TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 469

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Chapter 469

What are you doing?

Wrath reached out to grab the cup of mint chocolate.

That's the King of Essence's mint chocolate! Why are you giving it to the old man with a hole in his tongue?

He shook his head wildly, saying that a tongue that likes Nadine bread cannot understand the true taste of mint chocolate.

Did you give it to him because you didn’t want to eat it? You pathetic guy!

‘I’ll give you another one. Just wait a minute.’

Raon pushed Wrath away and bit his lip thinly.

‘Actually, it would have been better to bring a different flavor.’

While Wrath and Runaan love mint chocolate among bead ice creams, most others don't prefer it much. Even now, there were fewer children waiting in line for mint chocolate.

Raon regretted handing out ice cream with such unpopular flavour, even though it was unavoidable. When he tried to turn back, Glenn completely turned his body.

Glenn looked down at the bead ice cream with cold eyes, as if searching for an enemy.

“You’re giving this to me?”

Glenn's voice sounded a little shaky. It must have been the disgusting color.


Raon nodded with a sigh.

“You don’t have to eat this. There are many flavors, so you can choose one yourself.”

But Glenn didn’t even glance at the ice cream behind him, and only stared at the cup of mint chocolate.

Sweat was running down Raon's back, and he could hear someone behind me swallowing their saliva. It seemed like he could hear the heartbeats of everyone here.

“It’s fine.”

Glenn took the cup of mint chocolate, as if he didn’t need any other ice cream.

Was it because he was nervous? His hand also seemed to be shaking.

“Lord Glenn.”

Sylvia cautiously approached and handed him an ice cream spoon.


Glenn met Sylvia’s eyes and took the spoon. He hesitated for a moment, then scooped a small piece of mint chocolate into his mouth.

He opened his eyes slowly, as if savoring the taste.

“It’s not bad.”

Glenn's soft voice melted the atmosphere of the garden, which seemed to have frozen.


“Thank goodness.”

The maids sighed in relief and wiped the sweat from their noses.

“I’ll be over there.”

Glenn thought that the children were afraid of him, so he walked away with the ice cream in his hand to the back of the carriage.


“Good job! Young master!”

When he looked to the side, Sylvia and Yua smiled brightly, saying that he did well.


Wrath tilted his head.

What is that old man! How does someone who likes Nadine bread appreciate mint chocolate?

He frowned, wondering why a human who likes Nadine bread would like mint chocolate.

A smile appeared on the lips of everyone in the garden, but Raon couldn’t laugh.

‘His lips were trembling.’

As soon as Glenn put the mint chocolate in his mouth, his mouth quivered. Although he said it wasn’t bad, it was clear that he didn’t like the taste.

‘Was it because of the children?’

If you think about the time when Yua asked him to eat together, it seemed that Glenn also did not treat the children harshly.

What are you doing, you rascal?

Wrath, who had been patient, shook his round hand, demanding compensation.

Hurry, grab the ice cream for the King of Essence!


Despite concerns about Glenn, Raon walked towards the place with the ice cream tub to silence Wrath.

'What flavor do you want?'

The answer is obvious! Of course it's mint chocolate!


Raon shook his head and picked up a new cup.

Should I just get rid of the mint chocolate?

* * *

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Federick burst out laughing as he approached Glenn.

"I never thought I'd see you eat ice cream! I've lived a long life, but this is the best day yet."

He wondered how Glenn, who hated sweets, could even think of eating ice cream.

"Is this the power of your grandson?"


Glenn, without answering, gazed affectionately at the mint chocolate he was eating.

"What are you doing just staring at it? It'll melt if you don't eat it."

"I can't eat it."

He sighed and shook his head.

"It's not tasty?"

Federick snickered, thinking that was to be expected.

"I don't know."

Glenn shook his head again, still not taking his eyes off the ice cream.

"You don't know?"

"I couldn't taste it. It was just... like a heavenly nectar melting in my mouth."

"Uh, uh?"

Federick tilted his head, not understanding what he was talking about.

"Perfect, isn't it?"

Glenn held up the mint chocolate slightly and sighed.

"What's perfect about it?"

"The ice cream. It's a perfectly beautiful sphere."

"Are you serious?"

Federick opened his mouth in surprise, not understanding what was perfect about poking a hole in ice cream by eating it.

"He even knows how to scoop ice cream well...."

Glenn glanced at Raon and smiled faintly.

"He truly excels at everything."

He was amazed by Raon's talent for martial arts, his charisma, and his ability to crush his enemies. Now he even knew how to scoop ice cream well. There was nothing Raon couldn't do.

He just smiled at his grandson, who had nothing lacking.

He had to use all his strength to hold back the smile that was about to burst out when he saw Raon a little while ago

'How does one eat something so perfect?'

Besides, it was the first gift that child had ever given him. Raon had brought back plenty of loot before, but this was the first time he had ever personally served food to him. He couldn't bring himself to touch the remaining part.

He wanted to wrap the ice cream in coldness and admire it for the rest of his life.

"Are you kidding me? Worried it might be too precious to eat earlier?"

Federick realized Glenn's intention and widened his eyes.


Glenn slowly nodded his head.

"Then just eat it all and ask for more, right!"

"That's not the first one. It has no meaning."

It was precious because it was the first gift that Raon had given him. The second one had no meaning.


When Glenn snapped his fingers, the space split open and a palm-sized gold box was expelled.

He opened the lid of the box and put the ice cream that Raon had given him.


Federick opened his mouth wide as he looked at the box.

"Tha, that box, Isn't that Loren's Keepsake Box?"

"I see you recognize it."


Loren's Keepsake Box was a top-tier artifact made with the branches of the World Tree, preserving anything inside it in its original state.

To put a simple ice cream in such a precious artifact, it seemed like he had gone mad.



At Glenn's call, Rownn approached and held Loren’s keepsake box with both hands.


Federick shook his head as he watched the two old men worship the ice cream he had been eating like a sacred object.

'Have they really lost their minds…’

When he was shaking his hands in disbelief, Glenn approached him.

"How are the children's treatments going?”

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the children who had started eating ice cream again.

It was a polite tone that did not seem like the guy who had been doing crazy things just a moment ago. It seemed that he was only focused on his grandson's affairs.


Federick sighed and straightened his back.

"It's going well. How can it not be when you keep supplying the medicine?"

There are two reasons why the children's treatment is going well.

The first is the warm affection of the people in the annex building, including Raon and Sylvia, and the second is that Glenn has been consistently supplying good medicine.

"What are you going to do with those children?"

Considering Glenn wouldn't just spend money on the children, Federick's voice lowered slightly.

"I don't know."


“It's not my bussiness.”

Glenn shook his head as if he was not interested.

"Raon saved those children, and he called you. I don't have the right to touch them."

"Raon said he wants to let the children live the lives they want. He said he won't stop them even if they leave the family. Is that okay?"



Federick smiled faintly as he looked into Glenn's eyes, which did not waver in the slightest.

'He has certainly changed.'

He had become a little softer, but Glenn's original tyrannical personality remained the same.

However, the old friend he saw after a long time showed warmth in cherishing his grandson and considering the children.

‘If it were the old days, he would have turned those kids into swordsmen without hesitation.’

The children were young, but their bodies and minds were both well-trained. He couldn't believe that he would just let go of such talented people who would be best suited to be swordsmen.

Apart from the fact that he was a little too affectionate towards his grandson, Glenn seemed to have nothing lacking now.

"However, there's something I need to do."

"Something to do?"

"I intend to find the one who kidnapped those children and root them out.”

Glenn frowned, saying that he was investigating now but couldn't catch the tail.


Federick burst out laughing, holding his forehead.

"Now you're starting to look like a human. It reminds me of the old days."

He grabbed Glenn's shoulder and came out to the side of the carriage and waved.

"Raon! Give us one more each!"

* * *

Raon looked at Glenn and Federick, who were going back to the carriage with the ice cream they had received again, and licked his lips.

'Was it all in vain?'

I was worried because Glenn's mouth twitched, but it seems wasn't that bad because he went to get a second ice cream.


Where did the cup go?

Glenn, who came with Federick to get ice cream, was empty-handed. Neither the spoon nor the cup was visible.

He tilted his head and looked at Glenn and Federick, but he couldn't hear what they were saying because they were talking in the carriage.


Yua and Yulius ran to Roenn, each holding their chosen ice cream.


Roenn smiled and accepted the ice cream from the two children.

Unlike Yulius alone in front of Roenn, Yua squeezed in between Glenn and Federick, striking up a conversation Frederick chuckled at something amusing Yua said, and Glenn nodded calmly.

'I envy that friendliness.'

Envious of Yua's personality, approaching anyone with friendliness, Raon couldn't help but smile.

‘In this situation, I'm reminded of the Sword Demon.'

Seeing Glenn and Federick together, the memories of Rekhtar, who taught swordsmanship here until recently, surfaced.

He said he would be back soon, but there has been no contact yet.

'I wonder if he finished his urgent business.'

He knew that worrying about Rekhtar was useless, but the last time he saw him, there was a hint of bitterness in his expression, so he was a little worried.

Oh no, your hand is freezing!

Wrath pointed to the mint chocolate cup that was half full.

If it's just a little freezing, endure it. Don't think too much, open your mouth quickly!

'I want to try a different flavor! This is the third time!'

There's no limit to mint chocolate! I, the King of Essence, will create a mint chocolate religion as I go to the Devildom!

'I'm going crazy.'

Raon pulled his hair.

'I'll somehow get rid of mint chocolate.'

* * *

On the white-yellow ground where not a single blade of grass grew, countless swords were stuck.

There were no intact swords to be seen. Some were broken, some were cracked, and some only had the hilt left.

But not a single sword was rusted. All the swords had a smooth blade as if they had just been sharpened.

Sword Demon Rekhtar climbed the mountain called the Sword Peak within the Union, using the countless swords planted in the ground as landmarks.

As he climbed the mountain, the number of swords decreased, but the murderous intent contained in the swords became stronger. Even though they were standing alone without their owners, they seemed to be able to shoot out a fierce sword aura.

When Rekhtar reached the top of the mountain with a somewhat rough gait, he saw the back of a man wearing gray clouds like a robe.

The man's imposing presence as he stood on the summit and looked down at the land was so great that it felt as if the entire world was contained in his gaze.

Rekhtar took a deep breath and approached him from behind, kneeling on one knee.

"I greet Union leader."

At that call, the man with red hair who had been with his hands behind his back turned around.

His appearance looked young, even younger than his age. His bright yellow eyes were wrapped in a cold light like the blade of a famous sword, and his nose was as straight as this mountain

When he fully turned around, the eyes that had surveyed the world descended slowly.

He was like a single sword, a divine sword that connected heaven and earth, incarnated as a human being.

“I'm sorry for calling you so late.”

Union leader smiled gently. When he saw that smile, his heart clenched.

"I've been busy with chores while I was preparing to open the doorgate."

He shook his hand lightly, saying that he had had a lot of annoying things to do lately. The clouds that had been lingering on the summit melted away, revealing a blue robe with a red sword engraved on it.

Rekhtar swallowed his saliva as he listened to Union leader's gentle voice.

‘He has become even stronger.'

Union leader had grown even more since they met before he left the Union.

'It's similar to Glenn, but it's also different.'

If Glenn, whom he had seen this time, was wearing a sword sheath with a sharp blade, Union leader was revealing his sharpness to the world without hiding the blade.

The two transcendents had a similar beginning, but they achieved different things in the end.

"How was your journey?"

"It was still filled with outstanding swordsmanship and talent."

Rekhtar nodded calmly.

"It's fortunate. Going out and finding it dull would be truly disappointing."

Union leader smiled faintly, stroking his beardless chin.

"How is Musten's growth?"

"His growth trend is not bad. However, he has grown more mentally due to his good experiences."

"That's good news. He had exceptional talent but was impulsive. But..."

He looked into Rekhtar's eyes as he twirled his finger.

"The one who helped Musten grow, is it Raon Zieghart by any chance?"


Rekhtar nodded, suppressing his heart that was pounding like a drum. The chill that made his spine tingle continued.

"After Musten lost to Raon in a one-on-one sword duel, he abandoned his complacency. He is diligently practicing every day, not resting on his laurels. It's no different from a coincidence that he gained enlightenment without suffering a serious injury."

"So you followed that kid to Zieghart, I see."

Union leader's eyes narrowed like a crescent moon hidden in the clouds.

"Leading the Myriad Swordmaster to Six Kings, I'm even more curious about that kid." (Myriad = Ten Thousand)

As expected, Union leader seemed to know everything that had happened so far.

"It's not just because of that kid. I wanted to show Musten a broader world and see how much Zieghart has changed."

He lowered his gaze, giving the most common answer.

"So, how was it? The genius who is rewriting the history of the continent?"

Rekhtar tried to turn the topic to Zieghart, but Union leader didn't let it go.

"He had great talent."

Rekhtar began to speak slowly.

'It's only going to raise suspicion if I lie.'

Raon had already made a name for himself across the entire continent and had earned the title of "Dragon" as the strongest young warrior.

He had to tell the truth, but he had to keep important parts hidden.

“There is no one like him in the whole continent. However, because he has achieved so much at a young age, he sometimes ignores others.”

“I heard that he is calm and collected.”

As expected, it was a question he had prepared for, so he recited the prepared answer.

“Yes, he is calm. However, his inexperience sometimes shows. There are many places to stab.”

“Hmm, that's understandable given his strength at that age.”

Union leader nodded calmly.

“What do you think about him compared to Cloud?”

Cloud was Union leader's disciple and a genius who had shown unrivaled talent within the Union.

He was a monster who had reached the early stage of Grandmaster, but he was incomparable to Raon due to their age difference.

“Compared to Cloud, he is….”

“If we only consider talent?”

“Hmm, I think Raon is a little higher.”

“I guess that's why you went to Zieghart.”

Union leader rubbed his forehead, saying that he wanted to see Raon once.

“Did you see the Destructive King of the North?”

“Yes. He seems to have gotten stronger than before.”

“That stubborn old man.”

Even though he heard that Glenn had gotten stronger, Union leader smiled as if he was enjoying it.

Union leader turned his back again and stood at the edge of the cliff.

"Now, only one remains?"

Rekhtar nodded, knowing what that one thing was.


“Then, as my final order….” 

Union leader's gaze shifted, and within his golden eyes, a chilling determination emerged.

“Can you kill Glenn Zieghart?”


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