IBRV (Novel) Chapter 102

C 102


Albion was quietly entering with Hill Rosemont. At my call, both of their eyes turned towards me.

In fact, it wasn't just the two of them. To be precise, it would be more accurate to say that everyone's eyes were on me.

"... I don't know who this is, but I need to let Dad know when I finish work today."

That unpleasant man was about to do something.

"... Eirin?"

"Director, what are you doing here?"

"My nephew, whom I mentioned earlier, asked me to accompany him because he was afraid to come alone."

Hill Rosemont?

"Is he afraid to come alone?"

What shameless scam did you commit this time?

With an absurd expression, I looked at the boy who was with Albion. Hill Rosemont, in uniform, looked at me, widened his eyes in disgust, and then smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you here, my lady!"

Hill Rosemont approached with a big smile, took my hand, and shook it.


But am I not a businessperson? I also smiled and shook Hill Rosemont's hand.

"Yes, Professor! It's been a long time!"

Looking over Hill Rosemont's shoulder, I saw that the unpleasant man had disappeared before I realized it.

"What are you looking at?"

Hill Rosemont laughed and put his face right in front of mine.


"Eirin, why are you alone? Who is your guardian?"

Albion frowned and asked. Now that I think about it, there were also people here who disliked child abuse.

"I was just looking around because something happened! Director, did you have a safe trip to where your daughter is?"

"... Yes, I did. I also received a letter..."

Albion's voice sank heavily.

"That child didn't resent me."

Albion's voice trembled. It wasn't comfortable to look at those heavy, sunken eyes.

"I'm sorry; I should have delivered it a little earlier..."

"If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known, but it's something I should be thankful for."

"Anyway, I'm sorry."

If I had spoken in time, I might have found her a little earlier. It was already too late to fulfill the promise made five years ago.

As I lowered my head with a feeling of apology, I heard Albion's voice above my head.

"I heard you saved a friend who was about to die. I heard that in return, you fell asleep for a long time. It must have been hard to open your eyes after such a long time."

It's not your fault.

I was surprised and thankful that this man of few words was holding a long conversation just to say that.

"The child deserves it. There's no need to regret it. Because the living are more important than the dead."

Albion patted me on the head lightly. It must be his consideration not to mess up my hair for fear of damaging it.

Then Hill Rosemont suddenly intervened.

"Uncle must be very close to the princess."

"We only met briefly before."

"Is that so? Because it looks like you're closer than with me, and we're blood family, although we didn't know for a long time."


"It was tough because my parents died, and no one helped me..."

Albion's eyes trembled slightly at Hill Rosemont's words.

I looked at Hill Rosemont for his melancholic and guilt-stimulating behavior.

"If I had my uncle, none of that would have happened."

"... I'm sorry."

Albion's expression darkened. Hill Rosemont laughed.

"That, that jerk, bastard, with a dirty temper."

I knew he had a bad personality, but he's even trying to use the hero of the empire.

I should have known who Albion was without difficulty.

"By the way..."

Why the hell is that kid lurking behind Hill Rosemont?

I could see him moving his fingers and looking around.

Hill Rosemont must have noticed where my gaze had landed, and he pulled the wrist of the boy behind him and placed him in front of me.

"My lady, I'll take this opportunity to introduce you. This is my brother, Phil Rosemont."

"H-hello... My name is Phil Rosemont."

Innocent, round eyes, light brown hair, and light green eyes like Hill Rosemont.

Compared to the clear features, the round impression was that of a deer.

"I'm Eirin Etham."

"Yes, M-Miss Etham! I-I heard many stories from my older brother..."

It was hard to say that not being able to make eye contact was acting.

"I wondered where Hill Rosemont got such a stupid character..."

Was it a prior transformation after seeing his brother?


Hill Rosemont seemed to surround Phil Rosemont with his arms and touched his shoulder.

"I told you not to drag your tongue. Are you ignoring me?"

"N-no. Brother."

He seemed to mutter a little because he noticed Albion, but I could hear him.

"I told you, no one likes you when you say it like that."

He's gaslighting again.

"Director, how's the germination going?"

It's a bit difficult to say it's an orphanage from the outside, so when I mentioned the name, Albion opened his mouth.

"I saw my daughter, so I have to go back soon."

"... Are you going back?"

I was about to answer when Hill Rosemont interrupted me.

"That's right, because those kids will be waiting for you too."

"... Then, what about Phil and me?"

Albion's mouth closed at Hill Rosemont's words.

Well, from his point of view, he probably thinks it's better to go with the orphanage kids who have nothing than the nephew of an aristocrat who went through a coming-of-age ceremony with titles, money, and honor.

But since he feels guilty, he can't bear to say that.

In fact, it was something he didn't have to feel guilty about. He must have been abandoned by an aristocratic family, raised as a commoner, revered as a hero, and participated in the war, so he didn't know.

"Hill Rosemont... Always wanted someone."

Even in <Adopted>, he wanted someone he could trust.

That's why he always tested someone, didn't let his younger brother slip through his fingers, wanted a wyvern with "imprint" like the heroine's, and wanted the heroine to say, "I believe in you."

But, in reality, Hill Rosemont didn't get anything in the novel.

"There must be a reason why a human like this is so twisted."

Albion, who had been silent, let out a brief sigh.

"I don't think we should talk about that here."

"Then you two talk because I'll at least dance here with Young Master Rosemont."

Of course, it's nonsense.

Because Hill Rosemont didn't give me proper dance lessons.

I took Phil Rosemont's hand, turned around, and headed straight for the terrace.


Embarrassed, Phil Rosemont blushed. He's following me, but he looks like he might cry soon.

"This kid is really weak..."

Seeing his flushed face, I honestly wanted to tease him a bit.

However, since Hill Rosemont always bullies him, I feel a little sorry for him.

"Could you call me Eirin?"

"Ah! Y-Yes. You can also call me Phil! Please feel free to speak comfortably."

"Then I won't hesitate. What did the professor say about me?"

"Ah... He thought you were foolish but complimented you for being quite clever!"

Isn't that an insult?

"And that you have a talent for swindling..."

That's also an insult.

"Oh, he said he wanted to raise you with a leash!"

That's not even an insult; it's a curse.

While looking at Phil Rosemont with a bewildered expression on my face, the deer-like boy's eyes sparkled.

"Yes, he must have grown up knowing that was a compliment..."

I guessed who would have done that.

"Are you speaking formally? You can speak comfortably too."

"Ah, yes. Comfortably... It's a bit difficult in front of my brother. I'm scared of my older brother..."

"Um, why don't you run away from home?"

"No... Because I owe a lot to my brother. I have to pay the price for raising me. My older brother went through difficult times after our parents' death."

All I could feel in the choked voice was that the deer was being tightly held onto by Hill Rosemont.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, my parents were very scary and strict people. I was always in my room until my brother helped me. The fact that I could come out and see the sunlight is all thanks to my older brother."

When I closed my mouth at those words that sounded like a profound story, Phil Rosemont looked at me in surprise, scratched his cheek, and burst into laughter.

"I'm sorry, my brother told me not to say this. Can you keep it a secret?"

The naive deer trapped by the hunter smiled.

It was a moment when I simply nodded because I didn't know anything that could offer clumsy comfort.

A cold breath enveloped me with the feeling of the wind blowing behind me.

"... I finally found you."

Upon hearing the voice behind me, Phil Rosemont and I turned our heads simultaneously.

For a moment, it felt as if the blood in my body was being drained. It was that unpleasant man who had been following me since yesterday.

Holding a wine glass in one hand, he smiled at me.

Upon closer inspection, the area under his eyes seemed even more sunken, and his eyes appeared slightly bloodshot.

It was at the moment when I became scared and froze.

"Who are you?"

Phil Rosemont hurriedly opened a path for me.

"What? How dare you stop me? Do you know who I am?"

"I don't know."

Phil Rosemont replied rather firmly. However, when I looked closely, his fingertips were trembling.

"However, I've learned that you shouldn't allow strangers to approach a lady."

"Haha! I'm her father! Get out of the way right now. Are you saying a father can't even meet his own child?"

"Her father?"

Phil Rosemont asked.

"My father?"

Who is he? Did I have another father?

"Is that so, my lady?"

Phil Rosemont asked, shaking his hand. I took his hand carefully and shook my head.

"No, I don't know him."

I looked at him.

Certainly, he seemed familiar, but it was a face I had never seen before.

The offended man took one step closer.

"I'll have to use the dragon's ability to escape."

I was also afraid of falling asleep for a long time, so I couldn't use it recklessly, but now was not the time to argue about that.

While stepping back with Phil Rosemont, looking for an opening.


The man's disgusted face slammed forcefully onto the terrace floor.


The heel of a well-kept shoe landed fiercely on the wretched man's back.

"My toy has gotten quite big... Now, aim fearlessly at my daughter."

It was Dad.


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