TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 427

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Chapter 427

Raon closed his eyes briefly and then withdrew his hand from Musten's body. He didn't say anything to wake him up, which might explain why Musten remained motionless.

What are you doing?

Wrath tilted his head.

You must have been quite frustrated with that loser. This is your chance to release it all.

Wrath punched the air, saying that Musten couldn't say a word now.

'I can always do that later.'

It's different now, isn't it? He's your slave now, so you can do whatever you want to him, right?

'I don't really like that kind of thing.'

Raon shook his head, feeling a bitter taste in his mouth.

'No matter how much of a piece of trash he is, he  can't make him his slave.'

His past life had ended in misery.

Captured at a young age and living his entire life as a hunting dog, he ended up in a boiling pot in the end.

He wanted to take revenge on Derus Robert, but he had no intention of becoming just like him.

You're a strange kind of annoying guy. But...

Wrath looked at Raon and smiled faintly.

You're not so bad. Others might call you stupid, but at the moment the King of Essence'll say you're human.

Wrath muttered that Raon was sometimes like a devil and sometimes like a human.

So, you're going to leave the jealousy that's stuck in this guy?

'I'll have to take it out. But if he wakes up here, it could be troublesome. Let's go down the mountain first.'

The half-collapsed peak and the bear sleeping on it.

If Musten woke up here, there would be a lot to explain, so it was better to wake him up after they went down the mountain.

Raon looked back at Musten and then at Sloth.

'He still won't wake up.'

Sloth was sleeping soundly, even though the ground was broken and dented due to Envy's energy. He even looked more comfortable.

The King of Essence told you he would never wake up.

Wrath shook his head, saying that he wouldn't be able to control Sloth as easily as he wanted.

'It doesn't matter.'

The way to control Sloth, I will create it myself.

Raon was confident that he could create an ability to control Sloth if he disassembled and recombined the techniques he had learned from Wrath and Envy.

'I just need to specialize in recovery.'

The best way to use the unique effect of <Sloth> was, in his opinion, recovery ability.

If he did it well, he might even be able to gain a regeneration level of low-level healing magic.

Raon smiled faintly and picked up his spatial pocket. He took out the top-quality bedding that Dorian had given him from inside the pocket.

You're going to give a gift to that sleeper even though you're not getting anything?

'I sold his name. That's why.'

Isn't that the same for the King of Essence?!

Wrath pointed at Sloth and raised his voice.

'That's why I said I'll eat pineapple pizza.'

Raon picked up the sleeping Sloth and put a mattress and pillow on the ground, then laid him down again. It was no problem to lift him up because he was a baby bear.

“Sleep well. Thanks to you, I survived.”

As he was about to get up after covering him with a blanket, a heavy energy emanated from Sloth' horns in a leisurely manner.


'It's the energy I gave him.'

The sloth energy he had pushed into him to wake Sloth was returning, swelling up several times larger.


As Raon reached out to the sloth energy gathered like droplets, it naturally penetrated into his body and attached itself to his soul.

[Generates 30 Sloth points.]

The sloth energy that he had pushed into Sloth was about 10, and it had returned as 30, which was three times as much. It was an extremely profitable deal.

'That's it.'

Raon was able to figure out Sloth's breathing technique through the flow of sloth that Sloth had just emitted.

If he could use the flow of sloth that he had just felt, it would be no problem to create a new technique. (skill/ability)

"I guess it's better to do good things, huh?"

Raon nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the message that popped up.

That stupid idiot!

Wrath muttered that Sloth was a sucker who was a sucker even in his sleep.

No matter how the King of Essence thinks about it, this is not right! The King of Essence needs compensation too!

'Two pizzas are enough, right?'

Two pizzas are not enough! At the very least, you should give the King of Essence 3 pizzas and a dessert for it to be fair!

'Be honest with me.'

Raon lowered his eyebrows at Ras.

What do you mean?

'You're a combination of wrath and gluttony, aren't you?'

What nonsense is that!

* * *

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After giving Sloth a gift, Raon carried Musten on his shoulder and went down Stallin Mountain.

'It's time to start now.'

He took a deep breath and placed his hand on Musten's shoulder.

The still-unadjusted feeling of jealousy in his soul naturally rose, and Musten's dull eyes flashed green.

[Would you like to absorb <Jealousy>?]

The message he saw at the top of Stallin Mountain came up again.

'What happens to Musten if I absorb all of his jealousy?'

What do you mean, what happens? He won't have any jealousy left.

Wrath answered right away, perhaps because he was about to eat pineapple pizza.

Originally, there are many sinful emotions in the human soul. This guy is a case where jealousy has developed uniquely among them, but it will just disappear. There is no need to worry about dying or going crazy.

'So can I give or receive sinful emotions to other people?'

No, that was possible only because that jerk became your servant.

Wrath shook his head, telling him not to be greedy.

'I see.'

Raon nodded and decided to absorb all the jealousy that Musten had.


Accompanied by a sense of liberation, as if the soul that was deeply embedded in the flesh was directly revealed, it felt like a huge flow of jealousy that Musten had built up was pouring in through his hand.

'The amount is no joke.'

He thought that the jealousy that could summon Envy was not ordinary, but it was even more than he expected.

It was so hard to breathe that his head was spinning just by accepting the energy.

'Still, I can't just accept it.'

He used the ring of fire to melt away all the turbid energies mixed in with the energy of jealousy, and only the pure emotions were accepted into his soul.


The energy of jealousy that he had absorbed from Musten seeped into the power of Envy, which had not yet awakened, and dyed a wider area green.


Raon sighed and checked the message that popped up.

[Jealousy is being generated]

[You have absorbed 50 points of jealousy]

Fifty points at once. Considering that Envy's abilities hadn't awakened yet, it was an extraordinary amount.

'No wonder Envy emerged like this.'

Accumulating jealousy to 50 points by himself, Musten, in some aspects, was a talent unrivaled on the continent.

'I wonder what I can do with this.'

As Raon smiled and took his hand away from Musten, the green light that had been burning in his eyes subsided.


Musten, who regained his senses, looked down at his hands and feet and let out a sigh.

"Why am I here?"

He seemed to not know why he had come here, and tilted his head.

"You, you are!"

Musten opened his eyes wide when he saw Raon. However, the malice that he always wore in his eyes was not visible.

"Raon! You're you... what? what?"

Seemingly realizing that something was odd, Musten blinked his eyes repeatedly. His emotions rapidly changed each time his pupils were revealed.

"Why am I... no, why am I... you...?"

Perhaps because the biggest emotion that Musten had was jealousy, he shook his head blankly.


Now that he remembered what he had been doing up to now, his face turned red like a ripe apple.

"I'm, I'm sorry! No, I apologize!"

Musten immediately kneeled with his head bowed.

"I'm sorry for picking a fight with you and insulting your master!"

He apologized without any hesitation for his own actions.

"I knew it was wrong, but my heart was burning so fiercely I couldn't bear it!"


Raon laughed wryly as he saw Musten, who had hit his head.

'Why is he doing this?'

I haven't said a word yet?

It's a simple matter.


That loser probably used jealousy as a way to rationalize his own actions, even though he knew there was a problem with his behavior.

Wrath laughed and shook his hand.

Even though there was a thorn of conscience stabbing deep in his heart, he ignored it while wearing an armor of jealousy, but now that the armor of jealousy has disappeared without leaving a single piece of metal, all that's left is to be stabbed by his conscience.

He muttered that it was only natural for him to be like that since the jealousy that protected his mind had disappeared in an instant.

"When I return, I will also confess my sins to Zieghart's Sword of Light!"

Musten raised his head. His eyes were clear without a single dark cloud. It was to the point that one wondered if a person could change this much.

'This is enough not to kill him, right?'

He was going to cut his neck and dispose of the body right away, but seeing him beg for forgiveness on his own, he lost his will to kill.

"But why am I here?"

Musten stood up and looked around. He seemed bewildered, probably because he had woken up in an unfamiliar place.

"Don't you remember anything?"

"Yes. I don't remember anything!"

Musten knelt on one knee like a knight serving his lord and bowed his head.


He swallowed his saliva, not knowing what was going on as he knelt down to himself.

"Don't react like that, just answer as usual."

"Yes! I understand... eh? eh eh...!"

Musten's voice creaked as he fumbled with a confused expression.

'Why is he like this?'

As the King of Essence said before, Envy treats her subordinates harshly. The master-servant contract you made with that loser is a one-sided contract designed to keep the master at a distance.

Wrath frowned, saying that he would never be able to escape from that state for the rest of his life.

"Answer me comfortably."

"Yes! Straighten up, comfortably? What is comfortable?"

Musten straightened his back stiffly and nodded quickly. His posture and expression were clearly uncomfortable.


Raon shook his head. It seemed that it would be difficult to fix it in the short term.

"Let's go back first."


He waved his hand and walked towards Habun Castle first. Musten followed behind him with his back and knees bent, as if he were a goblin.

"Please be comfortable."

"Yes! Straighten up, comfortably... This is comfortable... But...!"

He squeaked again because he was broken. Seeing him like that, he thought Envy was a really cruel demon king.

"Do as you like."

Raon waved his hand as if he didn't care and headed forward.


Musten really moved in that position as if it was comfortable to bend his back.

After about four hours of walking, a strong gust of wind blew in from the opposite side, and the scout teams of Habun Castle and the Light Wind squad were approaching.

In addition to them, many other people were moving, and it seemed like everyone had come to search for Musten.

'Fortunately, no one seems to know.'

Since the barrier was installed, the distance was far apart, and Envy did not reveal her true power, it seemed that all of them did not feel her presence.


Just before the Light Wind squad arrived, a rough wind blew, and Sword Demon appeared in an instant. He looked at Musten, who was standing in an awkward position, with a furrowed brow.

"Musten! What in the world is this?"

Sword Demon almost yelled at Musten for the first time.

"Where in the world have you been? Do you know how much trouble people went through because of you?"


Musten looked at Raon, who was right in front of him, instead of Sword Demon, and shook his neck.


Sword Demon noticed that Musten's eyes had changed and opened his mouth wide.

"What, what? Why is he acting like that?"

"Yeah. He's completely changed since the last time we saw him."

"He's completely scared."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan blinked their eyes as they looked at Musten, who seemed to be terrified.

"How much did he hit?"

"He's completely a rag."

"Did he hit him as soon as he met him?"

"He's still alive even after being hit like that."

Other members and scout teams also looked at Musten with their heads bowed, examining his appearance.

To them, Mustan appeared as if he had been beaten to near death, if not dead.

That's because Musten's bandages, which were wrapped around his body, had all come undone, revealing the bloody bruises, and his forehead was cracked and bleeding because he fell headfirst from the sky, and there were even traces of blood bubbles on his lips.

"Musten, say something. What on earth happened?"


Despite Sword Demon's question, Musten didn't answer.


Raon sighed and turned his head.

"Sir Rekthar asked you. You should answer."

"I-I'm sorry! Master! I was completely wrong. I have nothing to say except that I've been nothing but a disappointment."

Only then did Musten begin to kneel and beg for forgiveness.


The snowfield fell silent.

Everyone looked at Raon instead of Musten, narrowing their eyes.

It was as if they were saying, "How badly did he get beaten to change so much?"

"As expected of our vice-squad leader!"

Rimmerp, who arrived late, whistled and approached.

"He's an expert at educating mad dogs! This time, how much did you hit?"

"I didn't hit him..."

Raon shook his head, but no one believed him.

"As expected of our King of Violence!"

"The one who holds the leash of the Mad Dog squad!"

"Demon. No, the Demon King."

"Damn it!"

I really didn't do it.

* * *

After returning to Habun Castle, Raon immediately went to the Branch of Frost.

He wanted to sleep and recover his body with <Sloth>, but he had no choice but to do so because of the part-time demon king who was urging him to have pizza.

"Yua. Can you give me three plates of pineapple pizza and five pineapple cookies?"

"Pineapple pizza and cookies..."

Yua nodded with her eyes up.

"Is there enough ingredients?"

"Not at all!"

Yua shook her head firmly.

"I know that brother Raon likes pineapple, so my grandfather prepared the ingredients solidly!"

"Th, that's right."

Raon bit his lips. He had hoped for the last time, but he had no choice but to eat the pizza.

That's why the King of Essence likes that owner!

Wrath waved his hand towards the kitchen like a king praising a knight.

'Damn it. Because of that blue pig. Now I'm a complete foodie.'

Who's a pig!


Because of Wrath, he only ate strange food, and now most people began to misunderstand his taste.

Recently, he even brought a curry made with fish heads for him to try.

"It'll be ready soon. Please wait a little."

Yua smiled brightly and headed to the kitchen.


Wrath smiled with satisfaction at the back of Yua, whose pigtails were swinging.

It's nice to watch the Pineapple Girl. It's healing!

He laughed out loud, saying that the worst memories that happened on Stallin Mountain are disappearing.

'It's definitely nice to look at.'

Raon nodded her head. Yua was cheerful to begin with, and she became even more cheerful after meeting her grandfather. He felt better just by looking at her.

'But I have to go back now.'

Since I have already taken what I need from here more than necessary, it was time to go back to Zieghart..

'It was an unexpected harvest.'

The reason he first came here was to learn about the use of sloth from Sloth. He thought that would be enough, but now he had received Envy's power of jealousy, including sloth and his breathing technique.

It wasn't just simple gains but a jackpot that would be difficult to obtain even if he died and came back.

'I'll probably get something when I go back too.'

The events that unfolded in the Arian family went beyond a simple promotion mission. If it was Glenn, who was clear about rewards and punishments, he would surely grant rewards, and he was already looking forward to what he would receive.

'Even now, I'll probably get something quite tasty.'

When he was looking forward to the taste of the pineapple pizza that Yua brought out, Wrath frowned.

In the King of Essence's opinion, you are the pig! A honey pig that only looks for honey!


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