TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Raon went to the infirmary to treat his wounds. The injuries to his bones and muscles were not serious, but he had internal injuries from overusing the Sky Sword.

However, thanks to his strong physique and trait, he recovered surprisingly quickly after treatment by the healer and headed to the annex building.

Let's go to the bead ice cream shop before we go back. It might be open!

'You heard the shop owner say he was going to the pub, too.'

Tha-that's true, but just in case...

'If he was that excited, he probably won't open today.'

The shop owner ran off to the pub with a flushed face.

Not only today, but he might drink so much that it would interfere with his business tomorrow.


So what?

Wrath looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Unfortunately, this time, the words that would come out were not about bead ice cream.

'Let's check the messages on the way back?'


Raon enjoyed Wrath's wrinkled expression as he brought up the messages.

[You have won by overwhelming a highly skilled opponent.]

[All stats increase by 10 points.]

[The rank of the trait <Spiral Force> increases.]

[The rank of the trait <Bleeding Curse> increases.]

It was a message that the stats and traits rank had increased.

He could feel his entire body's muscles and bones pulsing, and his physique becoming even more solid.

However, the message was not over yet.

[The title <The One Who Stands Proudly> has been created.]


Wrath looked at the second title message that appeared and opened his eyes wide.

What? Did you even give him a title for defeating that weakling?

'He's not weak.'

To the King of Essence, he's a man who can be killed with a finger. No, a toe. No! Even my nail!

'Is that so?'

Raon waved his hand and checked the description of the title.

<The One Who Stands Proudly>

A title given to a warrior who does not back down from a fight with a strong opponent.

Ability: +5 to all stats, reduced aura consumption when fighting against an opponent stronger than oneself.

This title had the ability to increase all stats by 5 and slightly reduce aura consumption when fighting against a stronger opponent.

When fighting against someone stronger than himself, he had a lot of aura consumption, but it was a good title that compensated for it somewhat.

'This is a pretty good…'


Just as Raon was about to say that the title was good, Raas let out a scream that sounded like a bird's cry.

"This stupid system is ridiculous! It's because you're giving away everything! He doesn't back down in front of a strong opponent! If you had just stayed still, this guy would have been scared and shrunk!"

Wrath swung his fist at the air, saying that he was giving it away blatantly and what did he do to give him such a title.

'You're not wrong.'

Raon laughed dryly. If his abilities were lacking, no matter how strong his will was, he would be pushed back and forced to yield.

Wrath's words were not completely nonsense because he had survived many times thanks to the system's many benefits.

'But then what? I've already received them all.'

That damn system will be scrapped as soon as the King of Essence get his body!

As Wrath was venting his anger, one more message appeared before his eyes.

[Received the recognition of Wrath.]

[All stats increase by 2 points.]

What, when did the King of Essence give his approval? This is really bullshit!


Raon clapped his hands as he saw the message.

"You said I did well just now. You said that anyone who doesn't cherish his subordinates should be tortured. That must be the recognition."

He recited the words that Wrath had said when the sword duel ended.

That's not trueeee!

*   *   *

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Wrath, with his fluffy cotton candy-like body, twisted while letting out groans reminiscent of a beast's growl.

The guy was in a worse mood because he couldn't eat ice cream today than because the system had given away his abilities.

'I can't help it. It's not right for a customer to go and ask the store owner to open the door when they're closed for the day.'

It's not impossible if you make it possible! Isn't that what you always say?

Wrath glared at him, his eyes bulging, and said the words he used when he was training the Light Wind members.

A month! A whole month! The King of Essence has been waiting for today, and what is this! Why does this world hate the King of Essence!


Raon wanted to say, 'Why are you even asking? It's because you're a Demon King,' but he kept his mouth shut because he thought he might explode if he said anything else.

The King of Essence doesn't want to hear it! He may not have been lucky originally, but it seems even worse after meeting you!

It's clear that you've not only taken away his stats and traits, but also his luck!

'That's a bit much.'

Shut up! There's no way the King of Essence keeps running into these situations!


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Wrath's face, which had turned red like strawberry cotton candy.

'Come to think of it...'

I never had any luck in my life before.

I never thought I was lucky in my past life, but the worst thing was being kidnapped and living as an assassin. Even while living as an assassin, the only lucky thing that happened was that I died and came back to life with the Ring of Fire.

'In the end, that was bad luck too.'

I couldn't say that was lucky either, considering I got caught when my brainwashing was lifted and my head was chopped off.

Even in this life, I didn't think I was particularly lucky, but since I met that cotton candy idiot, things have been going smoothly.

Since Wrath appeared, everything has been going well, laughter has come to the annex building, and his growth of power has been several times faster than expected.

Thinking about it, Wrath was not just a tree that gives without asking, but a goose that lays golden eggs.

He lays new eggs every day and gives them away, so even a tree that gives without asking can't keep up.

'I can't let this goose go.'

Raon clenched his fists as he looked at Wrath.

What are you looking at!

Wrath still frowned, not letting go of his anger.

'I'll go right away tomorrow.'


'As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I'll go to the bead ice cream shop and buy them all. Since it's closed today, there should be a lot left.'

Really? But why suddenly?

He seemed to sense something ominous and took a step back.

It's strange! You wouldn't move so easily!

'No, I have no other thoughts, and I just want to make it up to you for waiting so long.'

As Raon was waving his hand and entering the garden of the annex building,

There was a rustling sound from the bushes on the right, and a white weasel popped out.

"You are...?"

It was the weasel that Merlin had possessed. He couldn't recognize it because he had been combing its fur for over three hours.

"I'm sorry, but the deal is over. Please go to another place and ask them to comb it..."

“Don’t say that. Do it again.”

As Raon walked towards the garden of the annex building again, shaking his hands, he heard Merlin's voice from the weasel.


He trembled his  jaw as he looked at the weasel.

“Why are you here!”

Based on his experience so far, Merlin didn’t cling to an animal he had once left. He doesn't know why he can hear Merlin’s voice coming from the weasel again.

"That night. We were really good together."

Merlin rubbed her hands together and wagged her tail. It was absurd, but there was even a faint blush on her cheeks.

“Feeling your touch for over three hours was the happiest moment of my life.” 

She licked her lips excitedly, stroking her fur.

“T-then, were you lying that time?”

"It wasn’t a lie. The only thing this child wanted was to have her fur combed. But I also felt it.”

Merlin said that her possession magic had been improved because she had used it so much.

“Animals can come back if they want. This child must have liked your touch.”


He opened my mouth wide as he looked at Merlin, who was blushing.

‘It’s not impossible.’

Merlin is a genius who developed that stalker magic that no one else in the world knows.

It was not impossible for her to improve that magic if she was so obsessed with it.

“Damn it….”

He felt a chill run down his spine at the thought that he had been stroking Merlin for over three hours.

“I saw your sword duel today.”

Merlin straightened up and nodded.

“This is the second time, right? I’m sorry I didn’t see the first one.”

She smiled and said that she would have definitely recorded it with magic if she had seen it.

“Recorded? Then, do you mean….”

“Yes. Of course I did.”

“No, you can’t use magic.”

“I have a lifespan.”

Merlin tilted her head as if to ask why he was asking a matter of course.


He opened his mouth wide.

‘Human common sense doesn’t apply to her.’

Raon shocked, he didn’t know he would be the one to experience what I had given to countless people in the great training ground today.


Wrath also shook his round eyes as if he was at a loss.

She’s really a lunatic. She’s uniquely crazy!

It didn’t seem like the stalker she had mentioned from Devildom was at this level.

“I’m going to watch it a thousand times a day!”

Merlin laughed, saying that she would have to watch it a thousand times to relax.


Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he felt a chilling sensation that felt like his flesh was aching.

“I was worried that that bug had gotten a little stronger, but it was unnecessary. You’re still you, Raon.”

Merlin grinned and nodded. He couldn't figure out why her worrying gave him goosebumps.

“Why are you here?”

Trying to settle his stomach that felt like it had been punched, Raon asked why she came.

"I came to say hello. I got a mission, so I won't be able to see you for a while. It's annoying."

She clicked her tongue, stating that the Fallen (Tacheon changed to the fallen) had been assigning more work since the defeat of the Skull Mask (Manghongwi).

"What kind of work?"

"He's bringing in monsters. He says he's going to experiment on them before making the Griffin King helmet."

Merlin casually revealed the important information without hesitation.

"Is there anyone who will wear that helmet?"

"I don't know. That's the Fallen's business."

She smiled, muttering that she only cared about him. He couldn't really be careless.

"I'll see you again next year. It's not long, but time feels slow if I can't see you."

Merlin said goodbye in a sad voice.

"What about this child's request?"

"It's not a lie, is it?"

"Yeah. I'll really go this time."

She shook her head gently.

"You know what the request is, right?"

"You don't mean... again?"

"That's right. She wants you to brush her fur. But it won't be as long as it was before. Before was because I wanted it."

Merlin stuck out her tongue and clasped her hands together.

"Hey, you!"


Just as Raon was about to argue with Merlin, the weasel  came up to him, crying softly.

His eyes were glazed over, but he looked up and down, just in case.



"That's not Merlin, is it?"


The weasel waved her hand in the air, as if to say, "Hurry up and brush it."


Raon sighed and took out his spatial pocket. He took out a small comb from inside.

'I prepared it just in case, but I didn't expect to use it right away.'

He shook his head and brushed the weasel's fur.

The weasel closed her eyes slowly, making a thin cry as if she was feeling good.


Raon sighed as he brushed the weasel's fur.

"Is this right?"

Why am I doing this?

*   *   *

Glenn slowly raised his glass of wine. He smiled with the utmost satisfaction as he took a sip of the blue wine.


Federick, who was sitting in front of him, laughed out loud.

"I wonder if the man in front of me is the Destructive King of the North who was called the Iron Mask. Are you really that happy?"

"What do you mean? I'm the same as usual."

Glenn calmly put down his wine glass as if nothing was wrong.

"Then keep that smirk off your face. You're not a freshly caught fish, and it's annoying when you flap your mouth!"

Federick frowned as he pointed to Glenn's mouth, which was forming a triangle.


Glenn cleared his throat and pressed down on both sides of his mouth with his hands.

"Just leave him alone."

Rimmer waved his hand dismissively.

"Today, my disciple and the grandson of the head of house, Raon, had a great performance, so it's going to be hard to hold back."

He smiled slyly, putting a lot of emphasis on the word "disciple".


Glenn clicked his tongue as if he didn't like Rimmer calling Raon his disciple.

"I'm not telling you not to show your affection. I'm just telling you to show that affection in front of Raon. It's frustrating to watch from the sidelines."

"That's right, but he doesn't listen even when we tell him."

"I agree."


Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roenn nodded in agreement.

If you're going to wake someone up who's sleeping and brag about it every night, then be more open about it now!

Frederick gritted his teeth.

'This stubborn old man!'

Every time something happened with Raon, he would wake Frederick up, but Glenn always pretended as if nothing were happening, and his anger flared up.

"What are you talking about?"

Glenn reached for his wine glass, saying that there was no such thing. His fingers seemed to be shaking slightly.

"Oh, it's no use. He's a real mule."

"This time, even that gambling bastard is right."

Not only Rimmer, but Sheryl also shook her head, saying that it was difficult.


Only Roenn laughed happily.


"Yes, lord."

Roenn came forward and bowed his head in response to Glenn's call.

"Did you write it down?"

"Of course I did."

The two men smiled as they spoke in a language that the others could not understand.

"What was it today?"

"I think [Don't block my sky] was the best line."

"I agree. However, [Death is a luxury for you] was not bad either, was it?"

"That was good too. I naturally recorded it."

"Sketches too?"

"Of course."

Roenn made a gesture as if he were drawing in the air.

"Are you kidding me? That's what Raon said today?"

Rimmer opened his mouth wide as she looked at Glenn.

"Haa, that's right."

Sheryl sighed and hit her forehead.


Federick let out a sigh as if he couldn't believe it.

"I mean, do you want to show it off or not? Just do one!"

As he shouted, the door to the audience chamber opened with a dull knocking sound.

"I apologize for coming at this late hour."

The person who came in was Chad, the master of the Shadow Agents. He walked quickly to the four people and bowed his head.

"It's fine. What's the matter?"

Glenn waved his hand, asking him to tell him the reason for his visit.

"It's a hard thing to believe, but..."

Chad handed over the document he had brought with trembling hands.

“ coming to Zieghart.”

* * *

Raon brushed the weasel's fur for about two hours, then training at the open field below Mount Bukmangsan until midnight, and returned to the annex building.

You're really annoying.

Wrath narrowed his eyes.

You're not skipping training even after the sword duel today?

'Of course I have to.'

Raon nodded firmly.

'Sword duel is sword duel and training is training.”

During today's sword duel, he felt the flow of the Sky Sword in his body and mind.

In order not to lose that feeling, he had to training as if he were reviewing.

Thanks to this, he was able to return to the annex building at midnight, but he got a decent harvest.

'I've gained a lot today.'

Not only did he get closer to Sky Sword, but his stats and traits increased, and he could also see what Glenn had told him about the influence within the family.

He felt proud that he had gained all the rewards of training for a month in one day.

'But I'm tired.'

Perhaps it was because met Merlin in the middle. He felt mentally exhausted. He wanted to wash up and go to bed quickly

Yeah. Take a shower right away. We have to go buy ice cream tomorrow.

'Yeah. I'll really keep my promise this time.'

Raon smiled wryly and got a towel when he heard a knock at the door. Three taps that were cut off in a row. It was Judiel.

“Who is it? Did Karoon give any instructions?”

Karoon's expression was not good at the great training ground, so it seemed that he had given another instruction.

“I came for a different matter.”

Judiel shook her head.

“A different matter?”

“Yes. Right now, Heukgeumje is coming to Zieghart.”


Raon's mouth opened wide by itself. The towel that was hanging over his shoulder fell to the floor.

“Heukgeumje, the head of the White Whale, one of the Five Divine Rulers.”

Judiel swallowed dry saliva and continued.

“She is coming to Zieghart alone.”


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