TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 154



It wasn't the center of the Central Plains. But it wasn't a place where trade and other areas of development were slow either. It was better to consider it as an intermediate region.

"Peaceful, isn't it?"

Cale forced an awkward smile in response to the Pinnacle Demon's gentle comment as he let out a bitter laugh. That was because he noticed the bag that the Pinnacle Demon had on her shoulder.

In that bag, Blood Cult Number 7 had his arms tied with a soft white cloth and was unconscious.

He's unconscious, of course.

-Human, Blood Cult Number 7 has also been through many hardships.

Cale thought about how Number 7 used to tremble and lose consciousness every time he saw Choi Han. Whenever Choi Han moved his hands, whether due to a nervous tic or not, Number 7 would lose consciousness.

In fact, Number 7 even came to think that it would be better to suffer at the hands of a Murim expert than at Choi Han's hands.

But when he realized that the Murim expert was the Pinnacle Demon!

'These damn bastards!'

He cursed Cale and his group.

Nevertheless, when the Pinnacle Demon pressed her face close to Number 7 with wide-open eyes, his mouth shut.

'Wow. You seem strong. It's said that the spies of the Demon Cult are among numbers 80 to 100. Apparently, the lower the number, the higher the position.'

The Pinnacle Demon smiled.

'Number Seven, you must have many interesting pieces of information.'

Tears welled up in Number 7's eyes.

"I-I'll tell you everything! Just kill me!"

But unfortunately, there was no one to hear him.

"Kill you? That would be a waste. Why not live interestingly with this old lady?"

With those words, Number 7 fell to the ground and collapsed to the side. He had fainted.

Cale looked away from the Pinnacle Demon, who was caring so carefully for Number 7.

"By the way, where do you plan to stay?"

At the Pinnacle Demon's question, Cale looked around.

After passing through the city gate, they were in a market. There were many inns and restaurants for travelers. The sound of hammers striking could be heard from one part of the market.

Sichuan was famous for its craftsmanship. Especially, their skill in weapon forging surpassed other craftsmanship skills like jewelry.

Since the Tang Family of Sichuan was known for its poisons, medical knowledge, and hidden techniques, it made sense that Sichuan's craftsmanship skills turned out to be superior.

Since developing skills in poisons required being skilled in using main weapons like poisoned daggers and needles, blacksmiths were naturally highly valued in the Tang Family of Sichuan.

And then there was the Iron Family Mansion, which was also famous for its forging skills in the Evil Faction, and even had agreements with some large blacksmiths to manufacture and sell items to supply the Evil Faction.

'Maybe the lack of fights amidst the coexistence between the Justice Faction and the Evil Faction is largely due to these forges. If you get into a fight and break these forges, the losses would be completely borne by the Tang Family of Sichuan and the Iron Family Mansion.'

Cale responded indifferently, observing the bustling market with the sound of hammers from the forging area in the background.

"It seems it would be best to unpack at the Tang Family of Sichuan."

"The Iron Family Mansion Leader will feel sad."

Cale heard the Pinnacle Demon mutter, but he pretended not to hear.

"Young Master, I will show you the way."

Chief Eunuch Wi led the way.

But neither the Fist King nor his great-granddaughter Mok Hee were nearby.

'It's going to take a while.'

Back in Guizhou, Chief Eunuch Wi had been alone with Cale and told him that the Fist King, Mok Hyun, and the Golden Guard were in trouble, so it would take some time to bring the Divine Medicines.

'The Emperor decided to grant another Divine Medicine after learning what happened in the Demon Cult. It seems Mok Hyun-nim will have to go to Beijing to collect that Divine Medicine.'

And so, the Fist King had gone to the capital of the Central Plains to obtain the Divine Medicines directly from the Emperor in Beijing.

Cale laughed.

'If that's what it takes, so be it.'

It must be a great Divine Medicine.

And there would probably be at least two.

'It's not like I'm going into the Blood Cult's base right now. I won't feel uncomfortable with the seal for the time being.'

Cale didn't mind if the Fist King arrived a little late.

Cale followed behind Chief Eunuch Wi and heard the voice of the Pinnacle Demon.

"Hmm. So, can I go with you and stay at the Tang Family too?"

"You mean in our group?"


Chief Eunuch Wi, who had been listening to the conversation, paused and spoke up.

"That's a bit-"

The relationship between the Tang Family of Sichuan and the Pinnacle Demon was practically the worst.

To be precise, the Pinnacle Demon didn't even pay attention to the Tang Family of Sichuan, but the Tang Family was firmly against her.

There was a possibility that it could cause problems if they took her lightly.

So Chief Eunuch Wi, who was trying to stop it, stopped when he heard Cale's voice.

"Do as you please."

Cale didn't add any more words and gestured to Chief Eunuch Wi. Let's go.

Chief Eunuch Wi felt an inexplicable reluctance but continued to move forward.


Even the Pinnacle Demon found Cale's reaction interesting, but for Cale...

'I'm going with the Heavenly Demon and the Sword Demon. I don't think it makes much difference if I bring the Pinnacle Demon.'

He didn't pay it much mind.

'Instead, I feel like if I leave the Pinnacle Demon alone, she'll cause trouble.'

Plus, he was confident that there wouldn't be a big problem even if he drove the Demon Cult and Evil Faction people one by one to the Tang Family of Sichuan.

"Young Master."

General Commander Jegal Miryeo approached Cale, who had purified all the Murim Alliance Living Jiangshi.

Her movements were terribly cautious.

Cale looked beyond his shoulder. He also noticed the Murim Alliance members who didn't dare approach and were hesitating.

Cale could easily understand the reason.

"Hmm, is something the matter?"

However, he acted as if he didn't know anything and lowered his head slightly in response to Jegal Miryeo.

"You may have been offended by our attitude; I apologize for that."

"I've already accepted the Kunlun Elder's apologies."

The Elder, who confidently told Cale to start with the purification, approached Cale with the Sect Leader after Jang Hyung was purified and delivered an apology.

"I apologize, Young Master. In the heat of the moment, I made a rude comment and deeply regret having disregarded the Young Master's heart, which values righteousness and cooperation and acts accordingly."

The problem was that Cale didn't take the apology well, so he cleanly dismissed it.

It was as if he hadn't even heard them.

Although the Elder seemed about to say something, In Ho stopped him and thanked Cale several times.

"Thank you, Young Master. I wish I could give you something in return, but our sect is not in a good place..."

"It's okay; I don't need to receive anything in particular."

Unlike the wealthy Namgung Family, the Kunlun Sect was originally poor. Furthermore, due to the damage caused by Jang Hyung when he turned into a Living Jiangshi, the situation became more complicated.

Cale didn't want to receive rewards in a situation like this.

"Thank you very much, Young Master! We will never forget this favor!"

The Elder's gaze made Cale uncomfortable, so he gestured for them to leave.

Of course, Cale deliberately mentioned 'that apology' in front of the General Commander, who should already be aware of this situation.

After all, the General Commander was an individual who thought and acted well.

"Young Master-nim, this will not happen in the future."

Instead of apologizing further, Jegal Miryeo immediately responded with what Cale wanted to hear. Despite that, Cale asked:

"What do you mean by that?"

In response to that, Jegal Miryeo gave a bitter smile.

"From the perspective of the recipient of help, I will not tie you down or demand anything on behalf of righteousness and harmony."

Cale stared at her.

Indeed, the actions of the Kunlun Sect Elder were not Jegal Miryeo's fault.

But was it really a simple mistake on the part of the Kunlun Sect Elder?

After all, this was an individual who had reached a significant position within the sect.

As such, they should be able to read the atmosphere around them.

In other words, the Elder would have treated him based on the reputation of Young Master Kim, who hails from the Kunlun Sect and the Justice Faction.

And controlling this atmosphere was General Commander Jegal Miryeo's job.

Cale had no intention of reprimanding the General Commander.

They didn't have that kind of relationship, and he had no intention of having one in the future either.

However, he simply needed to make sure that the Murim Alliance members who were listening to this conversation from a nearby place near the General Commander clearly understood what was happening.

For the future.

"General Commander. Honestly, I felt a bit uncomfortable after hearing the Elder's words earlier, but I don't think there's a real issue."

Jegal Miryeo looked at the smile that appeared at the corner of Cale's lips.

That smile was by no means gentle.

In fact, it was rather cold.

Cale remembered Jegal Miryeo's words from a moment ago.

"From the perspective of the recipient of help, I will not tie you down or demand anything on behalf of righteousness and harmony."

The response to that was simple.

"I don't need to meet those demands. Furthermore, do you think I'd let myself be manipulated by their side? Do you think I'd allow them to control me?"

Jegal Miryeo took a deep breath.

The Young Master was asking her.

'Even if I were to disappear from here one day, what can they do to me?'

Her answer was straightforward.


They couldn't do anything to him.

A person presumed to belong to the Imperial Family lineage and cherished by the Emperor.

Furthermore, his martial prowess was in the Nature Realm, and his subordinates were all strong.

Moreover, if the Justice Faction rejected him, he would attach himself even more to the Evil Faction and the Demon Cult.

Jegal Miryeo noticed Cale's cold reaction to the Kunlun Sect Elder's words.

She had realized that they were treating Cale lightly because the first place he had visited was the Murim Alliance.

Furthermore, now the Heavenly Demon and the Evil Alliance Leader were also by Cale's side.

She slowly opened her eyes and spoke to Cale.

"As far as what Young Master is trying to achieve, the Murim Alliance is fully willing to cooperate."

The General Commander looked at Cale, who smiled at her words, and continued.

"In the future, there will be no more inconveniences."

Young Master Kim Haeil. He was the one helping the Murim World at this moment.

He was literally in that position.

He should not forget that fact.

"I'm glad we can communicate well with the General Commander."

What Cale wanted was simple. To work together to take down the Blue Blood Hunters Family.

And for the allies not to interfere.

That was all.

With a chuckle, Jegal Miryeo concluded the conversation.

"I'll probably be the one you talk to the most in the future."

Following her lead, Cale smiled.

That's what he liked about her. Submissive but forward-looking.

Cale organized his thoughts, remembering the last conversation.

"Young Master-nim. We have arrived."

And finally, Chief Eunuch Wi stopped.

Cale looked at the group following him.

"Are we in the right place?"

"Uh, yes."

They halted their steps in front of a building.

"What's going on? It's not the Tang Family of Sichuan, is it?"

Pinnacle Demon looked at Cale questioningly, and Cale responded indifferently to that look.

"I never said we were going to the Tang Family of Sichuan."

Pinnacle Demon had asked where they would be staying tonight, and Cale had mentioned the Tang Family of Sichuan. Then, as Chief Eunuch Wi was leading them, Pinnacle Demon simply followed reluctantly.

But they still had a long way to go to reach the Tang Family of Sichuan.

So, Young Master Kim stopped.

Pinnacle Demon looked at the three-story building. It wasn't luxurious, but it was made of noble materials and had an air of antiquity.

This place was quite famous.

To be more precise, it had become famous several decades ago.

Pinnacle Demon's mouth fell open.

She read the sign.

"Silver Blue Commercial Guild."

The corners of Cale's lips lifted.

"You don't have to worry so much."

At the end of the tranquil market district.

There was a Silver Blue Commercial Guild building in the vicinity, which had not found a suitable place for many decades and had finally settled in the suburbs.

This building gradually changed its appearance as the guild grew, and now, even in the suburbs, it had an impressive appearance befitting the name Silver Blue Commercial Guild.

"...May I help you?"

The two guards who were standing in front of the guild's entrance approached.

Two people with a normal appearance.

They didn't look particularly strong. They seemed suitable to be guild guards.
-Humans, those two are as strong as Mok Hee!

However, their abilities were only as good as the Fist King's great-granddaughter, Mok Hee. In other words, they were equivalent to the Golden Guard that protected the Emperor.


Choi Han approached.

Cale gestured to Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo.

"Suppress them."

It was the start of his statement...

Chwang, Chwang.

The two members of the Choi Family drew their swords.

"What are you suddenly doing?!"

"Reveal your identity!"

And they headed toward the guards.

Seeing this, Cale thought.

'If I go directly to the Tang Family of Sichuan, my arrival will surely be known.'

No matter how stealthily he moves, there will be rumors in Sichuan.

After all, there will be people from the Evil Faction and the Iron Family Mansion coming here.

So, there will be too many variables at play, and it's likely that the Blue Blood Family will also come to know about Kim Haeil's existence as they naturally become alerted to the information.

Therefore, before that, discreetly.

He was considering taking action against this neglected branch.

-Human, should we destroy it?

Yes, let's destroy it.

Cale took out his whip and addressed his companions.

"Block all the entrances and take control of this building."

Amid the clash between Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo with the guards,

Cale swung his whip.

The whip containing the power of the Old Dragon, Eruhaben.

The moment the whip collided with the expensive wooden main door,


With a tremendous boom.


The main door turned into dust and scattered.

Since it had been touched by Eruhaben's power.

Cale looked at the astonished people on the other side of the vanished door and gave instructions.


Cale's companions rushed into the building.

Cale followed quietly behind them.



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