TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 425

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 425

Raon felt his heart pounding like it was going to explode, so he bit the inside of his cheek. The pain helped to ease his tension a bit.

'I need to stay calm.'

If he made even the slightest mistake, it would all be over.

The opponent was the Monarch of Jealousy, who ruled the Devildom. If he said or did the wrong thing, he would have his head cut off before he could even hand over his body to Wrath. He couldn't afford to make the slightest mistake.

What are you thinking, you bastard!

He glanced at Wrath, who was gritting his teeth.

'Monarch of Jealousy Envy...'

He didn't have much information about Envy from Wrath.

'But it was all important information.'

Envy was known to be harsh with her subordinates, acting vulgar and despicable, similar to Musten in personality. There were only three of them, but the information provided was valuable.

'If she's as petty and pathetic as Musten, she will yield once she realizes that her opponent's power is overwhelming.'

Musten's feelings of jealousy had subsided after he had been defeated, so Envy might be similar.

If he could only convince Envy that Wrath and Sloth were on the same side, he could control the situation.

'In fact, if this guy woke up, this gamble wouldn't be necessary...'

Raon rolled his eyes at Sloth. The baby bear was now sleeping with his mouth open and drooling.

'Well, it's too late now.'

Since he had already said that Sloth had joined Wrath's forces, it would be a problem even if he woke up now. Now, all he had to do was focus on completely deceiving Envy.


Envy narrowed his eyes. He stared at Raon with snake-like eyes, and his gaze felt so overwhelming that it felt like his heart was being torn apart.

"Say it again. What did you just say?"

"The Monarch of Sloth has joined the forces of Monarch of Wrath."

Raon calmly repeated what he had said earlier. His stomach churned like he was going to vomit, but he forced it down and suppressed it.


Wrath ran at him, screaming.

Why the hell would that lazy bastard join the forces of the Monarch of Wrath without my knowledge! I wouldn't even take him for free!

'Right now, this is the only method.'

"Sloth joined Wrath?"

Envy sneered and raised her chin.

"Do you expect me to believe that?"

"If you don't believe me, what will you do?"

"What will I do? What will I do? I'll tear off your limbs and feed them to my new servant."

She pointed to the dazed Musten behind her.

"All of your talent and fame will go to that child."

"Are you going to attack me even though you know that I follow and serve the Monarch of Wrath?"

Raon used his aura to keep his fingertips from shaking as he looked at Envy.

Follow and serve? What do you mean by "follow and serve"? You're openly ignoring the King of Essence now, aren't you?

Wrath jumped up, his face contorted.

In the heavens' sight, how can he... Ugh!

Raon pretended to wave his hand while hitting Wrath with his elbow.

"I am Monarch of Wrath's loyal servant and the vessel that will contain his soul. If you touch me, you will regret it."

No, that's not it! It's the King of Essence who is working as a servant! Please save the King of Essence!

Wrath waved his hands frantically at Envy, but of course she couldn't see him.


Envy curled her red lips into a long line.

"If you want to deceive me, you should have acted more wisely. With that tiny bit of wrath, you're Wrath's vessel? You're too impatient."

She raised her hand as if there was nothing to see, with impulsive movements matching her young appearance and tone. It felt like a tightening grip on the heart due to the intense magic condensing in her hand.

That's it!

Wrath clapped his hands loudly.

Just as the King of Essence thought, she's different from that stupid sleepyhead! Attack him immediately and make this King of Essence descend.

Wrath nodded quickly with a look of ecstasy on his face.


Raon took a deep breath as he fixed his grip on Heavenly Drive and drew Blade of Requiem.

'She's moving as expected.'

In order to plant a seed of doubt in Envy and crush it, he did not intentionally raise his wrath too much.

The wrath he was currently using was only 20. A low number that even that wimp could not help but doubt.

"You picked the wrong person to deceive."

The magic emanating from Envy's grip turned into a bright glare. The sinister emerald energy seemed to peel off the skin and melt the bones.


Raon crossed the two swords and used his Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura and Glacier's aura at full power.


The moment Envy's magic of jealousy came into view, he thrust Heavenly Drive up and Blade of Requiem down with enough force to drive his legs into the ground.


The heat from Ten thousand flames cultivation and the cold from Glacir gathered at his fingertips and spewed forth a magnificent beam of light. The flash of red (crimson) and blue. The two opposing energies created a calm wave.

Heavenly Drive, which had turned red, caused a wave of flames, and the tip of the Blade of Requiem, which was wet with blue, produced a white shadow.

Endless Flaming Sea and White Void. The two conflicting energies clashed head-on with Envy's magic. 


As the terrifying energies competed, a powerful spark covered the sky, and the entire Stallin Mountain shook as if it were about to be crushed.


This is no joke.

Envy only put in a little bit of her true power, but the pressure that came in was on a completely different level than before. It felt like if he let go of his guard for even a moment, more than half of his body would be blown away.


Neither Endless Flames Sea nor White Void could go their intended path and were struggling as they were blocked by her magic. It was an overwhelming difference in power.


Raon held his breath and looked at Envy's expression through the magic. Eyes filled with ridicule. It was a face that was certain of the lie.


If you break their confidence, their mind will also crumble. This was the moment to shatter Envy's composure.


He pulled up all the wrath that was clinging to the bottom of his soul while biting his lips.

The energy of wrath that had far surpassed 100 exploded in an instant, creating a new flame on the two blades.


Blade of Requiem and Heavenly Drive, which had been stuck like they were blocked by a sturdy wall, ripped through Envy's magic without hesitation, clad in sharp blue light.


Behind the dark green magic that was splitting apart like dry leaves, Envy's face was visible. The lips that were smiling with ridicule were frozen in place with eyes wide open.


Raon looked down at Envy with a calm gaze, but inside he was screaming.

'Damn it...'

It's so damn painful.

While his  plan was working well, using both heat and cold, and invoking wrath, it was taking a toll not just on his body but on his soul as well. Dizziness hit him, and he wanted to collapse right then and there. He pressed his fingernails into his palm to stay upright.

"T-that energy is….Wrath's..."

Envy's hand, which was raised as if she couldn't believe it, trembled.

"Do you believe it now?"

Raon frowned and lowered Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem.

"Why did you bring out that level of wrath only now, when you had it in you from the beginning?"

Envy trembled as if she couldn't believe it, her hand raised in a hesitant gesture.

"I told you. I am Monarch of Wrath's servant, and I did not take it out because I did not have his permission."

"Then, does that mean he gave permission earlier...?"

"Exactly. Monarch of Wrath allowed me to use more wrath."

Raon suppressed the laughter that was about to bloom and nodded.

'That hit the mark.'

It was fortunate that Envy remembered the words he deliberately threw out.

With those words and this situation, Envy's eyes swayed as if they had fallen into a lake of confusion.

"Envy, the Monarch of Jealousy. The Monarch of Wrath is watching you right now."

Raon spoke in a voice imbued with fury.

That's right. The King of Essence's watching. The King of Essence's watching! The King of Essence didn't give permission!

Wrath shouted in anger, pounding his plump fist on his chest.

The King of Essence can't do anything! It's frustrating to the point of death!

"He said that if you pulled any tricks, he would descend immediately and tear you to pieces."

Raon looked over at Wrath and confidently declared something he had never said.


'This should work too.'

Wrath had claimed that he was stronger than Envy. Given his nature of not telling lies, he was undoubtedly in a position of power, despite being unable to act.

"Kuk, that glutton who only likes strange food..."

Envy gritted her teeth, calling Wrath a glutton. Seeing that she couldn't run at him, Wrath's words were indeed true.

Glutton? How dare that wretched snake!

Wrath jolted to his feet as soon as he heard the term "Glutton" It seemed like his nickname in Devildom was indeed glutton.

'Then, I need to shake her even more.'

Raon spat out the blood that had risen up his throat due to internal injuries and created a flow of sloth energy.


Like smoke, a black aura radiated outwards and seeped through his torn skin and muscles, a unique regeneration power that quickly healed both external and internal injuries.

"That, that is!"

Envy's pupils couldn't widen any further, almost popping out with a single poke

"Why does the vessel of wrath possess the power of sloth?"

"It's proof that Sloth has joined Monarch of Wrath's side. I've stored the power of Sloth to manage him."

Raon shook off Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem and looked down. He had already passed the seven-eighths ridge. Now it was time to put the final nail in the coffin.

Why did that sleepyhead joins the King of Essence without my knowledge?!

Wrath screamed and slammed his round fist into the ground.

Oh God! The King of Essence will kill that guy and go to heaven! Please give the King of Essence a body!

Raon frowned as he looked at Wrath, who was causing a commotion.

"The Monarch of Wrath doesn't need to say it personally... Oh, I understand."

He frowned and bowed his head towards the air.

This crazy guy is going to do something again...

Wrath looked at him and trembled his jaw as if he was worried.


Raon took a step towards Envy and frowned.

"The Monarch of Wrath will speak directly from now on. Be honored to know."

As he conveyed this message to Envy, both demon kings simultaneously went into fits.

"This audacious..."

You scoundrel!

He ignored the murderous intent emanating from the two demons, closed his eyes, and opened the Evil Eye of Wrath.

A blue flame of anger burned on top of his red pupils.

"What right does a pathetic snake crawling around the Devildom have to come here?"

It was no problem to imitate his speech since he had heard Wrath talk endlessly every day.


Envy shook her shoulders, taking a step back. When 'Wrath' used the term "pathetic snake," it seemed like she actually believed it.

"How dare you invade the domain of The King of Essence! Your guts are out of your belly."

"W, what did you do? Why did that sleepyhead join your side!"

"It is because he has recognized the greatness of the King of Essence. What other reason could there be?"


When 'Wrath' displayed his characteristic arrogance, Envy became even more irritated.

"Ah, no!"

Wrath approached Envy and waved his hands frantically.

Don't believe it! It's all a lie! This wicked devil is deceiving you!

As Envy began to be fooled, Wrath panicked and threw away his dignified tone and screamed in a hurry.

You're using my information again, you dirty brat!

'That's right. It's your fault. Thank you.'

It was worth listening to Wrath's chatter even with one ear. He provided information and was the best partner to play a role.



Raon ignored Wrath's angry outburst and raised two fingers.

"You have made two mistakes."


"The first is trespassing into the King of Essence's territory, and the second is attacking this vessel of the King of Essence twice."

Raon released his wrath. The energy of wrath burned on his shoulders, crushing the entire Stallin Mountain.

If Envy revealed her true jealousy, he would be gone in a flash, but she couldn't move because of 'Wrath'.

Don't be fooled! The King of Essence won't care if this scoundrel dies! He claims he can tap dance even with his limbs torn off! Please attack!

Wrath shouted that it was just bluffing, but Envy's face turned pale.

"If Sloth's bed is too good to be a grave for you, then come on."

"I, I..."

"Don't worry. I will order Sloth to block the way, and I will deal with you personally."

Raon curled up his lips and flicked his fingers.

He thought Wrath wouldn't agree to fight together, so he said that, but it seemed to work well. Now, there was no trace of doubt on Envy's face.

Don't hold back, just kill him! This guy is a scarecrow that will have his neck blown off if you just snap your fingers! Please attack!

Wrath could no longer hold back his anger and exploded it. The sharp energy of wrath rushed into Raon's mana circuits like a torrent. Normally, he would block it with Glacier or Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, but he deliberately let the wrath energy spread. 


The original wrath that Raon possessed, numbering over 100, combined with the wrath that Wrath had just burst out, creating a massive eruption. Envy broke out in a cold sweat.

"I... I didn't know you would join forces together! Really!"

Envy shook her head wildly, as if she had returned to her teenage age from her appearance.


Raon stared at Envy without answering.

"I swear, I won't speak about your alliance, the presence of Sloth here, or anything about your vessel!"

Envy pleaded not to reveal what she had witnessed here, holding her hands together.

"Isn't it much simpler to just catch and kill a pathetic and despicable snake?"

Raon scoffed and dropped two swords to the ground, the blades making a chilling sound as they struck.

"The King of Essence will give you the opportunity to attack first. It takes time to descend, so this is your only chance. Attack."

After telling her to attack, Raon squinted.

"Monarch of Wrath! If you descend now, it will affect the future. No matter what,... Hmm, I understand. I will prepare it so that it can be used immediately. However, I will wake Sloth up. You don't need to overdo it."

He concentrated the energy of wrath in his right hand, then wrapped it in cold air to prepare to unfold the Silver Frost Aurora.

He placed his left hand on Sloth and raised the energy of sloth.

"Silver Frost Aurora...."

Envy swallowed her dry saliva when she saw the right hand that operated the Silver Frost Aurora and the left arm that was directed at Sloth.

"I, I'm sorry! I'll never come here again! Please forgive me once!"

Envy waved her hands and bowed her head. Her eyes, even shook as if she was about to cry.

'So far, it's perfect.'

With the overwhelming power of two Demon Kings revealed, Envy came in and bowed down without even thinking about fighting.

She was indeed a pitiful and wretched Demon King, just as Wrath said.

What a wimp! To fall for such a performance! Give up being a demon! You don't deserve it!

Wrath kept yelling that Envy didn't deserve to be a demon, but only Raon could hear him.

Raon couldn't help but sneer, keeping his true thoughts hidden.

"Seeing your pathetic face, the King of Essence doesn't even feel like taking action."


Envy lifted her head as if gaining hope, and her green eyes sparkled.

"I swear by the Monarch of Jealousy name that I'll keep my word. If you just let me go..."

She spoke rapidly, as if determined not to miss the opportunity.

"Swearing requires evidence."


"The King of Essence said it. You've made mistakes over the years, and what made him the angriest was when you attacked this vessel."

"Hand over your powers to the King of Essence's vessel. Hm...?"

As Raon spoke, he suddenly jerked his head, suppressing his anger.

"Monarch of Wrath! I don't need it! It's much better to just kill Envy here! Please reconsider!"

It's happening again! That absurd method acting!

Wrath jumped around like a dolphin.

Noooooooo! Aren't you afraid of Heaven's punishment?

'The Heavens don't care about the demons.'

It's so unfair and miserable that the King of Essence's heart feels like it's going to burst!

He cried out, pounding his chest, then rolled his eyes and fell backward.


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