TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 403

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 403


Raon looked at the pouring magic streaks and the Abyssal sword striking his neck, then rotated the Ring of Fire to the extreme.

It seemed that time was flowing more slowly than usual due to the resonance that took place in the extreme situation.

'I knew it,'

As he entered the Land of Death where three pillars were planted, he felt it.

The aura of death that dwelled in this place was different from the land he had stepped on so far, and there were countless magic circles hidden in all directions.

'It's only natural.'

Since the Arch Lich had been observing people and commanding undeads during the siege, he could not have been sitting still without any preparation so far.

It was obvious that he had prepared a lot to kill the warriors who had rushed to this place.

'Among them, especially...'

'I think you wanted to kill me.'

As he entered the entered the end of the Land of Death, mArched by three standing stones, he felt it. The aura of death here was unlike any land he had ever stepped on before, and it concealed numerous hidden magic circles in all directions.

'However, the preparations aren't yours alone.'

Raon curled his lips as he looked at the sword of Abyssal and the magic streaks that were getting closer and closer.

'Wrath. Let's make the deal right now...'

The King of Essence doesn't want to.

'What? What?'

The King of Essence said he didn't want to.

The guy who had said he would restore his physical strength and aura, shook his head without warning before coming here.

Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at the sword of Abyssal that was getting closer and closer.

'Why the sudden change? We agreed to the deal!'

The King of Essence realized it seems like you're the only one benefiting from it.

Wrath closed his eyes, saying that it was a loss no matter how much he thought about it. He seemed to know that he was in a superior position, and his lips curled up.

However, he was not without the intention to negotiate, as he granted him a strange power that kept his thoughts unchanged but slowed down the passage of time.


He didn't even predict this situation, so his heart tightened.

'I'll take more Wrath points. Then that's enough, right?'

Wrath has been pushing Wrath into this body to take over it, but it's not all bad.

He learned how to use Wrath  from him, so there were both pros and cons.


Wrath didn't respond, just pushed his lips forward.

'Is this it?'

Raon had expected Wrath to demand more Wrath points, but he remained silent.

'I don't have time. If you don't say anything soon, it's over. I won't get anything and...'


'Could it be...?!'

Raon frowned as he looked at Wrath, who was smacking his lips.

'I'll eat anything yo want, not just after the war is over, but even after I leave here and return to Zieghart.'


'I'll also eat the new pearl ice cream product that Runaan mentioned!'


'Damned gluttony!'

This guy is trying to bargain at such a critical moment. He can't help but curse.

We have a deal

'You greedy parasite!'

Make sure you give it to me properly

With Wrath's excited voice, vitality filled his body, which was crushed like wet cotton. The heat and cold that had been empty in the energy center rose endlessly.

In particular, the cold became so huge that it could come out of the thick and huge energy center.

Raon lowered his center of gravity and thrust the Blade of Requiem forward.


On the golden battlefield, extreme cold and the wrath of the demon king converged upon the crimson blade, emanating a vivid light


With his left hand, he unleashed a tremendous energy of cold and wrath simultaneously. The Blade of Requiem vibrated as an icy blast surged, threatening to freeze the world.


As the Silver Frost Aurora enveloped the Blade of Requiem, and both the falling magic and the Death Knight that spewed hellfire froze at the same time.


Raon bit his lips as he looked at the frozen world.

'It's not easy, is it...'

His insides trembled, and he felt drained. He wanted to collapse right there.

He knew it was only possible with Wrath's help; attempting to use the Silver Frost Aurora alone still seemed beyond his reach.


The sound of the Death Knight's body creaking is heard from inside the ice. It was a stronger guy than I thought, considering that he was trying to move even after being hit Wrath's technique.


Suppressing the pain in his throbbing chest, Raon channeled the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation into Heavenly Drive in his right hand.


The red-hot blade shot forth with scorching heat, smashing the frozen torso of the Death Knight in front of him.


The enormous ice pillar created by the Silver Frost Aurora shattered into countless pieces as it crashed down upon the stranded Death Knight.

"What the hell is that again..."

Milland opened his mouth wide as he saw the ice that Raon had created.

"It looks like magic, but it's not. It's a phenomenon in itself."

Morell squinted his eyes to the point of popping out, saying that it was an incredible thing.

"Has his swordsmanship changed?"

"It's not changed, but it seems that the skills have increased in the meantime."

The Third Prince and Borini Kitten, instead of being amazed by the Silver Frost Aurora , swallowed dryly as they witnessed Raon effortlessly cleaving the Death Knight.

"Now he's pulling off a whole circus."

Warring Steel leader Trevin sighed and shook his head.

"Is that a human?"

"I'm more scared of that human than the undead... We shouldn't be messing around."

The Light Wind members also muttered about the unbelievable scene.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

"This, what is this!"

Arc Lich backed away as he saw Raon blocking hundreds of spells and Death Knight's sword with a single move.

'This is unbelievable…'

Could it be possible for an aura to recover so suddenly? 

He knew the young Zieghart could create ice barriers, but with the current state of aura and his stamina, it should have been impossible.

However, right before their blades and magic touched, the boy detonated an immense Aura that didn't exist before, creating that incredible pillar of cold.

'Well, that's... I just can't make sense of this.'

No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't comprehend the current situation.

But for now, escaping this precarious situation was more important than knowing the secret. After all, not only was that young boy their enemy.

'What should I do?'

Summoning the Death Knight again wasn't difficult, but he couldn't think of a way to kill all those humans.

As Arch Lich moved the staff of magic to resurrect the dead Death Knight, young Zieghart gestured behind him.

"It's all over now. Come out."

As he gestured, the humans waiting behind slowly stepped onto the ground of Land of Death.

'This is the chance!'

'The humans might not know, but the magic circles set up in the space were not disposable; they were continuous. No matter how formidable that guy might be, he wouldn't be able to use the newly created wall (barrier) of ice (frost) consecutively. So, activating the magic circles when they all came in could deal a deadly blow.'

The humans stepped fearlessly onto the Land of Death and began sweeping away the unfrozen undead.

"Now's the time!"

As soon as the last person set foot on the ground, Arch Lich activated the magic circles again.

He abruptly stopped trying to accelerate the resurrection of the Death Knight with a magic circle.


The magic circles didn't activate. It wasn't just that they didn't activate; the magic circles that should have been fine even if left alone for a month were melting away.

"What, what's happening? Why aren't the magic circles working?"

He was so shocked that when the magic for the Death Knight's resurrection, which he had been creating, also stopped, the voice of young Zieghart could be heard.

"Why? Why aren't the magic circles activating?"

He laughed wryly as he twirled the dagger that had created the ice barrier with his finger.

"Could it be with that dagger...?"

He had seen the ominous shortsword shatter magic and magic circles many times, but he couldn't have imagined that it would render all the magic circles here ineffective.

"What in the world are you! What are you doing!"


Raon looked at the bewildered Arch Lich and offered a faint smile. The man's sapphire eyes seemed as if they were about to go out in his confusion.

‘It worked.’

Even the Blade of Requiem can’t break all those magic circles at once.

It seemed to work as planned after he used the Ring of Fire to identify the center of the magic circle and then destroyed it with the Silver Frost Aurora and ghastly energy.

“This is a good way to relieve stress!"


Burren laughed as he crushed the body of a Spathoi.

“Bring me the heads of these boring little skeletons!”

Martha smashed the skulls of the undead as if to relieve the pain she had endured.

“Hurry up and finish this so I can sleep! sleep! sleep!”

Runaan, who had reached her limit, cut a Dullahan into four pieces with a fierce will in her violet eyes.

“We’re almost there!”

“These things are nothing!”

“Destroy them all!”

Not just the Light Wind squad. The warriors and mages of the four forces also began to slaughter the undead, pouring out their mana in the hope that it was coming to an end.

With such a powerful force gathered, it wasn’t long before all the undead monsters except for the Arch Lich were defeated.

“Now there’s only one dried-up bone left.”

Milland stood next to Raon and pointed his sword at the Arch Lich.

“A high-grade Arch Lich is a rare one. I’m looking forward to experimenting.”

Morell compressed a firestorm in his fist and smiled sinisterly.

“Looking at the way he controls this many undead, he’s a guy we need to get rid of no matter what.”

Borini Kitten approached with a sharp aura.

“Was this guy the mastermind who called us all here? He’s a cocky bastard.”

Trevin raised his sword and glared at the Arch Lich.

The Arch Lich’s fingertips seemed to tremble at the powerful aura generated by the four men.

“What are you going to do now? You’re all alone.”

“I’m not alone.”

The Arch Lich gritted his teeth and raised his hand. A huge aura surged, and the dead Death Knights and high-level undead appeared from under him.

“I’m sorry.”

The Death Knight immediately raised his sword and apologized to the Arch Lich.

“No need to apologize.”

Raon answered instead, giving a faint smile.

“Your friend will join you soon.”

“Shut up!”

The Death Knight charged, gritting his teeth. He was moving even faster than before. He seemed to be running at full power.

‘He’s fast. But….’

I know the way.

Raon extended his right foot and swung Heavenly Drive up from below.


A vicious sword strike imbued with the essence of the Fangs of Insanity sword knocked away the Death Knight’s Abyssal sword.


The Death Knight shook his jaw as if he couldn’t believe that his sword had been easily pushed back.

"Was the Death Knight here before your doppelganger, right?"

“How did you….”

“Because the swordsmanship is the same.”

The high-ranking Death Knight used the same horsemanship, footwork, and swordsmanship as the growing Death Knight he had seen here before.

Because the stance, physique, and swordsmanship were the same, he knew he was his doppelganger, and he was able to knock away his sword without much difficulty.

“That’s nonsense! You’re saying that you figured out my swordsmanship after just facing that one?”

The Death Knight charges again. Although the techniques and swordplay seemed slightly different, there wasn't a significant difference.

The flow of familiar swordsmanship is not easily changed.


Raon advanced after channeling the flow of the Frostwind sword style into the Heavenly Drive sword, causing Death Knight's Abyssal sword to slip away when they were just inches apart.

When the Death Knight and Raon were about to close the distance, Raon invoked the Sword’s Silvery Dream with the Blade of Requiem.


In the dream-like shadow of a fleeting, Blade of Requiem's blade emerged, slicing through Death Knight's core.


Death Knight dropped his Abyssal sword, not even realizing what had happened to him.

"Is this... your first time seeing it?"

While using various swordsmanship techniques to deal with the undead, Raon deliberately refrained from revealing the Swords's Silvery Dream.

Death Knight, witnessing it for the first time, disintegrated into dust as his core exploded.


Arch Lich, too, avoided Milland and Borini Kitten's combined sword strike but got entangled in the flames conjured by Morell and fell to the ground.


Though he couldn't feel pain, Arch Lich let out a groan and trembled as he raised his hand, covered in a dArch crimson glow.


Raon drew ripples with the Heavenly Drive sword. White Void that emerged from the blade gently enveloped the crimson light created by Arch Lich.


At the same time, a red light emanated from the Blade of Requiem extended to the left. Bloody Energy. Arch Lich saw it but couldn't hear the cries of the dead that stopped him in his tracks.

'One more move here.'

Raon extended his left foot and drew a cross with Heavenly Drive that absorbed ghastly energy and the Blade of Requiem, which emitted a Bloody Energy.


Arch Lich tried to move somehow when he saw the two swords approaching, but the cries of the dead continued to hold his limbs.


Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem fell, splitting Arch Lich's body into four parts.


Milland and Borini Kitten's intense energy poured over Arch Lich's torn body, and Morell's fiery storm exploded.


"It's over!"

"We finally won!"

"Hehehe! Now, I can finally get some rest."

After fighting for six days, the Light Wind squad cheered with relief, now that they could rest.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the land where the Arch Lich had died.

'It's a bit strange.'

The Arch Lich and the Death Knights' artifacts were certainly terrifying, but the actual battle was not that difficult.

Even though the enemies' plans were ruined and their allies were powerful, it felt like they had caught them too easily, and Raon's mood sank for some reason.


Raon turned around and approached Milland.

"These guys were too easy...,"

He was about to tell him his thoughts when he heard a chilling voice.

"As expected, you're quick to notice.

"With a sinister tone, the Land of Death once again trembled. Unlike before, the very aura of death that permeated the land began to move.



Grim hands surged from the ground, binding the hands and feet of everyone in the area.


"What, what is this!"

"Th, that's a black hand?"

"Is the Lich still alive?"

Warriors and mages poured their sword energy and magic at the black hand, but the blackened hand never disappeared.

"Oh no..."

"It, it can't be erased with astral energy?"

Milland and Borini Kitten trembled their eyes as they saw the black hand that could not be erased even with astral energy.

"It's not magic!"

"I can't believe it's not cutting!"

The black hand did not melt with Morell's fire magic, nor did it cut with Trevin, who had reached the highest level of master. (peak master level)

"It's, it's absorbing mana!"

"Everyone, raise your aura to prevent your energy from leaking out!"

As the Third Prince and Milland said, the black hand not only prevented movement, but also absorbed the vitality and mana of humans.

"Damn it!"

Raon struck down the black hand that was holding his wrist with the Blade of Requiem. Even though he used ghastly energy, the black hand did not disappear.

"That means it's not magic."

This hand was not magic. It was a phenomenon that used energy itself, like the Silver Frost Aurora.


"If we stay like this, our vitality will run out and we'll become zombies!"

"Do something to move!"

"I want to, but there's no way!"

As people struggled in confusion, a small tremor occurred in the ground where the three pillars were planted.


A monster in a black robe rose with a huge yet slow wave as if a swamp had filled the Land of Death.


Raon trembled his fingertips as he saw the Arch Lich mask worn by the monster.

"Manghongwi?" (망혼귀) (skull mask) (ghost with a skull mask) (Manghongwi) (skull ghost) (reapers translated him as 'skull mask' in early chapters)

It was clearly Manghongwi, a demon executive of Eden who had inherited the power of a high-ranking Arch Lich.

"I'm meeting you directly for the first time. Raon Zieghart."

Manghongwi spoke in a heavy voice as he slowly rose into the air and looked down at the humans.

"I don't know how to thank you for bringing them here."

He reaches down with his right hand. A powerful light rose from the black orb in his hand, which was incomparable to the Arch Lich.

"It was worth experimenting without going back right away."

Raon bit his lip as he watched the purple sphere grow as big as the sun.

'I thought there was someone, but it was Manghongwi.'

Damn it.

According to Merlin, Tacheon had informed the Eden executives that they would stay low for now, so Raon didn't thought that Eden was behind this war.

'No, it's my mistake. I shouldn't have simply thought that they wouldn't come.'

Merlin had said that the executives had a lot of personal assignments.

'Eden's demons were among the most unpredictable individuals on the continent, so I should have been mindful that they might disregard Tacheon's words and launch an attack independently.'

'However .'

There is still a chance to turn things around.

Raon simultaneously raised wrath and rorated Ring of Fire that had sunk to the bottom of his soul.


A huge blast was released, twisting the bones and skin, and the black hand that was holding the hands and feet was crushed.


He kicked the muddy ground and jumped at Manghongwi.

He tried to nullify the magic with White Void and cut Manghongwi's neck with the Blade of Requiem, but the guy put his left hand forward.

"It's better to stop, you know?"

With those words, Yua and Yulius appeared from Manghongwi's left hand.

The two children swayed like shirts hanging on a clothesline with their eyes tightly closed, as if they were unconscious.

'Fake? No, their vitality is...'

He wanted to believe they were fake, but the sensation and presence were real. If they were fake, it wouldn't matter, but if they were real, he couldn't kill them.

She is the real pineapple girl!

'Damn it!'

If Wrath's words are correct, he is wrong. Raon used his aura to the fullest to forcibly stop his body in mid-air.


As soon as his feet touched the ground again, a larger black hand came up and grabbed his feet tightly.

"It was a wise choice."

Manghongwi had a hint of mockery in his deep voice.

"Why I didn't sense you moving."

"Because I moved in the midst of the aura of death"

He said he did that to make the aura of death spread throughout this land.

"Don't be too upset. I found these two children before you did, so from my point of view, you stole them."

Manghongwi smiled as he looked at Yua.

"This child has more exceptional potential than I thought. She may have been corrupted by you, but don't worry. Soon, I'll make her capable of killing thousands of humans with just one song."

He smiled coldly, saying that he was looking forward to it.

"Then let's end it."

Manghongwi's orb again rippled with a huge light.


It was the manifestation of a power that crushed the aura of death itself, a power that couldn't be blocked by even the White Void or the Blade of Requiem's ghastly energy.

Since he had already received Wrath's help, he couldn't think of a way to stop it.

'Should I attack again? No, then he could use Yulius as a shield. But if I just sit here, everyone will die.'

Raon's head was spinning with confusion, but he couldn't think of a solution.


Even though his thoughts were still not clear, the aura sphere created by the Manghongwi was ready to fall.

'I have no choice. I tried to save it, but...'

As he was about to draw on the divine power he had tried to hide until the end, a pure breeze tickled his nose.

No, it wasn't just the wind. It was accompanied by the sharp and noble scent of lightning.

'No way...'

When he raised his head, he was already behind Manghongwi.

The red-haired elf's blades of wind and lightning, drawn with precision, sliced through Manghongwi's flesh.


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