TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 160



Raon shook his head and stared at the book. Then he raised his head and looked at Cale. His eyes were full of questions.
When met with those round eyes, Cale closed the book as if he knew nothing about it.


Cale's gaze quickly moved to a particular spot.


Choi Jung Soo politely kept his hands together and acted as if he wasn't laughing.

"Are you going to keep doing that?"

When Cale asked while smiling, Choi Jung Soo shyly averted his gaze. Seeing this, Raon poked Choi Han's back and whispered.

"Choi Han, the Human just laughed like Grandpa Ron!"

Did I just laugh like that old assassin?

Cale's eyes widened. Anyway, Lord Sichuan was muttering with a face full of amazement.

"This is something mysterious I have never experienced in my life. Hearing a voice from the book..."

His body was trembling slightly. Chief Eunuch Wi was the same. Cale knew very well why.

'It's because of the Dragon Fear.'

The elderly woman's voice had a hint of Dragon Fear. A voice that instilled fear into the hearts of creatures themselves. In response, Cale slightly raised his Dominating Aura.

Of course, apart from Chief Eunuch Wi and Lord Sichuan, no one else in the room was being affected by 'Dragon Fear'. Most were simply looking at the book Cale was holding in his hands, some with curious eyes, and others with not-so-friendly emotions.


Lord Sichuan slid over to stand next to Cale. It was almost instinctual. To counteract the Dragon Fear, he could only rely on the powerful aura emanating from this person capable of repelling Dragon Fear. While he didn't understand the reason behind it, Lord Sichuan had an expression filled with admiration for Cale.

"Are you... someone who serves the Dragons?"

Cale pretended not to hear his question.

Instead, he opened the book.


The words were in the language of the Roan Kingdom. People from the Central Plains would not be able to understand it.

The preface read:

<I do not see the entire Future.>
<I only see fragments of the Future.>
<A Dragon of the same black color as me.>
<And the Guardian of the Dragon.>

You call me Minion out there, but here, you call me Guardian. Cale's lips twitched with distaste.

<I have seen it.>
<A Dragon that transcended its time of existence.>
<A Dragon that escaped a fate that should have killed it and lived a new one.>

Cale's lips tightened.

This was Raon's story.
A creature that should have died but was now living a very full life.

<And by its side is the Guardian who twisted that fate.>
It referred to Cale.

<I have also seen it.>
<A true King. The wings of a young Black Dragon heading down the path of a King>

This book was written more than a hundred years ago, in the time of Lord Sichuan's great-grandfather.

In other words, the Dragon must have seen a hundred years into the future.
Maybe even beyond that.

<And in the midst of it all, I was not there.>
<Naturally. I am already too old.>

Cale read the mundane words, written in rather neat handwriting.

<When a Dragon dies naturally, it disappears into nature.>

It's true.
Unless that doesn't happen, their bodies remain.

<And so it should be with me, but I avoided it.>
<In this very lake beneath the ice.>

Cale's gaze shifted towards the shelf leading to the basement.

<I told the humans that the liquid under the ice was the Dragon's Tear, but in reality, it was not a tear but my body and the Dragon Heart, all bound with my mana in liquid form.>

The Dragon had died and turned into a lake.

<It couldn't be helped.>
<Because I had to give some gifts to the Guardian as well as the young Dragon.>

He turned to the next page.

<There are three items in it. One is a ring, another is a crown, and the last is a sword.>


The study door opened, and Ron and Beacrox entered, carrying tea and refreshments.

Cale could barely maintain eye contact.

"Damn it."

Cale's words made Lord Sichuan and Chief Eunuch Wi pause for a moment.

Whether by chance or not, Cale had read the phrases engraved in the book.


This Dragon was truly a crazy one.

<First of all, the ring is the Dragon Lord's ring! When I think about the hard work I did to steal it, I seriously cry. But without it, the Lord can't properly use his power, right? Pwahahaha! Maybe he won't even be recognized as a true Dragon Lord even if he reaches the position of Lord, and he must be worried if someone notices that it's missing... Pwahahaha!>


The Dragon Lords in that world wore rings from generation to generation.

It seems they couldn't use the Lord's power without that ring.

That 'guy' the Dragon is referring to is probably an amazing Dragon who controls the world over there, one who controls time. And it seems that because of this ring stolen by this crazy Dragon, he can't properly play the role of a Dragon Lord.

Ah, I see.

<And the crown was worn by the first emperor of the last empire I lived in, who was very famous as a Dragon Hunter? I stole the crown when 'that guy' destroyed the empire! Pwahahaha! Probably 'that guy' is going crazy because he can't find the crown... Pwahahaha!>


It seemed there were humans in that world too.

Among them, there was a Dragon Hunter and a Hero who clearly looked extraordinary, whose artifacts were stolen by this crazy Dragon.

I see.

<Oh, and the sword is used by the Elves who served the Dragon Lord for generations. Keke. I stole that too! This is the sword the first Dragon Lord of our world gave to the person he named a knight to protect him, and it's amazing! Fufufu. Maybe the Guardian of the Dragon Lord is also in a bind right now!>

A knight protecting the Dragon Lord.

That knight's sword was also stolen by this crazy Dragon.

<Oh, I spent most of my life stealing these three things and coming to this world, but I don't regret it at all!>

<I kicked them in the back very well!>


Raon approached and said with a serious face.

"Why are you smiling like that?"


Was I smiling?

Cale touched the corner of his lips.

"Ah, yes, I was laughing."

He looked around.

Choi Jung Soo and the Team Leader, who had been mockingly watching Cale until now, turned serious, and Beacrox sighed.

And Choi Han spoke with a stern face.

"I'll do anything you say."

What's going on?

"Young Master."

Meanwhile, Ron offered a kind smile as usual while extending a tea cup.

"We only have sweet tea instead of the usual bitter one. It's a shame, but please try it."

There's no bitter tea in the first place.

Cale sipped the tea with satisfaction.


Too sweet!

But it makes me more awake.

Cale refocused his attention on the book and read the end of the preface.

<The Dragon who sees the "past" is probably dead. Of course, I didn't look into that guy's future.>
<But if he's still alive, he should be able to explain the proper use of those three things to you.>
<Of course, there are instructions I left behind, so it should be enough.>
<Anyway, take care of these three things, eat well, and be strong!>

When it said to eat, it didn't actually mean eating.
I think it just meant taking care of everything.


At that moment, Sky Eating Water spoke.

-I think it can be eaten.

No way...

-Everything that makes up a dragon is in that liquid. It seems I would become much stronger if I consumed it. It seems the issue is not the seal.

The voice of Sky Eating Water began to show signs of life.

-Will I really be able to devour the sky?


Cale's heart was pounding strongly.

"Grandpa Ron, the Human is laughing like this again!"

Cale, who heard Raon's voice lightly, closed the book and, holding it in his hand, said:

"You truly are a generous dragon."

He wasn't a crazy dragon, but a great and generous Dragon.

Although he didn't like the idea of dragging Raon to Apitoyu and burdening him with great responsibility, Cale was already determined that his next world would be Apitoyu.

So, this Dragon who was willing to give them everything he had, even his own body, was probably doing his best.


The name of the dragon appeared.

<The moment you pronounce my name, the ice will melt>

Cale looked at Ron.

"Speak, Young Master."

"Stay right here and remove all the slabs from the underground."

"Yes, understood."

Then, he turned his gaze to Chief Eunuch Wi. Although he hadn't said anything, he responded directly.

"I'll assist to make the work easier."

Finally, he looked at Lord Sichuan.

"Use whatever you need! Make sure no one comes near here..."

He stopped before finishing the sentence and gave a distant smile.

"Haha, I'm no longer in a position to give orders in this mansion."

Currently, he was under arrest on charges of treason. Of course, Cale was fairly certain that he had no connection to the Blood Cult. It wasn't for his actions. It didn't make sense for a Dragon who came to this world because he hated Dragon Hunters to collaborate with a family that had a future related to the Blood Cult.

'No. As he knew there was a connection, he might have chosen Lord Sichuan's great-grandfather for that reason.'

If he saw a future where Cale would come to the owner's house of this castle...

'It's a bit uncomfortable.'

Honestly, the power to see the future felt a bit uncomfortable to Cale. But what felt even more uncomfortable to him was...

'It's the Past.'

A Dragon with the Past as an attribute.

For some reason, he didn't want to meet this Dragon. Although it might be someone useful, he didn't want to show his past to anyone. Besides, he had no memories worth showing.

"I'll be back here tomorrow, understood?"

"Yes, Young Master. We will be prepared by then."

As Cale nodded at Ron's gentle response, Chief Eunuch Wi cautiously spoke.

"Young Master, it seems Fist King-nim will also arrive tomorrow."

Fist King, Mok Hyun, would arrive with the Golden Guard. And in their hands, they would bring more valuable Divine Medicines than what they had found so far.


That's great, right? Many seals would be broken at once, and he would become stronger.

"We can finish everything here tomorrow and then head directly to Yunnan."

Then to Nanman. The route to destroy the Blood Cult didn't seem too difficult.

"Let's go to the Tang Family then." Cale walked slowly. "I'm curious about what their response will be."

What will the Tang Family of Sichuan's response be to Cale?
Emei and Qingcheng will also need to give a response.
Will they choose incompetence or betrayal?

-Human, you keep laughing like that! Why?

Cale headed to the Tang Family of Sichuan while listening to Raon's voice, who had suddenly turned invisible in the background.

In front of him, several officials from the Eastern Depot appeared to guide him.

They didn't hide their identity, wearing official attire that clearly indicated they were members of the Eastern Depot, an agency under the emperor's supervision.

Because of that, nobody approached them easily.

This continued until Cale reached the main gate of the Tang Family of Sichuan.

"Oh, you're both here."

Cale smiled and greeted Elder Ho and Byuk Sun.

Elder Ho swallowed hard upon seeing him.

Now Sichuan is in chaos.

The Lord of Sichuan has been arrested for treason, and the most magnificent mansion in the city, the Sichuan Lord's Mansion, has been invaded by members of the Eastern Depot.

Furthermore, it was said that the Golden Guard would also arrive here tomorrow.

Due to that, Sichuan's officials were hiding in their homes, not daring to make a sound, following the orders of the Eastern Depot.

They didn't dare to make a sound for fear of the blind sword, or rather, the Emperor's wrath. No, it would be fine if they simply lost their heads. But the Emperor was someone who replaced the previous Emperor in a brutal manner, so even... their own families could be exterminated.

The fall of the Silver Blue Commercial Guild?

Those in power in the Province of Sichuan no longer had time to worry about such things.

Elder Ho closed his eyes and then opened them.

He had forgotten.

"Young Master Kim has imperial blood."

From the perspective of martial artists, he had completely understood Kim Haeil.

"Damn the Tang Family!"

Elder Ho had heard about everything Tang Ho of the Tang Family had done, and what happened to Lord Sichuan afterward, and he could see how compassionate Young Master Kim had been.

Furthermore, now Young Master Kim no longer needed to be compassionate.

He was only thinking about moving forward and had no intention of being stopped by anyone.

Elder Ho took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

"Please, come in, Young Master."

Cale responded to Elder Ho's greeting with a smile and looked beyond his shoulder. The Tang Family, Emei Sect, and Qingcheng Sect. The atmosphere was tense with the arrival of key figures from these three places. However, most of them lowered their heads and avoided eye contact with Cale when their gazes crossed. Especially the people of the Tang Family of Sichuan made an extra effort to avoid his gaze.

"It's a good atmosphere."

Cale's calm words only made Elder Ho and Byuk Sun smile uncomfortably. No one else spoke, and silence filled the place.

Cale liked this atmosphere.



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