TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 470

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Chapter 470

Rekhtar trembled his shoulders.

"Can you kill Glenn?"

If he had asked in a light tone, he would have answered immediately, but the murderous intent that bloomed in the Union leader's gaze was eerie.

He wasn't joking, he genuinely inquired if Rekhtar could kill Glenn.

‘I can't defeat him.’

Neither Glenn nor the union leader in front of him could be defeated. Even if they were on the same level, they were already far ahead.

Rekhtar held his pounding heart.

"I will follow your orders if you command."

"You must have misunderstood my question."

The union leader shook his head, saying that he wasn't satisfied with the answer.

"I asked if you could kill Glenn, regardless of means or methods."


As expected, it didn't work to beat around the bush. His decisive and straightforward personality remained the same.

"As of now, the possibility of me killing Glenn Zieghart with my own strength is less than 1%. It is almost impossible to surprise attacking him, so I cannot even say that I am confident, even if I lie."


The union leader nodded, saying that he knew it would be like that.

"What about me?"


"Can you kill me?"

"I don't have confidence in that either."

Rekhtar lowered his head. It was true. The union leader seemed to be impossible to kill no matter what trick he used.

Glenn and the union leader would not die unless they took action themselves.

"Hmm, Myriad Swordmaster you are still not fun. What about this?"

The union leader's mouth twisted like a sword tip.

"Raon Zieghart. Can Myriad Swordmaster bring me that kid's head?"

Rekhtar shook the hand he had put on the ground without knowing it.

"What are you talking about...?"

He almost collapsed because he couldn't imagine that he would be asked to bring Raon's head.

However, the smiling face of Raon, who he had seen before he left, appeared in that moment, and the pillar of his mind stood up again.

"Union leader..."

"A kid who is turning twenty-one is a peak Master level, surpassing even Musten. there is a possibility that he will become a Grandmaster before he turns thirty. Meanwhile, he belongs to Zieghart. Eliminating him in advance seems worthwhile, don't you think?"

Rekhtar bit the inside of his cheek. Feeling the bitter taste of blood on the tip of his tongue, he calmed his gaze.

'I must not be shaken.'

The grandson, who he had not known of until recently, had become the most precious being to him.

He wanted to stick his sword into the union leader's neck right now, but he had to endure it for the sake of that child.

"It is possible."

Rekhtar whispered in a calm voice that he could bring Raon's neck head.

"You must have gotten pretty close if you followed him to Zieghart. Are you really okay?"

"There is nothing more important than the union leader."

"You are reliable. However..."

The union leader smiled lightly and shook his hand.

"I can't use my final command on such a trivial matter. Besides, I hope that kid grows a bit more."

He stroked the back of his neck and looked up at the sky.

"I wonder how much more a monster who achieved the peak Master level at the age of 21 will grow. It would be a waste to eliminate such a toy prematurely."


"He will surely enter the realm of transcendence.”

The union leader lowered his chin. In the eyes, sharp as a raised sword, gleamed an intense fighting spirit. The desire to fight the strong, to elevate the sword's mastery, burned fiercely.

Just strong and sharp. Literally, a single sword. The union leader was the existence closest to a sword among all humans on the continent

"Now, let's stop playing."

The union leader turned his sword's eyes.

"I will give Myriad Swordmaster my last order."

"I understand."

Rekhtar knelt down again and bowed his head.

“When the Holy Sword Union opens its doors again, lead the way at the front.”

"…Are you serious?"

His lips trembled without him knowing it.


"The Myriad Swordmaster has never participated in the Union's affairs before!”

Rekhtar spoke up for the first time.

'What the hell is he thinking…'

Among the many sword masters within the Union, the Myriad Swordmaster was special.

The role was crucial, The Myriad Swordmasters, without revealing their affiliation, had to go out into the continent, face numerous sword arts, and record them to advance the Union's swordsmanship.

Over twenty Myriad Swordmasters had fulfilled this role so far, but none had revealed their true identity and fought alongside the Union.

Now, the current union leader was trying to break the tradition of the Holy Sword Union.

‘Of course, I know. However, that tradition was simply a reward from the previous union leader for the Myriad Swordmasters who traveled all his life. It is not an obligatory element.’

The union leader closed his eyes and stroked the pattern of the new sword carved on his sword sheath.

"It would be a waste to just retire the strongest Myriad Swordmaster in history, right?"

"Union leader..."

"Decide here."

He raised his hand. The tip of the sword appeared on his long-stretched fingers.

"Will you die, or will you follow?"

Rekhtar could not answer that question right away. Of course, it was not because he was afraid of death.

'This old life doesn't matter if it dies right away. But….'

Raon and Sylvia.

He had finally found his grandson and daughter-in-law. Since his damned son didn't do his part, he had to make them happy.

'It's better to stay here.'

The union leader is clearly targeting Raon. If he wanted to stop his antics, it was right to stay here and come up with a plan to protect that child.


There is also the boy who has recovered his senses.

There was a lot that he had not taught Musten, who had gained enlightenment and started following Raon.

Now, he had to endure and find a way to save everyone.

'I'm ready to go to hell.'

He had decided to walk the path of the Asura since he came back here. Once again, he gathered his will and raised his head.

"I will follow."

Rekhtar's pupils were filled with the majestic wind of the vast sky.

"Good choice."

The union leader lowered his hand and patted Rekhtar's shoulder.

"From now on, I will name you the Blood Swordmaster."


"May your sword never stop with blood."

* * *

After finishing the ice cream party, Raon headed to the lodging of the fifth training ground.


Wrath, who was lying on top of his head, yawned lazily and flicked his plump hands.

The King of Essence feels like his stomach is going to burst. I was satisfied for the first time in a while, so don't be noisy and go to sleep.

Wrath rubbed his swollen stomach and kept talking about going home.

It seemed that he was very satisfied after tasting all 33 ice creams.

No matter how much he thought about it, it was strange.

It was ridiculous that a spirit could taste food, or that his stomach was bulging out even though he wasn't eating with his mouth.

'It won't take long.'

Hmm, today you just witnessed the King of Essence's generousity.

Wrath shook his head in a much softer tone than usual. It seemed to be the effect of ice cream.

'It's not generosity, it's a big belly.'

As Raon pushed away the heavy Wrath and tried to enter the lodging, he heard a faint conversation coming from the right.

Since it was a familiar voice, he quietly headed in that direction.


In the small arena attached to the lodging, Rimmer, Burren, Martha, and Runaan were together.

The scent of wind, earth, and frost permeated strongly, and the floor was a mess, indicating they had been training.

Ice cream girl is also there.

'So that's why she left early?'

Runaan, who had said she was leaving to go home, seemed strange, but it seemed it was because of training.


The three captains took a deep breath, looking tired, and wiped the sweat from their faces.

"That's it for today."

Rimmer waved his hand as if to shoo a fly.

"Let's go."

"A little more..."

Burren held his knees and bit his lip.

"Please, give me a little more!"

"I haven't even started yet!"

Martha gritted her teeth and raised a hot gaze.

"Me too."

Runaan nodded with a gaze that seemed to be a different person from when he saw her at the garden of the annex building.

"You guys."

Rimmer frowned as he met the gaze of the three people.

"I told you. Don't rush things."

"But a bit more..."

"Thinking that doing a bit more here will quickly open the sword field is a mistake. It might even slow down your growth due to injuries."

Blue wind condensed on his fingertip. The gathered wind spread out to form a net-like shape.

"Handling attributes is different from the body. The sooner you get impatient, the slower you have to go. Only after achieving cohesion, transformation, and reinforcement can the foundation for forming the Sword Field be laid. Rushing won't make it happen quickly. The Sword Firld is not just about martial arts or enlightenment; it's about the swordsman’s life."

The wind that had swept the training ground gathered again at Rimmer's fingertips.

"The training you are doing now is not just thinking about the sword field, but it is also affecting your mental state and martial arts. If you overdo it, you will only be damaged quickly."


Martha couldn't answer and just frowned.

"It wasn't originally a goal to be achieved within a year, was it? Take it easy. Your ideals are high, right?"

Rimmer smiled faintly and shook his hand.

"Are you saying that because you're tired?"

"That's right! Look at my eyes!"

His pupils were shaking vividly like a stream hit by a stone.

"It's shaking a lot, though?"

"Where does it hurt?”

Rimmer quickly turned his head.

"Anyway, that's it for today! You must have done some personal training as well. Don't overdo it!"

"But I didn't."

Runaan raised her hand.

"I had ice cream party today."

She nodded with shining eyes, indicating that she wanted more.

"Oh, I don't care! I have a promise at the gambling den! Get out!"

Rimmer covered his ears and began kicking the captains away.

"No, I'm not going."

"You're just a lazy bum, train us more!"

"What do you mean gambling? You always lose!"

After a long struggle, the three people left with frowns on their faces.


Rimmer sighed, placing his hand on his forehead.

"Every day is tiring."

Despite his words, a faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Come out now."

Rimmer gestured to the tree where Raon had been hiding.

Raon walked up to Rimmer. He knew that Rimmer had noticed him because of the wind that had blown a little earlier.

"Why did you come again? Trying to hide because you don't fit in?"

"I didn't want to disturb their training."

Raon shook his head, looking at the direction the three captains had left.

"It's already over, so it doesn't matter."

Rimmer shrugged.

"These guys come to see me every night, so I'm going crazy. I don't have time to play. I don't have any money either."

He frowned, wondering why he couldn't be happy.


Wrath looked at Rimmer and clicked his tongue.

Happiness is something you have to find for yourself, but you're just waiting for it to come to you!

He raised his round hand, saying that happiness should be held in your own hands.


He had been complaining about the world being unfair to him, but it seemed like all of that melted away after one ice cream. He was really too easy for a supposed demon king.

"So why did you come? This great leader needs to spend a glamorous time from now on, you know? Hurry up and get to the point."

Rimmer pointed to the sky and tapped his wrist.

"I came to ask you something."

"Have you ever heard the saying that time is money?"

Rimmer made a circle with his thumb and forefinger.

"If you want to buy my time, you have to pay the price."

"A price?"

"You must have received a reward from the lord, right? Just give me a little bit of it...."

As he rubbed his fingers, he placed six iron boxes from his spatial pocket.


Rimmer's eyes sparkled as he saw the iron boxes that shook the ground with a thud.

"You don't need to give me this much... huh?"

Rimmer grinned as he opened the lid of one of the boxes, then frowned.

"This is ice cream! And this one too! No, they're all ice cream?"

He opened five of the six boxes and his jaw dropped.

Hey! That belongs to the King of Essence! Why are you giving it to that pointy-eared guy?

Wrath scowled as he pinched Raon's head.

"First, I would like to ask you about sword field creation. As you know, I use both fire and ice, and I have accumulated swordsmanship in my mind. In this state..."

Raon began to ask his question, assuming that he had paid the price.


Rimmer stared at Raon with his mouth agape.

'This guy is going crazy?'

He had felt it when Raon mocked Heukgeumje, but it seemed like his mindset was turning into a complete scoundrel.

Even he, who considered himself a scoundrel, found it difficult to handle.

'Well, maybe it's better if he's a little crazy?'

In the past, Raon had closed himself off to everyone and tried to solve everything himself. He had rejected others, as if he was trying to leave.

But now, he embraced the Light Wind division like a family and gained significant influence within the house.

Seeing the mentally grown disciple, who was once like a runt, even though he became a scoundrel, didn't feel bad.

"I'm not sure what atribute I should use to create a sword field."

Raon looked at Rimmer, who was smiling faintly, and told him what he had been wondering about.


Rimmer sat down on the last ice cream box that he had not opened and licked his lips.

"Actually, I didn't have a way. Sword field creation is a blood-line martial art. I only chose wind because it was impossible to create a sword field with swordsmanship. On the other hand, you have endless possibilities."

He nodded with a faint smile.

"You can contain absolute martial arts like the  head of house, you can create a sword field focused on attributes like me, or you can achieve both, but it will take a long time."

"How do I put both together?"

He asked the question immediately because that was what he had come to find out.

"How? Well, what can you do? You have to train."

Rimmer laughed.

"You probably heard what I said to the kids a while ago. A sword field is the life of a swordsman. Even if you're a genius, you can't make it easily. It would be faster to become a Grandmaster."


He felt a bit discouraged when Rimmer mentioned that breaking through the wall to become a Grandmaster might be faster than creating a sword field.

"From now on, try including attributes in your swordsmanship. The Sword Field Creation ultimately comes from your mind. You can probably achieve both."

Rimmer said with confidence without hesitation. When he said that, it really felt like he could do it.

"I understand."


Just as Raon was about to answer, Rimmer raised his hand.

"Even if it's not the completed version, you might be able to use an incomplete sword field just like me."


"The Eye of the Stom I showed you at first. That was incomplete."

Rimmer waved his finger, saying that the Eye of the Storm he had shown for the first time was also not a completed sword field.

"Got your answer? And take this."

He pointed to the ice cream boxes he was sitting on.

"You don't need it?"

"I can't sell this anywhere. Even if I do, it won't be worth much."

"But it would be better to have it, right?"

"I'm not a beggar who needs this kind of thing."

Rimmer turned his head as if to say to take it away quickly.

"I understand."

Raon nodded and opened the lid of the last iron box that Rimmer was sitting on.

Unlike the other ice cream, gold glittered inside.

The last box was not ice cream, but it was filled with gold coins and jewels.


Rimmer opened his mouth wide as he saw the brilliant gold.

"What, what is this! Why is there gold and jewels!"

"As you said earlier, I received a lot from the lord, so I thought of giving you a little."

"Huh? Then...?"

"But you said you're not a beggar, so I have to take it back."

He effortlessly put the ice cream boxes in his spatial pocket.

"Hey! Wait a minute! Master Raon! Vice division leader! I'm a beggar! Give this beggar some charity!"

Do not hand over the King of Essence's ice cream to someone else!

Raon closed his eyes, ignoring Rimmer and Wrath, who were clinging to him.

‘It might take longer than expected. However...'

He might be able to achieve the incomplete sword field before he breaks through the wall.


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