it, that woman is no good. It seems that all of the things she did to come and save her subordinates were just acting.

'You only realized that now?'

I wanted to believe it.

Wrath shook his head, wishing that there were no villains among those who cared about his subordinates.

Raon always felt that he was a very gentle demon king when it came to subordinates.

‘Anyway, that's the will, right?’

That's right. But it won't be easy to break.

'Let's just try it.'

Raon clenched his fist as he watched Heukgeumje continue to put her will into her voice.

"I'm fine with it."

"I agree."

"It is an honor to be with the Five Divine Rulers!"

The heads of the neutral forces raised their voices, calling for an immediate alliance agreement. It seemed that they did not know what was happening to them because the energy was not filled with evil. It was the perfect result of the appropriate reason, Heukgeumje's eloquence, and the will she had spread.

"I am grateful that you understand."

Heukgeumje rose from her seat and bowed her head to the heads of the neutral forces, making eye contact with them one by one as she raised her hand.

"Since there are also Zieghart and guests from Magic Tower in this place, can you be witnesses to this alliance?"

She smiled sweetly at them, as if she had gained confidence.

'That woman....'

Raon met Heukgeumje's eyes and stroked his fingertips.

'Was this her goal?'

Forging an alliance with the neutral factions and presenting the Six Kings as witnesses to make it unassailable.

While the Five Divine Rulers undeniably possesses robust power, there seems to be a deficiency in numbers and reputation. It appeared they aimed to fill this gap with the neutral factions.

It seemed like they had no intention of stopping at their current level and were keen on expanding further.

Watching Dumtkan and Byton eagerly calling for a quick alliance, Raon tasted the situation.

‘Regardless of what happens to others…’

He couldn't bear to see them falling for Heukgeumje's scheme.

‘I came here to stir up trouble.’

Raon exhaled a heavy breath and rose from his chair. With a cold gaze, he smiled at Heukgeumje.

"You mentioned witnesses?"

"Yes. Everyone here all honest people, but since you are here on this joyous day, I would appreciate your presence."

"But what is this alliance for?"

Infusing will into his voice, similar to what he felt through the Ring of Fire, Raon tried to emulate the feeling. It wasn't as smooth as Heukgeumje, but he tried to imitate her in any way.

"As I mentioned, it's to prepare for the chaotic situation on the continent."

"How do you prepare? Who will be at the forefront when war breaks out? What's the price for helping? Who gets the spoils? Compensation for the casualties? Isn't it gathering under the name of the Five Divine Rulers rather than forming an alliance?"

In his blunt tone, Raon conveyed a strong will to awaken those bewitched by Heukgeumje. Because he was not yet familiar with will, so without adjusting, it naturally exerted excessive force.


An unnatural sound like a spark flew, and the gentle atmosphere created by Heukgeumje was broken in an instant.


"Uh, we should definitely decide on that part and…."

"Right. An alliance is a big deal, why we get so excited…”

"It wasn't the time to get caught up in the atmosphere."

The heads of the neutral factions, seeming to regain their senses, returned to their seats, acknowledging the need to coordinate opinions even if they formed an alliance.

What is this...

Wrath, witnessing this, widened his eyes.

‘It's all thanks to your hint.’

The King of Essence's hint?

You said if it's overdone, it backfires. I used that.

Since Wrath mentioned that excessive force backfires, he purposely applied the force as it was, breaking Heukgeumje's crafted chain of will. Judging by the situation, it seemed to have worked well.

You really are a dirty bastard! You always take information and don't give me food!


With nothing more to say about that, he fell silent.


Heukgeumje's pupils bent like moonlight reflected on glass. A gaze never seen before. She seemed genuinely taken aback.

"That's right. We need to coordinate that first."

Even in the astonishment of the situation, she quickly regained composure. It seemed Heukgeumje's real strength lay not in physical power but in her mental strength.

"The Five Divine Rulers is just seizing opportunities."

Raon pressed the table with his palm, tilting his head.

"What's that..."

“When they first made their name, they took advantage of the gap between the Six Kings and the Five Demons, and this time, they tried to get other forces on their backs by forming an alliance like a snake crossing a fence.”

“It's not that, it's that they're trying to help each other…”

"Do you not have confidence in your own strength?”

He chuckled and gestured with his hand.

"Zieghart rose to their current position by shedding their blood and flesh on the continent."

A red lightning bolt flashed across the darkness over Raon's eyes.

"If you only try to steal the blood, the sword, and the achievements of others, you will never be able to escape that position for the rest of your life."

The heads of the Five Divine Rulers and the neutral forces closed their mouths at the presence that bloomed from Raon himself.

"I'll stop here."

Raon turned his back after glancing at everyone with cold eyes.

"I'll go as well."

Denning Rose stood up as if she had been waiting, and Encia stood up to adjust the focus of her camera. The clicking sound is still audible. This woman is really addicted to it.


Demon Killing Spear walked out laughing loudly, holding his head.

"I really like you. If you're not coming to the Martial Spear Association, would you like to be my sworn brother?"

"We're not the same age."

"Sworn brothers don't care about that!"

He laughed out loud, saying that he had never seen Heukgeumje so defeated.

“Oh, and be sure to come to the competition that will be held the day after tomorrow. I've prepared something good.”

"I'll think about it."

Raon nodded and left the conference room. The inside was noisy, as if there was an argument.

"Are you two okay?"

"Yes. It was refreshing."

Denning Rose nodded, saying that she felt better. Seeing that her complexion was brighter than usual, it seemed to be true.

"What happened?"

Encia tilted her head as she took pictures with her camera. It seemed like she was just fine with taking pictures regardless of what happened inside.


As he blinked in disbelief, the door to the conference room opened again and Yuria walked out. He looked down at him with a strong gaze, his lips tightly pressed together.

"Do you have anything to say?"

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yuria's bear-like physique.


Yuria took a deep breath without answering. It felt like he was looking at a charging bull that was about to rush at him at any moment.

He shook his broad shoulders and then shook his head before leaving the conference room immediately.

Raon shook his head as he looked at Yuria's back.

'What's up with him?'

* * *

Raon, Denning Rose, and Encia headed to the restaurant in front of the inn (lodging) with Wrath. He thought it would be closed because Heukgeumje had talked too much, but he decided to give it a try at Wrath's urging.


The lights are on.

Naturally, he thought the restaurant would be closed, but strangely, he felt a lot of activity from inside.

Hurry up! Hurry in!

As he opened the door and entered the restaurant, the members of the Light Wind division were drinking beer with light snacks.

"Oh? You're here now?"

"You're late!"

Krein and Dorian, who were sitting at a table in front of the entrance, waved their hands.

"Did the meeting go well?"

Burren smiled brightly from the inside of the table.

"What kind of meeting takes so long!"

Martha frowned, saying that it was already past midnight.

"Hurry up and sit down."

Runaan patted his seat next to her and gestured for him to sit down.


Raon narrowed his eyes at the members of the Light Wind. There was hardly any smell of food, and all there was on the table was dry snacks and beer.

"You didn't eat?"

"How can we eat when you're not here?"

Martha rolled her eyes, saying that it was a matter of course.

"That's right."

Burren nodded with a smile.

"We all waited."

Runaan tapped her chair faster, as if to tell him to sit down quickly.

"You're here now!"

A middle-aged woman came out of the kitchen and bowed her head. She was the owner he had seen when he made the reservation.

"I'm sorry, but it seems like they forced you to wait."

"It's okay."

"The members of the Light Wind paid extra to wait until you arrived, sir."

The owner smiled brightly, saying that she had received enough money.

"From now on, we'll prepare the meal right away."

The owner said that she had the ingredients and people ready and went back into the kitchen. A noisy sound came from the inside.

"Why are you doing useless things?"

Raon frowned at the Light Wind members.

Although he spoke in a blunt tone, his heart warmed strangely.

When he saw the Light Wind members waiting with a smile, he felt like he had returned to the annex building after a long mission.

“He's so handsome when he's blushing…”


Encia had moved forward unnoticed, pressing the camera. Denning Rose covered her mouth, smiling as if finding it amusing.


Raon turned to his right at the snorting sound. Wrath, with tears streaming down his face, was red and emotional.

You guys!

The guy, moved by the Light Wind members, had moist eyes.

It's touching! The King of Essence will take care of all of you! The young ones know what loyalty is!

Wrath nodded approvingly, genuinely pleased with the Light Wind members. He was indeed an easy guy.

Raon chuckled and sat in the seat where Runaan had gestured with enthusiastic pats.

"Everyone, gather."

Since it seemed to take some time for the meal to arrive, Raon first explained what had happened today.

"It doesn't seem like a simple alliance."

"Seems like the Five Divine Rulers is trying to manipulate the neutral forces...."

"Their movements are extremely fast."

The Light Wind members nodded, muttering about the unfavorable situation.

"There's one more thing."

Raon raised his index finger.

"In two days, there will be a duel competition. Anyone under forty can participate, so all of you should join."

"Don't we need to apply for it?"

"It's an on-the-spot format, so you can participate anytime without registering.”

Denning Rose explained that on behalf of Raon.

"I want to test my current level, so it's good."

"I will definitely participate!"

"So will I!"

The Light Wind members smiled, eager to participate.

"I'm glad you're all willing to participate . But, there's one more thing. If Zieghart doesn't win...."

While speaking, Raon clenched his fist, producing a solid thud sound.

"All of you will die."


"That's a bit...."

"Will there be a Master level as well?"

Raon looked at the Light Wind members with a sinister smile.

"If the winner is not from the Light Wind division, upon returning to Zieghart, you all will undergo a month-long intensive training to enhance your concentration."

At the spine-chilling tone, the Light Wind members's laughter and camaraderie abruptly stopped.

You scoundrel!

Wrath cursed at Raon, hitting the back of his head.

Why do you have to be such a jerk to your subordinates!


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