TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 173


Cale thought he needed to clarify a few things.

"No one here is taller than you, right?"

"Uh, uh, no!"

Candidate Hoya responded enthusiastically, ignoring Yun's sharp gaze.

'Even when facing the Blood Demon, I've never felt like this.'

Kim Haeil. When his gaze met with his, Hoya thought he was going to die. Moreover, they knew about the Hunters and the Blue Blood Family.

'Maybe it's them.'

He recalled the words of his biological father, a key member of the cult.

That person was someone who provided information to Hoya and dreamed of future power.

'One of the Hunter Families has been destroyed.'

He had said that the Black Blood Family had been destroyed. By another group. Now, he heard that the Hunters were having trouble approaching the Xiaolen Planet.

'Kim Haeil. Maybe they could be that group.'

Although Hoya seemed innocent, his mind was more malicious than Yun's.

'First, we must survive.'

He swallowed saliva and forced a smile at Kim Haeil. Even this expression was intentional. He deliberately showed his trembling fear. Because Kim Haeil was actually quite frightening.


At that moment, Kim Haeil's head tilted to the side. Just as Hoya was about to tense up, Cale casually spoke.

"Are you short of words?"

Hoya remained silent for a moment and then spoke, avoiding eye contact.

"I'm sorry..."

Pfft. Yun's laughter was heard.

"What's so funny?"

Then, Young Master Kim said a word to Yun.


Yun gasped and could barely apologize. Hoya couldn't mock Yun. Kim Haeil's aura was overwhelming.

Cale averted his gaze from the two now silent candidates and turned to the one who had approached.

"I'll leave you to clean up the area."

"Yes. Young Master-nim."

Chief Eunuch Wi responded carefully. He sighed deeply as he watched Cale walk away with his companions and the two candidates.

'What a relief.'

It was a relief that Young Master Kim would leave soon. This was the first time Chief Eunuch Wi thought so. Until now, he had felt deep admiration and respect for Young Master Kim's personality, power, and actions. However, everything changed when he saw the chaos Young Master Kim had created today.

'If Young Master Kim were a person of this world, the Imperial Family would have lost its power.'

The Emperor's authority could never be great in the face of natural disasters. Chief Eunuch Wi glanced to the side; the Fist King, standing nearby, had a hardened expression.

He had arrived in Yunnan a little late, accompanied by a few members of the Golden Guard, and had witnessed Cale's Tsunami.

The Fist King's expression had never been so serious.

But the moment his eyes met Chief Eunuch Wi's, he smiled.

Perhaps he was thinking the same as Chief Eunuch Wi.

'It's a relief that Young Master Kim is leaving.'


'I'm grateful that someone like Young Master Kim came here.'

Kim Haeil had no ambitions, greed, or thirst for power and honor. He only thought about saving the world. That was something to be grateful for.

'I'll have to report what happened today.'

Chief Eunuch Wi sighed.

'I hope His Majesty the Emperor, who is so wise, doesn't have unnecessary thoughts.'

It was a relief that the Emperor was who he was now. If it had been the previous Emperor, he might have been swayed by jealousy and fear and tried to eliminate Young Master Kim. And the result of that action would have been his own death. Although Young Master Kim might show mercy, his strong followers could end his life.


He exhaled and looked around before speaking.

"We must start by searching for more traitors in Yunnan Province."

The Three Factions and the subordinates of each power were automatically cleaning up the remnants of the Blood Cult. Moreover, some mid-level martial artists were approaching him. They were here to inquire about how to proceed in the future.


He almost laughed out loud seeing that sight once again. The more he thought about it, the more amazing it seemed. The Three Factions, where there were quite powerful people on each side, had no conflicts. They worked together in an organized and fast manner.

'All thanks to Young Master Kim.'

No, it's because of his power.

Any human, regardless of their Faction, would be stunned by that incredible spectacle and proud to be a part of it.

Moreover, the figure of Young Master Kim was the future and hope for those who longed for revenge.

"I will follow Young Master Kim."

"Yes, Elder."

After even the Fist King left, Wi began to handle matters one by one, releasing the soldiers of Yunnan and the officials from Yunnan prison. Of course, after sending a report on what happened today through a messenger to the Emperor.



Cale sat carelessly in the seat where the Lord of Yunnan sat. No one stopped him. He looked down.

"If Hainan is their base, then what they have in Nanman is a trap?"


Hoya quickly responded. He was kneeling with hands and feet tied, looking up at Cale. The same was happening with Yun.

Even though Cale wasn't using his Dominating Aura at all, the two couldn't stand before him.

'Well, I guess that power is something that can't be easily forgotten.'

It was a power that, according to the Dominating Aura, could scare even the Gods.

It would have been impossible for those who were not even the Heavenly Demon or candidates to resist it.


Cale, leaning against the back of the chair, began to think deeply.


It was a place they had never considered. However, it wasn't that far away. It was just an island, so they would have to take a boat, but that wasn't a big problem either. Couldn't they just borrow one of the boats from the Imperial Palace Fleet?

'They seem to be more meticulous than I thought.'

The meticulousness of the Blood Cult surprised him.


Cale looked at the two people.

Hoya's back was wet with sweat under that gaze.

'...Is he considering whether to kill us or not?'

Young Master Kim. Behind him was Choi Han. Seeing his severe gaze, it seemed like Young Master Kim's look was balancing their lives. Hoya unconsciously opened his mouth.

"I can... I can tell everything."

"...Haven't you told everything yet?"

"I-I can tell everything."

Hoya closed his mouth again and looked at Cale, wondering how much he should speak to survive.

It was at that moment...

"I can tell you about the trap in Nanman."


Yun spoke first.


Yun opened her mouth, feeling more nervous under Cale's indifferent gaze.

Damn it, Hoya came out like this, so I have no choice but to do this if I want to survive.

"The Jiangshis are manufactured in a total of two places!"

Cale nodded, which was a signal to continue.

"One is located in Nanman, and the other is in the North Sea."

South of the Central Plains, in the outer regions, was Nanman. To the north of the Central Plains, in the outer regions, was the North Sea.

One was warm and humid. The other was cold.

'It seems like they've done a lot of work in all directions.'

They had to avoid the gaze of the Central Plains, so the outer, ownerless region seemed suitable. There were several sects established in the outer regions, but they couldn't control all the areas.

"And the main base is in Hainan?"


Yun quickly responded to Cale's question.

"Please explain about Nanman."

When Cale threw a random question, Yun immediately answered, but Hoya responded even faster.

"There is currently a fortress in Nanman! Jiangshis are manufactured there, and the person in charge of making Jiangshis is currently in Nanman!"

"...The person in charge?"

"Yes, that individual is the one with the greatest power in Jiangshi production for the Blood Cult."

Cale's lips curled up.

His gaze swept around.

The Heavenly Demon, the Sword Saint, the Sword Demon. And the Fist King.

The core of each faction was here.

"I have a question."

He looked at Hoya with a subdued tone. Hoya quickly responded.

"Ask me anything, and I'll answer with all my heart!"

"All right, all right. Your attitude is truly admirable."

Cale smiled, and Hoya returned the smile.

Seeing the smiles, Cale let go.

"You, do you know how to purify a Jiangshi?"


Hoya paused.

Cale's brow furrowed in response.

"Are you hesitating to answer?"

It was then that Hoya realized what was going on.

"There are three people who know how to reverse the transformation of a Jiangshi."

Yun intervened. Hoya looked at her in surprise, not realizing what she was doing. However, Yun completely ignored him.


The Sword Saint looked at them with a surprised expression. They were desperately trying to provide information to Young Master Kim in some way. But he couldn't blame the two. Young Master Kim's strength and Dominating Aura were overwhelming. The Sword Saint understood the fear the candidates felt, but at the same time, he realized how much mercy Young Master Kim had shown so far.

"Three people?"

To Cale's question, Yun quickly responded.

"The Blood Demon, the Priestess, and Old Baek, the person in charge of making Jiangshis currently in Nanman! In my case, I only know how to control Jiangshis!"

"How do you control Jiangshis?"

There was a moment of silence as Yun seemed to hesitate, but her gaze turned to her right arm.

Meanwhile, Hoya quickly responded.

"You can control them using the bracelet on Yun's right arm!"

"Hoya Oraboni!"


Finally, the two glared at each other. Despite being friends, in their relationship for the position of Blood Demon Successor Candidate, loyalty was thin.

Cale, who was watching them, turned his gaze to the right.

"Do you want something, Young Master?"

Ron smiled.

"Take that woman with you and gather information about the structure and traps of the fortress in Nanman. And investigate Hainan as well."

"Sounds easy."

Cale, seeing Ron's benevolent expression, secretly avoided his gaze and looked at the others.

"I would like you all to leave together and organize for our next move."

The Sword Saint, the Pinnacle Demon, and the Fist King silently nodded.

They seemed even more serious than before.

However, the Heavenly Demon showed doubts with his indifferent face.

"Are you saying we should leave together?"

Telling these powerful warriors to leave was obviously a command. Cale casually responded to the Heavenly Demon, who disagreed with the idea.

"I want to talk to him. We have a lot of work to do, so it would be good to divide it, don't you think?"

The Sword Saint and the Pinnacle Demon remained silent as they watched Cale and the Heavenly Demon have an informal conversation between them. Regardless of what he said or didn't say, the Heavenly Demon alternately looked at Hoya and Cale before finally nodding.


Soon, Ron and the others left, leaving only Cale, his companions, and Hoya.


Hoya looked around, unable to hide his unease.

'What's going on?'

Why had he been asked to stay here? It would have been better to leave like Yun. At least, he would be away from Young Master Kim. He'd rather stay away from him.


At that moment, a rather friendly voice resonated.

"Don't worry so much; let's talk calmly."

Cale's attitude was relaxed.

"Would you like something to drink? I probably scared you earlier, didn't I?"

With a smile, he got up from his chair and went down the stairs. Then, he sat in front of Hoya and asked while looking at him.

"I had everyone leave because I want to have a relaxed conversation, really."

Hoya audibly swallowed saliva, but his nervousness eased a bit. It was then that Cale continued speaking.

"I saw that the other candidate didn't realize, but you did, right?"


Cale smiled even more. With a radiant smile, he asked Hoya.

"Do you know who I am?"

Hoya's eyes moved nervously.

Cale's smile widened.

"Have you heard of Xiaolen?"

Hoya's lips started to tremble.

"What's your name?"


"Yes, Hoya."

Cale gave him a light tap on the shoulder.

"I heard that the Blood Cult is choosing its Priestess these days. They say that only after choosing the Priestess can they select the Blood Demon Successor Candidate."

Cale gave another tap on the shoulder. He used his Dominating Aura a bit more, as he did before.

"However, Hoya, why, as a candidate, are you causing trouble in the Central Plains?"

Tap, tap.

The shoulder-patting gesture was quite friendly.

"And Hoya, what's going on with the Blood Cult currently? Eh?"

Hoya's pupils moved constantly, like a small boat lost in the waves.

"Hoya, could you teach me a bit?"

Cale whispered friendly while using a bit more of his Dominating Aura.

"It would be good if you shared what you know, right?"

Hoya visibly trembled.


"To summarize..."

Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale.

"Currently, a new Priestess has been chosen, and whoever contributes the most to the destruction of the Central Plains will be designated as the Blood Demon Successor, right?"

Cale nodded.

"And soon there will be an event for the new Priestess, attended by the top members of the Blood Cult, correct?"

"That's right."

Choi Jung Soo calmly observed Cale for a moment before speaking.

"But, Roksoo."

"What's up?"

"...Are you now capable of making people faint just with your aura?"

Cale closed his mouth and looked at Hoya. He had no intention of making Hoya faint.

"Young Master."

Ron returned just in time.

"I think we should deal with Nanman first and then head directly to Hainan with the Jiangshi manufacturing chief there."

First, they had to deal with Nanman, and once that was resolved, the Jiangshi problem would also be solved. Any situation where Cale didn't have to use his ability to purify the Jiangshis would be beneficial.

"Human, let's overthrow Namman and then go to Hae-Nam to overthrow the Blood Cult! I'm excited! Couldn't we go back home and sleep for about ten nights?"

"Probably something like that. It might take a little longer."

Clearing Nanman wouldn't take much time, just a few days at worst. After that, they could head to Hainan via Gwangseo and Gwangdong and deal with the enemies there. It wouldn't take much time. As Cale fine-tuned his plans for the future in his mind, a whispering voice interrupted his thoughts.

-...The sea...?
Of course, he ignored that voice.

-...Waves... tsunami...?
Yes, better to ignore it.

-...Oh, how exciting...
Damn it. Ignoring was the only response.

Eight black drops of water located on both of Cale's clavicles. Among them, 6 turned white, and the seventh turned gray. Only one was black. However, the color of the seventh drop of water, which was gray, turned black again. 6 white drops and 2 black drops. Of course, Cale was completely unaware of this fact.



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