TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 432

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Chapter 432

Raon left the garden and showed Rekhtar and Musten to the guest room in annex building.

"Thanks," Rekhtar said, nodding his chin to thank him for welcoming them even though they came as uninvited guests with nothing.

"I've received much more," Raon said.

He had captured the fleeing Arian family's executives and sincerely taught him swordsmanship. Despite his claim of not giving anything, what he had gained from Rekhtar was invaluable.

"The biggest help was the sparring," Raon thought.

He was able to survive 'Envy's blow' by gaining an insight through Rekhtar's single sword strike filled with killing intent.

If it hadn't been for that, he might have been a corpse on the top of the Stallin Mountains.

"You've provided so much help; please don't say that. And..."

Raon looked at Rekthar, who seemed to be holding something back.

"Now, let go of your worries. We've spent a considerable amount of time together, and you've helped with my training without any inconvenience, haven't you?"


Rekthar's lips quivered slightly as if he were contemplating many thoughts.

"That's true, I suppose. Alright, I understand. No, I get it."

He nodded, indicating that he would be more comfortable speaking freely.

"Now I can relax a bit. Thank you."

Raon smiled faintly and clenched his fist with his lowered hand.

'I still don't know what's right.'

Since he couldn't sense even a hint of malice from Rekhtar, he wasn't sure whether he should pry further or wait for him to speak. He could use any means to extract information from someone like Musten if he displayed negative emotions, but Rekhtar's bitterness and regret left him with no easy options.

If Musten showed any bad emotions, he would dig up information without any means or methods, but Rekhtar was filled with bitterness and sadness, so he couldn't move rashly.

"Then rest."

"Wait a minute."

As he was about to sigh and turn around, Rekhtar raised his hand.

"I know you're thinking strangely. When the time comes, I'll tell you everything, so please wait for me."

Rekhtar's eyes shone calmly, as if he knew all of Raon's thoughts.

"I remember you said 'not yet' before. I'll wait until you're ready."

'He thought this would be what a normal person without an assassin's memory would say, so he recited it as it came to mind.'


Rekhtar looked at him for a moment without saying anything, then nodded his head.

"Thank you."

"I'll be leaving now."

"One more thing."

As Raon was about to close the door and leave, Rekhtar reached out his arm.

"Are you going to train tomorrow too?"

"I have no reason to rest, so I plan to train in the morning at the training ground."

"No reason to rest, I see. I understand."

Rekhtar nodded slowly and went into the room.

Raon stood in front of Rekhtar's door, looking down with a thoughtful expression.

"I didn't expect you to speak first, but as I thought."

It was now clear. Rekhtar was definitely someone related to his deceased father, for some reason he couldn't speak.

Raon returned to his room, organizing the information he had about Rekhtar in his mind. The room was the same as it was before he left, as the maids had cleaned it.


He took off his black dragon coat with a sigh. He felt relieved just by entering the room, and he could see why people say home is the best.

They talk too much!

Wrath frowned and asked why humans talked so much.

Humans are as weak as they are talkative. The King of Essence has been known for his silence and heaviness of his lips since the King of Essence was in the Devildom. The King of Essence didn't even open his mouth unless it was necessary. That's why the King of Essence got the nickname 'Silent Demon King.' Other demon kings were afraid of the King of Essence...


Raon furrowed his brow as he watched Wrath blabber on incessantly. He couldn't fathom how this chatterbox could be called the Silent Demon King.

'Aren't you supposed to keep your mouth shut if you're the Silent Demon King?'

Not true!

Wrath frowned, saying it was nonsense.

'You seem agitated. It must be true.'

Not true! The King of Essence is the heaviest demon king in the Devildom….

'Isn't it because you're eating too much?'

Ugh! You insolent...

As he was teasing him, there was a knock on the door three times. It was Judiel's signal.

"Come in."

As soon as he finished speaking, the door opened softly and Judiel entered the room.

"It's been a while."

Judiel kneeled down and bowed her head. It was a gesture of submission to a master, not a maid.

"You don't have to do that."

"I want to do it."

He waved his hand, but she said it was her own will and not to worry about it.

"Have you been well?"

"Yes. Now the annex building feels like my home."

Judiel nodded, speaking in a calm tone.


Raon smiled faintly as he looked at Judiel's peaceful face. She, like his previous self, had not found a place to settle down, but it seemed that she had come to like the annex building, and he felt relieved.

"Has anything happened?"

"So far, there has been nothing special."

"Then something will happen in the future."

"What do you mean...?"

Judiel arched an eyebrow, curious about his statement.

"In the audience chamber, the head of house and sir Rekhtar only praised me."

"That's natural. You defeated Eden's Manghongwi."

She nodded, saying it was only natural.

"Yeah. That's right. I even got a golden plate."

Raon took out the goldrn plate he had received from Glenn. Strangely enough, it felt a little heavier than the golden plate he had received before.

"However, the two who should not be silent were silent."

"Are you talking about the master of Central Martial Palace and the master of True Martial Palace?"

Judiel immediately understood the meaning of his words and mentioned the names of Karoon and Balder. This was why it was easy to talk to her.

"If it were before, Karoon and Balder would have been the first to say that the golden plate was too much, but they kept their mouths shut."

It would not have been a big loss for them to say that they should give him a silver plate instead of a golden plate, but today they were not only silent, but they also silenced the mouths of other direct lines.

"You know better than I do, but they are not the kind of people to do that."

Karoon and Balder hated the fact that the influence of the direct line members was declining, so they should have made a fuss today somehow. Seeing them silent, they must be up to something.

"Then there is a possibility that I will be contacted."

Judiel's eyes darkened as if she was thinking about what would happen after that.

"That's right. They will order you to gather my latest information."

They would obviously ask for any detailed information about what new martial arts he had learned, what level he had reached, and what his favorite attack style was.

"Then I will prepare fake information."

Judiel said that she would manipulate the information by mixing 30% truth with 70% lies, and she folded her hands.

"That sounds like a plan."

"Do that."

Raon nodded in satisfaction and then looked up.

"Oh, have you heard of the Shinjuoyeong?" (Five Divine Rulers)(신주오려)

"You knew about them?"

A surprised look appeared in Judiel's eyes.

"No, I didn't know, but the head of house told me."

"Five Divine Rulers is the new faction that have emerged on the continent."

Judiel nodded and raised her eyes slightly.

"Do you remember the Pirate King I told you about before you left for the Arian family?"

"Pirate king...?"

Of course he remembered, since the pirate used the title of king.

"He's also one of the leaders of Shinjuoyeong?"

"Yes. Pirate King, Dark Swordmaster (악검후)(Akgeumhu) , Four Sword Demon (사검마)(Sageogma), Demon Killing Spear (귀살창)(Gwisalchang), and Heukgeumje (희극제). These five have raised a neutral force that belongs to neither the Six Kings nor the Five Demons. They were all outstandingly strong, and the strength and number of their subordinates were also comparable to the Six Kings and Five Demons, so the entire continent is in an uproar."

Judyel clenched her lips, recognizing that the Five Divine Rulers had been preparing for quite some time underground.

"If that's the case, the Six Kings and Five Demons won't be able to move easily either."

"That's right. The location where they emerged is also sandwiched between the border between the Six Kings and Five Demons, so it seems that neither side will be able to move."

"That's true. If the Six Kings engage in a war with the Five Divine Rulers, they would be vulnerable to an attack from Five Demons.

"Dealing with individuals of such caliber would require a substantial deployment of forces from the Six Kings, and Five Demons might seize the opportunity to launch an attack.

"As expected, you are quick to understand."

Judiel was surprised that Raon was able to immediately grasp the movements and intentions of Five Divine Rulers after hearing about them, and she opened her eyes wide.

"It's not that difficult. In any case, the situation on the continent will become even more complicated."

Raon began to recite the names of the Five Divine Rulers one by one and closed his eyes.

"Maybe... it could be true," he murmured. 

As Glenn had suggested, the thought that a crisis was imminent began to settle in.


Raon exhaled softly, clenching his fist.

"There's someone I want you to investigate."

"Please go on," Judiel nodded as if to indicate he should proceed.

"Eden's Two-headed Ogre. Find out everything about his past and recent actions. You can even use the information from the Black Market."

"Why all of a sudden, Two-headed Ogre..."

"There's something that must be done."

Raon closed his eyes, then opened them. His pupils seemed to flicker with a fiery determination.

'Even though I don't know their faces, they are my father and sister…'

Revenge is necessary.

* * *

Glenn returned to audience chamber with Rimmer on the verge of death and took a seat on the throne.


He looked at the damaged armrest of the throne and let out a low groan.


Roenn calmly laughed while looking at the prominent vein on Glenn's forehead.

"You seem to have a lot on your mind."

"What's there to think about."

Glenn replied nonchalantly, but his gaze quickly turned towards Roenn as if his thoughts were complicated.

"How did you perceive the man named Sword Demon?"

Roenn smiled faintly as he recalled Sword Demon he had seen for the first time today.

"He didn't seem to have any malice towards Zieghart, and he seemed to have a better personality than I had heard."

Glen nodded his head, unable to refute.

"He seemed to have become close to everyone while teaching the Light Wind division, and he seemed to be especially close to young master Raon."

With a casual remark, Roenn unintentionally provoked Glenn, who suddenly exerted force on his left arm.


The left armrest that had barely remained crumbled to dust.

"Heh heh heh."

Roenn smiled faintly, muttering that he would have to fix it again.


Glenn bit his lip as he looked out the window, not even paying attention to the fact that the armrest was broken.

"He must be close in reality. He must have spent a lot of time teaching swordsmanship."

Roenn said something that seemed to provoke Glen even more, as if he didn't know Glenn's expression.

"I can see why the Light Wind division leader said that he was really like a grandfather."


Glenn frowned and stood up abruptly.

"Being a grandfather is not that easy! Blood! It can only be called a real grandfather if the blood is passed down!"

He gritted his teeth, saying that no matter how close they became, no matter how much time they spent together, the power of blood could not be overcome.

"It's not impossible...,"

Rimmer, who had been hiding in a corner, charred black, lifted his trembling head

"If you do that, no one will help you when you lose your grandson."

He stuck out his tongue mockingly as he looked up at Glenn, who was sitting on the throne.

"Live in a cave for the rest of your life and die of old age without even having a drink with Raon."

"This bastard..."

Glenn's forehead bulged. When he snapped his fingers, lightning streaks poured down from the air and pierced Rimmer's head.


Rimmer screamed like a pig's throat was being cut and fell to the ground. Black steam rose from his crown.


Glenn frowned as he looked at Rimmer, who had fallen foaming at the mouth.

'I'm mad, but... really mad, but...'

Frustratingly, the guy wasn't wrong.

There are countless cases where the relationship between blood relatives is not good, and the relationship formed by righteousness becomes deeper.

He felt uneasy because there was no law that Raon and Sword Demon could not become grandfather and grandson, as Rimmer and Roenn said.

'What's fortunate is…'

He hasn't given Raon's reward yet..

Originally, he had planned to give Raon a martial arts book like the other Light Wind division swordsmen, but after seeing Sword Demon's eyes, he changed his mind to teach Raon himself.

'This is the only way.'

Just as Sword Demon built a relationship with Raon by watching his swordsmanship, he had no choice but to get close to his grandson in that way.

"Roenn. I'll be going to the fifth training ground at dawn tomorrow."

Glenn told Roenn to cancel all of his appointments for tomorrow and then sat on the throne.

'I'll teach him myself.'

Since Raon was the one who saved the Arian family and defeated Manghongwi, So, personally teaching him wasn't out of the ordinary.

'Wait there.'

I'll give you a better lesson than that Sword Demon.

As Glenn was making his vow while also breaking the right armrest, Rimmer opened his eyes with a puff of black smoke.

"Why did I get hit..."


* * *

Advance Chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

The next morning.

Raon passed through the dim garden of annex building and headed to fifth training ground. The cool air without the sun flowing down into his lungs woke him up from the sleepiness of the morning.


Wrath climbed onto the bracelet and frowned deeply.

You're returning and training in the morning again, you really are a strange guy...

'It's time to get used to it now, right?'

Maybe you don't need sleep, but the King of Essence needs to rest!

The guy screamed that his laziness (Raon's sloth points) had increased, but he didn't change.

'There is a change. It's not easy to get out of bed because of laziness.'

As the sloth points increased, the laziness became more severe. The feeling of wanting to sleep a little longer became much stronger.

'Of course, it's not difficult to overcome.'

With the memories of living as an assassin for a lifetime in his past life, he was able to overcome the current level of laziness without the Ring of Fire.

The King of Essence really tired of this. Both you and that training ground!

Wrath said he wanted to sleep a little longer and went back into the bracelet.

'I miss it though.'

Raon smiled and stepped on the fine sand of the fifth training ground, which was empty.

The fifth training ground was neatly arranged even though there had been no one for a while. It seemed that Gambling Monster had prepared the fifth training ground while the Light Wind division was away.

'He says it's annoying, but he does everything he needs to do.'

Raon thought he had found a good general admnistrator and stretched lightly in the fifth training ground.

'Let's start.'

Raon started with basic swordsmanship, from horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and thrusting cuts, to Fangs of Insanity and the Blizzard Art, which had developed after hearing the Demon Sword's advice.

As he concentrated on swinging his sword, the fog began to clear and the gentle sunlight began to pour down.

'Of course, it's comfortable here.'

Because it was a space where he had been practicing since he was a child, it felt much better than unfolding his sword outside, and his sword seemed to be full of vitality.

'Now for the lacking parts...'

Raon added the subtleties of the sword technique that he had not yet mastered to the first movements of the Fangs of Insanity.

It looked flashy and elegant, but the feeling of connecting naturally like before had disappeared like smoke.

'It's still lacking.'

Just as he was about to smile bitterly and unfold Fangs of Insanity again, it happened.


The sound of clothes brushing against the wall along with a strong gust of wind could be heard from the right and left walls of the fifth training ground.

"You don't do swordsmanship like that..."

"Swordsmanship isn't done like that..."

The two people who came over the wall of the fifth training ground said similar things and stopped.



It was Glenn and Rekhtar. The two men looked at each other with their eyes narrowed.


Raon, looking bewildered, opened his mouth as he watched Glenn and Rekhtar gaze at each other.

'What... are these two doing here now?'


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