TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 363

  N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 363

 It's getting more intense as time goes by.

As time passed, the battles between assassins and dark mages grew fiercer. Both the power of poison and the power of darkness could inflict excruciating pain upon their opponents with just a touch, so they poured all their strength into each other, igniting sparks of death.

Raon looked down below and smirked.

"They suit each other well."

Seeing the faces contorted in pain as they fought, laughter escaped him involuntarily. He didn't care about others' suffering, so it felt refreshing.



People began to emerge, poisoned by the mana of poison or darkness, but there was no hint of guilt.

They were the kind who attacked innocent villages, turning them into sacrifices for the Black Tower, or those who unleashed poison on entire villages, so it didn't matter if they all died.


Watching the chaotic battlefield, Wrath sighed.

Truly... I can only say You're crazy.

"What's that?"

When Raon said he was going to take advantage of the situation, Wrath thought this guy had finally gone crazy, but it actually happened.

"It's not the first time something like this has happened."

Yeah. That's why it's even more annoying.

He was helping Raon because the they interrupted his dessert time, but he was so angry that things were going too well. He felt strangely angry when he saw Raon being comfortable.

Aren't you going to do anything?

"The two over there, I'll take care of them."

Raon pointed to the Black Water and Rocktan fighting just below.

"As I said, it's time to prepare for the end. It's not my turn yet."

Turning away, he gazed at a distant, low peak.

"I have other things to do right now."

Did you notice that?

"The rhythm of the battle has changed."


Wrath frowned as if he didn't like it.

"You taught me how to sense emotions and use the Legendary Sense, why are you irritated now?"

You use it too well. That's why I'm annoyed. You could have shown a little restraint!

He slammed the ground, frustrated that this guy got distracted by something as trivial as dessert.

"It's too late now."

Raon tapped Wrath's shoulder and turned away.

"It's too late to regret it."

He set off for the low hill near the entrance to the Zamari Mountains, with his footwork skill Taehwasamb.

The Taehwasamb is the most silent and gentle footwork of the Supreme Harmony steps. He arrived at his destination without leaving a single trace on the ground.

As soon as he reached the top of the hill, he saw a masked man hiding between large rocks.

He was using a cylindrical telescope to watch the battle between the Assassins and the Black Tower.

'I knew it.'

A scout and reporter for information gathering.

This guy was hiding here, not participating in the battle, to report the situation of Rocktan and the assassins if any problems arose.

"So, these guys are the last fort, in other words."

If only these information gatherers were eliminated, he would be out of Derus' sight.

A smile formed on Raon's face.


Raon silently approached the information gatherer, stabbed his heart, and covered his mouth, just as he had done before. He gently laid the body down and moved to the right.

Stepping only on solid rocks and stones to avoid making any noise, he approached the last information gatherer hidden among the bushes.

This information gatherer was also watching the battle between the poisoned ones and the Black Water through a telescope.

"Seriously, what..."

He glanced away from the telescope, letting out a bitter laugh.

"Why are those two fighting?"

"I intervened."

"Ugh! You..."

Before the informant could finish, Raon slit his throat.


The informant's eyes widened in shock as he collapsed to the ground.

"Tell them in hell."

Raon laughed coldly as he smashed the telescope the informant had with him.

"They'll be joining you soon, so make some room."

* * *

Dorian shivered as he inserted his fingers into the wall, his shoulders trembling.

"Is this really a good idea?"

Raon had told him to climb up to the peak.

He had confidence in his strength to hold on, but the tension was making his heart race.

"It's exhausting to follow him around."

He sighed inwardly when he heard the sound of boots hitting the ground from below.

"They've arrived."

Instinctively, he felt that now was the time, so he climbed to the highest peak and peered slightly to the side.


People in black robes that seemed like Black Tower mages with hoods tightly wrapped around them were fighting with those in nightclothes, clinging to their bodies like assassins.

"What's going on?"

Why were they fighting among themselves? Where was Raon? Had they turned against each other?

They were fighting with all their might, mana and dark magic scattering wildly.

"I don't know..."

Well, he must have had his reasons.

Understanding what Raon had done was impossible for him. He just thought of it as Raon being Raon and continued climbing the peak.


As he climbed the sheer cliff, sweat poured down as if he had been drenched, but he exerted all his strength to move his arms and legs, thinking of the people above.

"Ugh! I made it."

As soon as he reached Drake's nest, the highest peak, he saw dying people.


"K-kill me!"

"Please, help..."


People clutched the black holes carved into their bodies, emitting groans that sounded like their throats had been slit.

The black holes were only the size of a human skull, and the flesh around them was rotting like zombies.

"What is this...?"

Dorian trembled as he looked at the condition of the people.

"Damn bastards!"

He knew the people would be in pain, but he didn't expect it to be this bad.

It was unbelievable that one human could do this to another. His fear was replaced by anger, rising to the point where it overshadowed everything else.



"Please, just..."


People groaned in agony as they clung to the black holes etched into their bodies.

"I can't believe this..."

Dorian trembled as he watched the state of the people.

"Good-for-nothing scum!"

There was a hole in his shoulder, and black blood had risen up to his neck.

"Are you okay?"

"Not me... please, check on my granddaughter."

Despite gasping for breath as if he were about to die, he pointed to a young girl on his right.


Dorian swallowed hard. Seeing people caring for each other in a situation where they could die any moment made his heart boil with emotion.

"My, my superior is truly competent! If we can hold on a bit longer, he'll save us all. Please wait just a little longer!"

He rummaged through his bag and took out painkillers and a healing potion that could help them.

Dorian moved to distribute the painkillers to the people, even stepping on his principles.

"Swallow them right away!"

The people addicted to the darkness trembled as they put the painkillers in their mouths with trembling hands. Those who were already paralyzed had the pills placed in their mouths and were forced to swallow.

"It will hurt, but you have to endure."

Dorian opened the lid of the healing potion. It was a truly precious potion, supposedly obtained from the Kelton Holy Kingdom, but he didn't care about its value.

He dropped a drop of the potion onto the old man's wound, hoping it would help.


With a sound like sizzling flesh, the old man began to convulse as if he were having a seizure.




People groaned in agony, but the black holes etched into their bodies were gradually shrinking.

"It's working!"

It was the true effect of the real healing potion. It would still be painful, but there was a way to save everyone.

"We'll save you all! Just hold on a little longer!"

Dorian moved around the entire peak, sprinkling healing potion on the black holes of the people.





People screamed or were so agonized that they couldn't even scream, but the black holes and the black blood vessels were definitely diminishing.


Exhausted, Dorian gave water to those who could barely breathe and then looked down from the peak.

"They're still fighting."

The Black Tower and the assassins were still releasing dark energy and stabbing each other with their swords. Fortunately, they didn't seem to care about this side.

"Where is the squad vice-leader?" (or the young master, because the mtl translation was Lady Boodayan, lol, and also Dorian often changes the nickname he uses to call Raon)

The assassins and Black Tower members numbered less than ten each. If one side won, they would surely come up here. But Dorian had no idea what Raon was doing or where he was.

"My superior must be really tired... Huh?"

As he sighed and turned around, he suddenly froze.

From the west, something huge was approaching at a terrifying speed. When he saw the eerie pupils emerging from the darkness, his hair stood on end.

"It's here!"

Dorian exclaimed in shock, stepping back.

"The Drake is here!"

Why the hell he isn't coming yet?

* * *


Rocktan threw a dagger towards the sky. Ten daggers scattered in the air, descending like vipers, aimed at Black Water's vital points.

"How annoying."

Black Water lowered his hand. The dark energy he wielded turned into giant claws, sweeping away all the daggers and then falling onto Rocktan's head.

"This damn bastard!"

Rocktan extended his entwined hands towards the sky. The dark energy swirling around him turned into a surging wave.


Toxic energy and dark magic clashed, causing a massive explosion. Unvanquished energies spread around, leaving the ground and trees charred black.



Black Water, his skin pale from the toxicity, and Rocktan, his neck covered in black veins due to the dark energy, were both in dire straits.

"Let's finish this."

"Agreed. You piece of trash!"

Rocktan raised his poison whip and stepped back. Black Water, as if he had anticipated this, quickly retreated and unleashed a torrent of dark energy.


Both of them poured all their power into trying to kill each other, the dark energy and toxic venom colliding endlessly.

Raon watched Rocktan, who was expelling toxins, and Black Water, who was wielding dark energy, while gripping the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem.

'They've weakened.'

Not only had their mental strength been diminished by enduring pain, but the dark energy and toxins were also consuming their bodies. Both were in a state where they couldn't exert their full power.

'There isn't much time left.'

However, even if they were weakened, it was still impossible to ambush both of them simultaneously. He had to wait for the right opportunity.

Raon used the Legendary Sense to mask his presence as much as possible, blending it into the natural flow of things.


As he observed Rocktan and Black Water clashing, trying to suppress their energies, something massive blocking the moon suddenly crossed his mind.

"What the hell!"

With a deafening cry that could shatter eardrums, a fierce presence covered the entire Zamari Mountain Range. Drake, who had left the nest, had returned.


"Ha! Does this mean it's a triple showdown?"

The attention and senses of both Black Water and Rocktan shifted towards Drake.


Raon moved activated the Supreme Harmony steps, in a moment, his field of vision narrowed. In that brief moment, he delved into the center of Rocktan and Black Water.

They were still focused on Drake, and their guards were down. Raon swung both the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem.


The sensation of blades piercing through flesh and bones reached as he met the gaze of both Rocktan and Black Water. He injected poison into Black Water and ignited flames in Rocktan.



The eyes of Black Water and Rocktan turned towards him, but it was already too late.

With astonishment and agony in their eyes, they met the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem, which descended to their very ends.


Blood spurted like a fountain, and Black Water's right arm and Rocktan's left arm flew into the air.


With the sound of the two arms falling, time, which seemed to have stopped, began to flow again.

"Kughughk... ."


Black Water and Rocktan, clutching their right and left shoulders, respectively, quickly backed away.

"Instead of a three-way battle... ."

Raon raised his chin with a proud expression.

"How about a four-way battle?"

He lightly brushed off the blood that was flowing on the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem, as if mocking them.

"You, you are... ."

"Raon Zieghart! When the hell did you!"

Black Water and Rocktan shook their jaws in disbelief. However, there was still strength in their eyes.

"You think you're fine, don't you?"

Raon nodded as he met the eyes of Black Water and Rocktan, who had not yet given up.

"You think you can still do it, because you've only lost one arm. Right?"


"That was on purpose."

He raised the ring of fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation at the same time, with a chilling smile. The hot aura, which felt like blood was evaporating, began to suffocate the space.

"I just thought it would be too much of a waste to just kill you guys like this. I wanted to see how well you can endure pain."

He activated Supreme Harmony steps as soon as he finished saying that. He broke through the space and went to Rocktan's left side.

"This bastard... Kuhrek!"

Rocktan pushed the ground away and moved to the right. The reaction was fast, but the heat of the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation that was embedded in his body interfered with the movement of the poison.


Raon did not miss the opportunity and swung down the Heavenly Drive sword. The blade, with the ferocious fangs of the Fangs of Insanity, passed through Rocktan's chest.

The heat burned the wound so no blood came out, but the pain would be several times more severe.


When Rocktan screamed and tried to stab his abdomen, a huge force erupted from behind him. It was the dark energy that Black Water had created.

"You don't know how to wait your turn."

"Shut up."

"How do you close a holed mouth."

As Raon turned around with a cold smile, Black Water swung down the dark energy he had raised. The dark-colored energy fell like a dragon's claw.

Raon gripped the Blade of Requiem and raised Glacier.


The blade cry, which resounded with coldness, resonated with the ghastly energy that had penetrated Black Water's interior.


Black Water endured the pain and swung down the dark energy, but Raon had already escaped from that space.


He broke through the crumbling ground and rushed towards Black Water.

"You rat bastard!"

Black Water did not back down, but rather moved forward and extended his fist. The black energy spread like a net, trying to wrap around his entire body.

'It's a strong technique, but... .'

I've seen it before.

He drew a semicircle with the Heavenly Drive sword. When the blade, wrapped in heat, pushed away the dark energy, he penetrated Black Water's gap and swung down the Blade of Requiem.


The blade sliced through the darkness, mercilessly cutting through Black Water's chest.


He groaned in pain, staggering backward as if he were a drunkard.



Rocktan and Black Water both clutched their arms and chests, their eyes trembling with agony.

"Is this all you've got?"

Raon looked down at the wounded Black Water and Rocktan, his lips curled in disdain.

"You thought you were so patient, enduring pain while screaming like a banshee."

"...Was all of this your plan?"

Black Water glared at him with intense eyes, his dark pupils contorted.


Raon raised his Heavenly Drive sword and Blade of Requiem, nodding.

"Ever heard of this? Trash should be disposed of as trash."


"You damn bastard!"

Both Black Water and Rocktan moved simultaneously. Despite enduring the interference of the toxic energy and darkness within their bodies, they pushed their poison and dark energies to their limits.

The blue poison turned into a tidal wave, rushing in, and the overwhelming black energy poured down from the sky.

"Your suffering begins now."

Raon didn't flinch even when facing this tremendous force. He calmly moved forward, extending his Heavenly Drive sword.


Along the distant horizon, thousands of blades seemed to spread out, each gleaming with starlight.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay 

Third Form, Sword’s Silvery Dream

In this dreamlike spectacle, thousands of blades pierced through the sight of Black Water and Rocktan.

"Drown in endless agony."


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