TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

The great training ground was silent.

Raon looked down calmly. A large rectangular hole had appeared in the great training ground, made of stone, which was said to be the hardest.

This was the power of the first form of the Sky Sword, the Great Sky Descend from the Heavens.

'I think I'm starting to understand what it means to hold (contain) the sky.'

Even though it wasn't perfectly unfolded like Glenn's, the destructive power was astonishing, even if focused solely on weight.

'However, the consumption of aura is quite severe.'

Due to his lack of proficiency in sky sword, the aura consumption was extreme. Despite feeling dizzy and tired, he did not show it on his face and approached the hole he had made.

In the deep, dark hole, Ayad was stuck like a worm.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

He lifted his twisted eyes, groaning as if he would die soon.

"You look comfortable."

Raon looked down at Ayad with cold eyes.

"You can't even scream if you want to, can you?"

Ayad had all of his bones shattered, his muscles torn, and his energy center crushed.

He was in a state where he couldn't scream for his life.

"Is it painful?"

He curled his lips as he looked at Ayad, whose face was covered in veins due to the excruciating pain.

"Those who were abandoned by you would have been more lonely and more painful."

The swordsmen who entered the White Lotus division would have believed in Ayad and drawn their swords to raise the name of their division.

However, Ayad used their beliefs and loyalty as a stepping stone to accumulate achievements, and then threw them away without hesitation.

Sending the less skilled swordsmen to their deaths in order to acquire more talented ones was an unforgivable act.

"Knii…l. Ki….ll me."

Ayad managed to open his mouth. His pronunciation was garbled, but it was clear what he was saying.

"Death is a luxury for you."

Raon let out an eerie, dry voice.

"I will never kill you until you feel a deeper pain and fear than the swordsmen who were abandoned and killed by you."

In fact, he could have cut off Ayad's life when he unfolded the Great Sky Descend from the Heavens.

This is a sword duel, and he would not have been severely punished if he had killed him because his reputation had hit rock bottom.

However, he wanted to make Ayad feel pain that was more intense than death, so he left him alive.

He wanted him to live a life full of emptiness and pain, with his power gone and his fame and position lost.

"Huff, huff..."

Raon bit his lips as he looked at Ayad, who was shaking in fear.

'It reminds me of the past.'

His past life was a continuous hell. After being kidnapped by Derus' subordinates, he lived his entire life as an assassin, eventually ending up in the cauldron of life.

Because he thought that the lives of the swordsmen who had died believing in Ayad were similar to his past, which was filled with darkness, a cold anger rose up.

'Wait for it, Derus Robert.'

I'll take away more from you than this guy.

"P, please... Urgh..I...I berrgg yyou."

"I hope you live a long life."

After giving a cheerful smile to Ayad, who begged him to kill him, Raon turned away.

Well done!

Wrath jumped up like a frog.

Those who use their subordinates as stepping stones instead of cherishing them deserve to be punished more than death!

He looked back at the hole where Ayad was and swung his round fist.

If the King of Essence were here, he would have pierced thousands of frozen thorns into his body and froze him for ten thousand years.

'That's a bit scary...'

Even for someone who lived as an assassin, it seemed like an unbearable pain, and cold sweat ran down his back.

Anyway, it's all over now. Shall we prepare the bead ice cream buffet?

Wrath, who seemed to have been waiting for that, had a red flush on his blue face.

'Wait a bit. There's still work to be done.'

Raon gestured to the host, who was sitting on his buttocks in a daze.

"It's over."

"Huh? Oh!"

The host blinked and stood up. He ran to the hole that had been the arena and confirmed Ayad's condition, then raised his hand.

"The winner of the sword duel is Raon Zieghart!"

As his cracked voice echoed through the arena of the great training ground, the spectators began to come to their senses one by one.


"Ra, Raon. Raon won!"

"He didn't just win, he completely overwhelmed him!"

"What kind of swordsmanship is that? Can that even be called swordsmanship?"

"I thought it was over when Ayad's astral energy covered the sky, but what was that swordsmanship...?"

"Is this really a fight between humans? It's like they're from a different species."

The martial artists swallowed their dry saliva as they recalled the final clash between Raon and Ayad.


"Raon did a good job!"

"Hmph! That's what a vice division leader of the Light Wind should do."

"But what the hell did he learn this time!"

"He's a truly a crazy vice division leader!"

"Now if you rebel his training now, you'll be buried in the ground..."

Runaan, Burren, and Martha, along with other Light Wind members, waved their hands with bright smiles, as if they had believed it.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon!"

"Thanks for beating Ayad! I feel so refreshed!"

"That was the hottest battle I'll never see again!"

The spectators also shouted Raon's name in response to the cries of the Light Wind members.

Since Ayad's reputation wasn't favorable, it seemed like the entire arena was cheering for Raon.

Raon looked around the audience, hearing the cheers of the people, which were much louder than when he first entered.


"Young master!"

"You worked hard!"

Listening to the mixed voices of Sylvia and the maids crying, Raon looked in the direction of the White Lotus division members.

The faces of the executives who seemed to be the vice division leader and squad leaders were wrinkled as if they had eaten shit, but the ordinary members behind them were clasping their hands and biting their lips.

It seemed that the shadow of Ayad, who had been pressing down on their shoulders, had finally been erased.

Raon smiled gently at the members, who had gained the freedom that his past self had longed for.

'I hope you make good choices next time.'

* * *

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"That, that is!"

Balder stood up abruptly, breaking his chair.

"How can that master use a martial art that embodies will...?"

He trembled his jaw as he looked at Raon as if it didn't make sense.

"This is nonsense!"

It is generally said that a warrior must reach the rank of grandmaster before they can imbue their will into their swordsmanship.

He couldn't believe that a guy who hadn't even reached the wall of grandmaster had imbued his will into his swordsmanship. 


Karoon also seemed to be flustered, and let out a low moan.

"It seems that the very swordsmanship itself contains the power of transcendence. But even if the swordsmanship is excellent, how can a master..."

He also looked at Raon with disbelief, chewing his lips.


Denier looked at Raon with a pale expression, unlike usual, as if he were wearing a mask.

“He's crazy…”

“The division leader of the White Lotus was pushed around one-sidedly like that…”

“That's a kid who'll be 21 soon?”

“Among the leaders, he's….No, I don't think anyone can beat him except the grandmasters.”

"It's unbelievable. No matter how much he inherited the blood of the patriarch, this is a bit too much..."

“Why is he a vice division leader ? He seems stronger than Rimmer.”

“A sword that contains will…”

The faces of the leaders and captains turned yellow. They knew that Raon was strong, but they were surprised that he was this strong. Their eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Serena burst into hearty laughter.

"So, that's your answer. Well. I'm done.”

She nodded as if to acknowledge Raon, who stood tall and proud.

“That's amazing.”

Roenn licked his dry lips as if he was truly impressed.

"The White Lotus division leader's last attack was so powerful that it would have been difficult to block even for a grandmaster, but he cut it cleanly."

“I was a little surprised this time too.”

Sheryl blinked her eyes, which had turned into billiard balls, and let out a sigh.

"It far exceeded the talent range I had in mind. If he continue like this, we won't even need to worry about Roman's South-North Union."

She shook her head, saying that Raon seemed to be on his way to becoming a grandmaster before he turned 22.


Glenn relaxed the muscles of his lips that he had been holding back as he listened to the praise of the executives and the shouts of the spectators. His lips curled up as if they were going to pierce the ceiling and reach the sky.

'He finally did it.'

Raon couldn't achieve the Great Sky Descend from the Heavens even after the last teaching that took place yesterday.

He thought he was pushing him too hard, but he finally showed the beginning of Sky Sword in this important place.

'Really well done!'

His heart ached at the sight of his beloved grandson punishing the family's sinner with the swordsmanship that he had personally taught him.

He barely held back from shouting Raon's name like the spectators, clenching his fists.

“Heh heh.”

“Hur hur hur.”

Sheryl and Roenn laughed as they saw Glenn's beaming smile, when a cheerful breeze blew from the end of the executive seats.

"Who is his mentor, fighting so splendidly."

It was Rimmer. He came up to the executive seats, smoothing out his wrinkled sleeve.

"Don't you think so? Do you know whose disciple that guy is?"

“Th-That's Rimmer-nim's disciple, isn't it?”

The executive at the front pointed to Rimmer.

"Exactly! You know well!"

Rimmer clapped his hands and nodded.

“It's because I taught him that such a monster was born! It would have been impossible for anyone else!”

He claimed that Raon had become so strong because of his teachings and training.


Glenn bit his lip. He wanted to smash the head of that elf who was calling Raon his disciple, and to shout that he was the one who taught him that swordsmanship.


Sheryl sighed and went down from the stage.

“You really…”

"But you know."

When Sheryl tried to interrupt Rimmer, his voice sank heavily.

"It seems like a little rat gave something to Ayad."

His chilling gaze swept through the executives.

"I went to see Ayad in the hospital to make fun of him, but he wasn't at that level at the time. The cultivation was the same, but he could never have produced that kind of power. Someone must have played a trick.


Sheryl lowered her hand and closed her mouth.

'That's right.'

She knew because she had investigated Ayad herself. He was completely different from who he was a month ago.

Not only the amount of his aura, but he seemed to have learned something special, operating his energy in a ridiculous way.

She had forgotten about it in her excitement over Raon's victory, but it was certainly a strange thing.

"Are you suspecting us now?"

Karoon glared at Rimmer with eyes filled with irritation.

"This isn't a place for the likes of you. Shut up and leave."

"Sorry, but I'm also an executive."

Rimmer pointed to the pattern with the leader's mark. The mark was more visible thanks to the wrinkles on his clothes.

"Still blabbering nonsense."

Balder also glared at Rimmer, his eyes filled with annoyance.

"What can you understand with your skills?"

"Woof, woof!"

Rimmer barked and laughed.


"That damn guy..."

"Oh, I haven't finished speaking yet."

He waved his hand at Karoon and Balder and walked to the center of the stage.


Rimmer raised his hand, silencing the executives.

"Actually, it doesn't matter if you give Ayad elixirs or martial arts. But I want to say to whoever it is that you worked hard for nothing. Thanks to you, I won a lot of money!"

He shook the gambling ticket on his finger as he climbed to the highest stage.

"What do you think, head of house?"

Glenn looked down at the stage as he listened to Rimmer's words. The executives swallowed their dry saliva and trembled under his chilling gaze that seemed to squeeze their hearts.

"You're right. It's up to the individual to help. However…"

His gaze slowly turned to Raon.

"It was a useless act in the end. The Qingying Pill and the White Flawless Immaculate Skill. Whoever it was, they were quite wasteful."

Glenn had already figured out what Ayad had received and curled his lips in a sneer.

"That's right! Make money and play with fools at the same time. A win-win situation…"

"Shut up!"

Sheryl hit Rimmer on the head, and only then did his laughter stop.

"Lord. It's time to clean up."

Roenn bowed his head to Glenn with a faint smile.

"That's right."

Glenn nodded and got up from his seat on the high seat and walked to the end of the stage.

"The winner of today's sword duel match is the Light Wind vice division leader, Raon Zieghart."



"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

The entire arena erupted in a huge cheer at the lord's declaration of victory. Not only the spectators, but the maids and even the executives shouted Raon's name.

"I will now reveal the conditions that Raon Zieghart put forward in this sword duel match."

In sword duel matches, the conditions that the swordsmen put forward to each other are revealed only after the outcome is decided. The audience stopped cheering and fixed their eyes on Glenn's mouth.

"Raon Zieghart wanted to expel the White Lotus division leader Ayad from the division in order to protect the members who revealed the truth about the matter, who had been used and sacrificed by Ayad for his own purposes."


"That, that was the condition?"

"So it wasn't revenge for trying to interfere with the mission...?"

"That's right. He held this sword duel to protect the White Lotus members, right?"

"Hu, not only his strength, but his personality is also of a different level."

Considering the circumstances, Ayad's actions within the White Lotus division had already become the subject of rumors. However, the terms of the sword duel had not been disclosed, and people were astonished to discover Raon's commitment to protect the members of the White Lotus division."

"In compliance with the winner's conditions, Ayad is hereby permanently expelled from the White Lotus division. Furthermore, following an investigation by the leader of the Heavenly Blade division, it has been revealed that Ayad has sacrificed several members. Consequently, he is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment."


At Glenn's cry, the audience erupted in another huge cheer.


Ayad could not withstand the physical shock followed by the mental shock, and fainted with his eyes rolled back

"Raon Zieghart."

At Glenn's call, Raon wiped the blood from his forehead and stood in front of him.

"Good work."

At those words, the direct line l turned to look at Glenn. It was the first time he had shown such interest in the winner of a sword duel, and they all looked surprised.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to Glenn, then turned around. He also bowed his head to the people who had supported him today, as a sign of gratitude.


"White Sword Dragon! You're the best!"

"We look forward to your future!"

"Thank you. Raon-nim!"

"Go even higher!"

The swordsmen waved their hands and cheered, and Raon's heart pounded at the sight of most of the people in this place shouting his name.

'It always feels different.'

Was it because he couldn't reveal his name and face in his previous life? It felt like his whole body was filled with heat when people called his name and cheered.

Is it over now?

Wrath smiled and tapped Raon on the shoulder.

Now is the time for the promise! Let's go to the ice cream shop right away and buy it all!

'I know.'

Raon nodded. He was determined to keep his promise to throw a buffet with bead ice cream because Wrath had been patient for a month.

Then let's go right away!

Just as Raon nodded and was about to leave the arena,


The face of a middle-aged man waving his hands and crying from the right side was familiar.

Look! That person is our regular customer! Raon-nim! You were really amazing!"

The middle-aged man with a distinctive mustache. It was the owner of the bead ice cream shop.


Wrath also recognized the owner and opened his eyes wide.

Why is that mustached guy here! Did he leave the store empty?

He shook his head in disbelief.

"Kueee! Today, I'm treating! Follow me!"

The owner of the ice cream shop put his arm around the people who came with him and invited them to go to a pub.

This is ridiculous! Hey, leaving the store empty and going somewhere!

Wrath's blue cotton candy body started to swell and transform into a strawberry.

'Well, it looks like today's plans are not going to work out...'

What nonsense! Hey! Grab that mustached guy right now! Drag him back and make him open the store!

'That's going to be difficult.'

The store owner decided to close and take a break, so what could be done. It was an impossible task.

Why the heck is this happening! How can the world treat the King of Essence like this! How kindly has the he lived!

Wrath gestured towards the sky, claiming he lived kindly as a monarch.

There's definitely a faction trying to undermine the King of Essence….

When he was ranting, a message appeared before his eyes.

[You have won by overwhelming a highly skilled opponent.]

[All stats have been increased....]


Wrath trembled his raised hand as he saw the message.

I might really go crazy!


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