RDM (Novel) Chapter 496

 C 496


Hong Ye-seol let out an exclamation without realizing it.

It was because Pyo Wol, who had somehow opened his eyes, was staring intently at her.

She rubbed her eyes, thinking it might be an illusion, but indeed, Pyo Wol was looking straight at her.

"What's going on? Are you awake?"

"You told me to open my eyes, didn't you?"

"So, you're saying you're fully awake?"

"I regained my senses a while ago. I just hadn't opened my eyes because I was sorting out my thoughts."

"That's sneaky!"

Hong Ye-seol rolled her eyes.

Pyo Wol, still lying down, asked her,

"What about the Hundred Wraith Union?"

"I took care of it... I'm the owner of the Hundred Wraith Union now."

"You must have had a hard time."

"A little. How about you?"

"I'm good!"

"Are you really okay?"

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo Wol with a skeptical expression.

If he was really okay, Pyo Wol should have jumped up from his spot by now.

Pyo Wol closed his eyes for a moment to check his body's condition.

An unidentified hot energy was surging throughout his body.

It was the harmony of Nam Shin-woo's blood and the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique. The powerful vitality contained in Nam Shin-woo's blood was maximized by the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique.

Because of this, Pyo Wol's body was on the verge of bursting.

Even the divine physician, who had used the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique, did not expect this outcome.

From now on, it was crucial.

Pyo Wol opened his eyes and spoke to Hong Ye-seol.

"Help me sit up."


Hong Ye-seol supported Pyo Wol's back and helped him sit up.

Pyo Wol adjusted his sitting position and said, "I need to circulate my energy. You have to be my guardian."

"Guardian, you mean?"

"Right now, you're the only person I can trust."

"Don't worry. I'll protect you."

Hong Ye-seol replied with a bright smile.

"Then I'll count on you."

Pyo Wol immediately closed his eyes and began to circulate his energy.

Time was pressing.

If he didn't control the Qi within his body right now, his body would burst open like a bag of wind.

Pyo Wol used the Lightning Strike Soul Mind Technique.

His whole body was hot.

It felt as if a snake made of fire was slithering through his veins.

Just managing the energy itself was a challenge.

He felt a burning pain in his blood vessels.

The greatest pain a human can feel is the scorching pain (灼熱痛).

That is, the pain one feels when being burned by fire.

This was the pain Pyo Wol was experiencing now.

Still, there was no change in his expression.

He had been accustomed to pain since he was young.

For Pyo Wol, who had lived a life full of pain, this level of pain was very familiar.

Patience and waiting.

These were the two things he was most confident in.

Thud! Thud-thud!

Bone clashing sounds emanated from his body.

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo Wol with a tense expression.

It wasn't just the sound of bones; Pyo Wol's muscles were involuntarily spasming.

It was clear that something unusual was happening inside Pyo Wol's body. At a glance, it was obvious that he was at a critical point.


Hong Ye-seol unconsciously tensed up.


She knew well that if he was disturbed at a time like this, it could lead to serious consequences.


That's when it happened.


Suddenly, blood vessels popped out of Pyo Wol's body.


The protruding veins wriggled like worms.


At the same time, intense heat radiated from his entire body.




Hong Ye-seol was startled and unknowingly stepped back.




Pyo Wol's body shook violently as if an earthquake had occurred. At the same time, sweat poured from his pores like rain.


A terrible stench emanated from the sweat running over his entire body.


Something was changing from within Pyo Wol's body.


Hong Ye-seol watched Pyo Wol nervously.




At that moment, Pyo Wol's skin cracked open.


Like a snake shedding its old skin, his skin split and fell off.


Hong Ye-seol knew exactly what was happening to Pyo Wol's body now.


"'Phantom Bone Transformation(換骨奪胎).'


When a martial artist reaches the peak of his cultivation, his body is transformed into the optimal state for his martial arts.


The skeleton and muscles change, the old skin falls off, and new skin grows.


This transmutation, exceeding human limits and evolving into a new species, was known as the Phantom Bone Transformation.


Hong Ye-seol covered her mouth with her hand and watched the spectacle.


His withered skin fell away, revealing a new skin as smooth as a baby's.


When Pyo Wol achieved enlightenment in the underground cave, he gained a smooth body like a snake's. All previous injuries were erased, and he acquired a sleek physique. However, during his journey through the martial world, countless new wounds had been engraved on Pyo Wol's smooth body.


Some of them had faded away, leaving only faint traces, while others were so deep that they remained vivid. The wounds he had recently received from fights, such as with the master of Guryongsalmak, hadn't even scabbed over yet.


Thus, Pyo Wol's body was covered in scars, like a net. However, all these scars vanished with the Phantom Bone Transformation.


His skin had returned to that of a baby's—white and smooth.




Hong Ye-seol exclaimed in disbelief at the unbelievable sight.


Even after shedding all his old skin, Pyo Wol didn't stop his qi circulation.


In fact, he couldn't.


Even after achieving the Phantom Bone Transmutation, the raging energy inside his body had not calmed down.


If he didn't completely control the internal energy, his heart vessels would be torn apart.

Because of this, Pyo Wol focused only on qi circulation, unaware of his transmutation. But taming the rampaging energy was no easy task.



It was then that Gwia made its move.


Gwia, who had been lying still, coiled up Pyo Wol's body and wrapped it around his neck.

it opened its tiny mouth and bit into Pyo Wol's chest.


"Wha, what?"


Hong Ye-seol's eyes widened in surprise.


She tried to strike Gwia with her sword. She thought it was trying to hurt Pyo Wol. But at that moment, she noticed Pyo Wol's complexion noticeably easing.


When Gwia's poison entered his body, the raging qi found a new target.


The hot energy began to calm down as it burned away Gwia’s poison.


Pyo Wol's body, which had been burning hot, also regained its tranquility.


Only then did Hong Ye-seol realize that Gwia wasn't trying to attack Pyo Wol. Instead, it had injected its poison to help him.


Thanks to that, Pyo Wol gained resistance to Gwia's poison.


Gwia’s poison was arguably the deadliest in the world.


Having resistance to Gwia's poison meant that Pyo Wol had essentially become immune to all poisons.


At least, no poison in the martial world could harm Pyo Wol now.




A moment later, Pyo Wol opened his eyes with a faint sigh.


Upon seeing his gaze, Hong Ye-seol's entire body froze.


The moment she saw the red light in Pyo Wol's eyes, her mind went numb as if she was being hypnotized by a snake.


Hong Ye-seol's mental strength was far beyond that of an ordinary person due to her experience as an assassin. If measured by mental fortitude alone, Hong Ye-Seol was at the top among the martial artists. Yet, even she experienced a moment of mind-numbing bewilderment.

“What on earth......”




"Come here, let me take care of your wounds."


At the divine physician's words, Eun-yo, Do Yeonsan, and Nam Shin-woo approached.


Eun-yo was the first to show her wound.


"Tsk! It's going to leave a scar."


Having a permanent scar on one's body was a great burden for women.

Especially for young women like Eun-yo, it was even more so. However, Eun-yo herself had a nonchalant reaction.

"It's fine."

"But the scar will be quite big, won't it?"

"I'm a martial artist. I have to accept things like this."

"A martial artist, huh..."

"If I wanted to live an ordinary life, I would have chosen the life of a woman in a brothel instead of entering the martial world."


"I've chosen this life, so I can handle scars like this."

"I see! You're already a martial artist."

The divine physician nodded his head.

He had thought of Eun-yo as a woman, but she considered herself a martial artist.

There was a huge difference.

Eun-yo wasn't afraid or ashamed of having scars. Rather, her calm attitude made the divine physician feel embarrassed. He applied a healing ointment and corrected her disrupted energy flow with acupuncture. Finally, he handed her a wrapped pill.

"This is called Blue Spirit Pill (靑靈丹). If you take it, it should heal most internal injuries quickly."

"Thank you."

Eun-yo took the blue spirit pill right away and circulated her qi.

She didn't have any doubts, knowing how skilled the divine physician was.

After Eun-yo, Do Yeonsan was the next to receive divine physician's treatment.

He had been in an intense battle with the leader of the Blood Demon Corps, so his body was covered in various wounds.

"You've been through a lot."

"It's nothing compared to my brother."

"Your brother is someone who has already transcended the realm of ordinary humans. It would be too cruel to judge you on the same level as him."

"I know. But I still want to be a little like him."

"I see."

As the divine physician conversed with Do Yeonsan, he applied acupuncture.

The divine physician's acupuncture was truly extraordinary.

Do Yeonsan felt refreshed as soon as the needles were inserted into his body.

The divine physician finished by taking a final look at Nam Shin-woo's wounds. He hadn't even needed to treat him, he was recovering so quickly, his recovery rate was unimaginable.

Sal-no silently watched the divine physician's treatment from a distance.

He could feel it in the way he placed the needles.

The divine physician was a rare master healer.

'Is there such a healer in this world?'

Sal-no, who prided himself on knowing all the prominent figures in the martial world, had never heard of the divine physician before.

"There are countless skilled doctors in the martial world..."

Having someone as skilled as the divine physician on your side was as good as having an extra life.


Sal-no approached the divine physician with a sly smile.

The divine physician narrowed his eyes and became alert.

"What can I do for you?"

"Can you take a look at this old man as well?"

"Do you have any injuries?"

"Not injuries, but I feel a lack of energy..."

At Sal-no's words, the divine physician frowned.

Sal-no felt embarrassed and looked away, but he didn't leave the divine physician's side.

The divine physician sighed softly at Sal-no's behavior.

Although he could see through Sal-no's intentions, he was still the benefactor who had saved their lives.

If Sal-no hadn't appeared with the Black Shadow Assassins, he wouldn't have been able to treat the children.


The divine physician sighed and took out a blue spirit pill from his pocket.

"A single blue spirit pill should be able to heal most internal injuries quickly. Use it sparingly."

"Hehe! Thank you! I won't forget this favor."

"Forget it! Just go."

Although the divine physician waved his hand dismissively, Sal-no didn't leave his side.

With the blue spirit pill in his hand, Sal-no spoke in a subtle voice.

"We're about the same age, let's be friends."

"What do you mean friends at this age?"

"Come on! Let's just be friends. Who knows? I might be of help to you someday..."

"I don't need any help."

"Let's just be friends."

"Ugh! I said no!"

The divine physician frowned as if he didn't want to hear it. But that wasn't enough to shake off Sal-no.

"I really like you."

"I don't like you."

"What can I do to make you like me?"

"Stay far away from me..."

"I can't do that. Let's get along well."

"This old man really..."

The divine physician clenched his fist and shivered his shoulders.

Despite the anger-filled look on his face, Sal-no never lost his smile.


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