TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 172



The energies of the three, the Heavenly Demon, the Sword Saint, and the candidate, were once again cut at the point where they met, this time more easily.


The Heavenly Demon's gaze landed on Shui Khan.

There was only one thing he knew about Sui Khan.

Lee Soo Hyuk.

That was all he knew. He had never paid much attention to this man. He didn't seem particularly powerful, and he simply thought he received decent treatment in Young Master Kim's group due to his experience.

"But what's this?"

However, the power he was using right now was strange. It was different from any conventional martial arts technique. Unlike Choi Han and Choi Jung-soo, he couldn't feel any energy emanating from Lee Soo-hyuk. Instead...


That was what he perceived from the man.

Not an extravagant sword technique or elegant movements. He simply cut efficiently. In that regard, the Heavenly Demon felt a strange unease.

'A will in his sword?'

That could be called "Shimgeom/Heart Sword" (심검).

"Heart Sword" referred to a state where the swordsman's spirit was contained in his sword. The Heavenly Demon had read about it in writings, but he had never fully understood its essence until now.

He could only vaguely think that if he could reach the Nature Realm and contemplate nature, he could contain his heart in a sword.

But he never thought he would see what he believed was the Heart Sword here.

'Lee Soo Hyuk.'

He didn't release the energy of an expert at the Profound Realm or the Unrestrained Realm level. But in his sword, he carried a will that made him stand out.


The Heavenly Demon let out a laugh.

The world was truly vast. There were many forms of strength he had not yet experienced. The simple realization of this was already a gain for the Heavenly Demon.

Then, his gaze met with Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Are you kidding?"

The casual comment made the Heavenly Demon unable to stay still. He smiled and moved directly. When he traveled with Young Master Kim's group, he really couldn't help but laugh.

"Kidding? I don't think so."

The position of the Heavenly Demon was something that couldn't be taken lightly.


The sword emitted a lament as the Heavenly Demon advanced with the Footwork known as "Heaven's Dominance." He headed straight for the Blood Demon Successor Candidate.

Lee Soo Hyuk followed him calmly and made eye contact with the Sword Saint.

"We can't fall behind, can we?"

Lee Soo Hyuk said confidently, and the Sword Saint responded with determination.

"Of course, it's obvious."

The Sword Saint's sword, enveloped in a golden glow, headed towards the Blood Demon Candidate Hoya.


As if it were appropriate for him to have risen to the position of the top swordsman of the Justice Faction with a heavy sword, his sword caused a tremendous vibration with each strike.

Shui Khan briefly observed Blood Demon Candidate Hoya facing off against the Sword Saint and the Heavenly Demon, and then made an assessment.

"He seems to be a beginner in the Profound Realm."

Blood Demon Candidate Hoya appeared to be in the late teens or early twenties. Although he was undoubtedly an extraordinary expert, he wouldn't be able to withstand the Heavenly Demon's sword, who had already reached the intermediate level of the Profound Realm, or the Sword Saint, who was already in the latter stages of the Unrestrained Realm.

Bang! Boom!

Shui Khan's gaze turned in the direction of the sound. The blue aura of the other Candidate extended in all directions.


He didn't know if she was trying to make a move or if she was trying to perform some kind of trick, but the relentless White and Black Dragons were restraining her movements.

"This should end soon."

The combination of Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo turned out to be better than he had thought. After all, having the same roots but growing in different directions, they could compensate for each other's weaknesses and fight better.


Then Sui Khan's eyes met with the gaze of a white-haired man, Ron, beside him was Beacrox. With his large sword resting on his back, Beacrox stared intently at the battlefield. Sui Khan averted his gaze and took a step forward.

"There are many places to cut."

Crunch. His sword moved to seek another target. And Beacrox watched his movements closely.

"I'll go take a look."

Nodding sharply at his father Ron's words, Beacrox found himself alone for the first time in a long while.

Normally, he would have Toonka, Priest Durst, and Blood Cultist No. 7 by his side.

But Toonka had not arrived yet, and Priest Durst had decided to come later, fearing he might faint from nausea at the sight of the Jiangshis.

Furthermore, No. 7 had fallen into the hands of the Pinnacle Demon, and his fate was unclear. He seemed to be alive, but Beacrox didn't know in what state he was.

According to the Pinnacle Demon, No. 7 had even begged to be knocked unconscious, but he hadn't listened to that closely. The only thing on his mind right now was one person's voice.

Sui Khan.

"Beacrox, would you like to learn my sword technique?"

He said it so casually, as if he were asking if Beacrox wanted to eat.

"Of course, I can't give you my ability; I need it too. But I have an idea of the conditions to unlock and improve that ability. I'm not sure if it will work for you or not."

Sui Khan's words were so casual that Beacrox couldn't help but ask.

"Why me?"

Sui Khan laughed at the question.

He looked at Sui Khan with an amused air and continued.

"More than Choi Han, who knows how to observe his surroundings, you seem suitable here. In my opinion, you're the most..."

He paused for a moment and continued without hesitation.

"The most stubborn among all."

Sui Khan said Beacrox was the most stubborn here.

"And I'm quite stubborn too. You resemble me a bit."

After saying that, Sui Khan didn't make any more comments. But Beacrox knew that the proposal was still valid, and he would have to give an answer at some point.


What should he do?

While he contemplated, his eyes were filled with blue energy that was being mercilessly torn apart by a black aura.

"I've got it."

The female candidate had her throat gripped by Choi Han. Beacrox watched it and thought, "Anyway, I can't just stand here."

Something had to be done.

The others were geniuses whose progress had surpassed his own. Of course, he considered himself talented too, but they were geniuses in their own league. He didn't feel envy about that, but he simply couldn't stay still. That was the only reason.

It was then that Beacrox decided he needed to talk to Sui Khan.

"He's here."

His body moved.

Cale Henituse.

He entered the city.

With the wind wrapping around his legs. Undoubtedly, it was Raon's invisible magic, as Cale had not yet released the seal of the Wind Attribute.


Beacrox stopped for a moment.

"That's strange."

Young Master Cale Henituse.

"...How can he be so fine?"

After using such extraordinary power, shouldn't he be vomiting blood at least a little?

Beacrox's expression turned grim.

Somehow, he had the feeling that something big was about to happen soon.

But he couldn't speak without thinking first.

Anyway, things were going smoothly for now.

Meanwhile, Cale stopped.

Inside the City of Yunnan.

On the crumbling city walls. Cale tried to take in his surroundings.


But he couldn't.

Choi Han approached him.

He grabbed Candidate Yun by the neck and dragged her along the ground.

"Kuek... kek."

Candidate Yun had not fully regained her sanity. She had a deep wound on her side, and many of the ornaments she wore on her body were broken. Choi Han ruthlessly dragged her over to Cale and let her fall in front of him.


A groan of pain escaped Candidate Yun's mouth.

'He's not the type of person to act so roughly, is he?'

Cale was surprised by Choi Han's rough behavior, but he soon understood.

'Maybe she said something she shouldn't have.'

There must be a reason for this gentle bastard's anger. And since she was the enemy, he really didn't care.

They were the ones who wanted to turn the people of Yunnan into Jiangshis.

At that moment, Choi Jung Soo, who was following him, spoke.

"This woman said she was going to turn Raon into a Jiangshi!"


After a moment of silence, Choi Jung Soo paused as he saw Cale's inquisitive gaze.

"Yes, that's what she said! I'm sure I heard it! Even our comrades heard it!"

Then he quickly disappeared, saying he would help elsewhere.

-Human, they can't turn me into a Jiangshi! I'm great! So why did Choi Jung Soo suddenly run away so hastily? Did I do something wrong?

Raon's words fell on deaf ears.

Instead, Cale squatted down and looked at the candidate who was groaning, unable to regain her senses.


Then he gave her cheeks a couple of taps.


With that act, Candidate Yun managed to open her eyes with great difficulty. She was full of rage at this moment. The sharp pain in her side was nothing compared to the anger she felt.

'How dare they, how dare they!'

To do this to someone who could become the leader of the powerful Blue Blood Family! The two swordsmen looked at her calmly, as if dealing with a little girl. Yun felt like prey, and she couldn't help but feel angry.

'I've come this far with so much effort!'

She had overcome countless difficulties to get to this point. The blood flowing from her side at the moment was nothing in comparison.

'...I won't stay still.'

Even though she had lost consciousness due to the attack and was trapped by the neck among the enemies, she still had a chance.

'Since if I go back like this, I'll die.'

Behind the anger, she felt anxiety and fear. The fate of a candidate who failed was one and only one. She was determined not to face it under any circumstances.

'I still have enough strength.'

Even though half of her body ornaments were broken, she would use what was left to deploy Magic Techniques and Magic Formations at the same time. Then she would retreat and look for another opportunity.


She let out a fake groan as she lifted her eyelids a bit more. She tried to assess the situation she was in.


And then, her eyes met another pair of dark brown eyes that were looking down at her. In that instant, Yun felt an overwhelming pressure, as if her breath stopped.

"Kuek, kek!"

Although no one was strangling her, she felt like she was being choked.

She couldn't think of anything else.




All were emotions that required thought and consciousness to conjure.

But now she couldn't even think about it.

Her mind was blank, and she couldn't recognize anything.

She couldn't do anything anymore.

Helpless. That was the only word that could describe her state.


She couldn't even utter words.

Because she felt like she was going to die. This was also beyond her knowledge. It was an absolute statement and a truth. Acting rashly in front of the owner of those eyes would result in death.

-Hahaha! That's the way to go, Cale! Let's use this power seriously! Then even the Gods will tremble in fear!

Cale ignored the Dominating Aura's voice, opening his mouth without paying it much attention. There was a small aura swirling around him.

"What is the Blood Cult's purpose?"

No, Cale had no idea of the Blood Cult's purpose, so he looked at the candidate who had mentioned the idea of turning Raon into a Jiangshi.

"And... where is their base?"

Yun, who had been completely petrified and unable to speak at all, finally let out a sigh of relief when Cale's gaze moved away from her. Then, Cale looked at Hoya, another Blood Demon Successor Candidate, who was being held by the Heavenly Demon.

"You also live with her, right? Is your home also the Blood Cult?"

Cale was not pleased at all with having captured only a part of the Blood Cult in Yunnan. What he really wanted was to push the Blood Cult to the edge of the precipice all at once. That was his only goal.

"Ugh, ugh."

Looking at the candidates who were trembling and gasping, Cale smiled when he saw Yun's expression turn icy once again. Then he asked with a smile:

"Which of you wants to spill their location?"

If they wanted to survive.

Although Cale didn't say those words, somehow it seemed like Yun heard them in her mind.

"Hai... Hainan-"

Finally, her lips parted. She had no other choice. Faced with an overwhelming presence like a predator, the only action she could take as prey if she wanted to survive was to obey.


And then, Cale stopped.

"It's not just Nanman, is it?"

When Yun, affected by his aura, couldn't continue speaking and was trembling, the other candidate, Hoya, shouted.

"Nanman is a trap! They've set a trap there to catch them later!"

Yun felt a sudden chill. She understood Hoya's desire to survive perfectly. But she stayed silent because Young Master Kim was right in front of them.

"I see."

Cale expressed his admiration. Until now, they had thought that the center of the Blood Cult was in Nanman. But even that turned out to be a trap.

'They are definitely on a higher level than the Black Blood Family I encountered in Xiaolen.'

For a group of people who wanted to start the Great War Between Good and Evil, they were extremely cautious and skilled in their disguises.

-Human, where is Hainan?

Cale replied casually.

"On an island."

Hainan was the name of an island. It was at the southern end of the Central Plains and was a large island in the sea. It was known for the Hainan Family, a clan of swordsmen.

-An island?

Cale shivered upon hearing Sky Eating Water's question.

-An island means it's surrounded by water on all sides, right?


-If it's surrounded by water on all sides...


-Cale, we can defeat them all at once, right?

For now.

Let's ignore it.

Cale acted as if he hadn't heard Sky Eating Water's excited voice.



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