TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 424

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 Chapter 424

Musten gulped as he stared at the distorted space in a deep green color.

'What is this?'

It was a dimensional gate he had never seen before. It wasn't magic or sorcery, but a strange aura. It felt similar to the magic used by the dark magicians of the Black Tower.

'No, that's not the problem right now.'

The presence of the monster dwelling in the gap in that dimension was terrifying. He didn't feel any energy, but just the presence made it difficult to breathe.

'I could be killed with a single blow...'

He couldn't move like a mouse in front of a cat. When he didn't know what to do and was frozen like a stone, a second voice came from inside the dimensional gate.

"It's rare to see a child who expresses his jealousy so honestly these days."

A young woman's voice, excited, sent chills down his spine.

"Y, you are who?"

Musten held his throat with his hand and moved his tongue with difficulty. He didn't want to die, so he spoke politely by instinct.

"You called me, didn't you?"

The emerald light flashed in the diamond-shaped eyes that appeared in the dimensional gate.

"What do you mean 'you called me'?"

"You shouted that 'you're jealous. You will take away everything he has, using all the means in the world. You will never let it go.' Have you already forgotten that?"


Musten covered his mouth himself.

'He heard those words?'

He just shouted out because his chest was about to burst, but he didn't know that someone would hear him. Heat rose to his face and neck in embarrassment.

"There's no need to be ashamed."

A voice mixed with laughter flowed down from the dimensional gate.

"'Jealousy' is an essential emotion that even a wise sage, an emperor above all men, and the best warrior in the world have. There's also a saying that everyone has a snake in their heart."


"You expressed your inner feelings honestly, unlike those hypocrites who hide their true emotions behind a mask. That alone makes you better than the deceitful trash out there."



The woman's voice, which felt much younger than himself, resonated deeply in his heart.

'I'm better?'

Since he met Raon, he has not been recognized by anyone.

Everyone only shouted Raon's name, and even his master didn't see him, but when he was recognized by someone for the first time in a long time, he felt so overwhelmed that his hair stood on end.

"Emotions should be expressed to have meaning. You are one step ahead of others."

The energy that was shaking as if it was about to explode slowly subsided. It was like seeing a clear sky after a violent storm that swept through the beach and the clouds had cleared.

"T, then you can give me power?"

"Of course. I came here for that very reason. Everything the humans you were jealous of had will come to you."

A thin smile appeared on her red lips within the dimensional gate, radiating an unsettling charm. It seemed like an impossible proposition, but with the assurance of gaining power, Musten couldn't back down.

"Is it possible that the man's fame, talent, and people's recognition will become mine?"

"It's not a difficult thing."

The woman answered without thinking.

'It's unbelievable, but…'

Listening to her voice, he felt like he could do anything.

'But who the hell is she?'

Perhaps because he was too surprised, he remembered that he hadn't gotten an answer to the first question.

"Y, you who are you?"

Musten asked the woman in the dimensional gate for her identity once more.

"I am Envy, the fifth Demon King of the Devildom. I am the Monarch of Jealousy."

From the cracked dimension, a pale hand, as if it had never seen the sun, reached out.

"If you grasp my hand, I will give you everything the humans you were jealous of had."


Musten trembled as he stared at Envy's outstretched hand.

'It was a Demon Lord?'

No, it should be Demon King.

Now, he finally understood the immense presence. Overwhelming a person with just her presence, without any apparent power, was something only a being beyond human could achieve.

'Is this an opportunity, or…'

The legend that demons would grant human wishes and take their souls came to his mind.

"S-So, what do I need to give you? My soul?"

"You'll be joining me."

"Joining you means..."

"You'll become my subordinate."

"Subordinate, you mean?"


Envy was straightforward about what she wanted.

'Being a subordinate doesn't sound too bad. After all, I'm not really living even though I'm alive. My master's attention has shifted to Raon, and he's only on his side, so if I stay like this, I'll die of thirst.'

'As long as he wasn't losing his soul, the conditions were quite acceptable.'


Musten was about to reach out for Envy's hand but hesitated. Looking at the snow on the ground, he thought of his maater, whose face was etched with age, and decided to ask for his opinion.

"Can I have a moment? There's someone I want to meet..."

"It's already too late."

She was about to reject him when Envy's hand shot out and tightly grasped his. "When you summoned me, the contract began."

As soon as she finished speaking, an excruciatingly intense magic surged into his hand. The emerald green magic instantly pushed out the aura, took control of the mana circuit. Musten's soul felt like it was being suffocated, and he screamed in agony.


Musten screamed in agony, as if his soul was being burned with a hot iron.

"Just endure a bit. If you endure, you'll get what you wanted... Ah?"

Envy, about to manifest and finalize the contract, suddenly turned her head towards the peak of the Stallin mountain.


Her red lips trembled as she spoke.

"You were there?"

*  *  *

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For Indonesian: 

Raon looked at the incoming messages and raised an eyebrow.

[All stats increase by 12 points.]

[An additional 6 points due to the win streak effect.]

All his stats increased by 18 points, and he felt a rush of exhilaration as his entire body's muscles and mana circuits tingled with newfound vigor.

His mind felt refreshed, and all fatigue seemed to have vanished.

'Indeed, it rewards generously.'

As Wrath had mentioned, the system provided high rewards according to the stakes.

No, it's giving way too much!

Wrath protested as he read the messages.

The King of Essence only asked for five plates of pineapple pizzas, why are your stats increasing by 18?

The guy yelled, saying it was a fraudulent.

'You entrusted the system, and it treated you fairly. What's there to complain about?'

Fairness, my foot! When the King of Essence back in charge, the first thing The King of Essence will do is smash that to pieces and start over. he replied.

'If you say so.'

Raon shrugged his shoulders and then checked the message that appeared next to his stats.

[The skill: <Armor of Snow Flower> has been created]

Once again, the skill was named after the flower. He really loves flowers, even though it doesn't suit him.

What's this?

You're giving him... Armor of Snow Flower? Is this for real?

Seeing Wrath perform an angry dance, it seemed like a pretty good skill.

<Armor of Snow Flower>

Utilizes Glacier's cold to strengthen the body's internal and external defenses.

The description was simple, and Raon understood it immediately. The Armor of Snow Flower was a defensive skill that reduced both internal and external injuries, utilizing cold and wrath.

'Not bad.'

It seemed to be easy to use because it uses cold and wrath.

'Thank you for your cooperation today, my dear client.'

Raon teased Wrath as he nodded.

You will receive divine punishment!

'A demon talking about divine punishment... Heaven must be truly generous.'

Grrr, really, the King of Essence ... wait

Wrath turned his head down toward the bottom of the mountain, without finishing his sentence.

Why is that miserable guy here? Could it really be?

He opened his eyes wide and shouted.

'What the... Why did he suddenly...'

Raon tried to follow Wrath's gaze, but all he felt was the presence of Sloth's breathing.

Wrath frowned and climbed up his shoulder.

Get up, and get ready. She will be here soon!

'What's coming? You should tell me.'

Raon was about to ask, but he was interrupted by an overwhelming presence above his head.

'This is…'

He raised his head, shaking his chin. A girl with an otherworldly aura, completely out of place in this location, met his gaze, and he felt a shock as if his soul's vessel had shattered into pieces.

'Could it be…'

The only two times he had felt such a resonance with someone were when he met Wrath and Sloth. This girl seemed like she could be another Demon King of the Devildom

He observed her carefully with trembling pupils. Despite her youthful appearance, her body was slender and long, in contrast to her apparent age. Perhaps it was because of the golden jewelry on her wrists and ankles, but her presence exuded both enchantment and mystery.

From her deep, emerald green eyes, he sensed a powerful current of emotions. It wasn't a personal feeling; it was jealousy directed at the entire world. When he confronted the depth and intensity of that emotion, his heart felt like it was about to burst.

'...Is that Envy?'

He couldn't help but think of Envy, the Monarch of Jealousy, when he saw the emotions in her eyes.

That's right.

Wrath grimaced deeply.

It seems that the foolish Monarch of Jealousy has caused trouble once again.

At that word, he looked at Envy again. Behind her, Musten was floating in a daze.

'He summoned it?'

As the King of Essence told you before, he was about to cross the line. He should have calmed down after being beaten by you, but it seems like something happened to him after he woke up.

'Damn it...'

He thought that he should have beaten him more thoroughly, but it was too late. Now he had to find a way to escape from this place somehow.

A loud roar echoed through the air as Envy slowly descended. The barrier that Sloth had set up rose up to block her path.

"A barrier from Sloth? I thought I was mistaken."

Envy, like Wrath, seemed to have felt Sloth's barrier, but she did not panic and reached out her hand.

A dark green aura emerged from her hand and slithered forward, causing the black current that made up Sloth's barrier to bend at an angle.


Envy, who had lightly landed on the summit, looked at Raon, who was standing next to Sloth, and raised an eyebrow.

"Why is a human like you here?"

Her gaze scanned Raon's entire body, and she showed a sweet smile that was more innocent than a 10-year-old's.

"I can't feel any jealousy from you. I just wonder where I've seen you before..."

Envy narrowed her eyes, then clapped her hands lightly.


She nodded and smiled sweetly.

"It's you. The one who received this child's jealousy."

Envy pointed to Musten behind her and licked her lips.

"I was just going to satisfy his greed and move on, but meeting you like this, what bad luck."


Envy's mood changed suddenly. Her playful smile twisted into that of a demon on the battlefield, filled with killing intent.

She hadn't even raised her power. The mere change in her emotions caused a throbbing pain in Raon's head.

'I have to hold on somehow.'

Raon rolled his eyes as he activated the ring of fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. Sloth was still asleep, even in this situation.

'Why won't he wake up? This is a dangerous situation!'

Even Envy can't kill Sloth in one blow. It means that it's not dangerous yet.

Wrath shook his head, telling Raon not to try to understand Sloth.

“I think you're unlucky.”

Envy said in a clear voice as she waved her hand. A wave of immense power could be felt from her light movements, like chasing a fly.


It felt like the entire sky was pressing down on his body, and a looming sense of terror swept over him, as if he was about to vanish from the world.

'But this feeling...'

Raon's eyes widened. He realized what was happening.

'This feeling is...!'

He had experienced it before. Memories of when Sword Demon had struck with the Myrad Swords, came flooding back.

Raon used the Ring of Fire, operating it in the form of flames, and used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to enter a state of intense concentration. (extreme focus)

Stupid! If you want to stop it, raise your wrath! Wrath shouted, urging him to unleash his wrath, as they both possessed the emotions of a Demon King and could potentially offset each other.

'Not now.'

To survive, he had to save his trump cards. Now was not the time to unleash his wrath and sloth.

Raon drew Heavenly Drive, trusting in his increased strength and taking a stance.

'It's too late to block or deflect it.'

He hadn't expected an attack to come so soon, so even in his state of extreme focus, he didn't have enough time. For now, he had no choice but to defend.

He gripped the hilt of Heavenly Drive with both hands and swung it upwards from below.


The strongest defensive technique of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Flame Barrier erupted from the blade of the sword, spewing forth a searing red flame. Not destructive fire, but the flames of protection that burned to protect its master, surged and forged a magnificent wall of flame.


Raon didn't stop even after he raised Flame Barrier. He poured the essence of the rising flames of the barrier into heavy sword and sharp sword. He abandoned soft and flexible and focused solely on defense.


The dark green energy of Envy and the flames of the Flame Barrier collided, shaking the entire Stallin Mountain. Heat that seemed to melt all the snow on the mountain spread in all directions.


Even though he was drawing all the aura from his energy to center, it felt like his shoulders were going to be crushed.

It was ridiculous that this was the amount of impact from simply crushing with brute force without any techniques.

Idiot! Use your wrath!

'Not yet.'

The crisis is not yet here.

He gave his legs strength that seemed like they were going to break and drew out all the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. He endured the pain that felt like his mana circuits were going to burn out and pushed back the dark green energy.


The ice on the summit of Stallin Mountain shattered like spider webs as Envy's energy melted away, unable to pass the heat of the Flame Barrier.


Envy let out a dry laugh and tilted her head. She frowned, as if irritated.

“You blocked that?”

The expression on her face had changed significantly compared to moments ago, and an unsettling energy gathered in her clenched fists.

You're just going to block that? Do you really want to die like a dog?

Wrath, appearing either amused or smiling, leaned in close to Raon's face.

Envy's target is Sloth. Even if Sloth wakes up now, he won't save you. He'll crush you while he's in a frenzy!

'So what?'

Right now, the only way for you to survive is to submit you body to the King of Essence.

Envy is different from Sloth, who is too lazy to think. You won't be able to get away with words like before! 

Wrath said that things won't go as well as with Sloth and urged him to give up his body.

'You'll also go berserk if you enter my body. Then three demon kings will clash. What will happen to Habun Castle?'

Sword Demon will be able to hold it  for a very short time, but quite a few people will die.

He said that the aftermath of the power would be too great to hold back.

Still, the King of Essence will do his best to regain control as quickly as possible. The King of Essence has subordinates there.

'One more thing.'

Raon swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth.

'You said that Habun Castle has a natural barrier made of the blood of humans and monsters. Will that also be destroyed?'

Of course, it'll be shattered. Perhaps even the monsters will jump out and cause chaos.

Wrath shook his head, saying that it was unavoidable in this situation.

'That won't do.'

Raon shook his head. In order to save the people in Habun Castle, such a result must never happen.

You foolish idiot! Envy might be lowly and pathetic, but she's not stupid! Your nonsense won't work on her! Hand yourself over now

Wrath grabbed Raon by the collar and shook him.

'Shut up...Ah!'

The methods he used to conquer Sloth and the information he learned about Envy from Wrath clicked together like gears, and he came up with the only way to survive here.

"I can't believe I had to move twice because of a worthless piece of trash without any jealousy."

When Envy was about to make her second gesture, Raon took a step forward instead.

"Stop there."

"What are you talking about, you worm?"

"I have finally been granted permission."

Raon raised the wrath that he had not even used in the face of death.


Wrath energy, filled with piercing malice, wrapped around his soul and revealed its sharp teeth to Envy.

"W, wrath? Why do you have...?"

"Envy, Monarch of Jealousy. I am the vessel that serves the Monarch of Wrath."

At those words, Envy's hand stopped in mid-air.

This idiot! That won't work!

'I'm not going to stop here.'

Raon swallowed the blood that had risen to his throat and calmed his eyes.

"The vessel of Wrath? Why is a servant of Wrath in Sloth's territory?"

"Because this land belongs to the Monarch of Wrath!"

"You're crazy. Sloth is right there!"

"He is also under the command of the Monarch of Wrath."

"What the...?"

What the...?!

Envy and Wrath both widened their eyes at the same time.

"Monarch of Sloth. Sloth has already joined the Monarch of Wrath's forces."

A scarlet light that melted away the jealousy flashed in Raon's eyes.

You scam artist! What are you up to this time!


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