TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 161


No one is fighting, and no one is talking nonsense. An atmosphere where there is no need for unnecessary conflict.

Cale remembered the moment when he once went to the Roan Royal Castle and left the nobility speechless.

"It's been a long time since I've seen an atmosphere like this."

Unconsciously, the sentiment escaped from his mouth.

Of course, Cale noticed that the martial experts present changed their expressions strangely upon hearing his words, but he approached Elder Ho without paying them any attention.

"Elder Ho."

"Yes, yes."

Elder Ho, who was very nervous, nervously responded to Cale.

"Who is the  Tang Family Leader?"


The moment had come!

Elder Ho's body tensed.

Betrayal or incompetence?

Cale had posed this question to the Tang Family Leader, and indeed to the entire region of Sichuan, and he was the one who deserved to hear the answer because he was a member of the Imperial Family, and the favorite of the cruel Emperor.

"I should have sensed it since Chief Eunuch Wi was with him."

The members of Young Master Kim's Eastern Depot were known to be more dangerous and cruel than the Golden Guard. They were showing respect and courtesy to Young Master Kim without fully straightening their backs.

Young Master Kim Haeil. He was a person with even greater influence in the Imperial Family than Elder Ho had thought.

"There's no other choice."

Elder Ho's gaze shifted to the group from the Tang Family.

"Young Master-nim. I am the current Tang Family Leader, Tang Yu."

A woman in her fifties stepped forward.

Tang Yu of the Tang Family of Sichuan, the current Family Leader.

Dressed in a green robe, her skin was a dark green color.
Her jet-black hair could almost be mistaken for green at first glance.


Cale was surprised to see Tang Yu standing in front of him.

"Is she a living venomous snake?"

Poison and Hidden Weapons were fundamental in the Tang Family's Martial Arts.

It was said that Tang Yu, who was skilled in both, possessed a poison in her body that was comparable, if not superior, to that of the Pinnacle Demon.

People said that if Tang Yu ever reached the age of the Pinnacle Demon, she would become an existence that surpassed the Pinnacle Demon.

"As expected, martial experts are cruel."

With so many strange martial artists, it's a world where you can't be too careful.

"Did I sound too bold?"

Cale's expression hardened as he wondered if he had been acting too relaxed since he arrived in Sichuan.

He looked around.

"I should have brought Ron!"

If only he had brought their old assassin, whether it was poison, assassination, or hidden weapons, they wouldn't have to worry about anything!

Suddenly, he felt a pang of regret.

"If only On or Hong had been here right now!"

At least they would have been better at detecting poison than Ron.

"...For now, let's stay still."

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him.

"If we do this right-"

He looked over the shoulders of the present martial artists and saw the sign.

Tang Family of Sichuan.

His eyes lit up when he saw the name.

And those who were secretly watching him couldn't help but swallow their saliva. In particular, Elder Ho turned pale.

"Oh my god..."

When the Tang Family Leader offered her greeting, Young Master Kim looked at her indifferently and then looked around before fixing his gaze on the sign of the Tang Family of Sichuan. There could be no doubt that he was thinking something at that moment!

"Whether to remove the Tang Family name or leave it as it is, he must be thinking about that!"

Elder Ho couldn't help but laugh at the thought.

"Young Master Kim has the power to do that."

For the Government, eliminating certain factions if one intends to do so is something that can be done at any time. However, the Government rarely did it openly.

"Because if done wrong, the entire Murim could turn their swords against the Government."

One thing is to fear the Government and go through tough times because of the Government, but it's another when one points their sword at the other. Martial Artists and the Government are beings who, despite aiming their weapons at each other, are ultimately bound to the Murim. Therefore, if they feel that the Government is pressuring and restricting the Murim, there is a high probability of underlying solidarity forming among them, avoiding the Government and maintaining a firm guard.

That's why even in the Government, they didn't dare to touch a Sect or Family, let alone a Great Sect or Great Family.

It would only frighten them.

"But now the situation is different."

Young Master Kim mentioned "betrayal," and the Blood Cult came up with something that violated celestial law called "Jiangshi" and "Living Jiangshi."

Furthermore, at this moment, Young Master Kim as the center, the Imperial Family, and the Three Factions (Justice, Evil, Demonic) have formed a strange common goal.

In this situation, the oppression by the Imperial Family of a Great Family of the Justice Faction and its destruction, the Evil Faction, and the Demonic Cult would not see it as an attack on the Murim, but as an opportunity for them to increase their status and power.

"That's the only thing we must avoid!"

Elder Ho looked at the Tang Family Leader.

"Please make the right judgment!"

It was a fervent prayer.

Tang Yu bowed.

"I had not realized that the Blood Cult had taken root in Sichuan, and as a high-status Martial Artist, I should have used my strength to assist the Government and contribute to the peace of the Central Plains. However, because I was too busy looking to the future, I was not aware of what was happening in my hometown in the present, and as someone born and raised in Sichuan, my heart is deeply saddened."

That's right!

Elder Ho applauded inwardly.

The Tang Family had opted for incompetence.

She continued, implying that the Tang Family of Sichuan was still under the Government's control.

"Just one more thing!"

For the first time in his life, Elder Ho supported the Tang Family.

"We also apologize for the Tang Family's mistake. I'm sorry."

Alright, that's it!

The Tang Family Leader acknowledged that Tang Ho's words were meaningless and apologized. Furthermore, she did not blame Tang Ho as an individual but would assume responsibility for the Tang Family's error as a whole. This signified the will of the entire Tang Family.

Finally, Elder Ho realized that the serious expression on the faces of the Tang Family Elders was not simply because they were afraid but because they were willing to accept any consequences. Moreover, the pressure on Tang Ho was felt more strongly due to his own responsibility.

"Tang Ho will be expelled."

The current Tang Family Leader was even colder with her bloodline.

"Now, all that remains is Young Master Kim's decision."

Elder Ho looked at Young Master Kim. Young Master Kim, who was looking at the sign, lowered his gaze to look at Tang Yu.

"We will be watching you from now on."

Young Master Kim only spoke those words. Then, he looked around. When the members of the Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect met Young Master Kim's gaze, they lowered their heads. Young Master Kim nodded slightly as if satisfied and then spoke to Tang Yu, whose expression became a bit brighter.

"I'd like to rest a bit."

"I will take you directly to the guest villa."

Elder Ho felt relieved at the sight.

"Young Master Kim really handled it more easily than I thought."

"We will be watching you from now on." While those were intimidating words, didn't it mean that if they did well in the future, their mistakes would be forgotten?

That alone was already a relief.

The people who had gathered around Cale as they followed Tang Yu stepped aside on either side of the path.

"Young Master Kim, it's a pleasure to meet you for the first time."

The Leader of the Qingcheng Sect approached Cale and greeted him.

"Pleased to meet you, Young Master. I am the First Elder So Seon of the Emei Sect. Currently, the Leader of the Emei Sect is busy, so you may be able to meet her tomorrow."

The First Elder of the Emei Sect was representing the Emei Sect as their leader was not present in Sichuan. The atmosphere became more relaxed. Elder Ho felt relieved to see that Young Master Kim received their greetings kindly.

"Clearly, he prefers to resolve things peacefully."

It was at that moment. Before crossing the open gates of the Tang Family, Young Master Kim halted his steps and lifted his head to look at the sign on the roof of the gate. Then, he spoke calmly.

"Seeing this sign, I can feel it. The history of the Tang Family is truly ancient."

He smiled slightly as he said these words.

"I hope this sign lasts for many years."

Elder Ho swallowed. Clearly, it was a good phrase, but within that...

"If you don't want to see this sign break, work hard."

That was the implied intention. The atmosphere tensed up in an instant.

"Thank you for your words."

Tang Yu accepted Young Master Kim's words calmly, but Elder Ho's face seemed to gradually change to a greenish tone.

The Leader of the Qingcheng Sect and the First Elder of the Emei Sect were left speechless.

-Human, I'm hungry!

Cale, apparently surprised by the sound of Raon's stomach, spoke.

"Since I'm hungry, is it possible to have a meal?"

"Yes. Of course, you can."

Tang Yu's quick response made Cale show a satisfied smile. And the people, despite creating this atmosphere, felt fear when they saw someone casually talking about being hungry and seeming genuinely sincere about it.

After all, they had learned that his appetite was beyond imagination.

"This should be fine for now, right?"

Following Tang Yu, Cale felt satisfied.

"I've done a good job, and I even praised this sign of yours."

So, I should make a good impression on the Tang Family of Sichuan, right?

The corners of Cale's mouth lifted.

"Maybe I'll have the chance to learn about their poison arts later."

It had been said that the Tang Family had many poisons due to their long history. It was said that they were well organized in steps, from the mildest poisons that children had to learn to the strongest. When Cale recalled this fact, he thought.

"I was wondering if I should buy a souvenir, but-"

Let's give Hong the Tang Family's poison!

Cale decided on a souvenir for Hong.

"Since this child likes the taste of poison, he can try various poisons and grow."

Two birds with one stone. Additionally, in the Roan Kingdom, where Cale lived, there were no poisons from the Central Plains. In other words, if Hong gets this poison, he'll have a very useful tool. Furthermore, Hong wasn't very skilled in battle compared to Raon or On. Of course, he was very strong when he was with On, but there were many shortcomings due to his age.

"This is great."

It was a good opportunity for Hong to obtain more weapons to protect himself.

"Later, I should also get the Pinnacle Demon's poison."

The Evil Faction's Poison. The Justice Faction's Poison. Cale thought about bringing both. If he wants something stronger, the two will probably oppose each other, so he should ask for moderate-level poisons that would be useful for Hong.

"Surely, I'll be able to persuade the Tang Family Leader to give me some stronger poisons later, right?"

Cale showed a soft and bright smile to Tang Yu.

Therefore, that night, after a quiet dinner and sharing a cup of tea with the Tang Family Leader, it was a moment when only the two of them were face to face.

"Tang Family Leader-nim."

"Yes, Young Master-nim."

"Could you provide me with some poison?"

Clank. The teacup in Tang Yu's hand trembled slightly.

"You just need to give me some appropriate ones."

Cael smiled, as if it was no big deal.

"Would that be a problem?"

He could see Tang Yu shaking her head without hesitation.

"It's not a problem. Just ask for it, and we will give it to you anytime."

Then she suddenly stood up.

"Young Master, it seems like I have something to do. I will take my leave for now."

"Yes. Thank you for the pleasant time today."

"...Rest well."

Cale couldn't help but show a satisfied smile as he saw Tang Yu readily accepting.

Tang Yu quickly left Young Master Kim's residence and headed to the Leader of the Family Mansion. Then, she called the heads of each organization, including the Elders. She bit her lips as she waited for everyone to gather at the Mansion.

"Darn it! He just wanted some moderate poisons, right?"

Young Master Kim had reached a level where 'moderate poison' in his mouth wouldn't be as simple as that. She had no idea what level of poison he considered 'moderate'.

"As expected, you're not willing to overlook what happened before!"

Tang Yu squeezed her eyes shut tightly. And that night, the conference room in the Mansion did not go dark.

The high-ranking members of the Tang Family gathered all night to discuss which poisons would satisfy Young Master Kim and how much they should deliver.

When dawn finally arrived, Tang Yu opened her mouth with a complexion that had aged considerably in just one day.

"...Of the Nine Kings, we will deliver the 1st, 7th, and 8th."

The Nine Kings were called the treasures of the Tang Family. This meant the Nine Poisons.

It was decided to deliver three of them to Young Master Kim.


"The Tang Family Leader requested to see you this afternoon."


Cale nodded at Choi Han's words and looked towards the basement stairs.

Ron approached.

"Young Master, when I removed all the slabs, I found an ice lake."

A tomb made of Dragon Tears.

The story was true.

Cale looked to the side.

"I'm ready!"

Raon poked out his flat belly.

Cale nodded and opened his mouth.

"Let's go."

Then, they began descending the underground stairs.

-Sniff. The smell got even better!

At that moment, Cale heard the excited voice of the Sky Eating Water as they descended.



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