TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Raon ignored the status window and looked at Glenn. He seemed to be contemplating how to proceed, tapping his fingers on the armrest of the throne.

"I also agree with the words of the Light Wind division leader."

The first to raise their hand was Serena, the leader of Void Sword division.

"If the Light Wind vice division leader had not been in the midst of his stormy period, we would have been inevitably caught up in the tricks of Heukgeumje. I think he deserves to take that much reward."

She smiled, saying "stormy period" instead of puberty.

"I share the same opinion."

"Yeah, I didn't expect it to end so smoothly."

The executives nodded their heads in agreement with Serena's words.

Raon turned his gaze from the executives who agreed with Serena’s words to the palace masters.


Karoon didn't say anything and closed his eyes. He didn't seem to want to interfere, unlike usual.

"I think it's okay to receive more than that. It was a great achievement that could not be achieved by force."

Denier said it was a great feat and showed an interesting look in his eyes.

"Cough cough well, it's okay just for today.”

Balder waved his hand as if to say, "If you're going to take it, take it quickly.”

"Oh, oh!"

Rimmer sprinkled a cheerful applause.

"It's rare for opinions to be so unanimous. What is it?"

He muttered that it was good and approached Glenn.

"My lord, did you hear that? Everyone agrees."


Glenn looked at Raon with a calm expression. He desperately suppressed the corners of his mouth that were about to rise and closed his mouth tightly.

'There's nothing to say except that he did well.'

It exceeded expectations by far. Initially, Glenn was a bit tense when he recklessly declared he would confront Heukgeumje.

If something went wrong with all the executives and palace masters present, it could erode the influence he had just begun to build.

'But he did it splendidly.'.

Contrary to those worries, Raon brutally confronted Heukgeumje, who, in addition, poured down money and information, causing her to collapse mentally and suffer not only financial losses but also internal injuries.

It wasn't significant, but it was not a small injury, so she would have to take a rest for a while.

‘There's something more satisfying, though...'’

He observed the executives praising Raon. Those who used to ignore or constrain him were now nodding their heads, acknowledging his greatness today.

It was a pleasure that his grandson, who was only ignored, began to be recognized by the executives who led the family.

He was so proud of Raon, who was gradually creating his own colors, that he wanted to go down and stroke his head right away.

'He did well.'

Glenn flicked his fingers slowly. A golden dimensional rift opened, absorbing all the treasures poured by Heukgeumje.


Rimmer opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Why are you taking all of that!"

Without answering him, Glenn closed the dimensional rift after absorbing all the treasures.

'Why? Because I want to give him more.'

That stupid Rimmer said to give Raon only the additional part that Heukgeumje had left behind.

Since that was not much, it was a measure to combine everything first and then send Raon more high-quality treasures.

"The Light Wind vice division leader."

Glenn called Raon after closing the report.


Raon came forward and bowed his head.

"Since everyone has agreed, it's appropriate to accept it. I will send a portion of the rewards left by Heukgeumje to the annex building."

"Thank you."

Glenn clasped his chin and pursed his lips.

'Silvia will be pleased too.' 

He knew that Raon wouldn't openly showcase his achievements to her. He also wanted to bring a smile to her face by sending her the rewards from the lord's manor.

'Today was perfect, except for one thing.'

Glenn narrowed his eyebrows slightly. Most of the events were satisfying, but there was one thing that bothered him.

Where did Raon learn to act like that? However, there was some answer to that.


Rimmer chuckled, sticking out his tongue as he looked at Glenn, whose jaw was tense.

'It's quite obvious.'

Maybe it was because they had spent so much time together. He could tell what Glenn was thinking just by looking at him.

'I feel like hugging him, but I'll hold back.'

Glenn was worried that Raon would be ostracized by the other direct line if he revealed his true feelings.

'Or maybe it's just embarrassing.'

Glenn had been taking care of Raon from behind since he was a child, so it seemed difficult for him to be affectionate.

'But at least they've made some progress lately.'

It was encouraging that the distance between Raon and Glenn was slowly shrinking. It was frustrating to watch, but it was a good sign.


Rimmer sighed as Glenn's voice rang out.

"It's time to go. Only the Light Wind's leader remains."

Since all the situations were concluded, Glenn instructed the executives to return.


Rimmer's eyes widened.



"Why... oh!"

He realized why he was being left behind.

‘Is he giving me some scraps because I took care of Raon?'

Since Glenn's expression wasn't fierce, it seemed like that was the only reason.


Rimmer shouted loudly and nodded his head.

"Well done, the Light Wind’s vice division leader!"

"Your mouth is amazing."

"How did you come up with that? What's in your head?"

"I felt relieved inside. Let's have a drink later."

The executives smiled or waved goodbye to Raon as they left.

Karoon walked by without saying a word, Balder rolled his eyes with a troubled expression, and Denier nodded approvingly.

"I'll be going too."


As Raon was about to leave with his head bowed, Glenn raised his hand.

"Where did you learn to cause such a ruckus today? It wasn't something you could have done on your own."

"Thanks to the exemplary textbook next to me."

Raon pointed directly at Rimmer as if there was no need to think about it..

"Oh, no! You far surpassed me! It was a masterpiece!"

Feeling a shiver down his spine, Rimmer quickly raised his head.

"No. I'm not even half as good as the division leader."

"Seriously. Today, you were a true master of mischief!"

"The division leader is a mischief even on a normal day."

The master and disciple pointed fingers at each other, arguing over who was the better mischief.

"Well, I'll be going now."

Raon left the audience chamber, still saying that it was all thanks to Rimmer's lively scoundrelly life, and only Glenn and Rimmer were left.


Glenn slowly rose from his throne. A chilling aura rose from the bottom of the throne, just like when he faced Heukgeumje.

"After seeing Raon's appearance today, I can tell how you treat the kids on a regular basis."

"Oh, no! I really don't have the madness like Raon! He's the one blessed by the mischief gods!"

"Not mischief, but adolescence."

"Adolescence? Raon completed the second puberty mentally when he was born. What adolescence are you talking about?"

Rimmer protested, but Glenn raised his hand without hesitation.

"Wait a minute! I helped Raon get the treasures today! Let's just call it even..."

"So, exactly half."


"Die half."


* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Karoon left lord's manor quietly, and Balder left with a flushed face.

"Living long enough, that guy can be helpful at times."

Balder scratched his thick neck and curled his lips.

"When his madness is directed at external enemies, it becomes an unstoppable sword. Did you see Heukgeumje's expression?"

He smiled, saying that he liked Raon for the first time today.

"I saw it. Her composure completely shattered. She must have sustained some injuries too."

Karoon nodded calmly.


Balder burst into laughter, holding his forehead.

"It wasn't a mistake! I should have given him something in return!"

He seemed to have developed a slight liking for Raon, who was not a simpleton as he usually appears.

"His expression from the start was like he was on purpose... Hmm?"

Balder frowned as he continued to look at the quiet Karoon.

"Why are you grimacing? Even if you don't like that guy, you should acknowledge him this time. He caught the rat trying to use the family."

"True. It was something worth acknowledging. It greatly benefited the family. However..."

Karoon turned his head slowly, and his eyes sank into a silence like a snake sighting its prey.

"Where did today's incident happen?"

"Where elese? At the lord's manor."

"Right. The lord's manor. The only person who can move freely inside is father.


Balder finally seemed to feel something strange as his eyes widened.

"If we had mocked Heukgeumje, father would have told us not to do it. But today, Raon ran wild as if it were his own living room."


"Yeah. Father's perspective on Raon has changed."

The cold air around them seemed to freeze as Karoon's soft voice rang out.

"Isn't it a bit too much? Raon is still young and..."

"Father wouldn't have cared if he had just become a Master or was at a lower Master level. However, his current level is that of a peak Master level. Moreover, he's the kind of peak Master level who can defeat other peak Masters level consecutively."

He gritted his teeth as he thought of Raon.

"It seems father intends to make that guy our competitor."

* * *

When Raon left the lord's manor, the master of the Shadow Agents, Chad approached him.

"Thank you for your hard work."

He knew that he had deliberately caused a ruckus, so he bowed his head and said that he must have been tired.

"No, it's not."

No, it wasn't difficult at all. With an excellent text book guide like Rimmer, it was clear how to proceed.

"It's a small token, but please accept it. Enjoy it at home."

Chad handed him a small box wrapped in luxurious packaging.

"Oh, it's fine..."

"It's a dessert that the vice division leader might like, so please accept it."

He insisted that Raon take the box and stepped back without causing any further discomfort.

"Well, I'll see you again next time."

After bowing again, Chad left without hesitation.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the box that Chad had left.

‘Is it macarons like last time?’

Since Chad had given him macarons as a gift before, it seemed like it would be a similar dessert this time too.

‘There are still people I can't let my guard down around.’

Not knowing Chad's true intentions well, Raon wasn't ready to relax around him.

That's enough!

Wrath scowled and sprang up like a fountain.

Let's go buy ice cream soon! You promised, didn't you!

He grabbed Raon's sleeve and shook it, saying that he wanted to go to the bead ice cream shop right away.


Raon nodded. Wrath hadn't been able to eat the ice cream he wanted because of the many things that had happened in a row.

He did eat one in the middle, but he declared that he wouldn't count it because it was Nadine bread flavor.

'Let's go.'

He nodded because he had kept breaking his promise. He decided to buy Wrath all the ice cream he wanted and headed for the store.

'I'll check the messages on the way.'

He called up the messages he had not looked at the audience chamber.

He thought Wrath would make a fuss, but the guy was with his hands folded and his eyes closed.

'What are you doing?'

Don't talk. The King of Essence's praying that nothing happens today.

Wrath muttered that he was praying to the gods to let him eat ice cream today.

'Nothing will happen.'

There was no need to worry because there was no festival today, and the store was not closed.

Every time th King of Essence with you, something always happens!

'It's just sometimes. Just sometimes.'

Raon waved his hand and looked at the message.

[You have shattered the spirit of an opponent who is overwhelmingly higher in realm.]

[All stats will increase by 10 points.]

[The rank of the <Ambush> skill will increase.]

When he was checking the message that his stats and skill ranks had increased, Wrath's sigh was heard.

Damn it....

He seemed to be curious after all, even though he said he wasn't interested. Anger and frustration were rising on Wrath's face.

Why is Ambush going up!

‘Did I increase Ambush through talking?’

Kuuuk ....

Wrath seemed to have nothing to say, so he kept his mouth shut.


Raon smiled and checked the next content.

[Title <The tongue that mocks the world> is created.]

Raon frowned at the name of the title.

'The tongue that mocks the world?'

This is a bit ...

He thought the name was too plain and looked at the content.

<The tongue that mocks the world>

A title bestowed upon those who have defeated opponents with higher realms solely through their words and rhetoric.

Ability: Causes slight mental confusion when conversing with a higher realm opponent.

This title had an effect on the opponent's mind, unrelated to physical strength. It seemed to have an effect similar to mental magic.


Wrath nodded approvingly.

This is the only thing the King of Essence admits! He rolled three demon kings with his tongue!

He expressed frustration, stating that instead of mocks the world, it should become a tongue that mocks the Devildom.

Your tongue should be extracted and turned into an artifact of the Devildom! If you say it's a tongue that conquered the three demon kings, the whole Devildom will be shaken!

Wrath's eyes flashed as he said that it would become a legendary artifact.

'Don't talk nonsense and think about ice cream. It's here, so... huh?'

Raon stopped in front of the bead ice cream shop. It was dark inside and there was no one inside.

S, seriously?

'Is it closed?'

He went up to the store and read the paper attached to the door.

[There is a bastard to curse, so we are closed today.]

Underneath that, there was a small note stating that Heukgeumje and the White Whale had ignored the fact that the Black Tower was holding hostages.


Raon opened his mouth wide. It seemed that the store owner had rushed to the main gate with other merchants to criticize Heukgeumje.

‘It turned out like this?’'

He didn't anticipate it would turn out like this after instructing Dorian and Krein to spread the rumors quickly.

What, what is this!

Wrath ground his teeth as he looked at the paper.

This mustache! Why are you so interested in society! Just sell ice cream inside!

He pounded his chest, saying that he was going crazy.

He goes to the sword duel, to the festival, and to curse someone, so who will sell the ice cream?

Wrath screamed how the world could be like this.

The world is mocking the King of Essence!


They are bulliying me!

He shook his hand as if grabbing the throat of the sky.


Raon looked at Wrath with a sidelong glance and licked his lips.

'It doesn't seem like he's coming today.’

Ariel will be busy persuading her followers and the residents of Zieghart. The store owner probably wouldn't open the store today either.

Shut up! The King of Essence will definitely spend the night here today!

Wrath frowned, saying that he would not move until the door opened.

When Raon was wondering what to do, he remembered the box that Chad had given him.

'What about eating this first?'

If this dessert was macarons, it seemed possible to comfort Wrath.


Wrath turned his head slightly as if he was interested.

Raon smiled faintly and unpacked the box. As expected, there was a plump macaron with a lot of cream on it.

This is okay! It's sweet and delicious!

'Right? Let's just endure it with this for today.'

He patted Wrath on the back and picked up a macaron.

But what flavor is this?


Raon tilted his head as he looked at the cream color of the macaron.

'Let me check ... Oh?'

He opened his mouth wide as he saw the note written between the boxes.

[This is a macaron flavored with Nadine bread, which the vice division leader mentioned he likes it. I hope you will continue to take care of me in the future.]

The note left by Chad said that it was a specially ordered Nadine bread-flavored macaron.

I might lose my mind.

Wrath closed his eyes tightly.

Truly, it feels like I'll develop human distrust!


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