TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

Purple dawn sky rippling like curtains in the 5th training ground.

Raon drew Heavenly Drive in the center of the training ground. The silver blade that emerged silently rose up as if to pierce the sky.

A straight slash, and a powerful wave created a thick line on the training ground without exerting much force. Raon tightened his grip, slashing again. The second strike engraved a thinner mark than the initial one.

Raon seemed to be dissatisfied with even that, so he repeated only vertical cuts in succession.

The sword marks that were as thick as a finger joint gradually thinned, and eventually drew a thin line like a hair.

After that, he continued to swing the sword, but the sword marks no longer increased.

The reason was simple.

The vertical cuts fell with the same force and speed, not deviating from the last sword mark by even a little.

Raon smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the sword mark that was emitting a cool air.

'Now it's worth seeing.'

Thanks to the increase in aura and ability, he couldn't control the power at first, but thanks to swinging basic swordsmanship over a hundred times, he was able to adapt to the strengthened body and aura.

Until now, I've done a lot of training, but the best way to adapt to a changed body is basic swordsmanship.

Tsk tsk.

Wrath scoffed as if finding it pathetic..

You always show off every time your stats increases. Isn't it annoying?

The guy muttered that humans were a really clumsy race.

'As I mentioned before.'

Raon lowered Heavenly Drive and sighed briefly.

'In actual combat, this one-inch difference decides life and death.'

He pointed to the thick sword mark carved at first and the thin trace drawn at the end.

‘The training to coordinate the body and aura is never enough, no matter how much you do it.’

It's not always good to have a strong body and aura.

Becoming stronger doesn't guarantee control; if not mastered, strength can lead to crisis.

If you become a Demon King, you won't have to do that to adapt right away.

'Demon king?'

Yeah. When you become the Demon King, your body will naturally adapt without the need for training.

Wrath opened his mouth like a carp, asking if he wanted to be a demon king.


Raon shook his head decisively.


‘What do you want from me? One moment, you're telling me I'll burn down the Devildom, and the next, you're asking me to become the Demon King, it's confusing.

Well, you see..

Wrath rolled his round eyes.

If you show up, the Devildom might be doomed, but it'd be nice if other arrogant Demon Kings and demons got a taste of it too.

Though he didn't want the Devildom to fall, he mumbled that it would be satisfying to strip away other arrogant Demon Kings and demons.

The King of Essence can't be the only one suffering, right? Anyway.

In times like these, Wrath seemed more like a coward than the Monarch of Wrath.

That's not it! The King of Essence just want to set an example for the young sprouts of Devildom...

'That's enough.'

Raon brushed aside Wrath, who was grumbling, and proceeded to utilize the sword techniques of Fangs of Insanity, Blizzard Sword Art (Frostwind Swordsmanship changed to Blizzard Sword Art), and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's swordsmanship in turn. Afterward, he lifted his gaze.

The morning sky, which had been shining with starlight, had descended, and the sun had already risen.

'Then, finally.'

He raised Heavenly Drive above his head. He aimed the sword at the sky and raised the level of his soul


The pillar connecting his body and soul vibrated hotly. The aura contained in Heavenly Drive spread out into the training ground, creating a massive flow.

'I will split the sky.'

Raon, with his will clearer than aura, struck the red-hot blade.

Although there was a rebound, like splitting water with a club, he swung his arm to the end.


The sword technique, imbued with the power of the soul and the will to cut, created a great pressure in the entire training ground.

For a brief moment, the first form of Sky Sword, The Great Sky Descend from the Heavens, dominated this space itself.


Raon sighed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

'It's so different.'

He didn't sweat a drop from basic swordsmanship to Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's swordsmanship, but after just one swing of Sky Sword, fatigue spread throughout his body.

This seemed to be the difference between swordsmanship that contains will.

'It's powerful, but...'

Sky Sword is not just a powerful swordsmanship.

It was a transcendent swordsmanship that dominated space and suppressed the opponent, so it was only natural that physical and mental strength would drain rapidly.

'Do Grandmasters use this as their basic swordsmanship?'

He could now understand why Grandmasters were called natural disasters.

The higher you go, the more you need to put your will into your abilities to survive. If you can't do that, you'll be buried at the bottom.

Wrath nodded as if it were obvious.

Besides, the sword technique you're learning is not just about embodying will. It's a way of consuming space, so it will also help you learn the sword field creation.

He licked his lips, saying that Sky Sword would not only open the way to the rank of  Grandmaster, but would also affect the sword field creation.

'Come to think of it....'

Not only Wrath, but also Glenn had said that.

'Sword field.'

Now that the seeds of the world of the mind had begun to sprout, it was time to think about the sword field creation as well.

'Which attributes should I focus on?'

Right now, he has swordsmanship, fire, cold (ice), and shadow that he has inherited from his previous life.

It would be impossible to put all four in one sword field. The vessel would undoubtedly shatter.

'One, or two?'

While he was thinking about the sword field he would create himself, the door to the training ground opened and Dorian came in.

"Vice division leader! Let's go!"

He waved his hand, urging him to hurry up.


"Yes? You said there was an important matter today! You told me to come right away in the morning!”

Dorian shouted loudly, saying what was the matter with calling him on his day off.

"Oh, right."


Wrath shook his head.

'It's your fault.'

Raon approached Dorian and apologized.

"But what's the urgently important matter?"

"You like kids, don't you?"

"Of course!"

Dorian's face lit up.

"Then it's fine. Follow me."


With Dorian, who had a blank face, he left the training ground.

Please, please! Heavenly and earthly gods, I beg you, please let nothing happen. 

With Wrath's prayer to the heavens and earth, they headed to an ice cream shop.

Every time they went to the shop, there were always issues, but luckily this time, the lights were on inside, and the shop owner was present.


Wrath clutched his head and howled.

He finally showed up! Heavenly gods, I will repay you!

He muttered that he would worship a new god and folded his hands together. He was indeed a cunning believer.

"Ice cream? Is this the right place?"

Dorian widened his eyes.


"But why do I need to be here...?"

"Because you really need to be. Let's go in."

Raon pushed Dorian's back and entered the ice cream shop.

"Welcome... gasp!"

The shop owner, whose mustache dominated his face every time, stood there with his mouth agape.

"Raon? Isn't that Raon?"

He ran out from behind the counter, shaking his hands.

"Why haven't you visited for so long!"

The shop owner furrowed his brows, expressing disappointment that Raon hadn't visited the shop lately.

This bastard?

Wrath flew out like a beam of light and grabbed the shop owner by the collar.

You're always away from your seat! Stop caring about society and just take care of your shop!

He scolded him for going to drink and curse, questioning if he had no intention of making money.

“In fact, I've been hearing about Raon's news all the time. I went to see the sword duel with White Lotus leader's in person, and I also cursed the back of Heukgeumje!”

The shop owner nodded his head, saying that he has been spending very refreshing days thanks to Raon.

"So! As a special offer! I want to give Raon the privilege of using our shop for free! Choose anything you want!"

He spread his hands and shouted for him to choose his desired ice cream.


Raon looked at the ice cream visible behind the shop owner and licked his lips.

"Yes! I am not someone who speaks with a forked tongue! Trust me with this mustache!"

He touched his well-groomed mustache.

"Just say the word."


Raon smiled and raised his head.

"Give me all of them."


"Give me everything here."


The shop owner blinked his eyes quickly, as if he had heard it wrong.

"You heard me correctly. All the ice cream here, pack them up.

He didn't want to be mean. He brought Dorian all the way here to buy all the ice cream here from the beginning.


Wrath laughed at the shop owner, who was so shocked that he couldn't even breathe.

Serves you right! Who told you to leave the Shop? Just stop caring about society!

He even started dancing on the shop owner's head.

"Uh, uh, well, actually..."

Raon laughed at the owner who couldn't speak.

"Don't worry. You don't need to do it for free."

As he said, he placed a gold coin on the counter. Of course, it was more than the price of ice cream.

"Oh, my God! This is fine!"

The shop owner smiled awkwardly and quickly grabbed the gold coin..

"Right away! I'll get it ready for you right away."

He said to wait a little and started taking out the ice cream in bulk.


"I know why you called me."

Dorian sighed and walked forward.

"Just a porter... Was this an important task?"

"Of course, it's important. You're the only one who can move all these ice creams to the annex building so they won't melt."

"The annex building? Even so, it's too many..."

"There are also kids too."

At the mention of kids, Dorian's eyes sparkled..

Because they had rescued the children together from the orphanage created by Derus, he immediately understood which kids Raon was referring to.

"Don't you want to see the kids happy? Shouting your name?"

"Oh! That's right! It's important!"

Dorian nodded and started to prepare ice cream and cups on his own.

You really have a tongue like a ghost.

Wrath sighed as if she was tired.

The King of Essence won't ever fall to the likes of you!

Even though it was already happening, he let him think for himself.


After the shop owner took out all the ice cream, cups, and gifts, including souvenirs, he wiped the sweat from his forehead that was dripping down his forehead.

"Thank you! I will support you for the rest of my life!"

He bowed his head, saying that he would be treated as a VIP in the future.

"No, but..."

Raon smiled and pointed to the shop owner's mustache.

"You'll shave it, right?"


"You said you'd put your mustache up earlier."


At those words, the shop owner's mustache trembled nervously.

"I look forward to your nose being clean when I come next time."

Raon waved goodbye and left the shop.

"Wow, his personality..."

It's like a devil itself...

Dorian and Wrath muttered at the same time that Raon had a terrible personality.

"He said it himself."

As Raon shrugged his shoulders and was about to turn back to the annex building, a familiar face appeared on the other side.


Runaan approached with eyes that looked clearer than usual.

"What are you doing here at this time?"

Runaan almost never gets out of bed on weekends, so it was strange to be here at this early hour.

"I came to buy ice cream."

Runaan held up a round wallet with a drawing of a sloth on it. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

‘I had a hunch, and it seems I was right.'

The only things that could make Runaan get up early were ice cream and training. As expected, it seemed she had come to buy ice cream.

"Raon, do you want to go too? I'll buy you some."

She shook her wallet, saying that she had a lot of money.

"Um, no, I'm fine."

Raon shook his head slowly.


Runaan nodded and ran to the ice cream shop.

And then.


For the first time, we could hear Runaan's scream.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

In front of the annex building garden, 33 bead of ice cream were spread out.

When Raon sprayed cold air on the floor to prevent the ice cream from melting, the children came into the garden.


"It's ice cream!"

"There are so many flavors!"

Including Pine, the children ran to the ice cream bucket with bright smiles.

Raon waved and smiled lightly as he watched the children heading for the ice cream

'They've become much brighter.'

Because these children had received assassin training for a long time, they hardly showed emotions when they first came here.

But after receiving Federick's treatment and feeling affection for the members of the annex building, they had become brighter like children of their age.


Wrath was more excited than the children, waving his tail and shouting.

Hurry up! Start with me, the King of Essence! Come on!

'He has the same mental age as the kids.'

Raon laughed out loud as he watched Wrath go crazy.

"Dorian hyung!"

"Dorian oppa!"

"Okay! Line up!"

Dorian often met the children, so he smiled kindly and put ice cream in cups for them.


Even Runaan, who had followed after hearing the fact, was distributing ice cream to the kids, but it seemed that more of it was going into her mouth.

'I wish she would distribute it first before eating it.'

When Raon laughed at the absurdity, Wrath pounded his shoulder like a drum.

What are you doing? You should eat quickly too.

'There's a lot of it anyway. There's still some left even after giving it all away.'

What are you talking about! The children are no different from Gluttony in front of ice cream!

He shook his finger, saying that nothing would be left if he was late.

'Okay, okay. Mint chocolate, right?'

Now you're starting to learn!

‘After you've been shouting for a month, how could I not know.’

Raon unpacked two ice creams and gave one to the ragged saint Federick .

"Please have some, Saint."

"Thank you."

Federick, who was looking at the children with kind eyes, nodded gently.

"You had a good idea."

He laughed, saying he had thought of such an event.

"It's okay once in a while.”

Raon smiled faintly and put a mint chocolate in his mouth.

The still unfamiliar bitterness and a hint of sweetness simultaneously stimulated his tongue.


Wrath, who looked like he had gone crazy, grabbed his head and collapsed on his shoulder.

That's right! This is mint chocolate, and this is ice cream! What is a Nadin breade!

He said he had no regrets now and teared up.

‘But other than you, the flavour is not popular?'

The children seemed to prefer simpler flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and only Runaan was eating mint chocolate.

Hmph! They don't know the taste yet because they're young!

Wrath wrinkled his nose, saying that the children didn't know the real taste because they were too young.

'Is that so?'

Your mental age looks younger, though.

Raon suppressed the words that were about to come out and stuffed the remaining mint chocolate in his mouth in one bite.

'What's next?'

Mint chocolate.

'You just ate it.'

There is no limit to mint chocolate!

‘I shouldn't have changed the cup.’

He licked his lips and put a new cup of mint chocolate ice cream.

As he was about to go back to his seat to eat, two huge white horses were pulling a golden carriage from the direction of the main building.

Roenn, who was sitting in the driver's seat, waved with a kind smile.

The children were eating ice cream without knowing what was going on, but the maids, including Sylvia, stood up stiffly, shaking their hands.

The carriage stopped in front of the garden, and the elegant door opened with a heavy sound.


The being who makes the air freeze just by appearing. Glenn Zieghart got out of the carriage.

"G-Greetings, My lord"

Starting with Sylvia, all the maids in the annex building knelt down and bowed their heads.


The children with ice cream in their hands were just standing there blankly.

"There is no need to kneel unnecessarily."

Glenn looked at the children and shook his hand.

"Get up everyone."


Sylvia and the maids stood up, adjusting their clothes.

"I seem to have interrupted a good time."

"No, no."

Sylvia shook her head firmly.

"I just came by for a moment because I had something to give, so there's no need to be nervous."

As Glenn snapped his fingers, a golden dimension opened in the sky above the garden.

Gold bars, jewels, elixirs, and weapons poured out of the dimension in a rhombus shape.

It looked like the treasures of Heukgeumje that he had said he would send separately yesterday, but the amount was more than expected. It was overflowing.

"These are the promised rewards."




Sylvia and the maids stared at Raon and the glittering treasures with their mouths agape.

Surprise and admiration shone in their eyes at the same time.


Although he had thought it would be embarrassing to receive such attention, seeing how much they liked it to the point where their cheeks turned red made him feel good.

“Thanks to you, I had an enjoyable diversion after a long time. Consider this a reward for that, so feel free to accept."

He withdrew his hand as if there was no room for refusal. This kind of praise was a first, and it tickled his heart.

"Thank you."


Glenn turned around, saying to enjoy the rest of the time.

He seemed to be about to leave, but his eyes, which he saw at the end, looked somewhat nostalgic for some reason

"Hmm... ."

As he pondered what to do, Yua caught his eye. Seeing the smiling girl brought back memories, prompting him to extend the hand holding the ice cream.

"My lord. Would you like some ice cream... Ah!"

Raon trembled his eyelids as he looked at the color of the bead ice cream on his hand belatedly.

Of all things, it was mint chocolate.


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