TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 169


And noon arrived.

Cale spoke to Raon.

"Let's begin."

-Understood, Human!

He looked ahead. All he could see were vast plains and the sturdy walls of Yunnan.

The people on top of those walls were naturally not visible.

It wasn't because they were too far away. It was probably also due to the influence of the Magic Formation.

-Human, I will deactivate invisibility!

The invisibility magic surrounding Cale dissipated.

He took a step forward.

100 meters. That was the distance between the starting point of the external Magic Formation and Cale.

His figure gradually became visible in the air.

Behind him were Choi Han and Team Leader Choi Jung Soo, the Heavenly Demon, the Sword Saint, and the Pinnacle Demon.

Right now, in Yunnan, were the top Martial Artists of the Three Factions.

They walked calmly and without any hesitation.

Instead, the hearts of those watching them were pounding.


"Miss, please drink in moderation."

"Shut up."

Sima Dan, the daughter of Evil Alliance Leader Sima Pyeong, crouched on the mountain, unable to take her eyes off Young Master Kim Haeil.

Thump, thump.

Her heart was racing so fast.

'Is it really possible?'

Sima Dan's eyes quickly scanned her surroundings.

Based in the Yunnan Province, the forces of the Three Factions were divided and hidden in various locations, including mountains and high places.

They would all head to Yunnan the moment they received the signal.

"Ha, this is madness."

Sima Dan took another sip, ignoring her subordinate's voice trying to stop her.

It wasn't that she was scared.

Her heart was racing, and she was so excited that she thought she might lose her mind.

What she was about to witness would be a wonderful spectacle for the history books of the Murim.


She chuckled.

"I guess everyone's feeling the same as me."

Her gaze turned to the direction where the Demon Cult and the Justice Faction were.

And she was right.

The Demon Cult.

Although the troops that came with the Heavenly Demon and the Brain Demon were small compared to the Justice Faction and the other factions, they were a group composed of those at the highest level, such as the Demon Law Battalion.

Therefore, they could be considered those with the ability to cause the most damage.

Furthermore, the Demon Cult had the possibility that their younger practitioners would arrive soon, and perhaps even outnumber the Justice Faction and the Evil Faction.

They looked exclusively at the Heavenly Demon and Young Master Kim.

There were no conversations, but their fervor was higher than ever.

The Heavenly Demon, the Sky of the Demon Cult.

For the Blood Cult planning to turn him into their pawn and control the Demon Cult, this was an unacceptable act.

They were eager for the upcoming battle.

The Blood Cult would have to face their wrath head-on.

Sima Dan's heart was pounding in anticipation of the impending battle, while the tension and anticipation of the Demon Cult grew due to the idea that they could finally take revenge.

Therefore, unlike the Evil Faction, there was a stickier and hotter feeling among them.


And then there was the Justice Faction.

"What's wrong?"

In response to Elder Ho's gentle question, Tang Yu, the Tang Family Leader of Sichuan, shook her head.

"It's nothing."

"Just tell us what's on your mind."

Finally, Tang Yu opened her mouth at Byuk Sun's words, a Major of the Justice Faction.

"I wonder if this operation even makes sense."

With over ten thousand Jiangshis, and the presence of the Blood Cult inside as well, along with the possibility that the candidates for the Successor of the Blood Demon might also be there, they might be strong on their own, but those accompanying them would also be strong.

'Is this possible with this number?'

Is it really manageable for us?

'Of course, more people from the Murim will gather here soon.'

The Murim Alliance, the Evil Alliance, and the Demon Cult.

Each had sent their main forces here.

Including Murim Alliance Leader Go Sebeom.

Evil Alliance Leader Sima Pyeong.

And the Heavenly Demon of the Demon Cult, who was already here.

Each faction had brought their best forces.

The sight of all of them gathered to face the Blood Cult would be a new chapter in history, but...

"Isn't it a bit too sparse right now?"

The numbers were too low.

Tang Yu's mind was troubled.


At that moment, Byuk Sun snorted.

"Tang Family Leader."

Tang Yu responded, confused.


"Don't worry about unnecessary things."


"Just trust Young Master Kim."


"That grumpy old Sword Saint is following Young Master Kim without saying a word. And the General Commander also said to just follow Young Master's plan, you know what that means, right?"

"...I do."

And that's why it was strange.

Why should they simply follow, no matter who Young Master Kim is or what his strength is?

Tang Yu felt uneasy, but she couldn't express her feelings. It seemed that Elder Ho understood her thoughts as he spoke softly.

"Just watch."

At that moment, a sound was heard in their ears.


A sound that resonated everywhere like the beat of a drum.

Everyone's gaze turned in that direction, and Cale stopped his steps.

-Human, we will start with the Brain Demon!

Cale looked to the west.

The Brain Demon had suddenly appeared, enveloping his body in Inner Energy.

A long cloth covered the Brain Demon's shoulders.

It was said to be one of the treasures passed down through generations in the Demon Cult.

An item that maximized the effectiveness of Magic Formations.

-And now, Sima Gong!

Then, Sima Pyeong's youngest son, Sima Gong, appeared from the east.

Beside him were Beacrox, Ron, and Toonka, who had arrived late.

In Sima Gong's hand was a statue of a Buddhist Monk. He was carrying Jungwon.

Strange energy was emanating from him as well.

Brain Demon, Sima Gong. The moment the energy of both individuals reached its peak.

-Let's go!

Cale raised his head.

He couldn't see anything.

But there was Raon above him.



The epicenter of these vibrations was Raon.

-The Magic Formation is the flow of natural energy! There is something we can do to create an opening in the Magic Formation!

The black mana unfolded in front of Cale's eyes.
It started as a small point and spread rapidly.

-We can reverse the flow of natural energy!

Raon's joyful voice resonated.

-I know a lot about nature.

With those words…


A huge explosion spread.

The Brain Demon raised the staff in his hand.

Sima Gong squeezed the Jungwon statue.


They said the same words as they stabbed their items into the ground.

At that moment…


The earth began to shake.

The corner of Cale's lips lifted.

The black mana didn't disappear alone. As it disappeared, it also took the surrounding illusions with it.


A sigh escaped from the Pinnacle Demon.


A beautiful day, with the sun's rays not yet piercing the blue sky.

Standing under it, the Pinnacle Demon's pupils could see the Jiangshis beyond the illusions that had disappeared along with the black mana.

Each of the Jiangshis was filled with a particular blue energy, to the point where it was difficult to count their numbers.

No matter how long it lasted, it was a moment when the Pinnacle Demon found it hard to breathe.

This was not an illusion.

She really had difficulty breathing.

They had managed to forcefully open the Magic Formation. But the wind blowing from the other side was sticky and heavy, making it hard to breathe.

At that moment, Young Master Kim muttered softly.

"I guess breaking a Magic Formation is difficult after all."

-Human, I am still a beginner in Magic Formations! You must understand this!
Of course, I understand.

Cale nodded without worry.


The calm voice of the Heavenly Demon came from behind.

Instead of paying attention to that, Cale looked straight ahead.

The Magic Formation was open by about a third now.

Even that seemed like it would be restored soon.



Sima Gong and the Brain Demon. It seemed like it would be too much for them to handle the east and the west.

And they had to hurry anyway.

Because all the eyes of the Jiangshis were on Cale.

It was a chilling sight.

The corpses were staring at him without blinking.

But Cale's gaze was elsewhere.

Inside Yunnan.

The ashy clouds looming over it were still there.

The Yunnan Province didn't look as bright as where Cale was, outside the Magic Formation.

And the air was strange, as if the inside of the Magic Formation had created a special environment for the Jiangshis.

But Cale wasn't seeing those things.

That part was already resolved.

"There are people."

The top of the wall finally became visible now that the Magic Formation was broken.

The wall that seemed to be empty.

There were people on top.

And two of them had blue hair.

Even at this distance, he could clearly see the unique color of their hair.

'Young Master, candidates for the Successor of the Blood Demon have sky-blue and navy-blue hair.'

The information Dokgo Chang had provided before falling unconscious.

Thanks to that, Cale realized that they were the candidates for the Successor of the Blood Demon.

'And their skill level doesn't seem normal.'

Dokgo Chang hadn't had time to properly check while escaping, but he had speculated that they must be at the level of a faction leader.

Cale looked at them.

And they also noticed that he was looking at them.

"Yun-ah, is that the famous Young Master Kim?"

"Yes. That's right, he looks the same."

"Wow, he really came here in person."

Candidates Yun and Hoya chatted casually back and forth.

"From the rumors I've heard, he's an expert in the Nature Realm, from the Imperial Family, and all sorts of things."

"You'll understand once you deal with him."

Their gazes met.


The woman smiled before adding something.

"If we're able to take care of him. Wouldn't we win against Go Hyuk?"

"...Go Hyuk. That bastard must not become the Successor of the Blood Demon."

A fire ignited in both of their eyes.

They realized they shared the same thoughts.

"It seems there are many rats here, so let's capture them all."

"Agreed, but we'll take the ones that are useful and turn them into Living Jiangshi."



Hoya took a deep breath.

"The entity that broke the Magic Formation doesn't seem human."

"As rumored, it seems Young Master Kim has a Divine Beast by his side."

Hoya smiled.

"I'd like to try turning that Divine Beast into a Jiangshi."

His hand moved through the air.

"It doesn't seem like we have to fight directly."

The Heavenly Demon, the Sword Saint, and the rest of them, even though he knew them all, Hoya had made his decision. And this was consistent with Yun's thoughts standing beside him.

At this moment, there was no one who could match them.

Because they had the Jiangshis.

Their fingers collided.


At the moment the sound resonated...


The Jiangshis took a step simultaneously.

The ground shook.

The sound was immense.

It wasn't just because of the ten thousand figure.

There was power in every step they took.

"Curse it!"

The Brain Demon's expression stiffened.

And inside the wall, the candidate for the Successor of the Blood Demon, Hoya, grinned widely.


His calm voice echoed.

It wasn't magic or anything special.

It was something strange.

The sound even reached the hidden martial artists in the mountains.

It sent shivers down their spines.


And then, once again, the Jiangshis took a step simultaneously.

In different directions.

And the vast majority headed toward Cale.

Because the strong ones were there.

The faces of the hidden martial artists who had been watching turned pale.

The actual scene they witnessed was worse than they had imagined.


The other candidate, Yun, furrowed her brow for a moment before extending both hands.


Countless ornaments on her body began to vibrate.


The sound of the ornaments clinking instantly turned into a deafening noise.

"The illusion has already been broken, so it would be better to leave it as it is and change the environment."

The outer Magic Formation changed.

Now, all the illusions that had hidden the view disappeared.

All the Jiangshis were revealed.

And the heavy air dispersed everywhere.

Additionally, the grayish cloud covering the interior of Yunnan Province gradually expanded.

It seemed like they were turning into another world.


At that moment, the Jiangshis took a step forward again.

The sound was louder than before.

A gust of wind blew towards the mountains.

Martial artists felt their breath being cut off.

"Um, are those martial arts? No, is it possible for a person to wield that kind of power?" the Tang Family Leader asked as she held Elder Ho.

It seemed that if they continued like this, there would be serious trouble. She had heard enough about how Young Master Kim's power seemed inhuman. She even believed that claim. She had felt his energy. But now, the simple actions of these two on the wall also seemed inhuman.

Tang Yu filled with fear.

"Are they just candidates for the Successor of the Blood Demon?" she thought. "The Blood Cult has stronger individuals than them! Can we really fight against them, especially when we have to deal with so many Jiangshis?"

Boom! Boom!

The Jiangshis' steps quickened. Soon, it looked like they would run in all directions.

"Can we keep this up?" she asked desperately. Then she stopped.


The sound of the Jiangshis' footsteps shook the ground, and the wind coming from inside the walls left them breathless.

Things she hadn't noticed before came to her mind.

Only then did she realize that Elder Ho and everyone around her were also holding their breath and focusing on that gleam.

When their eyes met, a young martial artist from the Tang Family asked.

"...Family Leader, is that the sound of rain?"


A barely audible sound.

Elder Byuk Sun, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

"No, this is not the sound of rain."


"It's the sound of waves."

In a place where there was no trace of the sea, the sound that would normally come from the ocean was heard. The martial artists' gazes turned to one place. To Cale, who was looking at the approaching Jiangshis.

The candidates also heard this sound.

"...Yun-ah, what is this sound?"


Yun, one of the candidates for the Successor of the Blood Demon known to be the best in terms of skills in her generation of the Blue Blood Family, frowned. Sensitive to changes in nature, she finally spoke.



"Water is approaching."


The sound gradually grew louder. Although the water was not visible at all.


The sound kept increasing, to the point where it reached the ears of the Yunnan residents trapped inside or hiding and holding their breath.


Cale stared at the members of the Blue Blood Family, thinking.

'It's the first time...'

It was the first time he had faced someone from the Blue Blood Family so far. Although he had come as fast as he could, it had taken him a long time to get here.


The voice of Sky Eating Water rang out.

Cale observed the number of Jiangshis and reached an agreement with Sky Eating Water once again.



The surrounding sound became louder.

It was as if he was in the midst of a storm.

And finally...


A new agreement was reached.

"Shall we go with that?"

Cale nodded.


Before Cale's eyes...

Between him and the ten thousand Jiangshis.


A massive wall rose.

It was all water.

'Wow. That's huge.'

It seemed to reach the city walls.

Cale marveled.

Then he paused.


The wall of water kept rising.

It grew bigger each time.

The wall of water had already surpassed the height of Yunnan.

Its range was also quite extensive.

-Your body doesn't feel overwhelmed by this, does it?

Sky Eating Water spoke calmly, unlike usual. Cale nodded.

I don't feel overwhelmed yet. Is it too easy?

-Should we start then?

Cale looked at the wall of water and wondered if it was a good idea, but he said it anyway.

"Let's go!"


The sound stopped abruptly. In the brief silence that followed...

Following his master's command, the Tsunami moved to push the enemies in front of them...



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