TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 402

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 Chapter 402

Burren trembled his chin as he watched the knights and mages clear a path.

"What, what is this...?"

What is this all about?

When he was fighting with all his might, prepared to die, suddenly knights, swordsmen, and magicians appeared and began to slaughter the undead.

The Third Prince of Owen Kingdom, Borini Kitten, Morell of Balkar, the Iron Fortresd, and Trevin Zieghart. His heart pounded like it was going to burst from the unexpected support forces.

'And those are...'

He saw the cavalry that first appeared and smashed through the wall of the undead army. When he saw the barrier pattern on their armor, he remembered their affiliation. They were the knights of Milland, the commandet of Habun Castle, who protected Habun Castle.

"Well, of course..."

Burren swallowed his dry saliva and turned to Raon.

There was no need to ask who called them. All of those people had had a close relationship with Raon.

'He's really something else.'

They were already exhausted just from fighting the undead, and Burren couldn't fathom when or how Raon planned to call them after five days of non-stop battle.

I didn't even dare to compare myself to him anymore.


"Did you call them?"

As Burren was about to approach Raon, Martha spoke first.


Raon nodded, spitting out blood from his mouth.

"Exactly when?"

Martha turned her head as she heard the knights' cheers.

"Since the swamp wave's began."

He had felt it would be difficult to handle when the Swamp's waves came, so he had requested support using Dorian's artifact.

"You're really thorough."

Martha shook her head with a bitter laugh.

"Anyway, thank you."


"I am alive thanks to you."


Raon opened his eyes wide, as if the word "thank you" was strange.

"I'm grateful!"

To be honest, she hadn't been able to say those words properly until now. No, she did say them, but she didn't put her heart into them.

But since Raon and Dorian were kidnapped, she had realized that she had gained precious people to protect after his adoptive father.

After that, she decided to make sure to say the words she had to say.

"Anyway, thanks, huh!"

Martha bit her tongue in tension while trying to speak.

"It's okay."

Raon nodded with a faint smile.

"We don't need to say that to each other, do we?"

"No, don't imitate me!"


Runaan approached Martha and twisted her lips to imitate her words.


Martha swung her fist, and Runaan bounced to the side.

"It looked fun."

Runaan shrugged her shoulders with a blank look.

"These damn things..."

Martha frowned and turned her head sharply. Her earlobes were red.


Runaan tapped her thigh, looking at Raon , Burren, and Martha.

'Everyone has brightened up.'

Even though it was a crisis situation where they almost died a moment ago, everyone smiled at each other, unharmed, without blaming or cursing anyone.

It was really different from the trainee days when they were always in the dark and had a sullen complexion.

It meant that they had become a family that supported each other.

'It's good.'

Knowing the importance and ugliness of family, he smiled when he saw the Light Wind members that had become a real family, and he realized that she could now smile for real without thinking of that person.

Runaan ran forward and stood next to Martha, tapping her shoulder.

"Let's go eat ice cream together later."


"Then let's go together."

"Just go away!"

Martha reached out, and Runaan smoothly dodged.

"You guys should stop."

"That's right. We're not kids anymore."

"It's getting more and more childish."

"But that's also delicious..."

Burren stopped the two of them, and the Light Wind members laughed. Even though they almost died a moment ago, the atmosphere was still warm as usual.


Raon clapped his hands to gather the attention of the Light Wind squad.

"Have you rested enough?"

He smiled as he pointed to the undead that were being wiped out by the four forces.

"Then let's follow them."

* * *

Advance chapter:

For Indonesian: 

The Land of Death with three pillars planted.

The Arch Lich trembled as he looked at the orb that reflected the battlefield, holding the staff in his hand.

"Where the hell did those humans come from...?"

He had disconnected all the networks around the castle just in case, but he didn't know where these bastards had been summoned from.

"Damn it..."

It wasn't long before he could turned the Zieghart children into blood and broke down the cursed wall of the Arian family, he didn't have much time left until noon, but another disturbance came in, making his stomach turned upside down.

'It's him.'

Damn Zieghart!

Judging by the movements of the humans, it seemed like it was not Arian who had summoned them, but the young Zighart. His persistence in interfering with them, just like a thousand years ago, was infuriating.

"Now is not the time to get annoyed."

The Death Knight with blue eyes shook his head. He looked up at the sky, clenching the long sword at his waist.

"At this speed, They'll reach this place before noon. We need to finish preparing for battle before then."

"That's right."

The Arch Lich nodded slowly. As he spread his hands, the aura of death blooming from the Land of Death grew thicker, and black magic circles began to appear here and there on the black land.

"We have to catch that guy first."

The Death Knight pointed to Raon, who appeared in the orb, with his finger.

"He's the strongest among them, but he's exhausted and seems to have been injured. If we kill him, we can easily unfold the battle."

"It's because of him that we're in this situation, and he doesn't even know it."

The Arch Lich flicked his finger, operating the dark aura, and the undead of mid rank began to rise from the ground.

"I should prepare as I fit."

The Death Knight leaned against a pillar and focused his green eyes on the movements of the warriors reflected in the orb.

His fingers flicked in time with the flow of the swordsmanship of the knights.

As the Death Knight and the Arch Lich prepared for defense, Manghongwi quietly rose up behind them.

'I didn't expect this either.'

Manghongwi licked his lips as he looked at Raon's face in the orb.

'I thought he was a lone wolf, but he knows how to use people, which makes him more dangerous.'

'Should I abandon them since the experiment of the spirit of the dead is over?'

He glared at the undead before clapping his hands.

'No, this is an opportunity.'

The people coming here are all powerful figures who have made a name for themselves on the continent. If he could kill them all, he could get one step closer to his plan.

"Okay, I'll help you to the end."

Manghongwi took a orb out of his robe sleeve.


A chilling current flowed out of the dark-colored orb and began to infuse the Death Knight and the Arch Lich with an enormous aura, not just them, but also the ground they were standing on.


The aura of death created by Manghongwi was not in the form of a black magic circle created by the Arch Lich, but spread out like it was alive.


Manghongwi spread out a huge aura of death that shook the three pillars planted in the ground, then picked up the orb.

The Arch Lich and the Death Knight were busy planning to kill Raon and the knights, unaware that he was behind them.

"Something's a little lacking... Ah!"

Manghongwi scratched his chin and then raised his head. His lips curled up and his mask shook slightly.

'That will be perfect.'

With a dull laugh, his body disappeared into the darkness.

* * *

Raon approached the cavalry of Habun Castle, which was leading the way and smashing the undead hordes.


Habun Castle commander Milland turned to him and snorted.

"You've come quiet fast." (that's what she said)

Despite his words, his face was filled with joy.

It's been a long time since the King of Essence saw that old man.

Wrath also waved his round hands in delight.

"Why do you keep getting into difficult battles all the time?"

Milland sighed as he looked at the still-crowded undead hordes.

"Even when you were with us, you did some crazy things."

"Not a little, but a lot crazy. Who would jump down to save people who fell off the wall?"

"You stood in front of the wall until morning and saved everyone, right?"

"Yeah. No one died under the wall."

The knights of the Night Fox and the Snow Stormers Squad laughed and nodded.

"Thank you! I lived thanks to Raon-nim!"

A young knight from the Snow Stormers Squad raised his hand. He said he was a soldier at the time, but after that incident, he awakened his mana and bowed his head in gratitude.

"The feats you have accomplished still remain in Habun Castle."

Milland, who had been riding his horse with his eyes fixed on the front, approached him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Now it's just a matter of repaying for that, so don't worry about it. Focus on conserving your strength from behind."

After saying that, he rode his horse even faster.

"Buy me dinner at least!"

"Let's talk about that after all of this is over!"

"We'll be looking forward to it!"

“We’ll be waiting!”

The knights and swordsmen waved goodbye and went on to break through the wall of the spathoi and skeleton warriors.

Raon bowed his head to Milland and approached the knights from Owen.

“Thank you for coming.”

“Since it was your request, it is only natural to do so. Don’t worry about it.”

The Third Prince smiled with a hawk on his shoulder. It seemed to be the hawk that had let out a shrill cry earlier.

“Hmm, it’s been a while, Martha.”

He turned his gaze to the back and winked at Martha with one eye. It seemed that he was still in a state of being captivated, as his eyes were slightly droopy.

"What! It's giving me the creeps!"

Martha scowled and turned her head away in annoyance at the Third Prince’s eye contact.



The Third Prince seemed to be shocked and bowed his head. The hawk sitting on his shoulder stroked his cheek with its beak as if to console him.

“As I said, this is something that needs to be done.”

Borini Kitten came up to the Third Prince, who was deflated.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a battle! It will be a valuable experience!”

He said that it would be an honor, and he really was a model knight.

“Thank you.”

Raon greeted Borini Kitten and approached the magicians from Morell and Salaman.

“I was surprised that you came all this way. Thank you.”

"Is it really far?"

"Well, it's quite a distance. Oh? Wait, we don't have to use formal speech anymore!"

Morell nodded, but then shouted in surprise.

"Just kidding."

Raon smiled at the blushing Morell.

"Phew, good. How on earth did you capture the heart of our princess? She came to me and practically begged to hurry up."

Morell rolled his tongue, saying he had never seen Princess Jaina act that way before.

"You don't mean to say you and the princess..."

"Absolutely not."

Raon firmly shook his head.

"As you said, there can't be that kind of relationship with a strong-willed princess like her."

"Then what is it?"

"We made a simple promise. Anyway, thank you for coming. I'll rely on you to the end."

"As a magician who deals with truths, I don't quite like the black magic corpses. Even without your request, I'll cleanse them thoroughly."

Morell reached out his hand, his magical power intensifying due to the disgusting creatures.

A massive snake emerged and swept away all the skeleton magicians in front.

 "Division leader."

Raon approached the Warring Steel division one last time and made a jest.

"Why did you arrive so late?"

"This is as fast as I could come."

Warring Steel leader Trevin furrowed his brow. After the first test, the Warring Steel and the Light Wind squad had been regularly sparring, so they had become quite friendly.

"Thank you for coming. Thanks to you, we're alive."

“I came because those guys were bored without you.”

Trevin shook his head, glancing back.


“What are you talking about?”

"Weren't you the one who urged us to get here quickly?"

"Because we were taking so long. You ran out in your underwear, saying we needed to save Raon."

The Warring Steel swordsmen tilted their heads as if he was talking nonsense.

"Could you please be quiet?"

Trevin frowned as he turned around, and the swordsmen shut their mouths tightly.

“Thank you.”

Raon smiled lightly and bowed his head to Trevin.

“I will definitely repay this debt.”

“No need.”

Trevin shook his head.

“If you’re grateful, go up to the Light Wind squad. It would be embarrassing if our rival 'leader' stayed with us.”

With that, he moved forward.

“That’s right.”

"Let's head up quickly."

“We’ll be waiting.”

The Warring Steel swordsmen smiled and followed Trevin.


Raon sighed and looked at Trevin and the Warring Steel.

‘Is he really a direct line?’

He was so different from the direct line members he had seen so far that he felt awkward.

He felt awkward because Trevin was so different from the direct line members he had encountered before. Despite the potential scrutiny from other direct line members, he appreciated Trevin's calm demeanor.

“Hey, vice-squad leader. We should go and beat them up too!”

“Yeah. We can’t just leave it to the guests.”

“Let’s finish this and go to bed.”

Burren, Martha, and Runaan had their swords clenched and were operating their auras. The eyes of the Light Wind squad members behind them were also shining with fighting spirit.

“You’re right.”

Raon nodded and adjusted Heavenly Drive.

“Stick together.”

They charged towards where Morell and Salaman squad magicians fire magic that shattered the undead army's sturdy formation. Milland led the cavalry of Habun Castle, acting like a spear to accelerate the enemy's collapse.

Thud, thud, thud, thud!

The Third Prince and Borini Kitten expanded their formation like the wings of an eagle, systematically eliminating the scattered undead without missing a beat. Trevin Zieghart and the Warring Steel division focused on using their Great Black Iron Sword formation to take down only the high-ranking undead that the other forces missed.

Raon led the Light Wind squad to the front and ran towards the rolling chimera zombies.


When five chimera zombies inflated their bodies to activate corpse explosion, he stepped on the ground and used the Supreme Harmony steps.

In the blink of an eye, he penetrated the space of the zombies as if he was running over the ground and drew his sword and channeling glacier.


The neck of the chimera zombie, which was inflating up to the point of exploding, flew off, and the bodies of the ones that were about to explode were frozen by the cold of glacier.


The Light Wind squad that followed behind slashed the frozen bodies of the chimera zombies mercilessly.

“I said, stay behind.”

At the end of the Land of Death, there was an Arc Lich conjuring blue flames before a pillar.

His aura was so chilling that it made his fingertips tremble. As expected, it was the Arc Lich who had ascended to the advanced-rank monster, just as anticipated.

However, what he had prepared was not just his forces and morale.

Raon sent an aura message to the four people at the same time.

[I'll go ahead first. You don't have to shield me even if I come under attack.]

Based on what he had felt so far, the enemy was definitely the summoner. And they are targeting him, the vice-squad leader.

'They must have prepared a lot to kill me.'

If he entered right away, Arc Lich's traps would likely be triggered, causing numerous casualties. It was better to stick to the initial plan from this point on.

"You seem to have some thoughts."

"Though he looks exhausted, Raon should be fine."

"Do as you please."

"Expect another strange strategy."

Milland, Borini Kitten, Morell, and Trevin slowed down without asking any further questions.

"Thank you."

Raon nodded slightly to them and then stepped onto the ground, stained with a murky color.

'Can this even be called 'land'?'

The triangular terrain was filled not with soil or sand, but with an oppressive energy that seemed condensed like the aura of death. The stench was so overpowering that even expert level warriors found it difficult to endure.

Swallowing dry saliva, Raon ventured further into the Land of Death.


Countless dark magic circles emerged from the Land of Death, and from the dark-stained ground, a blue-flamed Death Knight wielding an Abyssal Sword emerged.

It was an advanced-rank Death Knight, hidden within the Land of Death.

The situation seemed impossible to escape, but Raon's eyes remained as cold as ice.

'Wrath, it's a deal.'


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