TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 365

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C 365

 Raon ignored the trembling Dorian and inspected the people who had fallen on the hill.

'Their condition is not bad.'

Yes, they have improved a lot.

There were black holes in the bodies of the villagers, but they were not large and there were not many black veins. It was a world of difference from when he first arrived here and checked with Legendary Sense.

'He did a good job of first aid'

He thought he had only given them pain relievers, but their condition was better than he thought. When he was about to ask how he did it, he noticed a glass bottle next to the patient.

"Did you use this?"

Khh, it smells dirty and filthy.

Wrath scrunched his face as he looked at the bottle.

'You couldn't help it. It's holy water. That's a very expensive holy water.'

The holy water is not just any holy water, but the real holy water brought from the Kingdom of Kelton.

It's not just expensive, it's a hard-to-get item even if you have money, but it seems he didn't hesitate to use it.

Raon smiled and looked back. Dorian was feeding and watering the injured people even though he was scared of the hell that was about to come.

That guy is too good for his own good. He's the perfect target for a scam.

'There's fortune-telling in the demon realm?'

Don't underestimate the demon realm! There are even systematic books on fortune-telling! It says that the length of your horns determines your personality!

"There are all sorts of things."

Raon smiled and nodded.

'Anyway, I can't hate that guy for being like that.'

He was a cowardly and slightly flawed guy, but he was the kindest person.

'I'll have to cut back the training from 5x to 4x when we get back.'

He couldn't just let him go after saying he was a moral wreck, so he decided to reduce the training a little.

Oh, is there no option to not do it?


What kind of human is this...

Wrath shook his head in disbelief.

Raon turned his head and put his hand on the shoulder of the old man in front of him.

"Now, then..."

How do I remove this?

Dark mana is negative energy. It is not easy to completely remove it because it sticks to the human body and does not come off easily.

"I'll have to burn it with the Ring of Fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation... Hmm?"

When he was about to burn the dark mana with the purifying power of the Ring of Fire and the purity of the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames, the Blade of Requiem, which he had put in the scabbard, cried out.

"You can do it?"


As if to agree, the Blade of Requiem shed even louder tears.


Since there was no way the Blade of Requiem would lie, he decided to give it a try and brought the red blade to the old man's wound.


Blade of Requiem began to suck in the dark mana that had settled in the old man's body, creating a bright yellow aura.

The dark veins that had sprouted blackly subsided, and the dark hole narrowed until it finally disappeared completely.


Red blood began to flow from the wound where the dark mana had completely disappeared, and the old man's complexion began to return.

"It's done."

Raon smiled as he pulled out the Blade of Requiem. He had taken away all the dark mana that was inside the old man as he had promised.

"This is amazing..."

It's because it's similar to the negative energy of ghastly energy and blood essence, Anyway, it's a useless talent.

Wrath waved his finger as if it was nothing.


The Blade of Requiem was busy digesting the dark energy it had received, ignoring Wrath's words.



Dorian, who was watching from the side, rushed over in surprise.

"Help this person stop the bleeding. I'll take care of the next person."

"Yes, sir!"

Dorian's face brightened when he saw the old man's complexion returning.

He immediately took out a hemostatic agent and bandage from his belly pocket and stopped the old man's bleeding.


When he was about to look at the wound of a young girl lying behind the old man, a message popped up in front of his eyes.

[Excellent mentality....]

[A higher level....]

He immediately turned off the message and put the Blade of Requiem to the girl's wound.

Aren't you looking? It looks like a lot....

Wrath shook his head and glared at the place where the message had disappeared.

'That's not important right now.'

It was not the time to rejoice in his growth, but to treat the people as soon as possible.

The Blade of Requiem absorbed the dark energy/mana like Wrath eating ice cream, so all the treatment was finished by the time the sun started to rise.


The Blade of Requiem let out a satisfied cry as if it was full and quietly fell asleep. It seemed to be preparing to digest all the dark energy.

"It's all done!"

Dorian finished bandaging the shoulder of the middle-aged man, who was the last, and smiled brightly.

"What should we do now?"

"There are two problems."


"Yeah. First is that Drake."

Raon pointed to the Drake buried in the hill right below.

Originally, he would have asked the black market to move it, but the situation was urgent and he was not prepared.

"Why are you worried about that?"


"It's simple."

Dorian shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing and went down the hill. He put the Drake's head in his belly pocket.


The huge Drake seemed to have used a shrinking spell and went into Dorian's belly pocket.



Is it all going in?

He was speechless because he was so dumbfounded. The sight of a Drake over 30 meters long from head to tail going into a belly pocket was beyond shocking and even terrifying.


Dorian lightly jumped up and came back up to the hill.

"See? It's nothing, right?"


Raon awkwardly nodded his head.

"Then what's the second one?"

"We have to move the people."

Raon pointed to the unconscious people. There were so many people that it was not easy to take them all to the village.

"It would take too long to take them down one by one."

"Well, that's easy."

Dorian's belly pocket began to swell.

"I'll just put them all in here."


Raon looked at Dorian in disbelief.

"I'm not joking. I can put anything in here."

Dorian smiled proudly.

"How much can you put in?"

"I've never tried putting that many people in, but I think I can fit about 100 people." (What the fuuu)

"That's amazing."

Raon was amazed by Dorian's abilities.

"Then, let's put them all in and go."


Dorian's belly pocket began to expand even more.

Even though he had removed the dark energy, he wanted to get them down quickly because they had used up a lot of energy.

"Can you make a sloped ice sheet that connects these peaks?"

Dorian pointed to the peaks that rose like stairs.

"It's possible."

Raon nodded. Unlike the heat of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, he didn't use Glacier coldness often. He could easily make a sloped ice sheet.

"Then make it. We'll go all at once."

Dorian smiled and put his hand in his stomach pocket. The hand that came out of the pocket held a luxurious carriage, even a large carriage that had to be pulled by eight horses.

You have a carriage?


Raon and Wrath opened their mouths in surprise at the same time.

'Should I be surprised by this?'

A drake went into that pocket, so it wasn't strange to take out a carriage.


At least it would be more convenient.

They could go to the village faster and more comfortably than carrying one by one if he and Dorian controlled the speed of the carriage.

"Of course I have to take it. It's an essential item."

Dorian smiled as he put iron chains on the wheels of the carriage to prevent it from slipping.

Raon swallowed his saliva as he saw Dorian smiling as if it was a matter of course.

'What don't you carry as an essential item?'

*     *      *

When Raon and Dorian arrived in Weathers Village with the carriage, the sun was already in the middle of the sky.

They wanted to clear away the debris first so that the people could rest, but many people had already come and were repairing the village.

"Greetings, White Sword drake. I am Henderson, the direct subordinate of the branch chief."

A middle-aged man with gray hair that was half tied back stepped forward and bowed. He was one of the soldiers who stood next to Denning Rose.

"How did you get here?"

"The branch chief ordered the village to be repaired because he knew you would save the people and return."

"Hah ..."

Raon sighed as he looked at Henderson.

'Did she think I would win?'

Dening Rose must have known that the assassins had moved to this place.

It was a strange thing to believe that he would bring people and wait for him to return on the assumption that he would be able to break through the assassins and the Black Tower.

'A strange woman.'

If her choice was a little wrong, all the people in the Black Market would die. The fact that she sent people with confidence showed that she was not an ordinary person.

"I also brought a priest and a healer. Let me take care of the village people."

Henderson pointed to the back. In addition to the village repair workers, there was an old priest and people who looked like healers.


Dorian nodded and opened the carriage. He took people out of the compressed carriage and laid them down in front of the priest and healers.


The priest sighed in relief and raised his head.

"Even the wounds caused by the dark energy, even the trace is not left! What is this ...?"

He examined the people's wounds with an expression of disbelief.

"How did you heal them?"

"It was thanks to this child who used holy water in time."

Raon pointed to Dorian and smiled.

"After that, I used my aura to erase it."

Raon lied because he didn't want to reveal the power of the Blade of Requiem.

"It's amazing! Even if I used holy water, it wouldn't be as clean as this. There should be an aftereffects!"

The priest smiled in relief. He blessed the people's bodies to increase their healing ability, and then he entrusted the treatment to the healers.

"You are really skilled!"

After he gave everyone in the village a blessing, he approached Raon and took his hands.

"Would you like to join me? If you have such skill, people might say you are the reincarnation of a saint!"

Raon laughed awkwardly.

"I'm not a very special person..."

"Kamen Priest. This person must be tired after fighting all night."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

The priest bowed his head politely and then stepped back. He didn't seem like a bad person, although he was a bit pushy.

"We have prepared a place for you to rest."

He pointed to the tent set up on the right. It was made of the finest canvas, and it was large, stiff, and odorless.


Raon looked at Dorian, who was staring blankly at the tent, and licked his lips.

"Dorian should rest."

He must be exhausted from climbing the mountain with his bare hands, fighting the drake, and pulling the carriage.

"Boss... First, let's... ."

Dorian smiled and lowered his head, then collapsed.

He's tired.


He looked like he had fainted from relief.

'He's a funny guy.'

With a chuckle, he laid Dorian down on the bed in the tent and went into his own quarters.


Raon sat down on the bed in the tent and sighed.

"Thankfully, I did what I could."

He had stopped Derus' attack, wiped out the Shadows and the Black Tower, and safely rescued the kidnapped people.

Since he had also obtained the drake, which was his main goal in coming here, it was an understatement to say that he had achieved the best possible outcome.

It was a close call, but it wasn't bad.

Raon nodded.

"Then let's check out what I got."

What did you get? What do you mean?

"What you gave me as a gift."

Raon smiled and brought up the message he had turned off earlier.

I gave you a gift? What... What is this?!

Raon ignored the astonished Wrath and looked at the message.

[You have tricked many enemies with your outstanding mind.]

[lYou have overcome the combined attacks of two warriors of higher level.]

[All your stats will increase by 8 points.]

It seemed like the points were awarded for making the Black Tower and the Shadows fight each other. However the message is not over yet.

[The level of the trait <Legendary Sense> increases.] 

[The level of the trait <Bleeding Curse> increases.]

[The level of the trait <Poison Resistance> increases by 2 stars.]

[The level of the trait <Frost Veil> increases.]

The second part was about the level of the abilities used this time. I had expected that Legendary Sense and Frost Veil would increase, but I didn't expect that Poison Resistance would increase by 2 Stars.

'It looks like the effect of eating the Ghost Jellyfish's venom sac exploded while blocking Rocktan's poison.'

If I had this level of poison resistance, I might be able to withstand Rocktan's poison even without using the Ring of Fire.

In addition to the speed of fire and water, poison resistance. I felt that my gaps were gradually disappearing

This is... This is ridiculous!

Wrath looked at the message with trembling lips.

Is it reasonable to give this kind of stats and skills just for catching those guys?

'I did a good job.'

It's not good! Even if the king presses his little finger, or even if he blows his nose, they can die. It's too much to give ability for killing guys who can die like that!

The guy really blew his nose with his non-existent nose. Now that I think about it, I don't know how he smells without a nose.

The king will not acknowledge it! Honestly, you just watched the fight and did nothing!!

'I finished it, though. And what are you going to do if you don't acknowledge it? It's already in.'

Raon smiled brightly, feeling the joy of the 10 stats that had increased.

Grrrrrr! If only I could cut it..."l

Wrath stared at the bag and ground his teeth.

The king will destroy the system and rebuild it when he returns! Such a stupid system!


Raon wanted to say "You're stupid," but he held back because he thought Wrath might have a seizure.

"I'm sorry, but I have something to say."

What is it again!

"I don't think I'll be able to eat the raspberry pie and chestnut stew."

What kind of nonsense is that again!

Wrath turned his eyes. His eyes were more intense than when he lost his stats, and his fingertips trembled.

"People are hurt and killed, right? It's hard to ask for such a thing in this situation."

That's nonsense! Why did the King even come here!

"I have to go back in two days. I'll buy you something delicious at the market."

I don't want to! The King will definitely eat the raspberry pie and chestnut stew here!

He shook his head, holding onto the ground and saying he could never go. It felt like seeing a child lying on the floor begging for candy at the market.

"No, I can't even if I want to."

The village is in ruins, and there are many casualties. It's a time when you can't move mentally or physically, even if you want to repay them.

Hmph! You are looking down on humans too much.


You don't intend to charge people money, do you?

"Of course."

Then let's make a bet with the King.

Wrath said so and sent a message.

[<Wrath> proposes a bet].

Conditions: Leave Wethers Village without being treated to raspberry pie and chestnut stew by the villagers.

Success: All stats +10.

Failure: Generate 10 points of <Wrath>'s emotions, return to Sepia Merchant Association and eat all the food <Wrath> wants for 3 days.

Raon smiled at the message.

'This is a good deal.'

He had already made up his mind to leave the village without eating the raspberry pie and chestnut stew. He knew that the people were already doing their best to recover from the damage.

He turned to Wrath.

"I accept your bet."

Wrath's eyes widened.

You will regret this!

"I'm not afraid."

Raon smiled confidently.


Wrath smiled and nodded.

You don't know about humans because you're a demon.

'No, the demon is you…'

Two days later.

As expected, the people bowed and shed tears, but they did not bring raspberry pie and chestnuts.

Raon laughed as he saw Wrath frowning.

'I told you it wasn't possible. Now is not the time to make desserts.'

It's not over yet!

Wrath shook his head, saying that it wasn't over until it was over.

Wrath shook his head, saying that it wasn't over until it was over.

'It doesn't matter. I'll leave before lunch as I said.'

I know.

Raon left the village and looked around. 

He spread his sense to see if there were any Black Tower, Derus' shadow, or monsters, but fortunately, he couldn't feel anything.

With the warriors sent by the black market, he thought he could leave without any worries.

Anyway, I'm worried.

"You, only worry about food."

The king is just…

"I think your life is all about food."


When Raon returned to the inn, the chief of Weathers Village was waiting for him.



The chief bowed his head so low that his head touched the ground.

"You don't have to bow like that."

It was a bit of a burden that not only the chief, but all the villagers greeted him like that.

"No. This is far from enough."

He smiled awkwardly and shook his head. He bit his lip, saying it was a debt he would have to repay for the rest of his life.

"I heard you're leaving today. Is that true?"

"Yes. I have an important matter."

Raon nodded. He had to go to the Sepia Merchant Association to prepare for the successor competition, as he didn't know what would happen.

"I see. You're just going away after helping us."

He bowed his head again, apologizing.

"It would be nice if you could accept even the reward money we collected..."

"You need to use it to rebuild the village."

Raon shook his head. He was satisfied with winning the bet with Wrath, as he didn't do it for the money.

"Then please accept something else."

When the chief looked back, a girl with freckles on her nose came forward and handed him two boxes.

"My granddaughter made these with the best raspberries and chestnuts left in the village. Please eat them and visit us again later."

"Thank you. Benefactor."

He and his granddaughter bowed their heads at the same time.


Raon opened his mouth in surprise as he received the boxes, which were wrapped in a luxurious manner.

'They made this?'

He couldn't believe that they would give him their specialties when the funeral for the victims hadn't even been held yet. He couldn't speak because he couldn't believe it.


Wrath burst into laughter, clutching his stomach.

Didn't I tell you! You're a demon who doesn't know humans!

He kept talking about demons, as if he had become a human.

"Th, thank you."

While trying to keep his expression as he tried to open the box, a message came up. He bit his lip, thinking he had obviously lost.

[You have won the bet with <Wrath>.]

[All stats increase by 10 points.]

[As a result of the winning streak, 5 points are additionally increased.]



However, the message said that he had won.

What, what is it! Are you really crazy! Why did I lose!

'I don't know either.'

Raon tilted his head as he opened the lid of the box. When he saw that, he finally understood why this message came out.

'It's not pie or stew.'

Inside the box was a pink macaron made with raspberries and a chestnut sweet soup.

Wrath opened his mouth in surprise as he saw the two dishes.

“These are new desserts that will follow raspberry pie and chestnut stew. Please enjoy them first, benefactor.”

The chief smiled and said that they would be even more delicious than raspberry pie and chestnut stew.

“They look really delicious.”

Raon nodded as he looked at the two desserts. He tried to hold back, but he couldn’t help but smile, so he covered his mouth with his hand.

What is this!

Wrath looked up to the sky and yelled in anger at the unexpected situation.

Why is it always like this! Why did they make a new dessert just now!

‘Thank you.’

I said bring me raspberry pie and chestnut stew!

This is just a forced loss!

Why does the world hate me!


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