TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 471

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Chapter 471

Raon stood on the stage and looked over the training ground.

The Light Wind division members were each divided into spaces and practicing the martial arts they had received from Glenn.

Their aura was so fierce, as if they were facing an enemy in front of them. The members put their whole heart into each move.

‘I don't need to give advice.’

Even Dorian and Krein, who were usually distracted, were so focused on swinging their swords that advice would only get in the way.

‘Of course, this is only natural.’

Raon smiled faintly and turned his gaze to the right, where the fierce sword cries were pouring in.

‘Because they are training like that next to me.’

Burren, Martha, and Runaan were sparring with Mark Gorton, but it was so intense that it looked like they were seeing a real battle.


Burren aimed at Mark Gorton's neck with a sword filled with aura. It was the technique of the Wind Blade, Suppression and Bloodletting.


At the moment Mark Gorton knocked away the sword of Burren, which was bending towards his neck, Martha came in, breaking through the space from the left.


The aura gathered on Martha's sword, the Titan's aura, poured out a strong light and stabbed Mark Gorton's shoulder.


Mark Gorton stomped on the heel of his foot. It was a subtle move to let go of Martha's surprise attack, but her offensive was not over yet.


In a moment, she generated a frenzy and greatly increased the size of the aura gathered on her sword.


Mark Gorton judged that he could not escape, so he let out a gRoenn and created an aura shield on his shoulder.


A powerful explosion occurred and Martha was thrown back.


Mark Gorton did not miss the opportunity and struck down at Martha with his sword.

At the moment the sword strike, which was falling diagonally, was about to cut Martha, silver frost bloomed from the floor and air, blocking his fierce sword.



Shattered ice fragments surrounded the blue aura, pouring down towards Mark Gorton.


As Mark Gorton focused on breaking the frost with his aura shield, a sharp sword energy pierced through the space from the right.


It was Runaan. With an icy gaze never seen before, she aimed for Mark Gorton's lower body.

"Keep it up!"

"I've got your back!"

Martha and Burren ran along the path opened by Runaan, each unleashing their own techniques.

"We're still far from done."

Mark Gorton, biting his lips, summoned a massive surge of Astral energy.


Intense strikes and sword blows clashed, creating a formidable wave of Astral energy.

There was no room for compromise.

Burren, Martha, and Runaan wanted to break Mark Gorton with their full strength, while Mark Gorton aimed to defeat all three without yielding. Determination filled the eyes of everyone on the training ground.

Raon felt the rough wind brushing through his hair and smiled.

‘I can't just stand here while they're fighting like that.’

Mark Gorton and the three captains engaged in one-on-one and three-on-one duels all day long, forcing others to focus intensely as if they were on the battlefield.

This time, Raon turned his head to the left.

Yua and Yulius were receiving basic training from Gambling Monster, but unlike when they were in the annex building, their eyes were filled with seriousness.

Those two seemed to have grown both in martial skills and mental strength through practical experience.

"Now they seem a bit like seasoned warriors."

The captains were setting an example by training even more, and the members, seeing their example, swung their swords until the sun set.

It was no exaggeration to say that they were the perfect embodiment of a military organization, with even the juniors running behind the seniors.

'Except for one thing.'

Raon frowned and looked back.


Rimmer was lying on the stage, yawning so wide that his mouth was about to split.


While the captains, members, and general administrator were all training to the best of their ability, seeing the leader who was playing around made him sigh.


Raon called Rimmer with his eyes narrowed.

"I’m the leader?" 

“I thought you were still the leader because you haven't changed since you acted as the temporary leader.”

"Is that so."

Rimmer muttered, "It could be." as befits his leisurely personality.

"Aren't you training?"

"I'm training right now."

"Excuse me?"

He was just dozing off a moment ago and muttering something incomprehensible. 

That bug. If Sloth sees him, he might suggest making friends with him.

Wrath frowned, commenting that Rimmer and Sloth were too well-suited for each other.

"What kind of training are you doing?"

"Mental training."

Rimmer raised his finger. A thick aura flashed and bounced off his fingertip

"I'm contemplating how to manipulate aura and wind within my mental state."

"Wipe your mouth."

"Oh, yeah."

Rimmer rubbed his mouth with his sleeve.

"Anyway, I'm in the middle of training. Don't mind me; just do your thing."

With no hint of embarrassment, he seemed like a giant among others.

Raon shook his head and averted his gaze, thinking, 'Well, he's not a fool.'

Despite his appearance, he wasn't someone who would harm himself. Trusting Rimmer, he looked up at the sky.

'The task ahead...'

There was no need to touch the physical body; swordsmanship was trained daily, and meditation refined the mental state. Yet, there was one significant gap.

'The connection of attributes.' (Attributes synergy)

As everyone knows, fire and ice are opposing attributes.

As everyone knows, fire and ice are opposing attributes. Even with a well-trained body, energy center and mana circuit, using Glacier after employing the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation could cause severe internal shock.

'I can endure the pain, but the operation is slow.'

He was used to pain from his previous life, so he could tolerate the pain to a certain extent.

However, using fire and then immediately switching to ice slowed down the manipulation of aura drastically.

‘That's where I need to start.'

To use both fire and ice at the same time in the sword field, it seemed most important to make it possible to use the two attributes at the same time.


Raon closed his eyes. He tried to operate the two opposing energies that were embedded in his energy center at the same time.


Raon closed his eyes and tried to simultaneously control the two opposing energies that were dwelling in his dantian. The two energies collided and interacted with each other, causing a zzizzing sound.

His energy center and mana circuit were aching as if they were about to tear, but the amount of aura was small, and the operating speed was slow. It was in a state that was difficult to use in actual combat.

‘I've used it a few times, but I was lucky.’

Raon had used both fire and ice before, but at that time he was prepared to die, so he didn't care about his body being damaged.

‘I can't fight like that every time, so I had to find a way.’

A bright flame flashed in Raon's eyes as he found his own task.

He closed his eyes and began to calmly observe what kind of reaction occurred in his energy center and mana circuit when he operated fire and ice.

‘It looks like he's found something.’

Rimmer, with a gentle smile, created a wind barrier around Raon to allow him to focus.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Cameloon city branch of the Black Market.

Denning Rose, who was looking over the documents under the bright lighting that seemed to be shining through the sun, raised her head.

“The Tenth Apostle?”

In response to her question, the informant who had his hands folded nodded.

“Yes. A report has come in that he was seen near the Lapequin Mountains.”


Denning Rose sighed deeply as she put down the documents.

“Is the White Blood religion moving again? Merlin, Tenth Apostle, and the Blood Demon. It's a mess everywhere.”

The executives of the Five Demons, who had been quiet for a while, began to move again.

With the appearance of the Five Divine Rulers, it seemed that something big was about to happen soon.

“What about the White Whale?”

“The reputation has stopped sinking thanks to the direct action of Heukgeumje. It seems that the damage has been minimized.”

“She's a cockroach like that.”

Denning Rose clicked her tongue.

“She's not an easy opponent after all.”

Raon saved the people who were being held hostage by the Black Tower, burying the White Whale's reputation in the ground, but Heukgeumje went directly to them and apologized, saving the White Whale's reputation that was falling apart.

It was an amazing act of resolution to solve a problem that she had never imagined would happen.

“It's no wonder she's been hiding underground and surviving all this time.”

Denning Rose nodded as she rubbed the rose-patterned eyepatch.

“So this is….”

She picked up the envelope that was placed on the right side. A white whale pattern was engraved in the center.

“That's it…”

The informant opened his mouth wide as he looked at the envelope.

“That's right. It's an invitation from White Whale.”

Denning Rose shook the envelope with a faint smile.

“It says that they are inviting us to the Five Divine Rulers establishment festival that will be held soon.”

She narrowed her eyes as she gently crumpled the end of the envelope.

“Snooping on our information and then throwing this kind of invitation at us. What a thick face.”

“Are you going?”


As Denning Rose frowned as she looked at the envelope, the door to the office opened and an old woman with a kind smile entered.

“Why are you hesitating? Of course you have to go.”

“M, Master?”

Denning Rose widened her eyes and stood up. She didn't expect the Black Market's master to come.

“Master, how did you get here….”

“What are you so surprised about? I'm not in a place where I can't come.”

The Black Market's master sat down in front of Denning Rose with a leisurely gait.

“Since it's being held nearby, you don't have to go far, do you? Attend it.”

"But I'm sure they're not just inviting me."

"Our territory is around Cameloon, so we need to be even more confident. Of course, prepare thoroughly."


When Denning Rose was contemplating, The Black Market's master waved his hand lightly.

“Raon Zieghart. Didn't he show you? How to deal with someone who comes to your territory and acts arrogantly.”

The Black Market's master smiled faintly, saying that he is a boy who shows different sides every time she sees him.

"That's true."

Denning Rose nodded. Having heard how Raon toppled Heukgeumje, she could only express admiration.

"Oh, have you considered that?"

"Considered what?..."

She tilted her head, not knowing what the Black Market's master was talking about.

"Raon. I asked you if you want to try it with that boy.”


Denning Rose stood up as if to knock over the desk.

"What are you so surprised about? I told you before. If you have any thoughts, I'll send a letter to the King of the North personally."

"No, I don't have any feelings at all!"

Her face flushed as she shook her head.

"Hmm, there's a connection where you’ve saved each other's lives, both have good looks and abilities, so you two seem to match well."

"I have work to do..."

"Well, if that's what you think, then there's nothing I can do."

Denning Rose's shoulders twitched at the Black Market's master's smile.

"It's always best to grab good person quickly, but young people don't know that.”

She shrugged as if to say it's up to her.

"Anyway, this time, prepare thoroughly and show them what the Black Market is like. Since you're invited, you should give them a good show."

"I understand."


Denning Rose swallowed her saliva at the Black Market's master's cold voice.

But the words that followed were far beyond her expectations.

"When you go, dress up well."


"I think someone from Zieghart will come, too. You're a little older than Raon, so you should dress up a little..."


* * *

The new year also came to Zieghart.

Even though the north wind that could even pierce through the city walls was blowing, the fifth training ground was filled with the sweat and fighting spirit of the Light Wind division swordsmen.

Raon smiled faintly as he watched the swordsmen training the same swordsmanship in the same place even though the year had changed.

'They've all changed a lot.'

Although they were wielding their swords in the same place, the swordsmen's skills were on a different level than before.

Their immature martial arts had taken root, and the flow of aura was continuous.

In such a short time, everyone had grown even more.

'Now it's 1 year left.'

Raon raised his eyes and looked up at the sky. The cloudless sky was like seeing the Gazel River 2 years ago.

'The duel with Roman is approaching.'

I promised three years to buy time, but now only one year remains.

I was a little worried because the wall of the Grandmaster was still out of reach.

‘I still can't use firw and ice at the same time.’

While he succeeded in incorporating a bit of fire and ice into his Aura, using both elements simultaneously remained challenging.

‘Why is that the only thing I can't do?’

Even though his swordsmanship had improved, he had learned two more of the Sky Sword's basic techniques, and his energy center and mana circuit had become stronger, it was not an easy task to generate power of two attributes at the same time.

‘Let's not rush things.’

Deciding to concentrate on swordsmanship and Aura until he naturally ascended to Grandmaster, Raon dismissed his worries about the simultaneous use of the attributes

When Raon was about to refine his swordsmanship within the Aura, he heard a snoring sound from behind.


Turning around, he found Rimmer sleeping in a sleeping bag. Raon couldn't fathom why he was doing this here instead of going to his room.

‘I don't know why he's doing this.'

‘But it's really impressive.'

Raon was amazed that he was in that state for a whole day.

The King of Essence said so. He's good enough to be friends with Sloth, right? Why don't we just send him to that mountain?

Wrath frowned, saying that they would just get along well.


Just when Raon was about to laugh and start meditating again,

The door to the training ground opened, and Roenn entered. He approached the stage with a faint smile on his face.

"It's been a while, Vice division leader."

"Yes. It's the first time since we met at the annex building."

Raon got down from the stage and respectfully nodded to Roenn.

“If you have time, would you be able to come with me?”

“If I have time….”

“The lord is calling for the leader of the Light Wind division.”

“Then it’s not me….”

As Raon turned around, Rimmer was nowhere to be seen. And he took the entire sleeping bag with him.

“Wow, when did he go?”

He disappeared the moment that old man came.

‘That guy really….”

It seemed like he had run away the moment his senses were focused on Roenn. He was an elf that never got old, no matter how many times I looked at him.

“I understand. Let’s go.”

Raon sighed and nodded.

“It won’t take long.”

Roenn turned around with his usual smile.

“General Administrator.”

He pointed to the stage where Yua and Yulius were being taught, and asked Gambling Monster to lead them.

“I understand.”

Gambling Monster waved his hand as if to say not to worry, and climbed onto the stage.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed to him and followed Roenn.

“What is it that he’s calling the leader for?”

“It’s probably a new mission.”

“A mission….”

It was about time.

It had been a few months since they rescued the Warring Steel division, so it was time for a new mission.

In fact, considering that the other teams had gone on missions, they had given them a lot of time to build up their strength.

‘What kind of mission will it be this time?’

With so many wars happening recently, it was hard to predict where they would be sent.

Lost in thoughts about the new mission, Raon found himself in front of the Audience Chamber.

Roenn opened the door for him, gesturing for him to enter. After greeting and stepping on the central carpet, Raon approached where Glenn sat.

Glenn was sitting on the throne on the stage, his fist resting on his chin. It was the same position as usual, but something indescribable seemed to have changed.

“I called you here because I have a mission I want you to take on.”

"Please command."

Listening to Glenn's expressionless voice, Raon looked up.

“The Light Wind's vice leader.”

Glenn raised the white envelope that was on the armrest.

“Can you cause a commotion one more time?”


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