TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 434

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 Chapter 434

"Rekhtar, your time is up. Don't interfere."

"That's only when it comes to training. Raon didn't even get breakfast, so it's only right to feed him properly."

Glenn, who brought the Nadine bread, and Rekhtar, who insisted that Raon go to the annex building for lunch, clashed again.

"Isn't this child still in his growth period?"


Glenn frowned as if he didn't like Rekhtar calling Raon a child.

"Raon is a member of house Zieghart. I will take care of him."

"Of course, I know that. However, it's not wartime, and the training isn't urgent, so it's better for him to have a well-prepared lunch than Nadine bread."

Rekhtar frowned as he looked at the Nadine bread in Raon's hand.

"You know that, so why did you make him train without breakfast?"

Glenn raised his chin as if to reproach Rekhtar.

"Uhm, that's..."

Rekhtar also lowered his gaze as he had no answer to that part.

"In any case, it's not good for Raon to eat that rubbery bread, so please guarantee his meal time."

"Taste is not important to a warrior. He prefers to train over food, so he will actually be happy to be able to save time."

Glenn took out a second Nadine bread from his pocket and chewed it himself.

Even though the foul rubbery taste was sure to be spreading all over his mouth, his expression did not change in the slightest. He was the epitome of leadership.

"In addition, Nadine bread is not just for filling your stomach. It is also a staple food for trainees because it is nutritionally sufficient. Rekhtar, you know that too, don't you?"

"Of course I've eaten it a lot. That's why I want to stop it. The taste is terrible, isn't it? It will affect your training."

Glenn shouted to start training right after eating Nadine bread, and Rekhtar advised to have a meal with some nutrition and taste meal with a little more nutrition and taste.

The two men again began to argue without giving in to each other.


Raon licked his lips as he watched Glenn and Rekhtar argue.

'My mouth is dry.'

He didn't know what to do when he saw Glenn and Rekhtar arguing like children in the morning and in broad daylight.

"Your time is up. Don't interfere and go away."

"Of course I will if you only feed him. There should be a meal prepared in the annex building, so why are you trying to make do with bread?"

The two men, who were only a step away from drawing their swords, hardened their expressions as if they were genuinely angry. He couldn't tell where things went wrong.


Raon sighed as he watched the sparks fly between Glenn and Rekhtar's eyes.

As if neither of them was willing to back down, a small momentum began to grow, and a gust of sand began to rise in the center of the training ground.

'Actually, the lord's words are right this time.'

Eating Nadine bread is nothing.

What do you mean right! Eating that terrible thing! Your bloodline doesn't lie! You guys are monster of taste buds!


Glenn and Rekhtar turned to us at the same time.

"What do you want to do? Do you want to train right away? Or are you going to waste time eating?"

"You were starving in the morning too. You should eat properly."

The two men poured out the pros and cons of 

eating and training, as if they wanted to defeat the other side.

Food! Of course it's food! The pineapple girl must have laid out delicious food, so you should at least take a look!

Wrath shouted, with his eyes wide open, to please eat.

'I'm sorry, but I can't.'


'Because it's my turn to side with the lord this time.'

Since he sided with Rekhtar in the morning, it was now his turn to stand on Glenn's side in terms of food and Nadine bread.

He should not make him angry, since he will be learning martial arts from him.

"I'll eat this."

Raon took a bite of the Nadine bread he was holding.


Wrath screamed and fell to the ground as the taste of the rubbery bread filled his mouth.

'It's okay.'

He nodded his head as he slowly chewed and swallowed the Nadine bread as if it were a salty bread with sausage in it.

"Let's start training."

With those words, Glenn's face broke into a cool smile, while Rekhtar's brow furrowed like a sheet of paper.


Raon sighed as he looked at the stark contrast between Glenn and Rekhtar.

'I'm exhausted, mentally and physically...'

* * *

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Raon watched Glenn, who had dismissed Rekhtar and was now smiling in triumph, with a sense of satisfaction.

'I really don't understand what's going on.'

He still didn't understand why Glenn and Rekhtar were competing to teach him swordsmanship, but he didn't have time to think about such leisurely thoughts.

'This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.'

Both the Destructive King of North and the Sword Demon are people with such great martial prowess that they are even recognized by Wrath, the Monarch of Wrath. He had to cherish every minute and second to gain the essence of the two warriors.



Raon approached Glenn when he heard his call.

"The swordsmanship I have to teach you is transformation, flexible, and continuity, right?"


"They are relatively simple."

Glenn shot a cold glance, saying that all three swordsmanship were not difficult paths.

'They're not simple...'

Raon's heart tightened at Glenn's gaze. He looked as if he would bury him alive if he learned them slower than the swordsmanship that Rekhtar taught him.

"I originally planned to teach you a new swordsmanship, but I'll put that on hold for now. Let's start with the basics."

When he reached out, the training sword that was stuck in the corner of the training ground flew up and into his hand.


The training sword was gently grasped in Glenn's hand.

'That's truly amazing.'

It was no exaggeration to say that his mana control had reached the level of a god, as he could naturally summon an object that was far away as if it were riding the wind.


Glenn lightly swung the training sword, then faced Raon.

'Is he going to show me a demonstration?'

I must not miss this.

Raon bit his lip and activated the Ring of Fire. He resonated seven rings at full power, as if he were fighting a powerful enemy to the death.

He seemed to think he was ready, as he slowly raised the training sword to the top.

"Pay close attention."

With those words, the training sword that Glenn had been pointing to the sky fell down.

The blade, which was slowly descending so that the grain of the wood could be seen, twisted to the left and right. Waves spread from the blade like a lake struck by a stone, filling his eyes with countless colorful sword lines.

It was different from the illusionary sword that Rekhtar had shown him. Instead of increasing the number of swords, the blade was adorned with a dazzling and terrifying transformation, making it look like hundreds of them. That must be the pinnacle of transformation.

"Is it the wrist that makes those changes?"

The amount of aura that Glenn was using was so small that even a beginner expert level could use it without difficulty. It seemed that it was his wrist that made those changes with such a small amount of aura.


As Glenn's wooden sword struck the ground, the sword trajectories that filled the air disappeared as if they had been washed away by the rain.


Regret flowed out unconsciously because he couldn't get a closer look at the Transformation Sword that had reached its peak.

"Did you see it?"

Glenn lightly held the pommel of the training sword and shot a sinister look. He was ready to kill if he hadn't seen it.

"I couldn't see everything."

Raon sighed briefly and shook his head.

“Tell me what you saw.”

“The lord's wrist.”


“Normally, when you use a transformation sword, you move your wrist a lot, but the lord's wrist only moved in a small angle, while the sword underwent a drastic change in the opposite direction.”

The Ring of Fire tells of the use of the body, not the use of aura. Glenn achieved an incredible level of change by simply moving his wrist in the right place with ordinary aura.

‘I didn’t know this was possible…’

He thought that at the level of grandmaster or transcendent, the body would not be a concern, and the level of martial arts would be determined by the use of aura, but he didn’t know that there would be such a difference in the body alone. It felt like he had an epiphany.

“Can you do it?”

"It’s impossible right now.”

Raon shook his head firmly. Even with the Ring of Fire, it was impossible to do that in his current state. It is beyond the limits of his current body.

“‘Right now, huh…”

Glenn nodded lightly as if he was pleased with that answer.

“Try it anyway. Let’s see how far you can go.”


Raon drew his sword, Heavenly Drive, with a cheerful air. He looked into Glenn’s calm eyes through the sharp blade and raised his sword.

‘The direction of the sword change and the lord's wrist were opposite.’

It was a change that was hard to notice, but Glenn moved his wrist and the sword tip in opposite directions. There seemed to be a secret in that gap filled with various changes.

‘The flow of aura is rough like waves.’

He opened world of imagination in his mind. Drawing Glenn's manipulation of Aura flow and his physical movements, he swung Heavenly Drive.


Heavenly Drive caused a gentle ripple like water with leaves floating in it. The sword that seemed to be scattered like a blue moonlight began to fill his vision.

‘A little more…’

Glenn achieved much more change with much less aura than this. He couldn’t stop here after seeing that sword.

Raon twisted his wrist short and thickly until Heavenly Drive was pointing down to create the maximum change.


Because Raon used force, Heavenly Drive exploded with a violent gust as it moved downward.

Glenn nodded slowly as he saw the sword tip of Heavenly Drive, which had landed on the ground, shaking slightly.

"Not bad for a first attempt."

He maintained a calm expression but inwardly, he was trying to calm down his pounding heart.

'This kid is the real deal…'

He deliberately increased the difficulty to show the transformation of the sword, but he didn't know he would catch onto the flow. He was still far from perfect, but his talent couldn't be simply described as genius.

'As expected, you are my grandson!'

He bit his lips slightly, holding back the words he wanted to say right away.


Glenn forced himself to harden his expression and raised his sword.

"However, there is still much room for improvement. It's your first time, so it can't be helped."

With those words, he swung the sword again, incorporating more changes.

"Watch closely."


Raon's eyes glowed with determination, and he nodded.


With a gentle breeze, Glen's training sword underwent another transformation. The blade, which flowed in a direction that he couldn't avoid no matter what skill he used, created hundreds of lines connecting the sky to the ground.

The difficulty had increased, and there were deeper changes than before. Even if he used the Ring of Fire, he couldn't keep up.

'This is fun.'

He also liked the way Rekhtar taught him one by one calmly, but Glenn’s way of showing a demonstration and telling him to follow it was not bad either.


Raon smiled with the same color as the red light that burned on Heavenly Drive, surrounded his eyes with the color.

"Let's move on to the next one."

* * *

Rekhtar stood on a rock next to the hill where Glenn was standing and looked down at the fifth training ground.

“Hmm, that kind of training….”

Glenn’s teaching was more difficult than expected. He said to follow it after showing it once, which was different from the general teaching.

‘It would be poison for ordinary people. But…’

That child is following it.

Even if it were Musten, known as the greatest talent in the 'Alliance' except for 'Alliance' leader's disciple, if he had undergone such training, it would have been nothing but a waste of time. However, Raon understood the flow of Glenn's swordsmanship and was following his sword strikes.

"His talent is beyond words."

He knew that he had good observational skills, but he didn't know that he could follow the flow of martial arts that he had seen once, even if it was slightly. It was a talent that would not be strange to call absolute.


Rekhtar sighed with a sigh of frustration as he stroked his beard.

'Edgar, your son is more remarkable than you.'

His son's talent was also amazing, but his grandson surpassed him by far. It was said to be the next continent's best, and the rumors were not false.

'A little jealous.'

His son's talent was already astonishing, but his granddon had far surpassed him. The rumors calling him the future continent's best were not unfounded.


Rekhtar laughed with a chuckle as he put his hands on his back.

'I can't say anything to Musten about this.'

He had advised his disciple not to be jealous of Raon and to walk his own path, but seeing Glenn and Raon, he couldn't help but feel a warm jealousy. It was an emotion so strong that even his lifelong accumulation of martial skills couldn't suppress it.

'But it'll be okay, right?'

Just build it up from now on.

The time he couldn't spend together in the past means nothing but the future. If he can leave the 'Alliance,' he plans to devote all the remaining time to his daughter-in-law and grandson.

Rekhtar curled his mouth as he looked at Glenn, who was teaching Raon while pretending to be blunt.

“I won't lose.”


* * *

The next day, Raon also listened to Rekhtar's calm lessons from morning to lunch, and then received Glenn's rigorous teachings from lunch to dinner after eating Nadine bread.

After being harassed by the two monster swordsmen all day, he was dizzy to the point where his physical and mental strength were drained. It felt like he knew where his limits were.


I'm not even sure if I'm getting stronger

Both Glenn and Rekhtar constantly told him that he was lacking, which made him doubt his own progress.

'I'm going to die...'

Because both Glenn and Rekhtar refused to yield to each other and put everything they had into teaching him, the pressure was intense. Just enduring the force exerted by the two of them on each other was enough to drain his mental strength.

He thought he wouldn't feel more hell than living as an assassin, but these two days were not inferior to that time either.


Wrath glared at Glenn as if he was going to kill him, grinding his teeth for two days in a row for feeding him Nadine bread. 


Glenn, who had finished his day's work and looked at the setting sun, clicked his tongue briefly.

“That's it for today.”

“Thank you.”

Raon sighed inwardly as he bowed his head to Glenn.

'Another day has passed.'

It was also because the agreement had a set time, but Glenn ended the lesson immediately because Rekhtar was watching from the hill.

Glenn and Rekhtar, after giving their teachings, did not do their own thing, but watched the lesson from afar. It was an unwritten rule not to watch training, but these two seemed to disregard that.


As Raon was shaking off his exhausted body, Rekhtar and Yua came into the fifth training ground.

“Young master Raon!”

Yua ran up, waving her arms and her pigtails.

“You said you had a promotion party today! Why are you still here!”

She frowned, wondering why he hadn't come when everything was ready.


Raon laughed and shook his head.

“Come eat. There's even pineapple pizza that you like, young master!”

“Ah, I actually….”


Yua pouted before her eyes widened when she saw Glenn standing behind her.


She beamed at Glenn, who was feared by the entire house, and bowed her head.

“Hmm, yes.”

Glenn couldn't ignore Yua's bright greeting, so he nodded his head.


Raon looked at Glenn as he put Heavenly Drive back in its sheath.

'Something seems different about his usual atmosphere.'

Although he was as tough as steel, it suddenly felt like a lonely autumn breeze had passed by. It was similar to what he had sensed from Rekhtar not long ago.

'Should I ask him to come with us?'

No, he would probably refuse.

He hesitated to suggest going to the party. Glenn wasn't likely to have any intention of attending such an event. It was better not to mention it, it might make several people uncomfortable.

“Lord Glenn. Thank you for today….”

Just as Raon was about to say goodbye to Glenn and go back to annex building.

"Will the Lord also come with us?"

Yua held Glenn's finger, smiling brightly.

"We're having a party today!"


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