TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 461

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 461

Raon swallowed dry saliva as he looked at Judiel.

"She is not bringing her subordinates and coming alone?"

"That's what I heard."

Judiel nodded, her eyes trembling slightly.

"I thought it was strange, so I checked several times, but it's true. It's possible that White Whale warriors are following her in secret, but for now, it seems that she's coming alone."


There was nothing else to say but that.

Though Zieghart and White Whale hadn't faced each other directly in battle, their current feelings toward each other weren't positive. Zieghart didn't appreciate White Whale trying to extract information from their territory, and White Whale, with their warriors including White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade, being imprisoned by Zieghart, likely harbored negative emotions.

'Her purpose is clear. She's here to rescue White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade.'

Blood Cloud Blade was an advanced Master level, and White Wolf Sword was a peak Master level. Being talented individuals who could potentially reach Grandmaster someday, it was only natural not to abandon them.

However, in a situation where a small spark could lead to a large-scale war, it's unclear why Heukgeumje is doing something crazy.

She seems like a decent human.

To come alone to rescue his subordinates, she's quite a proper human!

'But he's our enemy for now.'

He's not an enemy of the King of Essence she's your enemy. The King of Essence just likes those who cherish their subordinates. Better than that almond guy or whatever!

'It's Ayad.'

Wrath seemed to appreciate Heukgeumje valuing her subordinates, as he began praising her.

'What on earth is she thinking... Oh!'

Raon clapped his hands while looking at wrath.

'Could she has planned this?'

Currently, Wrath was praising Heukgeumje for coming alone to Zieghart to rescue her subordinates. If someone hears about Heukgeumje and White Whale's situation, most people would react like Wrath.

The leader of a small group coming alone to the enemy's territory to rescue subordinates is a heroic act beyond exaggeration.

'Right, this makes sense.'

Originally, the world welcomes new heroes. It seemed like Heukgeumje was taking advantage of her journey to Zieghart to rescue her subordinates, building her own reputation.Those who hear about Heukgeumje's situation would cheer for her heroic appearance, and Zieghart, too, couldn't ignore the continent's public opinion, so they had to give her some acknowledgment.


Raon sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

'It's the best way to rescue subordinates without war.'

Raon gestured to Judiel to understand her thoughts.

"This is just my opinion, but it seems like Heukgeumje is trying to create public opinion."

"Public opinion?"

"Yeah. Heukgeumje is probably riding a carriage or walking here on her own legs without hiding."

Even though Raon hadn't seen it, he predicted Heukgeumje's movements, revealing her intentions to Judiel.

"Well, it seems to make sense."

Judiel nodded with trembling lips.

"Other than that, there's no reason."

As Raon said, it seemed clear that Heukgeumje's reason for coming alone to Zieghart was to use public opinion to rescue her subordinates and ensure her safe return.There might also be an intention to enhance her and White Whale's reputation using Zighardt's name.


Looking at Raon lost in thought, Judiel let out a sigh.

'To think he could figure all that out in this short moment...'

In reality, it hasn't been long since the information came in, and understanding Heukgeumje's intentions is something one could figure out with a little thought.

But Raon, with incomplete information and only a few minutes of hearing about Heukgeumje's situation, had grasped her intentions.

His remarkable growth seemed to extend even to his political acumen.

"This information has also reached the lord's manor, right?"

Raon looked down at Judiel.

"Yes. It must have reached the lord's manor by this evening. I also learned about it thanks to the information that fell there."

"Then the head of house is probably aware of everything too."

Glenn and the other executives would also have heard that Heukgeumje was coming here and figured out her movements.


There was no way around it.

The name of Glenn Zieghart, the Destructive King of the North, is high and great.

It is impossible for him to prevent her from being attacked in Zieghart when she comes to Zieghart alone.

'They may have to protect her.'

If Heukgeumje were to be injured or even attacked in Zieghart's territory, the entire continent would criticize them as a house that has no shame.

It was a situation where they had to protect her from attack instead.


Raon clicked his tongue.

'She's really good at using her head.'

It is not difficult to understand Heukgeumje's intentions, but it is not an easy task to break her schemes.

Especially with a huge family like Zieghart, they had no choice but to move according to her intentions.

'The lord can't move. The leaders as well. Sheryl or Roenn can't do it either.'

They are old and have high positions, so it is difficult for them to move rashly. If they block Heukgeumje's path and start a quarrel, they will only be met with strong curses and criticism.


I'm different.

I have a high position in the family, but I have little experience and am young, so even if I make a mistake, it won't be a big problem.

He was the only person within the family who could move freely without falling into Heukgeumje's intentions.

Raon smiled coldly and tapped the scabbard of Heavenly Drive.

'I handle situations like this quite well.'

Well, who else is as good at handling situations as you?

'Not to that much.'

Thanks to your handling, I still can't eat ice cream!


Unable to respond, Raon kept his mouth shut.

Say something!

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

Ruzen, an external informant agent from the Shadow Agents who had collaborated with Raon in the Warring Steel's rescue, observed the people standing with sunken eyes.

Soon, he blended into the crowded street, creating an atmosphere similar to his surroundings.

As Ruzen hid in the crowd, a tall woman walked towards the center of the street.

Her waist was straight like a scholar's brush, and her broad steps revealed a confident demeanor.

The hair, barely reaching her neck, was as black as satin, and her eyes shone with a vivid red light, resembling flames. Her nose was as elegant as a crescent moon.

Jet-black eyes. Such an appearance was not common in this world, but the astounding thing was the harmony of it all.

People gathered, their mouths agape at her overwhelming beauty that could rival even the elves.


"Is, is that her?"

"Yes, she's Heukgeumje the one leading the White Whale."

"She looks incredibly young."

"I heard her strength reached the sky, making her younger."

"Indeed, her steps exude power."

People sighed in admiration at Heukgeumje's appearance and confidence.

"But why is she going to Zieghart?"

"Don't you know? Her subordinates are captured by Zieghart! She's going to rescue them!"

"Oh? So she's going alone to Zieghart just to rescue her subordinates?"

"Yes. It might lead to unnecessary war if she brings her subordinates along. She's going alone. I'm too scared to ever do something like that..."

"Right. She's a true leader! Where else can you find someone like her these days!"

"Come to think of it, not long ago, White Whale saved the Chad Village, which was attacked by monsters, and even helped with the village's recovery."

"I heard that too. Not only Chad Village but many other places received a lot of support."

The onlookers in the street praised Heukgeumje for her past benevolent deeds.

People's faces began to show favor towards Heukgeumje and White Whale.


As Heukgeumje passed by, people who had heard her story began to cheer.


"Heukgeumje! Heukgeumje! Heukgeumje!"

"White Whale! White Whale!"

"Please bring back your subordinates safely!"

"I'll support you!"

"Zieghart won't stand a chance!"

People cheered for Heukgeumje, wishing for the safe return of her subordinates.

Heukgeumje nodded slightly to the crowd and continued walking forward.


Ruzen frowned at the ear-piercing cheers and stepped back.

'This is no joke…'

Among the onlookers, it's evident that White Whale's agents are subtly infiltrating to shape public opinion.

No matter how close this land is to the Owen Kingdom and considered a neutral zone, the reactions are excessive. Her strategy of promoting White Whale and herself by elevating their status alongside Zieghart's name and displaying a heroic image to rescue her subordinates seems to be working well.

'She played her cards right.'

Especially the way she overwhelmed the entire gathering with a powerful presence while humbling herself, giving off an eerie shiver.

If he hinders Heukgeumje here, the public opinion across the continent would be damaged. There was a possibility that Zieghart might be labeled as a coward or villain.

Recently, with Raon's activities, Zieghart's name had started to gain some positive recognition. But one wrong move here could turn him into a villain worse than the Five Demons.


Ruzen sighed and pulled his robe forward.

'It's a dead end.'

He had reported to the family, but the situation was such that they could not stop her or attack her. The executives would also be frustrated.

'I guess even he can't do anything about this.'

Ruzen had only met Raon recently, but he had shown the ability to solve all the problems in the world.

But this time, even he seemed to be helpless.

Ruzen shook his head and walked away from the crowd.

At the moment he left for a report, Heukgeumje, who had been walking forward with her eyes fixed on the front, stopped walking.

Heukgeumje smiled faintly, looking in the direction of the alley where Ruzen had disappeared.

* * *

Raon finished his sword training from morning to midnight the day after the sword duel, and returned to the annex building.


Wrath hung in the air like a cloud and slumped her shoulders.

Thr King of Essence has lost his motivation to live. My life is...

'Your life?'

Yes. My life is ruined.

He muttered that his life was completely ruined and stuck her lips out.

'It can't be helped.'

Raon shook his head as he patted Wrath's slumped shoulders.

'It's a hangover.'

He went to the ice cream shop this morning, but there was only a note on the door saying that it would be closed for one more day due to a hangover.

As expected, the owner seemed to be suffering from a hangover after drinking heavily.

The King of Essence can't accept a man who takes a day off for a hangover as an owner! Tell that guy with the mustache to quit right away!

'What are you talking about…'

You, yourself can't handle alcohol.

he still remembers how he begged to stop him from drinking during a contest with the Gambling Monster. So Raon doesn't know what he's talking about.

Ugh, I fear what trouble may arise tomorrow that could affect the King of Essence's ice cream!

Wrath shook his whole body, stating that he wasn't afraid of fighting with the heavens but rather afraid of not being able to eat ice cream.

The ice cream is right in front of my eyes. A cloud of mint chocolate is floating there, but why can't I eat it?

He started licking the round magic lamp that was stuck to the ceiling, as if he started to see things.

Hmm, orange flavor...


The color of the magic lamp was orange, but it couldn't be orange flavor.

It seemed like he suffered a serious shock to his sanity.

'I really can't do this.'

I think I need to feed Wrath ice cream tomorrow, even if I have to break down the door of the pearl ice cream shop.

'I'll do it tomorrow, no matter what.'

As he was clenching his fists in determination, he felt a small noise coming from the window. When he turned his head, Glenn was looking in the window like he did a month ago.

That, that old man, why did he come! Is he trying to interfere with my ice cream again! I'm going crazy!

Wrath started kicking and screaming when he recognized Glenn.

"M-my llord?"

Swallowing dry saliva, Raon approached the window. Glen, gesturing to come out, withdrew without saying anything.


Why do these people keep appearing without any warning?

Whether it's Glenn or Merlin, appearing suddenly without any signs is unsettling. Je left the annex building with a reluctant expression.

Glenn was standing in front of the lake behind the annex building. Seeing that he didn't move even when he approached, it seemed that he wasn't going to go down the Mountain like before.

"I greet the lord... ."

"It's annoying, so don't greet me when you see me here in the future."

Glenn shook his head as he turned around when he tried to greet him.

"...I understand."

Raon answered awkwardly.

"Yesterday's sword duel."

Glenn's eyes sank with a cold light. It was not a look that would say anything good.

"Not bad."

However, he nodded in a satisfied manner, contrary to expectations.

"From start to finish, you had the upper hand. Maintaining the initial advantage against someone who has reached a higher level (the grandmaster wall) is not an easy feat."


Raon slightly tightened his trembling hand. Glenn praising him in this manner was a first, and it made his heart constrict.

"If there's an issue, it might be the complacency in the middle. It was clear that Ayad had a trick up his sleeve, so if you were a bit more composed, you might not have suffered injuries. However..."

Lowering his head, Glenn continued speaking.

"The Sky Sword you displayed at the end. It seems to have your unique touch. Uttering arrogant words like don't block my sky was a bit presumptuous."

"Oh, that's..."

Raon was about to speak, but embarrassment made her face turn red. Glenn lifted his chin when he was embarrassed.

"No need to be embarrassed. If you're a swordsman who puts your will into your sword, saying such arrogant things is appropriate."

Glenn drew a faint smile. Strangely, his lips seemed to tremble noticeably.

"I will keep that in mind."

As Raon bowed his head, Glenn pulled out a square box from his spatial storage. It had a luxurious appearance, but it was impossible not to know what it was.

"That is..."

"I picked it up on my way here. I don't like sweet treats, so have it for yourself."

Glenn extended the ice cream box, saying it wasn't something he needed.

“Thank you….”

Raon's hands trembled because he never imagined that he would receive ice cream from Glenn.


Ah, it's ice cream!

Wrath, who had been slouched like laundry, jumped up upon seeing the box.

Grandpa! From now on, it’s grandpa!

He rushed towards Glenn and shouted "Grandpa."

Raon was sweating cold behind him, afraid that Glenn might notice.

"As promised, the teachings of the Sky Sword end here. From now on, draw your own sky with that sword."

Glenn turned his back as if he had conveyed everything.

"Just a moment. There's something I want to say."

Raon hurriedly stopped Glen.

"What is it?"

"I heard that Heukgeumje is coming to Zieghart."

"You knew about it too."

Glenn frowned as if he didn't like the situation. He seemed frustrated as well.

"Don't worry about it. The executives will take care of it."

As if he had conveyed all he wanted, Glenn turned around again.

"I also..."

Raon took a step closer to Glenn.

"I want to participate."


"I fought against the White Whale's warriors and brought them here. I think I have the qualification to be there."

He didn’t want to see Zieghart being taken advantage of by Heukgeumje's obvious tricks. He wanted to give her a good taste of her own medicine.

"The people facing the Heukgeumje will all be high-ranking executives. So, I think it would be interesting if someone inexperienced like me joined in."


Glenn's head turned slowly. Interest sparkled in his eyes.


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