TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 170


The gigantic tsunami moved following Cale's hand, pointing towards the wall.

It was different from the currents of the Yangtze River. It was different from the unfathomable depths of Lake Donting.

It wasn't a river or a lake. It was much larger and overwhelming.

How could this be expressed?

A Cult of the Demon Martial Artist who was waiting tightly gripped his weapon. He had no words to describe the spectacle.

Then, he heard the muttering of the Demon Law Battalion Leader.

"A tsunami..."

The Demon Law Battalion Leader muttered as if absorbed.

"No, is it the sea...?"

The sea.

Born and raised in Xinjiang, the Cult of the Demon Martial Artists had never seen the sea in their lives. They had only read about it.

Does that mean the sea is like this?

'Yes, the sea is like this.'

He had read it in a book. The sea, usually calm, was literally a disaster in terms of its fierceness and brutality. It was a terrifying existence that could swallow not only ships in the ocean but also coastal towns.

And that terrifying existence moved without restraint, all at the will of one person.


The massive flow of water drowned out all sounds, filling everyone's ears with a deafening roar.

The Tang Family Leader of Sichuan grabbed her own ears.

And then, she suddenly realized that she had dirt in her hands.

Without even realizing it, she had clenched the ground with her hands.

Even she hadn't noticed it.

But now, she didn't have time to focus on what she had discovered.


The moment the immense wall of water, taller and thicker than the wall, formed waves, a tsunami suddenly appeared on this land that showed no trace of the sea, sweeping away the Jiangshis in the blink of an eye.

"How can a man...?"

How can a person wield such power? Create water suddenly? And such overwhelming power? Is that human?

That wasn't martial arts.

It couldn't be called witchcraft either.

The overwhelming sense of being unable to say anything wrong made Tang Yu feel fortunate to be on the mountain and not down there.

The Jiangshis were mercilessly swept away. They couldn't resist. It was natural. Who could resist such power? At least, one would have to be a supreme expert. It was impossible for the Jiangshis.


Tang Yu could barely breathe.

Faced with such overwhelming force, even if he was an ally, Tang Yu found it difficult to move.

But her gaze slowly turned in one direction.

One person, standing firmly and looking ahead, with an expression of nonchalance on his face.

Kim Haeil.

She couldn't take her eyes off him.

She wasn't the only one.

The Sword Saint, the former Head of the Namgung Family, and one of the highest-ranking members of the Justice Faction, looked straight ahead.

The back of Young Master Kim could be seen. And beyond his shoulder, one could see how the immense body of water turned into a tsunami that swept everything away.

At that moment, the Sword Saint thought.

What is man compared to nature?

No matter how great a martial arts master you are, you can't stop typhoons or volcanoes.

'Yes, it's something that can't be stopped.'

That's precisely why at this moment, the Jiangshis, the enemies, couldn't stop that tsunami. Because that was truly nature itself.

The Sword Saint's back was wet with sweat.

Young Master Kim is not just an expert in the Nature Realm.

He is nature itself.

The moment he realized that fact, the Sword Saint completely forgot about his revenge against the Blood Cult and his kindness toward Young Master Kim.

Yes, he naturally erased it from his mind.

Now, he just wanted to see the landscape and the history that this person would create.

Cultivators, those who constantly perfect themselves throughout their lives to reach a higher level.

The Sword Saint possessed great talent, but he was also a Cultivator, which allowed him to reach his current level. Therefore, he understood.

'I am, ultimately, a human being. And I can never escape that.'

However, the Young Master Kim in front of him had transcended human limitations. He contained nature itself within him. But still, he remained human. And if you were human, you had to possess a sense of ethics and morality, and know right from wrong.

"Ha, ha, ha-"

The Sword Saint could hear the Heavenly Demon laughing beside him.

He could understand why that damned demon was laughing.

He also understood the fear that the trembling Pinnacle Demon must be feeling.

They must have also sensed the longing emotion exuding from him.

The Sword Saint's gaze shifted forward.

The back that used to seem small now appeared the most imposing.

He stared intently at Young Master Kim, who still stood firm.

He thought that this gaze wouldn't bother him at all.

And it was true.


Cale marveled.

-Oh my God!

The Fire of Destruction, the Cheapskate, let out a breath.

-Is this real?

I mean.

That's right. The Jiangshis were simply swept away. They had no other choice. How could they resist when an immense water current, even higher than the wall, pushed them back and forth?

Ten thousand?

That wasn't the issue. Numbers didn't matter. No special effort was required to push them without purifying them; they would simply slide. Think about it, if you had ten thousand tree leaves, would they stay still in the face of a typhoon's wind? Fortunately, if all ten thousand tree leaves tangled in the typhoon's wind and collided with each other without breaking, that would be a relief.

And that scene unfolded before Cale.

-Human, human! Are you okay?

Yes. Why wouldn't I be okay? It was strange. I feel quite good.

-Why did you use so much power? It's much more amazing than I expected!

Even Raon thought it was an amazing power.

"Haeil-nim, are you okay?"

Choi Han's voice trembled with surprise as he approached Cale.

"Oh, I'm fine."

Ha, ha, ha.

In response, the Heavenly Demon laughed even louder from behind, but Cale didn't care.

He didn't have time for that.

-In any case, Human, I'm ready too!

Cale's gaze shifted to the east and then to the west. The Brain Demon and Sima Gong were already fleeing.

-I told them to retreat! There's no need to exert themselves!

The Brain Demon and Sima Gong had broken the Magic Formation outside the wall and had maintained it. But now, they had no reason to do so. The reason was simple.

-With everything being swept away, how could the Magic Formation resist?

Raon's response was correct. Heavy air? Unusually cloudy sky? What did that matter?

A Magic Formation was something capable of changing the natural environment around it. But when water simply swept you away and passed by, the natural environment itself collapsed.

-Let's get started!

So the only thing left now was one thing.


The air vibrated. Above Cale's head, black mana began to appear. It was Raon, who had become transparent.

At that moment, the calm voice of the Sky Eating Water could be heard.


No, first, a strange laugh was heard.

-Hehehe, Dragons are great! That Dragon really gave me a loot!

The moment he said that, Cale looked at the giant wave of water that swept a kilometer in an instant and ordered.

"Crush it."

-Understood, Human!


Crack, crack, crack.

Cale could hear the sounds of something breaking from above. They must have been from around ten of the highest-quality Magic Stones.


The Tsunami stopped moving and increased in height.

The Tsunami was flanked by another energy.

It was Raon's magic.

It was an instant.

For a very short time, the furious flood stopped, and Cale wanted to see the people on the wall. But he couldn't see them. They were hidden behind the immense wave.

"Yun-ah..." (Note: Perhaps I haven't explained this because it wasn't necessary, but '-ah' is a suffix that adds the meaning of 'child' or 'younger')

And the people on the wall couldn't see anything either. Or rather, they could only see the immense wave. The candidate, Hoya, called out to the other candidate, Yun.

Splash, splash.

The ornaments surrounding her body vibrated strongly, more intensely than they ever had.


However, as some of those ornaments broke, candidate Yun opened her mouth.


"...What's wrong?"

"Let's run."

When they finished talking.

Cale had also finished his dialogue with the Sky Eating Water.

"Control it properly. Let's avoid hurting the people in the city as much as possible."

As soon as he finished, the Tsunami started moving again.

-Of course.

The voice of the Sky Eating Water could barely be heard.


A massive roar shook the air.

A massive crash shook the entire place. Raon's magic, which now contained the energy of at least ten of the highest-quality Magic Stones, along with Cale's 225% water power, went into motion.


Towards a single point on the wall.

"Damn it, that bastard had it all planned out!"

Yun, the Blood Demon Successor candidate, spat out harsh words.

The Tsunami, which seemed about to fall on them, focused on a single spot.


The wall vibrated.

But Yun only saw the wall breaking into pieces. The wall was collapsing into pieces. As it broke into pieces, the entire wall trembled and seemed like it would completely collapse at any moment.

"Yun-ah, the Magic Formation..."

"Shut up! I know!"

Hoya's words were ignored.

Yun could see that the moment the wall collapsed, the Magic Formation would shatter in an instant.

"Damn it!"

While cursing heavily, there were others who watched the scene in amazement.


The people from Yunnan crouched down or looked alarmed as the walls of the city trembled and the ground vibrated.

It was an inevitable instinct.

Those who peered out were met with an incredible sight.


A massive amount of water broke through the city walls.

At a moment when the situation seemed so surreal that it could hardly be believed to be real, water droplets began to rise into the sky one by one. And the ashy-gray clouds covering the city gradually started to dissipate. It was a strange sight. Normally, from those dark clouds, rain should be falling. But now, water droplets were rising from the immense Tsunami, gradually revealing a clear sky.

How many days had passed?

Two days?

Three days?

Truly, after a long time, the clear blue sky entered the eyes of the residents of Yunnan. Along with it, the warmth of the sun finally began to thaw their stiff bodies. Yes, it was now noon. When they realized that fact...

Plof, plof.

The water droplets that had risen into the sky fell to the ground one by one.

The water droplets that were rising into the sky fell to the ground one by one. Dokgo Ryeong, the Young Leader of the Dokgo Family, stared at a water droplet that had splashed on her cheek. From the clear and sunny sky, water droplets were falling. It was evident that this was not just ordinary rain. The refreshing and warm sensation on the skin when touched by these droplets made it clear that it was not common rain.


Somehow, it seemed like she was about to cry. But she didn't. Instead, she smiled. The wall had collapsed. She understood what that meant.

'We are alive.'

Yunnan was alive. Light filled her eyes.

At that moment, Cale could hear the voice of the Sky Eating Water. It was a rather stubborn voice.

-I can't just disappear into the sky.

The reason why the Sky Eating Water turned into rain and fell to the ground had to do with her. It was entirely her style. Cale looked around. The Jiangshis were scattered everywhere. Probably, due to being washed away by the water.

'I can't purify all of them.'

Anyway, Cale had no intention of purifying the Jiangshis in the first place.

"Why should I when the Blood Cultists who created the Jiangshis, and the candidates, are here?"

They are the ones who created them, so shouldn't they know how to turn them back into a normal corpse?

Even Number 7 knew how to do it, but it took a long time.

If so, there are many more experts here now, and they should have an easier way to do it.

'They are responsible for this disaster, so they should fix it themselves.'

Cale took a step forward but suddenly stopped.

"Why are you stopping?" asked the Heavenly Demon.

Cale muttered without thinking, "...The destroyed farmland is even worse now."

Originally, the farmland was already devastated due to the Jiangshis, but it got even worse due to Cale's Tsunami. This year's harvest would be difficult.

'...Should I compensate for this?'

...The Imperial Family will, right?

If not, should I blackmail them? After all, this was caused by the Lord of Yunnan, who turned out to be a member of the Blood Cult.

When Cale came up with an approximate answer in his head.

"Ha, hahaha-"

Suddenly, the Sword Saint burst into laughter.

Waking up to reality with that sound, Cale looked at the elder without directly looking at him and spoke into the emptiness.

He didn't care whether the elder laughed or not.

"Let's send the signal."

First, the first phase: temporarily deactivate the Magic Formation covering the outside of the city wall. Second, after pushing and finishing off the Jiangshis, attack the wall to bring it down.

Both plans had been completed. Now, what remained was the third phase. When the wall collapsed, and the inner Magic Formation trembled, they would enter the city and suppress the Blood Cult.


A black ray of light shot up into the sky. The moment everyone saw the signal Cale sent through Raon.


Cale could see the people behind him passing him one by one and advancing.

"Now it's our turn."

With those words, the Heavenly Demon was the first to shoot forward.

"We'll go ahead."

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo headed towards the city.

They weren't the only ones.

From the mountains surrounding Yunnan, Martial Artists from the Three Factions quickly headed towards the city.

-Cale, you still have time. You've become much stronger, haven't you?

While listening to the Cheapskate's admiration, Cale also moved forward.

There were people who reached the city in an instant, each emitting their own Inner Energy in their eyes and wrapping it around their bodies.

'I can handle this smoothly now, right?'

I can leave the rest to them.

Then Cale looked at the one who hadn't moved forward.

"Aren't you going?"

It was Team Leader Sui Khan, with his head tilted to the side and a strange look.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, the things that Dragon left behind are quite useful."


"...I'm serious."

Lee Soo Hyuk looked at Cale with a rather incredulous expression. Feeling unnecessarily annoyed by the look, Cale said with a sour face.

"Go and fight. Use your cutting skills to bring down the wall even more."


The Team Leader stared at Cale for a long moment, then nodded and headed towards the walls.

With one last comment, of course.

"Cale, still, check your body properly. You never know."

"Haha, got it."

Cale waved his hand casually at Lee Soo Hyuk and then began to walk slowly. There was no need to rush yet.

-Hehe. Now all I have to do is eat the Gods.

The confident voice of the Sky Eating Water sounded.

-Human, are you sure you're okay?

In response to that, Cale only nodded in acknowledgment of Raon's question.

So in the end, Cale didn't know. He didn't know that his clavicles, hidden under his clothes, had four dark water drops carved into them. Among the eight drops, six of them had turned white, and the seventh was starting to turn gray.

He didn't know because everything was fine.

Instead, as he watched the Heavenly Demon and Choi Han enter the city, his thoughts focused on the Blood Demon Successor candidates.

'Blood Demon Successor candidates... at the very least, I must catch these two first.'



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