TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 426

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 426

Envy couldn't respond immediately, and her expression was as inscrutable as old tree bark. She rolled her eyes for a while before parting her quivering lips.

"You want the power of jealousy? For your vessel?"

That's right.

"Raon once again simulated Wrath's tone and expression, not just his face but also his demeanor. He had learned to control not only his facial features but also his energy.

"Just as contracts require written agreements, oaths require evidence. The King of Essence'll accept your oath by transferring your power to the King of Essence's vessel."

He nodded with a weighty voice filled with anger.


Envy groaned, whether from wounded pride or reluctance to give up her power.

"I confirmed it when I first saw him, your vessel is strangely had no jealousy at all. Giving him the power won't make any difference."

She looked him up and down again and shook her head.


Wrath wiped away the drool from his lips and blinked his eyes. His pupils still trembled with uncertainty.

The King of Essence doesn't know about others, but you don't seem to have the capacity for jealousy. Even if you receive the power, it won't mean anything.

Wrath slightly raised his lips and openly mocked him.

'No, there is.'

In both his past and present lives, he lived without knowing the word "lazy," but by receiving the power of <Sloth> from Sloth, he gained the ability to grow stronger just by sleeping.

Although he had never felt jealous of anyone in his life, if he received the power of <Envy> from Envy, there was a high chance that his ability would evolve in a way that suited him.

'It's all thanks to that cotton candy.'

It must be because he had adapted to the power of the Demon King after receiving <Wrath> from Wrath and living with him. He nodded slightly in gratitude.

Don't greet the King of Essence ominously. Just hurry up and reject it!

Wrath yelled, but he ignored him and looked at Envy, who was standing in front of him.

"Whether there's jealousy or not, it doesn't matter. As the King of Essence said before, receiving the power of jealousy is to leave evidence that you submitted."

Raon curled his lips up. He raised his chin and openly sneered.

No, no! He's already a pain in the ass, but if he gets three powers of the Demon King, he'll be really unstoppable! 

Wrath shook his hands urgently.

You absolutely can't give it to him! Envy! Pull yourself together! You're the Demon King! Preserve your pride!

He shouted for her to stop and run away, but Envy couldn't move, only raising her eyebrows.

"If you don't want to, there's no choice."

Raon looked at the tormented Envy and briefly licked his lips. He calmed down his gaze and simultaneously stirred up both wrath and sloth.


The chilling cold of wrath surged from his right hand, forming a brilliant white light, while the energy of sloth extended from his left hand, making Sloth shake as if he had awakened.


Suffering from severe injuries and using the powers of two Demon Kings, his whole body felt like it was being gnawed at by ants.

'But I can't stop now.'

He bit his tongue to alleviate the pain and pressure. He couldn't come all this way and leave empty-handed. He had to take the power of that jerk no matter what.

"Sloth, it's time to wake up, rip out the venomous fangs of that pathetic snake that disturbed your sleep, and tear her throat apart."


Twisting his speech to match Wrath's, he contorted his mouth, and Envy shrank back, trembling.

"Oh, alright! I'll give it! I will! So, please just open your eyes nicely!"

Envy bit her lip, nodding her head. Her irises lost their deep color and were stained with irritation, jealousy, and embarrassment.

"So, I just need to pour it into that vessel?

"That's right. If you try any tricks, it won't be fun. The King of Essence will reveal his true form and Sloth will wake up.”

Raon threatened the Monarch of Jealousy with a calm tone, devoid of any trembling.

Raon was so nervous that his intestines felt like they were turning to dust, but he managed to hold it together thanks to Ring of Fire.

"I'm not stupid enough to try anything here."

Envy bared her teeth and frowned.

You're not stupid, you're an idiot!

Wrath flew at Envy and head-butted her.

You stupid, ugly snake! How can you be so unhelpful? Just run away!

He bit Envy's head and slapped her stomach, but of course nothing happened.

"Consider it an honor. This is the first time I've given away my jealousy that is out of my control."

Envy gritted her teeth and raised her hand.

A strong blue light swirled in her palm. Even though it wasn't filled with determination like before, it was a sharp energy that felt like it was piercing his lungs.


A deep green energy slithered through the air like a snake and bit his wrist.

A tingling pain accompanied the flow of jealousy through his mana circuit.

He was ready to stop it if anything was wrong, but Envy's jealousy flowed to the end of his mana circuit just as if Wrath had sent his wrath, and headed towards the bottom of his soul.


After staining the depths of his soul a deep green, Envy's jealousy, as if it had given enough power, abruptly cut off the flow and retreated.

Since it felt the same as when Sloth gave him his power, it didn't seem like she would try any dirty tricks.

[Some of the abilities of <Envy> have seeped into your soul and body.]

[The ability will activate after the adaptation period ends.]

At the same time as the message appeared, Envy's jealousy, which had been wrapped around his wrist, turned into the shape of a young snake with its tail in its mouth, and a strange bracelet with a pale green flower blooming on its back.

"I've made it to your taste. Unlike your hot-tempered nature, it seems you like the smell of trash."

Envy frowned as she looked at the ice flower bracelet and black flower bracelet on his wrist.


Raon, who had wrapped his wrist in three flower bracelets, swallowed his tears inwardly.

'Another flower bracelet!'

He wanted to ask for a different form rather than a flower bracelet, but the moment he spoke up, it would raise suspicions and doubts. He had to endure it.

'Anyway, if the power is at this level, there's no need to demand more.'

With too much power at once, he wouldn't be able to control it, so this amount seemed sufficient.


Envy exhaled shortly and lowered her hand.

"That should be enough, right?"

"It's a little lacking."

Raon intentionally shook heis head, even though he  received a sufficient amount of jealousy.

"That's impossible! You know that the power of a demon king is not easily given, right?"

"Are you arguing with the King of Essence now?"

"No, it's not that...."

Even though she was a demon king, Envy lowered her head in defeat to the unbalanced balance of power.

Aaaaaah! It's all over!

Wrath screamed as he tore his cotton candy to shreds.

Why he absorbed only the ability from Envy, while from the King of Essence, he absorbed the system that kept giving him rewards!

He slammed the ground in anger at the system.

Is this what they call responsibility without pleasure these days!

'What's famous these days is pleasure without responsibility.'

Raon pushed Wrath, who was wailing, away and looked down at Envy.

"It seems like enough as proof for the oath

"Then I can go now, right? I did everything you said."

Envy looked like she wanted to leave immediately, and she lifted her heels slightly.

"No, the vessel has its own desires."

Raon licked his lips without letting go of his anger.

What are you going to do again?

Wrath trembled his lips with anxiety.

'If you're in a tiger's lair, you should eat even the skin.'

He raised his hand to Envy with a darkened expression.

"The King of Essence's vessel wants to learn your skills in handling jealousy."


Envy widened her eyes as if questioning what that meant.

"S-s-skills? You want me to teach you how to use jealousy right now?"

“That's right.”

Raon nodded confidently.

“He wants to know how to handle jealousy to be of help to the King of Essence. He is a fine subordinate.”

Unlike Sloth, Envy might not meet him again. If he didn't learn how to handle jealousy now, he wouldn't be able to use the ability properly.

“The King of Essence didn't need anything difficult. It would be enough for this guy to handle it until the the King of Essence descends into the vessel.”

I…I-Isn't that enough?

Wrath crawled up and grabbed his ankle.

Stop selling the King of Essence's name! The King of Essence's life is ruined….

He sniffled, saying that his name as the Monarch of Wrath has hit rock bottom.


Envy let out a deep sigh as she looked at the gray sky.

"Seriously, it's been a crazy day."

“If you try to trick the King of Essence with a clumsy trick, your neck will fly away.”

"I know. I understand that I can't deceive you with this kind of thing."

Envy nodded, as if she knew that there was no turning back, and muttered that she had no choice.

“I'll only tell you once, so listen carefully.”

A strange language flowed from her mouth, which he had never heard before. It was a language with a bizarre pronunciation that seemed impossible to follow.

You Idiot!

Wrath raised his head, which had been buried in the ground.

That's the language of the Devildom! Even if you hear it, you can't do anything!

He laughed mockingly, saying that he would never interpret it.

‘Yeah, it's a new language. But….’

Raon narrowed his eyes and nodded.

‘I can understand it.’

Perhaps it was because of being with Wrath, He could understand everything Envy was saying in the language of the demon world.

Huh? Really?

'Yes. It's not that difficult. Right now, she's talking about the breathing technique that embodies jealousy in the physical form.'


'You're providing abilities, calling the Demon King, and now, you're even naturally teaching me the language. You really are the best.'

Raon smiled at Wrath, who had his mouth agape.

Wh-what's happening now? My head hurts!

He exclaimed.

Wrath rubbed his temples, wishing he could faint again.

“That’s it.”

Envy closed her eyes after explaining the skill in the language of the Devildom.

“You’re not going to ask me to say it again, are you?”

“Of course not. The King of Essence understand how it works.”

"...You understood it immediately?"

“The technique you taught the King of Essence is a bluffing ability that draws out more power than its original rank. Jealousy is a feeling created by obsession with hierarchy, so it makes sense. You’re pathetic, as expected.”

He scoffed and nodded, quickly understanding Envy’s ability through the Ring of Fire.

'This isn't too bad, after all.'

If he could apply the technique that Envy had taught him now, it would surely be beneficial in different ways. It was a big gain.

Damn it….

Wrath bit his lip.

Why does this crazy guy have talent and luck? What is the sky doing!

He prayed to both the demon god and the god of heaven at the same time.

Envy frowned as if she was annoyed.

"We're done here. I've taken your oath; now go."

Raon waved his hand as if to shoo away a fly.

Envy felt her heart race. She turned her back and tried to leave “I knew you cherished your servants, but that vessel seems to be special among them.”

“Special? No.”

He shook his head, gesturing with his finger. "All of the King of Essence's subordinates are equally precious. Not one is treated as trash."

"Hmph! You can't do much with words."

Envy snorted and turned around.

“I’ll go now. I’ll keep my oath, but I will never forget what happened here.”

Was it because she thought she had survived? Envy once again donned her arrogant eyes and revealed a fierce gaze.

‘In some ways, she’s amazing.’

After submitting to power, seeing her put on such a show as soon as she survived made him laugh. All of the demon kings in the demon world were insane.


"Just a moment."

When Envy stepped back and tried to leave with Musten, Raon waved his hand.

"Drop that."

"What? This is my servant!"

"Your servant seems to have his eyes on the King of Essence's subordinate, doesn't he? It's nothing major, but the King of Essence can't just let it slide. Put it down."

If Musten followed Envy, he didn’t know what kind of threat he would pose later, so he had to kill him here even if he had to.

“Damn it….”

Envy bit her lip and lowered her hand. Musten, who had been floating in the air, fell to the ground.

His eyes were open, but he didn’t make a sound or move, as if he was unconscious.

"Today's just a loss. Total bullshit!"

Envy snapped her fingers. A rough wind blew as a green dimensional rift opened, splitting the space diagonally.

"You assholes!"

With her middle finger, she pointed at Raon and vanished into the deep green dimension.


Raon slowly turned his gaze to Wrath, his anger still unextinguished.

'Did she go?'

Yes, she did! This bastard!

Wrath ran over and grabbed him by the neck.

Have you got mayonnaise in your head instead of a brain? How many lies did you tell?

'I don't know.'

Perhaps because the tension had subsided. He couldn't think straight.


Raon sighed and sat down on the floor.

‘I would have passed out if I'd been a little more tense.’

With his physical condition damaged, he was rotating Ring of Fire with utmost fervor, using the power of the Demon Kings, and even turned his head. It felt like he might collapse at any moment.

'I barely survived.'

He really survived by a hair's breadth. It was fortunate that this was Sloth's nest and also he was fortunate that Envy had come here on her own.


Raon turned around and looked at Sloth. He was still sleeping with his nose snoring, hugging the goblin king's magic stone tightly.

"He's the Monarch of Sloth for a reason."

Sloth did not get up even now, proving that he had not received the title of Monarch of Sloth by digging.

"I'm curious what he's thinking."

The King of Essence wants to open your head, not that lazy guy! How can you only think of such a petty thing!

'It worked because it was urgent.'

Raon laughed.

'Of course, thanks to you.'

This time, it was successful because he had listened carefully to what Wrath had said and had met Musten in advance.

If it had gone a little wrong, this place would have been a battlefield for three demon kings right now.

'Anyway, I'm glad I'm alive.'

Raon sighed and stood up. His legs were wobbly, but he endured and approached Musten, who had fallen.

'Why is this guy still doing this?'

He didn't seem to be dead, and he wasn't badly injured, so he couldn't understand why he had fainted with his eyes open.

The contract hasn't been completed yet.


Because Envy, that idiot, came to find Sloth without completing the contract, the master-servant contract was not terminated.

Wrath shook his head in pity.

‘What should we do with him then?’

He'll die as he is. No one will be able to fix him!

The guy twisted his lips, saying that it was a fitting end for a pathetic guy.


Raon nodded as he looked at Musten.

'This might be for the best.’

If he's going to go as far as to summon the Monarch of Jealousy while he's still under contract, it might be better for him to disappear from here.

'I feel sorry for Sir Rekthar, but...'

Raon grabbed Musten's wrist. He was trying to take him to a corner and dispose of him, but his hand wouldn't move as if it were glued to something.

'What is this...'

As he was about to take his hand off, the emerald green energy of jealousy that had attached itself to his soul suddenly surged up.


As soon as that energy touched Musten's wrist, a message appeared before his eyes.

[The master-servant contract has been completed.]       

[Would you like to absorb <Jealousy> from your servant?]

Raon was stunned to see the message.

"Master-servant contract?"

If it referred to the master and servant, it meant that Musten had become a servant.

He was so surprised that he forgot to speak inwardly and the words came out in a loud voice.

'And absorb jealousy?'

Seeing that he could absorb Musten's jealousy implied that he could bring the emotions of jealousy that Musten possessed into himself as his own power.

The King of Essence just....

Wrath laughed when he saw the message.

….wants to die!

He shouted, striking himself on the forehead with a clenched fist.

The King of Essence is not living even though he's alive! Instead of watching this mess for the rest of his life, The King of Essence would rather die!

Whether that was really true, Wrath foamed at the mouth and continued to hit his head one after another.


Raon looked at Wrath, wrinkling his brow. He was already in poor physical condition, and the noisy complaints made him dizzy.

'Please stop. I'll have pineapple pizza when we get back.'


Wrath's fist abruptly stopped at those words.

How many plates? Can the King of Essence add cookies?


It actually worked...


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