TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 445

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Chapter 455

Raon lowered his right hand onto the icy surface.

It's certain now. Inside the barrier connected to this icy surface, the swordsmen of Warring Steel and Black Tower's magicians were fighting.

'How did they create another space through the small crack in the ice?'

It was done using mirrors.

Wrath looked down at the icy surface, licking his lips.


From ancient times, humans have feared mirrors. The fear that their other self might pop out from the mirror in another dimension. Many spells and curses have been created to exploit that fear.

Listening to his words, he looked at the icy surface. It was frozen in a dark color, but it reflected faces so well, almost like a mirror.

'So, you're saying the Black Tower guys used this icy surface like a mirror to create the barrier?'

That's correct. They used the magic that pulls the other side of the mirror inside. It's similar to how your kind creates a barrier with a sword. The humans you're looking for might be in the world inside that icy surface.

Wrath, perhaps realizing the urgency of the situation, gave a serious answer for the first time in a long time.

'Is this Binghyang's magic…'

Binghyang, the floor master of the Black Tower, can control cold at will. It seemed that she had created the barrier using this icy surface.

Raon bit his lip, listening to the ongoing sounds of battle and screams.

'They've been holding out this long…'

He thought that the rescue was already too late when he went to the village, but he didn't expect the Warring Steel division was still fighting.


"What's wrong?"

Seeing Raon's rapidly changing expression, the members of Light Wind looked worried.

"I've found it."

Raon pointed below the icy surface with his finger.

"The Warring Steel division is fighting inside this icy surface."

He briefly explained to the Light Wind division swordsmen what he had discovered so far.

"Below this, you mean?"


"Oh my God..."

"They've been fighting inside the enemy's barrier…"

"Yes. Quite remarkable. However..."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he scanned the magic inside the icy surface.

'It's highly likely that they were intentionally kept alive.'

Whether it was Maryun or Binghyang, one of them should have been sufficient to handle the Warring Steel division. Moreover, they had even created the barrier, so it didn't make sense for the Warring Steel division to hold out for this long.

It seemed that the Black Tower guys were trying to achieve another purpose inside the barrier.

'Are they trying to lure us in? No, that doesn't seem likely.'

They might have intended to use the Warring Steel division to lure both themselves and the Light Wind division into the barrier, but if that were the case, they should have made it easier to be found.

The fact that they had created the barrier in such a difficult way made it clear that they had something to hide.

'Whatever the case, we need to break this barrier as quickly as possible.'

But how?

They knew there was a barrier, but a way to open it didn't come to mind.

'Is there no other way?'

He tapped Wrath's shoulder, who was floating blankly in the air.

What is it?

'How can we enter this barrier?'

How would the King of Essence know about something like that?

'You do have knowledge about this kind of dimension, right?'

The King of Essence has said it before, he doesn't understand complex things.

Wrath shook his head, stating he didn't know how to open the barrier.

Just smash it. It will open and collapse on its own.

He laughed, saying that something like a barrier would open automatically with enough strength.

'Even if I had the power…'

At the moment, it seemed impossible for him to forcibly twist the barrier open.

However, from Wrath's earlier words, he gained a clue.

'I may not have the strength, but there is a compatibility.'

He might not have the power to instantly shatter the barrier like the Black Tower guys in one breath, but he has the divine power to distort the space of magic.

'But right now, there's no time for that.'

The sounds continued to come from inside the barrier, as he had heard them once. Screams rang out, and the sound of bodies falling endlessly.

There was no time to waste. He had to end it now.

Raon looked at the Light Wind swordsmen and pointed to the icy surface.

"Everyone gather."


The Light Wind division swordsmen also knew that the situation was serious, so they lined up in formation as soon as they received the order.

"I'm going to twist the barrier now. I won't be able to hold it for long, so move immediately."


"I don't know what you mean, but I understand."

"Finally, you found a way."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan nodded as if they believed him, without even asking a question. The other swordsmen also finished their preparations and drew their swords.

'They're reliable.'

Feeling the camaraderie of the Light Wind division, which was completely different from the White Lotus division, he placed his hand on the icy surface and used the divine power of the divinity that had bloomed from the darkness.


He used his divine power to thin out the icy surface and push it into the inside of the icy surface where the magic was leaking out.

He didn't miss the moment when the magic seemed to feel pain and poured out all of his divine power that remained in his energy center.


At that moment, the frozen lake seemed to be painted crimson as if night had fallen, and the icy surface began to crack like spiderwebs.

Magic gushed out from the cracks in the broken icy surface, and the gap in the dark-soaked barrier was forced open.

Unfortunately, he couldn't break the barrier itself, but he could open the gap.


Blood Cloud Blade let out a faint sigh as he saw the sight.

"D-did you force open the magic barrier?"

He seemed to be aware of the magic barrier, and his jaw trembled as he looked at the gap in the barrier.

"How is this...."

"I'll decide your fate after we're done."

Once Blood Cloud Blade and the White Crane's warriors were restrained and unable to move, Raon turned to look back.

The Light Wind division members nodded quietly, as if ready.

"Let's go."

Raon raised his mana to its highest level. With the crimson flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, he jumped into the gap in the barrier which burned away the darkness.

"This time, it's our turn to pay our debt."

* * *

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The Warring Steel division leader Trevin clutched his chest and let out a ragged breath. He wished he could bite his lips to endure the pain of his injuries, but he had already bitten them to the point where there was nothing left to chew.

'I'm really going to die.'

When he was younger, he had always thought that if he were to die, he wanted to die on the battlefield, but this was not the kind of battlefield he had in mind.

This is not a battlefield where warriors clash with their beliefs and powers, but a slaughterhouse.


Trevin slowly raised his gaze. Over the pools of blood that had turned deep red, he could see the people abducted by the Black Tower's magicians.


As a sound akin to the blowing wind reached his ears, the neck of the elder man at the front dropped abruptly. From the lifeless corpse, a dark flow emerged and rose towards the ceiling of the barrier.


The lump of magic that was swirling above the ceiling turned a darker shade of light.


At his words, the young man who was behind the old man was dragged forward.

"You've heard everything until now, right?"

The magician gazed at the frightened young man, a sinister smile playing on his lips.

"The reason you're going to die is because of Raon Zieghart."

With those words, a sinister hole was pierced through the left side of the still young man's chest.


The young man, as if unable to believe his own death, fell with wide eyes. Resentful energies emanated from his lifeless body, seeping into the ceiling through the writhing magic.


Trevin gritted his teeth.

"This is hell. We're in hell."

The barrier created by Maryun and Binghyang was no different from a demon's realm. They were using over a hundred people they had previously kidnapped to maintain this barrier and to create a curse of hatred directed at Raon. It was, quite literally, a human sacrifice.

Everyone here was aware of it. The one to blame was not Raon but the Black Tower's magicians. However, due to human psychology, they couldn't help but feel resentment towards Raon.


In the meantime, another middle-aged woman's throat was cut.

Perhaps due to the accumulation of curses, the speed at which they were killing people had become much faster than before.

"Darn it..."

Trevin's hand holding the sword trembled. He had been fighting for hours, He wanted to rush out immediately to save everyone, but he couldn't. He wasn't in the best condition himself, and he had hostages to protect behind him.

"Now, why aren't you begging for mercy anymore?"

A lean old man approached, sneering. He was holding two swords, and his transparent blades were dripping with blood. This old man was the floor master of the Black Tower, Maryun.

Maryun kicked the corpse of Warring Steel swordsman that had fallen beneath his feet and chuckled.

"This bastard..."

Trevin clenched his fists until they bled. He was enraged at the sight of his comrade's body being desecrated.

"Blame Raon Zieghart now. The reason you're dying is because he meddled with the Black Tower."




The Warring Steel swordsmen turned pale, witnessing the helplessness of watching their comrades' corpses being trampled and innocent people dying, and the fear of Maryun.

Trevin exhaled heavily, surveying the faces of his subordinates.

'It's understandable.'

It's impossible to ask them not to blame Raon in this situation where there is no way to return alive.

Even if they didn't want to, thoughts of blaming him would naturally come to mind.


That was all part of their enemies' scheme. They undoubtedly aimed to complete the relentless curse through the Warring Steel swordsmen who knew about Raon.

''I can't die by falling for their tricks.'

This was the battle between Zieghart and the Black Tower. They must not blame Raon.


Trevin fiercely stomped his foot and raised his sword. The powerful aura pushed back the magic for a moment, and a brilliant light emanated.

"Surely there are no idiots who blame Raon now? If you're going to fall for the Black Tower's dirty tricks, throw your sword away right now!"

As he shouted with determination in his voice, the barrier became silent, as if time had stopped.

"Of course not!"

"Why would I blame that monster?"

"The enemy is those vermin, not Raon!"

Warring Steel swordsmen raised their swords, their resolve binding together as a formidable momentum surged.

"We won't get any reinforcements. But!"

Trevin ignited a strong spirit over the silver blade and offered a pure smile.

"Let's fight! Just like the Light Wind that defended the Arian family for five days, let's establish Zieghart's will in this hell!"


The unity of the Warring Steel swordsmen's determination intensified, and a mysterious light shone on the blades they held.


Maryun frowned as he felt the Warring Steel division swordsmen's aura, which had hardened even more than when he first entered the barrier.

"Ah, I told them to deal with that bastard quickly."

An eerie voice came from behind Maryun. It was a woman with white hair lying diagonally on the ground, and her gray eyes lacked any trace of humanity.

That witch was Binghyang, who was maintaining the barrier.

"It's become a nuisance."

Binghyang twisted her lips as she trimmed her fingernails.

"There aren't many more sacrifices left, what are you going to do! You will be scolded by the vice leader!"

She waved her hand at the curse of resentment hanging from the ceiling.

"Of course."

Maryun ignored Binghyang's annoyance and glared at Trevin.

"I should have dealt with you first."

He glanced at the Warring Steel division swordsmen who were looking at Trevin's back with trusting eyes, and generated a sharp killing intent.

"I didn't think you would be a hindrance, not a medium for making curses quickly."

"It seems I have to deal with you now."

"Who decides?"

Trevin raised his sword with a thin smile. His head was fuzzy with fatigue and pain, but he couldn't die without fighting.

"I can't fall until I cut your throat."

"That's too bad."

Maryun licked his lips as he held the wheels in his hands back.

"If you had come to the Black Tower with that firm will, you could have become a floor master."

A pair of his wheels  flew out of his hands.


The speed wasn't that fast, but the magic wrapped around the wheels was so terrible that it couldn't be taken lightly.

"Rather than joining forces with the likes of you, I'd rather bite my own tongue and die!

Trevin gritted his teeth and unleashed the ultimate skill of the Iron Penetration Sword. Even though the blade was damaged, the sword added sharpness to the swordsmanship, knowing the owner's will.


The ultimate skill of the Iron Penetration Sword pushed the wheel away roughly, but there was still a second wheel left.


Despite vomiting blood due to internal injuries, Trevin swung his sword towards the center of the second wheel.


Even though the impact from the rotating wheels made his fingertips tremble and his stomach churn, he couldn't collapse.


He pushed Maryun away not with aura or swordsmanship, but with will, and raised his head.

'This is frustrating...'

Now he had no strength left. He had overextended himself in trying to rescue the hostages and had used too much power in his anger over the death of his comrade. 

Moreover, due to the barrier composed of magic, he couldn't exert his full strength, he didn't even have the energy to lift his sword above his waist.

"It's really a shame."

Unlike Maryun's words, the magic that bloomed from the wheels he retrieved was enough to make one's breath stop. The blades of the wheels, which had been dyed gray, were gradually becoming black.

'Black wheels....'

It is said that Maryun's wheels turn black when he is serious, and it seemed to be happening now.

"Your life will be cut off by this magic wheels."

With his mocking laughter, he released the two wheels again. Seeing the wheels tear through space and strike, it sent a chilling shiver down the spine.

'Even he was at his best, it'll be hard to endure. But…'

He would endure until the end.

Trevin knew how Raon Zieghart fought at the Arian family, so he couldn't give up first. He had to fight even without teeth, he had to fight with his gums if necessary


Trevin roared and unleashed one of the Iron Penetration Sword's ultimate move, the Four Seas Annihilation. Although only a small amount of aura was infused, the sword's stance was sharper than ever.


The blade wrapped in a thin layer of aura struck the wheel, which was filled with magic.

'Is this enlightenment? But....'

It's too late.

It seemed that the profiency of the Iron Penetration Sword had grown, but there was not enough aura and stamina left. The second wheel was approaching rapidly, and there was no way to block it.

Trevin lowered his sword and spread his arms wide. It was his final resolve as the leader to protect the subordinates and hostages behind him and die alone..

'I won't close my eyes.'

As he was thinking that he wanted to die as a warrior, he saw the black wheel approaching.


A strange sound, like an eggshell breaking, resounded through the air. A giant crack appeared in the previously unshakable ceiling, and the storm of burning flames poured down.


A storm of red flames poured down as the ceiling, which was swaying with magic, collapsed.

But the wheel had already come up to his throat.

As he bit his lip, thinking of death, a pair of eyes darker than flames flashed in the heat storm.

Raon. He, who he never imagined would appear here, descended like a red lightning bolt.


The wheels, filled with magic, were pushed away, and the darkness containing the curse melted away.

From the center of the collapsing barrier, Raon turned his back. The Black Dragon coat, which had not yet calmed down, rippled like a roar.

"Thank you for holding on."

Unlike Raon's smile, a fierce glint shone in his red eyes.

"Now, leave it to me."


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