IBRV (Novel) Chapter 108

C 108


As Callan Etham discovered, the liquid is of much worse quality than originally thought.

When you drink it, it slowly stimulates the nervous system, reminds you of the liquid, eventually poisons you, and makes you crave more, so withdrawal symptoms become severe and lead to death.

Furthermore, it was said to have a detrimental effect on the organs, causing people to rot from the inside out while still alive.

"Anyway, I'm glad you found out about this in advance. What would have happened if this had spread throughout the country?"

Saying that, Callan shook his head.

Callan still had a childish side as he smiled and chewed on a cookie while looking into my eyes.

"Well, he's still sixteen."

When will I grow up?

After pondering that, I somehow felt it was a bit distant. However, it's still much better than it used to be.

"Because I feel alive."

I was in a good mood, smiling when Callan quietly put a hand on my forehead.

"What are you doing?"

"What? I was wondering if you were sick. You suddenly smiled strangely..."

He took a sip of the hot chocolate, which was scalding enough to burn your tongue, while looking at my face.

"I don't know how anyone can eat something like this."

It's said that eating sweets makes you feel better, but instead of making you feel better, it seemed like it would elevate you to the sky.

"I always wonder how you can eat that weird thing."

I tilted my head and bit my lip with the spoon holding the pudding.

"...Can't you just stop doing that?"


When I lowered the spoon at his sudden comment, Callan Etham, with a reddened face, pointed at me.

"That expression! Those eyes! That ambiguous and slightly tilted head angle!"


"I still want to break the sofa!"


Why say such a silly comment?

If there's one thing I've learned from talking to a lot of people lately...

It's very embarrassing, very embarrassing, and frankly a bit painful to say out loud, but...

They loved me more than I thought. I thought I roughly knew where that awkward and uncomfortable comment from Callan Etham was coming from.


"Seriously, how could my father make such a fluffy girl?"

"Fluffy is..."

"You! Do you know how many of your dolls are in my room? How old am I right now!"

It's because it's the same way I liked the heroine in the past.

Callan Etham hugged the sofa cushion and grumbled as if feeling sorry for collecting dolls.

But the way he looked at me was clearly affectionate. Unlike those guys who didn't even act like my brothers in my previous life.

"But I was wondering, Eirin, what do you plan to do if you catch the culprit who spread that Hatar?"

I crossed my arms and tilted my head.

What the hell will I do? I have to tear everything from one to ten. Although it wouldn't be me doing it.

The pursuit of this culprit didn't start with any particular idea. I just want my daily life to be comfortable, and the people around me to be peaceful.

"So why did they spread Hatar? I don't know why I can't remember."

It's unclear which country released this Hatar.

"Someone must benefit from the release of Hatar."

It was while I was eating my pudding and lost in thought. Callan Etham, who was sitting in front of me, moved and sat next to me.

"Is it delicious?"


"Give me a bite."

Callan Etham opened his mouth.

As I squinted my eyes at his audacity, Callan Etham averted his gaze.

I scooped up a spoonful of pudding, and Callan Etham put it in his mouth and immediately made a face.

"Ugh, the texture feels unpleasant."

He hates pudding, so I don't know why he asked for it. I looked at him dissatisfied before opening my mouth.

"Now that I think about it, my biological father... Where is the person I thought was my father?"

"Ah... that bastard?"



"Come to think of it, I think he smelled like something unique. I don't remember it very well..."

It was an inexplicable smell that had a strong woodsy aroma mixed with a strangely sweet scent. It seems that the smell of grass was also mixed in.

"Should I bring the report?"

"Is there one?"

"Well, even if the bastard is an idiot, he's still part of the Etham family, so a report came up."

"For my brother?"

"No, I saw it on my father's desk."

Callan Etham grinned like a mischievous rogue. As he muttered something quietly, a piece of paper floated in the air and gently landed in my hand.

"You stole it?"

"No way, it was copied."

Callan said confidently.

I wonder what the big difference is between stealing and copying...

"Did I do it right?"

The child's eyes sparkled, and the top of his body leaned slightly. Seeing his tilted head, I reached out and ruffled his hair.

"Thanks, brother."

"You're welcome."

Callan Etham smiled contentedly and withdrew.

I read the report slowly. There were many stories about stammering and a desire to see me.

However, to be honest, that wasn't my concern.

"Who the hell is the person who handed me over to this idiot?"

In a vague memory, I saw a person who handed me over when I was a newborn to the bastard.

However, I couldn't remember clearly what the situation was like at that moment or what kind of conversation was taking place.

As I read the report slowly, there were some lines that suddenly caught my attention.

<Belongings: knife, gold coins... (omitted), 1 cigarette>

<Special Note: experiences seizures, which seem to be a side effect of some drug or a symptom of addiction.>

It was about belongings and special notes. My eyes narrowed.

"A cigarette... And symptoms of addiction?"

It's an oddly reluctant connection. If you look at them separately, it's actually a very fitting story.

Unfortunately, however, I heard of an incident where these two things were vaguely intertwined.

["I don't know the details except for the information about the appearance of a man who looks young and has a scar above his left eye. They say he likes unique cigarettes, whether they are self-made or not distributed in the market."]

Upon Hill Rosemont's words that suddenly came to my mind, I slowly set the paper down on the desk.



"Can you find out if this person is poisoned with Hatar or not?"

"Of course."

Callan Etham smiled, downed the hot chocolate in one gulp, and got up.

"If you need help, I'll assist you. So don't hold back, don't hesitate, and tell me anytime."

At those kind words, the stiffness in my mouth eased. Unintentionally, I raised my eyebrows.

I always think this, but these people are too sweet. So I wanted to protect them even more and didn't want to lose them.

"Yes, don't provoke trouble as well, and let me know if anything happens."

"I will."

Callan Etham waved his hand and quickly left the room. I shifted my sulking body and jumped out of my seat.

I finished what I was trying to do...

"Today, I should go out!"

I ran back to my room.

Laurent was waiting for me in the room as usual.

"Welcome back, milady!"

"Laurent! I'm going out."

"Did you have a good conversation with the young master?"

"Yes, I asked for help, and he said he would assist me."

I was a little happy about that fact, so when I said that, Laurent smiled and nodded.

"Don't forget that Laurent is here too! Then I'll do my best to help you get ready!"

"Yes, please take care of me!"

"You said you were going to the capital's market district, right?"


When I replied, swinging my leg hanging from the chair, Laurent opened her mouth while gently patting my head.

"But why do you want to go to the market?"

"To buy a gift!"

At my words, she widened her eyes.

"A gift?"


When I smiled, Laurent, who had finished fixing my hair, lightly brushed my cheek and smiled at me.

Laurent worked diligently on my attire, and I jumped out of my seat with an animated expression.

"Then I'll get ready quickly. I'll also bring a knight for escort. Could it be Sir Iona and Sir Adam?"


Iona and Adam were in charge of my exclusive escort.

The mansion is secure, so they don't escort me within the mansion, but the moment I leave the mansion, the two knights follow me, even if it's within the Etham family's property.

"I also took some money."

I looked at my thick wallet and nodded happily.

It was a black tiger-shaped coin purse that my father gave me. Filled with gold coins, the tiger's face was bulging.

When I turned my head, I saw a stuffed tiger on my bed. I regret not paying much attention to it lately.

"Mmm. Do you want to come too?"

I approached and asked. Of course, as it was a question I asked the toy, I didn't get a response.


Feeling a bit embarrassed, I cleared my throat a couple of times before hugging it to my chest.

"Do you know? You're my first toy."

A precious stuffed toy I received as a gift for the first time.

Of course, the first one I actually received got lost while fleeing, so this one is new.

"But I won't lose it anymore."

Laurent arrived as soon as I sat on the bed, stomping and hugging me tightly.

As I descended the stairs with her, Adam and a knight I hadn't seen before bowed to me.

"Milady, I heard you're going out."


"Sir Iona, who was with me the other day, is on another assignment today, so I brought another knight."

I nodded at Adam's explanation and turned to see a handsome man with a scar on his cheek and a gruff look.

This guy seems quite sturdy too.

"Are all the knights like this?"

Just when I was thinking that.

"Wow, nice to meet you! Miss. My name is Easter. I will serve you today."

The blonde-haired knight, Easter, opened his mouth with a wide smile.

And at the same time, the image I had in mind shattered.

Easter, the knight, bent at the waist to kiss the back of my hand and smiled.

"Oh, the lovely maiden is with you too. I will protect her from any danger, miss."

Then he straightened up and casually flirted with Laurent.

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