RDM (Novel) Chapter 548

 Chapter 548

The man watching the confrontation between Lee Geomhan and Yong Ha-sang from the guest house was clearly Pyo Wol.

Even though his hat was pulled down so low that only his mouth and chin were visible, Namgung Seol was convinced that it was Pyo Wol.

The man with exceptionally red lips and a fine, sharp jawline could only be Pyo Wol.

Among the people she knew, Pyo Wol was the only one.

'Why is Pyo Wol here?'

Namgung Seol furrowed her brows.

Pyo Wol, distracted by Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang, seemed unaware of her presence there.

'What should I do?'

If Pyo Wol had any relationship with Yong Ha-sang, it could cause serious problems.

Should Pyo Wol covertly intervene in the fight between the two, the course of the duel could change.

Pyo Wol was a man capable of doing so.

Above all, the relationship between Pyo Wol and Lee Geom-han was not good.

They had clashed once before, and Pyo Wol might still be harboring a grudge.

After a moment’s hesitation, Namgung Seol licked her lips.

It was time to send a message to the Snow Flower Swords, who were mixed in with the crowd.

—’Pyo Wol is in the guesthouse. Watch him and attack if he shows any sign of interfering in the fight’.

The Snow Flower Swords nodded at her command and moved. However, the crowd's attention was so focused on Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang that they didn't notice their movements.

Then it happened.

"That's enough."

Suddenly, a woman's soft voice came from behind Namgung Seol.

A cold sweat trickled down Namgung Seol's back.

She hadn't even noticed the woman's approach until she opened her mouth.

No matter how many people surrounded her, it didn't make sense that a master of Namgung Seol's caliber wouldn't notice someone standing behind her.

Being so close together and not noticing it meant that the other person had mastered a martial art that specialized in concealing one's presence.

Most people who mastered such skills in Kangho were assassins.

Namgung Seol happened to know such a female assassin.

"It's you."

She spoke without even turning around.

"I see you remember."

"How could I forget an assassin like you? You're quite brave, coming here on your own."

"I've heard that a lot."

The woman standing quietly behind Namgung Seol was none other than Hong Ye-Seol. Her gaze was fixed on Pyo Wol, who was visible in front of Namgung Seol.

"He has no intention of intervening in this fight. So, pull back your men."

"How can I trust you?"

"You don't have to. If you don't listen, it's only you and your men who will suffer."

"Shameless! This turmoil was caused by you, and yet you show up like this. Are all assassins as brazen as you?"

"Being an assassin requires at least this much audacity."

"Don't you feel any responsibility for this situation? You killed the Seven Sage Scholar, triggering the great Kangho War."

"I was merely a tool. The problem lies with the one who commissioned me; I have no reason to take responsibility for this."

"You're going to shirk your responsibility?"

"I have already paid the price. You are the one who should not press this further."

Namgung Seol's eyebrows furrowed at Hong Ye-Seol's calm reply.

She wanted to attack Hong Ye-Seol then and there, but she knew she could not afford to let her guard down.

The moment she was flanked from behind, she was in an utterly disadvantageous position.

There was no way to turn this situation around now.

After momentarily gritting her teeth in frustration, Namgung Seol sent a message to the Snow Flower Swords.

―Everyone retreat from the guest house. I withdraw the command.

Her men looked momentarily puzzled, but they quickly obeyed and withdrew from the guesthouse.

Namgung Seol asked,

"Are you satisfied now?"


No answer came from behind.

Finally, Namgung Seol carefully turned around.


Namgung Seol clenched her teeth in humiliation.

The sight of Hong Ye-Seol, who had been threatening her all along, was nowhere to be seen.

The fact that she hadn't noticed her appearing or disappearing filled her with shame.

She looked around but could not find any trace of Hong Ye-Seol.

The realization that she would have been dead by now, if Hong Ye-Seol had harboured any ill intentions sent a shiver down her spine.

She would never lose in a face-to-face confrontation, but if attacked in this stealthy manner, her life would be in danger.

She felt an intense sense of danger.

This was the first time she had felt this much danger since she had learnt martial arts.

‘I will not let her off easily. I'll pursue her to the ends of hell and kill her.’

Namgung Seol's eyes were filled with fury.

Then, it happened.


A sudden explosive sound echoed.

Namgung Seol snapped to attention and looked ahead.

Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang were clashing.

Neither had drawn their swords.

It began with bare fists.

Though both primarily used sword techniques, they were also skilled in unarmed martial arts.

To gauge an opponent's strength, there was nothing better than a fist.


The collision of their fists continuously resulted in explosive sounds.

One was a successor to one of the three sects, the Dragon Mountain Manor, while the other was the Imperial prince of one of the two great forces, the Mad Martial Sect.

Both had attained mastery in the martial arts of the Dragon Mountain Manor and the Mad Martial Sect.

Each movement in their bare-fisted duel was an expression of superior martial technique.

Puff!! Puff!! Puff!!

Their fists clashed and intertwined countless times.

Each time, the air exploded, and the ground sank deeply.


“Move, move back!”

Onlookers hastily retreated from the terrifying waves of qi.

Standing still in that place could result in losing your life, swept away by the waves of qi.

Yong Ha-sang spoke as he launched a fist charged with qi.

“You are remarkable, Lee Geom-han!”

“You, too.”

There was no denying it.

Yong Ha-sang and Lee Geom-han both deeply understood the peak of martial arts.

Such an opponent was indeed rare.

A smile flickered at the corner of Lee Geom-han’s lips.

Since Pyo Wol, Yong Ha-sang was the first to push him to such an extent.

He couldn’t understand why someone possessing such remarkable martial arts had resisted so passively against the Golden Heavenly Hall.


Yong Ha-sang shouted, thrusting his fist forward with all his might. A bright cluster of light gathered in his fist.

“It's the fist Qi!”

“The dragon lord has unleashed the fist Qi!”


Exclamations erupted.

It was the first time for everyone to witness a martial artist freely unleashing the fist qi.

The manifestation of qi into a form was nothing less than proof of an absolute master.

Becoming an absolute master signified that Yong Ha-sang's martial strength was among the best in Kangho.


The fist Qi flew towards Lee Geom-han with a terrifying force.

People were curious to see how Lee Geom-han would respond.

There was no need to face the fist qi head-on.

Rather, evading or diverting it might have been a wiser response. But Lee Geom-han did not.

A martial artist, especially one leading the murim world and the era, should never show weakness.

They must face any trial or threat head-on. Only then will people believe and follow them.

Lee Geom-han considered himself the one to lead the murim world.

He had been taught to think that way from childhood and had always believed that he should act that way.


Lee Geom-han thrust his fist towards the oncoming fist qi.

In an instant, an intense cluster of light erupted from his fist as well.

“It's fist qi”

“This grandmaster has also unleashed the fist qi!”


In that instant, fist qi collided with fist qi.

An enormous explosion and energy wave, like a meteor falling, swept across the area.



People swept up by the qi wave were blown away like leaves in every direction.

Only those martial artists who had cultivated their martial arts to a high level could withstand it. But even their faces showed tension and astonishment.


Chills ran up their skin.

To be born a martial artist and witness a fight of this caliber was a great fortune.

Just by witnessing such high-level combat, one’s perception heightens.

Their understanding of martial arts grew, urging them to strive further.

Especially those who reached a certain level in martial arts, merely watching such an intense duel could lead to enlightenment.

The martial artists couldn't take their eyes off the two.

Moments later, the storm-like wave of qi subsided, revealing the figures of the two men.

It was unbelievable that they had just engaged in a fist qi clash,

The only difference was that Yong Ha-sang’s face was slightly redder.

Yong Ha-sang grabbed the hilt of his sword and spoke,

"It seems that we won't be able to decide this battle with our fists alone.

“I agree.”

Lee Geom-han also firmly grasped the hilt of his sword.

Both were masters of swordsmanship.

So far, it had been just a taste; now was the real fight.


The two men pointed their swords at each other, and an overwhelming momentum flowed forth.


The first to move was Yong Ha-sang.



His sword, charged with an eerie cutting force, flew toward Lee Geom-han.

In an instant, Lee Geom-han's eyes turned icy cold.

He bent his waist slightly and lunged forward.

It was the footwork called Whirlwind step a technique that complemented the Heaven Killing Sword


His sword swung with a terrifying momentum.

Sword clashed with sword.


At the same time, the swords wailed.


"My ears... my ears..."

People covered their ears in agony at the sharp cry of the swords.

But it was of no avail.

The howling sword cry penetrated their brains and shook them to the core.

One after another, people fell.

Few martial artists remained standing on both legs.

Among them were Namgung Wol and Jo Seolpung.

Their faces were dark as they watched the clash between Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang.

On the surface, the fight seemed evenly matched. No one seemed to be overpowering the other, and they appeared to be fighting fiercely. But the two knew all too well that it was not the case.

“It's over.”


Both men exclaimed simultaneously.

Yong Ha-sang's swordsmanship was undoubtedly extraordinary.

A technique worthy of the renowned Dragon Mountain Manor, capable of impressing the world.

Only, the opponent was unfortunate.

The name of the swordsmanship that Lee Geom-han had mastered was ‘Heaven Killing Sword’.

A technique created by Lee Gwak, the founder of Mad Martial Sect, one of the two great forces of Kangho, wielding a single sword.

In terms of sheer power, it could be considered the best technique in the world.

It was unclear how much Lee Geom-han had mastered the Heaven Killing Sword, but when comparing the pure strength of swordsmanship, Dragon Mountain Manor's technique couldn't  contend with the Heaven Killing Sword.

They knew how tremendous Yong Ha-sang's pride was. But if he truly wanted to defeat Lee Geom-Han, he should have resorted to something other than swordsmanship.

Defeating the Heaven Killing Sword with Dragon Mountain Manor's swordsmanship was impossible.

At least, that's what they thought.


Again and again, the clash of metal resounded.

Now, the figures of the two combatants were no longer visible.

They were moving at a frightening speed, too fast for the naked eye to catch.


The speed of the swords colliding became faster and faster.

The duel was reaching its climax.

Likewise, the hearts of the onlookers were beating faster.

Their hearts were pounding at their peak.


A sound of steel and shockwave, incomparable to anything before, erupted.

People squinted their eyes or covered their faces with their hands.

Only after the tremendous shockwave had passed did they look at the battlefield.

One person was standing with his sword stretched out to the ground, and the other was on one knee.

Finally, the winner and the loser were decided.

The moment they saw their faces, the crowd erupted in cheers.

“Wow! Grandmaster Lee Geom-han has won.”

“The Sword Maniac has suppressed the Little Tyrant Dragon.”

Standing tall was Lee Geom-Han, and on one knee, with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, was Yong Ha-Sang.

It was the moment when the leadership of the Silver Lotus Hall shifted from Yong Ha-sang to

Lee Geom-han.

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