TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 364

  N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 364

The original Sword's Silvery technique is a deadly sword technique that hides a real blade behind a fake one, extending towards the enemy, and strikes their vital points in a single blow. However, it was adapted due to its impracticality against trash-like opponents such as Black Water and Rocktan.

It created a storm of endless blades by dividing a single strike into dozens of slashing blades, effectively mowing down the opponent. It was a wicked swordsmanship that cut through all of the opponent's vital points.


A blue-bladed sword, concealed in darkness, dissected the gaps between Black Water and Rocktan. When blood spewed from the wounds, different energies shot out from the left and right.


Raon drew the Blade of Requiem sideways, aiming for both the heart and neck simultaneously.



When the Blade of Requiem momentarily gained weight, Black Water and Rocktan retreated with strained groans.

A while ago, a poison user and a magician who had released magic and toxins stood by their side.

"Lord Rocktan!"

"I, I would have died if you were just a little late. It's even more dangerous than what that bastard said."

Rocktan spat out blood from his mouth and forcibly stopped the bleeding from his wounds. He clenched his lips until they bled, pulling all the poison into his body.

"Are you okay?"

"...I'm fine."

Black Water extended his hand to the magician, his wounds dripping blood, but he didn't pay much attention to them as he covered his whole body with the power of darkness.


The energies emitted by Rocktan and Black Water soared high enough to reach the night sky. Behind the two, the surviving poison users and dark mages gathered.

Raon scanned the peak beyond that enormous energy.

"He is holding up well."

Dorian continued to fight without retreating even a bit from Drake.

This is an opportunity for him too.

Wrath observed Dorian, raising an eyebrow.

He's always a guy who thinks about running away. He'll never get a better chance to grow mentally.


Drake didn't underestimate Dorian and fought with his cold breath. It was a good opportunity to gain experience as long as he was cautious.

"But just in case. I should be prepared."

After focusing on Dorian's senses so that he could move at any moment, Drake walked towards Black Water.

"You have a bad habit."

Raon chuckled coldly, looking at the poison users and the mage saved by Rocktan and Black Water.

"Have you never heard the saying not to interfere in adults' fights?"

That's not something you should say...

As their momentum rose, the poison users (shadows) and the mage reluctantly retreated.

"Take the Explosive Pills and Rupture Blood!"

Following Rocktan's command, the poison users took out black pills and ingested them.

Veins bulged on their foreheads, and the poison's power swelled to more than twice its original strength in an instant.


As the shadows simultaneously emitted poison, a massive wind began to sweep the surroundings.

It was a sinister martial art called "Jinbup Pungheolgwejin," filled with malice, which could wipe out an entire village with poison.

"Izzel, open the Mahae!"

Black Water called out the mage's name, pointing at the ground.


The mage called Izzel placed his hand on the ground and began chanting an eerie incantation.


Raon chuckled and struck the ground.

"You underestimate me too much."

In an instant, he moved to the right and charged at Izzel, the mage.

"This bastard."

Black Water's eight black talon-like spikes on his back descended like whips.


He stomped on the crushed ground and moved forward. As Black Water launched another attack, Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: White Flower powers unfolded.


Flowers of flames blossomed, pushing back the darkness and creating a passage.


He dashed straight ahead and slashed at Izzel's heart with the Heavenly Drive sword. A torrent of blood gushed from her chest.


"It's only in novels that enemies wait for their turn."

"It doesn't matter. It's already activated."

With his smirk, the ground began to turn dark.

Mahae. The battlefield where the mages of the black tower could unleash their true power was approaching.


Raon twirled Heavenly Drive sword and savored the moment.

',I knew about the Formation, so I dealt with it first, but it's gotten annoying.'

That doesn't look like an annoying expression.

Wrath frowned at his eyes.

It's the expression of someone feeling happy before taking a bite of a dish that has just come out.

'What expression is that?'

It's full of anticipation!

'You've gotten some good intuition, too.'

Hmph! Even when I was in the Demon Realm, I was known as a genius at reading people.

'That doesn't seem right...'

He chuckled and tightened his grip on the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem.

'Anyway, you're right. I wanted to use my full strength for once.'

After absorbing the sea spirit flower and the core of the Ghost Jellyfish, he hadn't used his full power.

Dince the Six Kings Assembly, he hadn't exerted himself against formidable opponents.


The poisonous gas that erupted from the Formation created by Rocktan and the shadows was so strong that the ground turned black and the surrounding trees and bushes crumbled into dust.


Black Water and the Black mages power grew even stronger. The dense darkness reached up to the sky, covering the airspace.


"Just die, you monster!"

Black Water and Rocktan simultaneously unleashed their poison and darkness energies as if keeping a promise.

A tremendous wave, powerful enough to make one's hands tremble, surged and swept over the sky and earth.

"Do you know what the greatest suffering for a human is?"

Raon raised his head in front of that massive energy.

"It's giving hope and then taking it away."

He extended Blade of Requiem with hisp left foot firmly planted on the ground. A white shadow emerged from behind the sharp blade, surrounded by poison and darkness.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Fifth form, White Void.

The white shadow surrounded by the poison and darkness mana, fast, strong, and unyielding, plunged into the toxic aura and dark energy that seemed to swallow the world.


It wasn't fast, powerful, or sturdy, but more than anything, its majestic flow encompassed the evil poison and darkness mana.

When the White Void, which focused all its strength on defense instead of counterattack, completed its role and sank, a crimson blade rose.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation 

Yeonhaemuok. (Sea of Flames)

A drop of flame condensed on the tip of Heavenly Drive sword spread and caused a huge flow.

A sea of ​​flames that erupted from the ground spread in all directions.


"St, stop!"


"What is that fire...?"

A wave of flames that wiped out everything in front of them instantly enveloped the poisoners (shadows) and Black Tower (Dark mages/magicians).


All that remained in the place where the flames had subsided was Black Water and Rocktan, who were sitting down with burns all over their bodies.


"This, this crazy...."

Black Water and Rocktan could not move as they had used all their strength. All they could do was moan in pain.


Raon smiled faintly as he looked at his hands gripping Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem.

'I've gotten stronger.'

It was a heat completely different from when he entered the underwater dungeon. Even if their strength had not decreased, it was a power that would never be overwhelmed.


Black Water raised his gaze, his chin trembling. His dark eyes were filled with anger and pain.

"Why the hell are you doing this...."

Rocktan bit his lip as if he couldn't comprehend.

"Didn't you come to kill me first?"

"Well, how could you... Urgghhhggh!"

Rocktan's breath was cut short before he could fully resolve his doubts, he died and fell backward

"There are no secrets in this world."

When Raon raised Blade of Requiem to cut off Black Water's neck, the man gritted his teeth.

"You... did you attack us because of those trash?"


"After all, aren't they worthless creatures? It's pathetic that you're fighting us the Black Tower because of those wretches who have no strength or intellect."

Black Water revealed his white teeth and chuckled.

"You will never die gracefully! The floor masters of the Black Tower..."

"It's you who won't die gracefully."

Raon laughed heartily and thrust the Blade of Requiem into Black Water's shoulder.



The Blade of Requiem, as if understanding, burst into flames and injected a huge lump of mana (ghastly energy) into Black Water's body. It seemed that even the Blade of Requiem was filled with emotion, as the man had done something similar as the White Blood religion..


The mana injected by the Blade of Requiem began tearing through Black Water's mana circuit and started to wreak havoc throughout his body.


Black Water let out his first scream and struggled frantically. His pupils shook as if he were insane, forced to endure the agony that could only be described as an attempt to save a fading life.

"Ki-kill me. Please, kill me..."

"You enjoy suffering, don't you? Here's a gift for you on your way out, so make sure you keep it."

"Uuuuaaaaaargh! Pleeease...."

"Don't forget that pain even in death."

Raon left Black Tower to die of mana and looked up at the drake's nest.

'He’s still doing okay, I guess?'

Of course he is, he’s my subordinate!

Raon was about to help if he thought it was too much, but Dorian was standing firm against the drake without giving an inch.

Raon smiled wryly.

'Kids grow up so fast.'

You’re a kid too….

*     *      *

Dorian trembled as he looked at the giant creature floating in the air. It felt like his skin was being scraped off by its flapping wings.


The magnificent roar made his heart shrink like it had been squeezed. It was a fear that only high-level monsters use.


The drake descended and slashed down with its giant claws. Feeling the powerful force, he immediately stepped on his footwork to the right.


The place where the drake slashed down collapsed, and the people who were lying down staggered. If the impact had been any greater, a few of them might have fallen down.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

If he dodged the attack as usual, the people behind him would die. He had to face it and fight.


Save them.

Dorian took out a thick board from his bag and placed it on the ground to prevent the people from rolling down, then stood up.


The drake slashes down with its right claw. It was even faster and stronger than before.


Dorian gritted his teeth and unleashed his Shimmunhyun Sword Technique.


The sword, which he had unleashed with all his strength, was about to break. He barely managed to hold on by pouring in a lot of mana.


The drake seemed to be even angrier, and its already scary eyes were glowing like they were on fire.

“We, we shouldn’t settle this with….”


The drake roared to silence him and indiscriminately slashed down with its claws and talons.


Dorian desperately unleashed his Shimmunhyun Sword Technique to defend himself, but his shoulders and knees were creaking as if they were about to break. He was confident in his strength and endurance, but he didn’t think he could last long.

‘Where is my master? When will he… huff!’

As he was thinking of Raon, something long and slender rushed towards him at an incredible speed. Since all of the drake’s hands and feet were within his field of vision, the only thing left was…

‘Its tail!’

The drake’s tail, as sharp as a blade, fell like lightning.


Dorian stepped on his footwork and unleashed his Shimmunhyun Sword Technique, Hoyeonjungyeom. The heavily blooming cloud cluster collided with the drake’s tail.


The impact was so strong that his arm was almost paralyzed, and he momentarily lost his senses, but luckily he didn’t fall.


The drake, enraged by the fact that it was blocked by its tail attack, roared and spread its wings wide. It then took off and slashed down with its claws.

“Why are drakes so versatile with their attacks!”

Dorian roared in anger and unleashed his Shimmunhyun Sword Technique, Cheonghwayuyun. Soft clouds gathered and formed a solid flow.


The drake’s claws collided with Cheonghwayuyun’s sword energy, and the center of the peak cracked and the outer edges broke away. He also felt nauseous, as if he had internal injuries.


The drake, which didn’t think he would even survive this, flew back up with a fierce expression. It fell back and opened its mouth wide. An enormous amount of cold air began to rise from its dark throat.

“Is, that its breath of ice?”

He finally remembered the information he had heard from Dening Rose. She said that the drake had used its breath of ice near the nest.

“I, I’m doomed!”

Dorian trembled as he watched the gathering cold air.

“How am I supposed to block that!”

Whether he could block it or not, the drake’s cold air was already fully condensed.

‘Should I run away now?’

He had put on cold-resistant gear as soon as the drake appeared, but he didn’t think he could withstand that breath. He wanted to give up and run away.

But the people behind him were in his way. He couldn’t just leave those people who had been living peacefully and were then attacked.


Dorian clenched his teeth and raised his mana to the max. He couldn’t back down now. He had to try, even if it meant passing out.


The drake’s breath of ice rushed towards Dorian like a tidal wave.

The Drake's mouth opened wide, and a blue light filled the field of view. It was the breath of ice. A terrifying cold that could freeze the entire peak poured out.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! You piece of shit, Raon Zieghart!”

Dorian screamed Raon's name and exploded the mana he had gathered. The last technique of the Shimmunhyun Sword Technique, Da-Sihyuncham, was unleashed, and a thick cloud of mana bloomed in the air.


The clouds, which were originally spread out in a cross, created a semi-circular wall of mana to protect the people.


The immense force of the breath of ice caused his entire body to ache as if it was being crushed. His fingertips and toes felt numb, as if they were frozen, and his breath smelled of sweat. No, even his breath seemed to be freezing.

‘I want to run away….’

But he couldn't do that. He felt the hopelessness of having no way out once again.


Dorian squeezed the mana left in his energy center and did not release the wall of mana until the end. As the mana gradually thinned and was about to break, the Drake closed its mouth and the breath of ice stopped.


Dorian knelt down without realizing it due to the recoil from using all of his strength. He really didn't have the strength to move a finger.


The Drake, however, opened its mouth again with a more ferocious aura. The second breath of ice, which was said to be stronger, created a sharp light in the Drake's throat.

‘This, this can't be….’

He wanted to get up and grab his sword, but he really didn't have the strength.

“Yik! Raon. You're a jellyfish, octopus, sea cucumber, and weasel-like bastard. You'll be punished by heaven….” (lol)

“Forget about the weasel, but what are jellyfish, octopus, and sea cucumber?”

“They're all slippery and sly… wait?”

When Dorian turned around, Raon jumped into the air. He flew up like he was flying and struck the Drake's head with his sword as it was about to breathe out the breath of ice.


The silver blade cut through the Drake's skin and bones and pierced it vertically.


Even though the Drake was stabbed, it struggled and tried to resist, but it was crushed by Raon's brute force and fell to the ground roughly.


An enormous shock erupted from the peak below, like an earthquake. When he looked down, the Drake with a sword stuck in its head was lying in the center of the peak.


Dorian's mouth was agape.

‘It died that easily?’

It didn't seem like he used much strength, but the Drake was already dead.

Raon pulled the sword out of the Drake's head and quickly climbed to the top of the peak.

“Oh, when did you come?”

“Around the time that Drake was swinging its tail?”

“It was dangerous! Why didn't you come out!”

“Because it was fun.”

Raon smiled as if he was asking a question.

“Even during the breath?”

“That was even more fun.” (lmao)


Dorian's pupils dilated.

‘Is this really a human?’

As he looked at Raon, who was becoming increasingly demonic, his heart pounded as if it would burst.

“The breath was really dangerous! It wasn't just me, but other people could have died too!”

“It's not like I was trying to kill you.”

“That's not the point! You could have at least tried to help!”

“I didn't want to ruin the fun.”

“Fun? What's fun about this!”

“The feeling of being able to kill a Drake with my own hands.”

Raon's eyes shone with a strange light.

“I've always wanted to do that.”

“That's just… crazy!”

Dorian couldn't believe what he was hearing. He couldn't believe that Raon, his superior, could be so cruel and indifferent to human life.

“You did it anyway.”

Raon smiled as he looked at the people who were not affected by the ice.

“You can’t grow if you only do easy things.”


Raon’s words, spoken calmly, touched Dorian’s heart.

‘Did he give me a chance to grow?’

Now that he thought about it, he was exhausted after blocking the breath, but he was so proud of himself that he was getting goosebumps. If Raon had stepped in instead, he would never have been able to feel this way.

Besides, he seemed to have blocked the ice that he had missed, preventing the people from being harmed. He was light and heavy, cold and gentle. He was a very difficult person to understand.

But one thing was clear: he had helped Dorian.

“Thank you so much….”

“Oh, right.”

As Dorian bowed his head, Raon snapped his fingers and turned around.

“You called me a bastard with no morals, a jellyfish, an octopus, a sea cucumber, and a weasel, right?”

“Ah, that, that was….”

“I’ll show you what a real bastard is as soon as I get back.”

His ruthless laugh made Dorian’s fingertips tremble. He was already a wicked man, so it was impossible to predict what he would do.

“Looking forward to it.”


Dorian wiped his tears with his frozen sleeve and sobbed.

‘That man is really a devil. That’s for sure!’

“You just called me a devil in your heart, didn’t you?”


Dorian was so scared that he almost peed his pants. He turned around and saw Raon standing behind him, smiling.

“I’m not a devil. I’m just a man who enjoys watching people struggle to survive.”

“That’s not funny! That’s cruel!”

“Cruel? I don’t think so. It’s just the way of the world.”

Raon shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing.

“I don’t understand you.”

Dorian shook his head.

“I don’t understand myself either.”

Raon smiled brightly.

“But it’s fun.”

Raon turned and walked away. Dorian looked at Raon’s back, feeling more confused than ever.


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