TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 433

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Chapter 433

Raon watched Glenn and Rekhtar as they each crossed over the right and left walls, swallowing nervously.

'What's going on here?'

It seemed like neither of them knew of each other's presence or that they didn't expect to make similar comments at the same moment. They both had wide eyes in surprise.

"What are you doing right now?"

Raon awkwardly called out to the two standing there, but they didn't even look in this direction.

Glenn stared at Rekhtar with an uncomfortable expression, and Rekhtar met Glenn's gaze with a furrowed brow.

"Head of house. Sir Rekhtar!"

When Raon loudly called their names, both of them simultaneously turned their attention towards him.

"Ah, I came to find you because you said you were going for early morning training. I was curious about the kind of training you're doing, and we also had an agreement, didn't we?"

Rekhtar took a step forward first. He had come to assist with swordsmanship training, just as he had mentioned the day before, and he expressed his seriousness with a determined look in his eyes.

"I see."

Raon nodded as he recalled Rekhtar's words.

'He did say something like that.'

He had mentioned wanting to watch his swordsmanship further on the way to the annex building, and even when guiding him to his quarters, Raon had asked if he was going to do early morning training. His arrival was entirely understandable.

"Head of house."

Raon turned his gaze to the right, muttering his doubts.

"Why did you come suddenly, my lord...?"

Unlike Rekhtar, Glenn's presence was entirely unexpected, and it made Raon a little uneasy.


Glenn cleared his throat and swept his disheveled hair back. His bewildered expression suddenly turned icy, as if a frigid wind had blown over him.

"I mentioned it yesterday, didn't I? I have a special rewards to give you."

"Not... that."

"Instead of a trivial reward like the martial arts book, I will personally teach you swordsmanship."

He said that the reward worthy of a golden plate was not a book of martial arts, but real swordsmanship. From today onwards, he would be the one to teach Raon.


Raon looked back and forth between Glenn and Rekhtar, swallowing hard.

What is this?'

Is it a dream?

It didn't seem real that two of the continent's best swordsmen had come to teach him swordsmanship at the same time.

"So, both of you came to see me for swordsmanship training at the fifth training ground this early morning?


"That's right."

Rekhtar and Glenn nodded at the same time.

However, they exchanged sharp glances, not toward Raon, as if challenging each other, creating a chilling atmosphere.

'It's chilly.'

Even though he should have been sweating from swinging the sword, the cold atmosphere created by Glenn and Rekhtar made him feel like he had entered the North Sea, and his whole body was cold.

Raon bit his lip, looking at the spark-like tension in the air.

'What should I do?'

If Glenn and Rekhtar had come one by one, it would have been a great opportunity, but it was difficult to handle when two people came at once.

He doesn’t know what to do because his head is not working properly.


After a brief silence between the three, Glenn was the first to move.


Glenn put his hands behind his back and raised his chin.

"That child is a swordsman of Zieghart. I think it would be better for me to teach him."

He confirmed the position of the head of house and the pchild, which is superior to anything else, and lowered his mouth.

"I agree with you."

Rekhtar nodded slowly. He thought he would give up, but he didn't take a step back and smiled faintly.

"However, Raon made an agreement with me. Just yesterday. I agreed to help him with swordsmanship training for a while. This early morning as well."

It was true that he had agreed to help with training, but it was not a dawn training. He added words that he had not even said and declared that he was first.

"Since I also received permission from Raon's master, Zieghart's Sword of Light, in this case, the prior agreement should take precedence, shouldn't it?"


Rekhtar, even in his surprise, calmly and calmly recited the reason why he was first.

When the name Zieghart's Sword of Light came out, Glenn's fist clenched tightly.

"Even if there is a prior agreement, Raon is Zieghart's swordsman. Shouldn't he prioritize the house first?"

Glenn seemed to think that he could not back down this time, so he bit his lips thinly.

"That depends on the situation. Raon is on vacation now, isn't he?"

Rekhtar also did not give in and fired back until the end.

The two men stared at Raon with cold eyes, refusing to back down even a step, and said that they would teach Raon right now.

"It's not going to end, is it?"

"That's right. In that case..."

After a calm but cold debate, Glenn and Rekhtar turned their eyes to Raon at the same time.

"It would be better to ask Raon directly."

"That's right."

The two pairs of fierce eyes that were targeting each other turned to Raon at the same time.

"What do you want to do?"


Raon looked at the sparks flashing from Glenn and Rekhtar's eyes and tightly gripped his wrists.

'The pressure is no joke.'

Even though they didn't generate any aura or momentum, the pressure generated by the two men was terrifying. It felt like his heart was about to break just from the gaze.

'What should I do?'

He didn't want to miss out on both Glenn's and Rekhtar's teachings, as they were martial arts that couldn't be bought for a thousand gold coins.

His head was shaking, but he had to come up with a way somehow.

However, in the current situation, it seemed unlikely that he could win over both individuals, or rather, the problem was that they might even end up in a fight, risking the collapse of this training ground.


As Raon bit his lip and pondered, the presence of the two men gradually thickened.

Mmnya. The King of Essence belly is full. The King of Essence will share it.

Wrath, who only had his mouth sticking out of the ice flower bracelet, suddenly started talking in his sleep. He seemed to be dreaming of eating while sleeping.

'This guy is truly unhelpful…'

He was about to flick Wrath's mouth with his finger, but then he stopped.

'Share it?'

Right, there's no need to consume it all at once.

Changing his thoughts, Raon realized that the current situation, where two people were competing to teach him, could actually be a golden opportunity.

'It's true that he agreed to train with Rekhtar, and it's also true that the lord said he would give him the reward.'

Raon nodded and looked into the eyes of the two men. His eyes were no longer shaking.

"So, let's do this."


"Like this?"

The two men leaned forward slightly, as if they were surprised by the unexpected answer.

"I have three swordsmanship styles I consider myself proficient in, which are Heavy Sword, Soft Sword, Swift (quick) Sword and Intuition Sword. On the contrary, the swordsmanship styles I have not yet mastered are Transformation Sword, Illusion Sword, Flexible Sword, Formless Sword, Connecting Sword, and Explosive Sword."

Raon looked into the eyes of the two men with questions and recited the swordsmanship styles that he still lacked.

"Each of you can choose three and train me, and then check who taught me better, right?"



The two men were surprised that they would be forced to have a teaching competition, and their mouths opened at the same time.


Glenn let out a sigh as he looked at Raon.

'Look at this guy?'

He was curious about how Raon would overcome this situation, apart from the fact that he didn't like Rekhtar, but be didn't expect him to lay the groundwork for a competition.

He doesn’t know if he should say it's bold or cheeky.


It was a board that was made to be unavoidable, even though he knew it, he had to let it go.


Rekhtar also licked his lips as he looked into Raon's calm eyes.

'Edgar. You're not like your son.'

Unlike his son, who was just straightforward, his grandson knew how to use the situation appropriately.

Even the Destructive King of North, Glenn, couldn't avoid being in a dilemma in this situation, which brought a smile to Rekhtar's face.

'That's why I like your son more.'

Realizing that he couldn't escape from his grandson's scheme, he decided to dive in completely.

Raon clenched his fist as he looked at the eyes of Glenn and Rekhtar, which were burning like fire.

'This should be the right answer.'

For some reason, as long as the two were competing, it was the right thing to create a battleground rather than avoid a fight.

Even though they might consider his approach bold, they had no choice but to proceed.

'I'll just have to control the training level.'

To ensure that neither of them gets upset, the progress of his training had to be controlled, and he could continue learning from both. It was like an endless source of swordsmanship knowledge.

"You don't mind, do you? If someone doesn't want to participate, they can..."


"I will do it!"

Raon mumbled that if they didn't like it, they could leave, and Glenn and Rekhtar simultaneously shook their heads.

"I'll teach you transformation sword, flexible sword, and continuous sword!"

"Then I'll take on illusion sword, formless sword, and explosive sword."

Glenn and Rekhtar quickly decided which swordsmanship they would teach each other.


Raon smiled faintly as he looked at the two men, whose competitive spirit was ignited towards each other.

"I'm on vacation now, and I made an appointment with Sword Demon first, so I'll receive swordsmanship guidance from Sword Demon until lunchtime, and I'll receive swordsmanship guidance from the head of house in the afternoon."

He made Sword Demon, whose personality was not yet fully understood, go first and made Glenn, who wanted to offer his reward in the form of swordsmanship guidance, wait.

This was the only way he could learn the swordsmanship of the two men that he had thought of at the moment.



Sword Demon raised his chin as if he had won, and Glenn frowned and clenched his fists.

The expressions of the winner and the loser. However, Glenn also seemed to understand that statement to some extent, so he could no longer argue.

"Then the head of house will come after lunch. From now on, it's my time."

Even Sword Demon frowned as he regretted not being able to spend the whole day together, but he smiled for now.

"Then I'll come at 12 o'clock."

Glenn spat out a harsh voice that sounded like he was grinding his teeth.

"12 o'clock? Isn't that too early?"

"It's natural for lunch to be at 12 o'clock, isn't it?"

"We've always trained until 2 o'clock."

"I always eats lunch at 12 o'clock."

"Then you have to give us lunch time separately...

Glenn and Rekhtar's second battle had begun, revolving around the lunchtime issue. Seeing the Destructive King of North and Sword Demon fighting over lunch break, Raon couldn't help but wonder if this was reality.

Raon watched the two, who were seriously arguing about the duration of their training, and slapped his own cheek.

'This is not a dream.'

So, what exactly is it?

* * *

In the end, Glenn, who had initially suggested 12 o'clock, and Rekhtar, who wanted 2 o'clock, reached an agreement for 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Only then could the training begin.

"We've wasted a lot of time."

Rekhtar sighed and approached.

"Let's start right away. It's too late."


Raon nodded. Seeing Rekhtar calm down again, it felt like what had just happened was an illusion.

"Transformation sword, flexible sword, continuous sword, illusion sword, formless sword, and explosive sword. It seems like you want to achieve the Perfect Sword more than anyone else."

Rekhtar said with a slow nod.

"What path do you truly desire?"

"I want to become a swordsman who won't be defeated by anyone."

Raon repeated the words they had declared to Rimmer and Sylvia some time ago. His determination had not wavered.

"I see. So it's Myrad Swords, huh..."

Rekhtar smiled faintly and opened his hands that were clasped behind his back.

"For now, try to unfold only the subtleties of the Illusion Sword within the Fangs of Insanity."

"I understand."

Raon bowed respectfully and drew his sword, Heavenly Drive. He killed the savagery, speed, and intensity that were originally contained in Fangs of Insanity sword technique, and only contained the illusion.

Heavenly Drive spread out like sunlight passing through a window, creating more than ten blades that fell down.

The speed, power, and sharpness were gone, but the illusion continued like flowers blooming with a sword.

Raon unfolded the Fangs of Insanity with the illusion and lowered Heavenly Drive.

"Is this the first time you've loaded only illusions into Fangs of Insanity?"

Sword Demon stroked his beard and raised his eyes.


"Remarkable. You must have put a lot of thought into this."

He complimented it as a splendid transformation, indicating that it was more than just the Fangs of Insanity Sword technique, it was an entirely new illusion sword technique he had witnessed.

"It's a sword technique that is difficult to block even for those who are inferior to you, or for those of equal skill. But you're looking up higher, aren't you?"

"Yes, that's right."

Raon nodded, saying that it was natural.

"In that case, there are many aspects in which you are lacking. First, let's begin with the first movement. Your sword may have been spectacular, but unearthing the real sword wasn't that difficult. The critical point in illusion swordsmanship is not about having many illusions, but making each illusion appear real."

With meticulous and kind explanations, Rekhtar pointed out the areas where Raon was lacking and when the sword faltered

'Indeed, he's truly exceptional.'

It was impressive that he could discern what needed to be corrected and enhanced with just one glance. Perhaps there was more to Sword Demon than met the eye.

"Now that you've found the wrong answer, it's time to find the right one. Keeping in mind the aspects I mentioned earlier, unfurl the Fangs of Insanity once more."


Raon raised his sword again, recalling Rekhtar's heartfelt advice.

'It's going to be enjoyable for a while.'

 *    *    * 

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Glenn stood on the hill of Bukmangsan mountain and looked down at the fifth training ground.

"Damn it."

He rarely cursed out loud and clenched his fists.

'I can't believe things turned out this way....'

He thought that he had moved quickly, even before Raon and Rekhtar became closer, but their progress had been faster than he had anticipated.

'Did he know what I was thinking?'

Since he first saw Rekhtar, he had noticed the affection and obsession Rekhtar harbored towards Raon. Something felt amiss.

'He's quite an old fox.'

Glenn had begun to suspect that he hadn't earned the name "Sword Demon" for nothing.

'What's even more annoying is....'

He's teaching him properly.

He wanted to chase him down and blow him away if he went astray or did something strange, but Sword Demon was teaching Raon with all his heart and soul.


Glenn bit his lip and narrowed his eyes.

'Grandfather? I won't let Raon to see him like this.'

The words that Rimmer had said, that he looked like a real grandfather, kept coming to mind. To be honest, he even had a nightmare that Raon called Sword Demon grandfather instead of him yesterday.

'I can't do this anymore.'

He felt like he had to go back and beat Rimmer up a little more after today's work was done. He couldn't stand the uneasiness.

Glenn appeared uneasy as he counted the seconds on his watch.

'I can't afford to lose.'

I will raise my grandson myself.


Raon lowered his sword, Heavenly Drive, and sighed.

'It's a bit tiring.'

Rekhtar's teachings were still detailed, but due to his competitive spirit with Glenn, he had been pushing his training several times harder than before.

He had been practicing the areas where he was lacking without taking a breath, so he had no leisure time for his body and mind.

It was the first time in a long while that he felt both happy and tired from the training.

'I wonder if I can survive the lord's lesson after lunch.'

He was both excited and worried about Glenn's lesson after lunch.

You'll recover completely after having lunch.

A bit late to react, Wrath realized that Pineapple Girl had likely prepared a generous meal.

'Could that really be the case?

'I don't see it that way.'

Although Raon believed differently, Wrath had a vision of Pineapple Girl preparing a lavish meal.

"Just not enough yet. With your current skills, you could move a bit faster!"


Raon followed Rekhtar's advice and was about to swing the Heavenly Drive again when he felt a powerful, intense gaze from behind.


When he turned around, Glenn was leaning against the wall with his eyes glowing red like a ghost. It seemed like he had come to wait even though there was still time.

"Ugh, there's still time left. Keep going."

Rekhtar instructed him to keep swinging his sword, saying that it was not yet lunchtime.


Raon wiped the sweat from his forehead and unfolded the sword as he had been advised. The number of illusions decreased, but the swords that felt like reality danced like they were dancing.

"That's it."

When he finished the last movement and was about to unfold the sword for the second time, Glenn raised his hand.

"It's 1:00."


Rekhtar frowned after checking the time. However, he couldn't refute it because he had a previous agreement, so he sighed and licked his lips as if he was disappointed.

"Lord. It's 1:00, but Raon will have lunch with me..."

"That's not necessary."

Glenn shook his head and took out something wrapped in paper from his arms and threw it to Raon.


Raon caught the object that Glenn threw. It felt familiar to the touch.

This, this smell is...

Wrath trembled his lips as he looked at the object wrapped in paper.

"I guess so..."

Raon frowned and unwrapped the package. As expected, there was a Nadine bread inside.

"There's no time to eat. I'll show you what real swords are from now on."

He said that eating was a luxury for a warrior and gestured to Raon to pick up his sword quickly.

This old man!

Wrath ran at Glennp, shouting.

Trying to feed him rubber bread, you want to die, don't you! Let's fight one-on-one!

He waved his fists around, challenging him to a one-on-one fight.

Raon sighed as he looked at the still warm Nadine bread.

'It's good to become stronger, but…'

He wondered if he would survive all this.


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