TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 484

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 484

"Tven family will withdraw from this alliance."

"Holy Kingdom will also withdraw."

"We, too, will..."

The warriors who had sparred with Raon shook their heads as they declined the alliance of the Five Divine Rulers.

Although they did not leave the conference  room like Zieghart or Magic Tower, it was clear that they had given up on the alliance.

"Would you like to reconsider?"

Ariel tapped the table lightly, looking into the eyes of the heads of the neutral factions who had rejected the alliance.

"Unlike Raon, who is affiliated with Zieghart, we have many shortcomings. We can fill each other's gaps."

She extended her hand to not only those who had said they would withdraw from the alliance, but also to everyone in the conference room.

"That's right. It would be a great help."

Dumtkan looked at the seat where Raon was sitting and smiled bitterly.

"As sir Raon said, even if we achieve something, that achievement will not be ours. We want to build our own achievements , even if they are small."

He shook his head calmly, as if he was not about to change his mind.

"I agree. I don't want to get a fake achievement, even if it's not great. I want to get a real achievement."

Byton met Dumtkan's eyes and smiled faintly. Several warriors who agreed with the two men nodded.

"We trust the Five Divine Rulers, but there are many things we need to discuss before forming an alliance."

"We also want to reach an agreement on the terms before making a decision on the alliance."

"Hmm, if it stays this way, we'll have to..."

The other heads of the neutral factions did not outright reject the alliance, but they looked at the Five Divine Rulers with eyes full of caution.


Ariel pressed her forehead with her hand and pressed her throbbing temples.

‘It's Raon Zieghart again.’

What the hell is that guy doing.

The art of Prat vocalization (The Prat language art), which infuses the will into the voice to easily persuade the opponent, is a skill that even the other Five Divine Rulers heads do not know.

She couldn't understand how Raon had noticed and broken the Prat vocalization.

'No matter how I think about it, it doesn't make sense.'

It was amazing that he could handle will as a Master level, show different personalities every time she saw him, and predict her plans and counterattack.

But when Raon noticed the Prat vocalization and broke the flow by covering it with his will, she thought her heart was going to fall out.

'I almost showed my true colors.'

When she saw Raon's mocking smile, she was overwhelmed with the urge to kill him.

Fortunately, she was able to suppress her emotions by force thanks to her cold demeanor.

"What will you do?"

Demon Killing Spear looked up at Ariel and whistled.

"You said you were confident in your persuasion."

He laughed that this was her plan.


Dark Swordmaster made a barrier and shot a murderous gaze.

“Are we going to leave him alone like this? It would be better to eliminate him quickly.”

"Don't be ridiculous."

Evil Sword Queen slipped in between the barriers and slowly raised her eyelids.

“Was there anything wrong with what that kid said?”

She looked down at Dark Swordmaster with eyes that sank deep like the sea.

"Achievements gained by borrowing someone else's name are meaningless. We should have started from our own strength from the beginning."

"The faster route is available, why do you want to go the long way? The results could change just by mentioning the name of the Six Kings!"

“Didn't he say that? It's just fake!”

“It's okay if we make the fake real!”

Because of Raon, the internal cohesion of the Five Divine Rulers began to creak.

The two of them had never gotten along well, but today they were exuding a murderous aura as if they were about to draw their swords.

Ariel closed her eyes as she watched the two arguing.


Not only did he ruin the alliance, but Raon also opened up the cracks within the Five Divine Rulers by himself. He caused a ridiculous accident and left.

'But I can't let this collapse.'

The real plan hasn't even started yet. There was not much time left until then, so she had to endure and wait patiently instead of getting angry.

"Foolish! Creating history is not that easy!"

"Even a fake feat cannot build history. The reason the Swordless Pavilion entered the Five Divine Rulers was to reveal its true self."


Ariel's soft voice silenced Dark Sword Master and Evil Sword Queen.

"I'll go back a little, but I can handle it, so don't worry."

She approached the heads of the neutral forces who were discussing the alliance, having unraveled the barrier created by Dark Sword Master.

"You're right. Before forming an alliance, we need to have a thorough conversation first. I have a few ideas in mind, but..."

Ariel began to persuade the heads of the neutral forces one by one, telling them her plans.



Evil Sword Queen closed her eyes again, and Dark Swordmaster clicked his tongue.


Demon Killing Spear let out a sigh as he looked at Ariel's back.

'Even though the situation is so messed up, she's not getting angry?'

She was a scarier woman than he thought.

* * *

"No, we can do it after eating. Why did you say that before we even eat...?"

"I know, right? My appetite just dropped."

"Our vice leader. He really can't read the room."

The Light Wind members grumbled as they looked at the hot food in front of them.

"He's always like that. Just ignore him and eat."

Martha frowned, saying that she wouldn't be able to withstand the training if she didn't eat.

"That's right. If you have time to complain, eat. You won't be able to eat even if you're hungry later."

Burren sighed and peeled off the shell of the lobster that was roasted pink.

"Raon sucks..."

Runaan sighed as he held up the pig's feet.

"Runaan! I can't accept that!"

Encia, who had been giggling while pointing at Raon, stood up abruptly. She shook her head, saying that it was no different than an insult.

"Raon sucks today."

"It's blasphemy!"

Encia rushed to Runaan, saying that she could never accept it.

The restaurant was noisy, but Raon didn't have time to pay attention to Encia or the Light Wind division members.

Lobster with chili sauce, shrimp with mustard! Pig's feet with pepper, no, mustard!

He was so busy eating the food according to Wrath's orders that he didn't have a single thought in his head.

'Why are there so many sauces...'

There are six types of dishes, but the number of sauces exceeds fifteen.

Thanks to Wrath's declaring that he will find the best combination after trying all the food and sauces, his hands were constantly busy without a break.


Wrath smiled without a wrinkle as he stroked his bulging cheeks.

I like it here. The food is excellent, and the sauces are diverse, creating a taste of choice! Is this place heaven?


To think that a demon king would say heaven, it just doesn't make sense for a demon to say.

Oh! Aren't your hands idle? Next, try dipping pizza in that white sauce!

Wrath, while massaging the round ball, gave instructions for the next food to be eaten.

'I didn't realize it would be this annoying.'

It was a mistake to say that he would eat everything he wanted because of the conference. It seemed that night training would start quite late.


When Raon sighed after taking in the pork leg, lobster, and salad in succession, Denning Rose put down her fork.

"Raon-nim. As you know, it is impossible for the members of the Light Wind division to win the tournament."

Denning Rose continued, wiping her red lips with a napkin.

"Even within the neutral forces, individuals below the age of forty can be expected to possess martial arts skills at either beginner Master level or  intermediate Master level. Meanwhile, from the Five Divine Rulers, they will dispatch talented individuals who have attained advanced Master level or peak Master level."

She shook her head, saying that she knew the Light Wind division was superior for their age, but it would be difficult to win in this tournament.

"I see." Raon nodded.

"That's why they're holding the tournament to show off their martial prowess."

It's not for nothing that the Five Divine Rulers is holding a tournament with good prizes.

It was a device to raise their reputation by defeating talented people from the prestigious neutral forces and the Six Kings.

It was clear that they would send out young but strong martial artists in their thirties or so to devour the tournament.

"But don't worry." Raon smiled faintly at Denning Rose.

"In the end, the Light Wind division name will remain."

"Yes? How on earth...?"


Next is lobster with tomato sauce!

"You'll see."

He sighed and picked up the fork again.

'How long does this have to go on?'

Until the King of Essence's stomach is full!

‘It's already bulging.’

There's still room for dessert!


While stuffing food into his mouth according to Wrath's orders, Encia returned.

"Raon, you're so handsome...

When he looked to the side, Runaan was staring blankly at the ceiling.

He didn't want to know what had happened to the loser who had suddenly called him handsome again.

"I've come back after educating a delinquent believer!"

Encia bowed her head as if she had committed a crime and picked up the camera again.

"I'll give you time later. For now, please eat.."

Raon handed Encia the fork. He didn't intend to give her time, but he wanted to eat his meal in peace.

"Thank you."

Encia, as if suggesting that she had to take the right posture, held the fork.

“Ah, come to think of it,"

Raon gestured to Dorian.

"Can you take it out?"

"How am I supposed to know what you mean by 'it'!"

Dorian, with barbecue sauce all over his mouth, reached into his belly pocket.

His hand came out again, holding a drake heart.

"Is this it?"

"That's right."

Raon nodded as he received the drake heart.

How on earth do you know ‘it’? Do you guys have a language of your own?

Wrath looked at Raon and Dorian with a puzzled expression.

"No matter how I look at it, it's amazing."

Encia looked at Dorian's belly pouch with a greedy look and licked her lips.

"If I had that, I could take millions of pictures..."


Dorian backed away in horror.

"Just kidding. Just kidding."

Encia shook her hand, her eyes burning with fire.

"So, this is Drake Heart."

She put down her camera and examined the Drake Heart here and there before nodding approvingly.

"It's good. It's well-separated and well-preserved! Quality is not to be mentioned."

Encia smiled with satisfaction, saying that it was a top-notch item.

"Now, if we only get the Sea Serpent Heart, can we make the artificial energy center l?"

"Yes. I have all the minor ingredients. As long as we have that, it should be enough."

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to Encia.

'It's not long now.'

The day was not far off when he would give Sylvia new vitality, just as he had lifted up Rimmer. His heart beat faster for the first time in a long time.




* * *

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Wrath patted his plumply protruding belly and let out a small burp.

I'll let you off for today.

'...Let me off?'

He checked the combination of all the sauces and foods, and only then did he put down his hand after ordering new food and even asking for ice cream for dessert.

I wanted to ask the Devildom why he wasn't the Monarch gluttonous.

Raon sighed heavily and lowered his shoulders.

'I'm tired...'

Even managing to eat according to Wrath's desires was challenging, and restraining Encia taking pictures from the side felt like his whole body had turned into a lump.

'What kind of dinner is harder than a conference?'

He clicked his tongue and looked at the Light Wind division members.

"This is not bad. The food is all delicious."

"There's a variety of menus to choose from, so it's fun to choose."

"The person who can't even read the mood picked a good restaurant."

The Light Wind members also seemed to be in a good mood, smiling in satisfaction because the food and drinks were both delicious.

Raon clapped his hands after confirming that everyone had finished eating.


"What is it this time...?"

The calm atmosphere was broken, and the Light Wind members blinked their eyes.

"If you're done eating, get up. The tournament is the day after tomorrow. There's no time to waste."

"M-m, you mean to say...?"

Dorian trembled his chin as he looked at Raon.

"We have to start training now."

Raon turned his head, wondering why he was asking such a natural question.

"If it's the day after tomorrow, we should rest our bodies and prepare. What kind of training is that!"

"That's right. Too soon, isn't it!"

"On the contrary! To adjust your condition, you need to sleep first!"

Krein and the Light Wind members stood up, saying that they should rest if they had eaten, not train.

"Sleep can be done after you die. Ah, if you can't win the....”

Raon trailed off in a cold voice.


"That, that demon..."

"You, you are demon king!"

A Demon King doesn't do those things! We let you rest after eating!

Wrath shook his head vigorously as he received the Light Wind members's words.

"Everyone, please wait in the training ground in front of the lodging."


"How can his personality be like that?"

"Oh, my life..."

After sending the Light Wind members away, Raon approached the counter.

"It seems you enjoyed the food."

The owner smiled as he looked at the empty bowls. It was a natural reaction, considering that he had eaten almost 15 servings alone.

"…Yes, it was delicious."

He wanted to say that he had posessed by the Monarch of Glutton, but he just nodded.

"Thank you for your hard work late at night."

Raon bowed his head and placed three gold coins on the counter.

"No, I already received an additional fee, so you don't have to do this..."

"Normally, the night shift pays double."

When he smiled and refused the owner's refusal, the owner finally took the gold coins.

"T, thank you."

"It was delicious."

Raon said goodbye to the owner and left the restaurant. The street was empty, as the Light Wind members, Encia, and Denning Rose had already returned to the lodging.

I like it at times like this.

Wrath looked at Raon and licked his lips.

'When I feed you?'

Not that!

'Then what?'

Whether it's human or demon, the weak are often treated poorly, and the strong are subservient. The higher you go, the more you will live such a life. However....

He squinted his eyes as he looked at him.

You haven't changed since the beginning. Acting wildly in front of the strong, showing appropriate consideration to the weak. Quite admirable for a human.

'Isn't that the obvious thing to do?'

There are countless people who can't do that obvious thing.


As soon as he heard Wrath' words, Raon thought of a few humans, including Derus Robert.

'By the way, why didn't he come?'

Considering Derus's personality, he should have sent a subordinate even if he didn't come in person. I don't know why he didn't come.

'Has there been any change of heart...'

As Raon walked to the lodging thinking about Derus, a small movement occurred in the trees and bushes attached to the city wall.


The bushes parted thinly, and a small animal with shiny fur popped out.


With pointed ears, rounded legs, and an innocent-looking face, it was a kangaroo.

'Why is a baby kangaroo suddenly... Ah!'

When he looked at the kangaroo, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the kangaroo's pouch. The familiar texture. It was a photo taken by Encia.

'It was you...'

Raon closed his eyes tightly.

'The real troublemaker has arrived...’


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