RDM (Novel) Chapter 495


C 495

The battle between the Blood Demon Chief and Do Yeonsan was intense.

Both of them clashed with all their strength.

Their bodies were covered in considerable wounds, each inflicted by the other.

There were deadly wounds on their necks and chests that would have killed them if they had missed by a single inch.

'What a remarkable guy.'

The Blood Demon Chief couldn't help but admire.

Do Yeonsan's martial arts were so impressive that if he wasn't an enemy, he would have applauded him without hesitation. Although still unrefined, he had the talent to become a martial arts legend with just a little more polishing.

It was clear that if Do Yeonsan were allowed to live, he would become a future problem.

'I must kill him today.'

The Blood Demon Chief concentrated his energy into his sword.

There was no formation of sword qi or strength.

For an assassin, it was foolish to display such flashy techniques.

The essence of an assassin's martial arts was to be traceless.

Instead of releasing energy outward, they condensed it to enhance their power. That was the martial arts of an assassin.

The Red Flying Sword.

The sword technique he mastered was one of those martial arts.

A single strike to determine the outcome, unique to assassins.

Sensing the Blood Demon Chief's unusual momentum, Do Yeonsan clenched his fist tightly.

Instinctively, he realized that something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

'Will my brother be safe?'

At that moment, the thought that crossed Do Yeonsan's mind was, amusingly enough, the safety of Pyo Wol.

For now, he had no choice but to trust Nam Shin-woo and Eun-Yo.

That was when it happened.

'An opening!'

Realizing that Do Yeonsan was distracted, the Blood Demon Chief launched a surprise attack.

By the time Do Yeonsan snapped back to reality, the Blood Demon Chief's sword was just about to pierce his chest.

He finally realized his mistake, but it was already too late to react.

He squinted and braced himself for pain. But, mere inches from his chest, the sword of the Blood Demon Corps leader stopped.

It was unlikely that the Blood Demon Chief had a sudden change of heart to show mercy.

It was not of his own volition that the Blood Demon chief stopped his sword.

Through the white cloud, more than ten swords appeared.

More than ten swords were tightly pressed against the Blood Demon Chief's neck, chest, arms, and legs. The owners of the swords were hidden by the cloud and could not be seen. If the Blood Demon Chief moved even slightly, he would be cut by the surrounding swords.


The Blood Demon Chief's eyes trembled.

He hadn't noticed the swords until they touched his body.

An unbelievable situation that he would never have believed unless he experienced it firsthand.

His assassination skills and senses were absolute, worthy of being the leader of the Blood Demon Corps. As a result, his pride in himself was immense.

He couldn't believe that he hadn't detected the approaching individuals until their swords touched his body.

At that moment, the cloud dissipated.

A gust of wind, from somewhere, instantly dispersed the mist. The figures hidden by the mist revealed themselves.

More than ten warriors dressed in black were clinging to the Blood Demon Chief's body, pointing their swords at him.


Do Yeonsan involuntarily gasped at the sight.

Goosebumps had formed all over his body.

The way the assassins were suppressing another assassin was chilling.

At that moment, a small elderly man emerged from the dispersing cloud.

The elder was covered with black moles on his face, his back slightly bent as he leaned on his stick, and there wasn't a hint of an imposing aura about him. But when Do Yeonsan saw him, he was seized by an intense sense of crisis.

The old man glanced at the Blood Demon Chief, who was being restrained by the Black Shadow Assassins.

For the first time, the Blood Demon Chief spoke.

"Who are you people?"

A faint smile hovered at the corner of the elder's lips.

"They are called the Black Shadow Assassins (黑殺無影隊). They are the swords that protect the master of Hundred Wraith Union."

"Hundred Wraith Union? Why you?"

The Blood Demon Chief had a look of disbelief.

The Hundred Wraith Union and the Blood Demon Corps had a cooperative relationship.

When the Blood Demon Corps requested it, the Hundred Wraith Union would carry out their tasks faithfully.

Having given them several contracts in the past, the Blood Demon Chief knew this well. That's why he couldn't understand the appearance of the Black Shadow Assassins.

"Is this a betrayal?"

"Are we in a position to discuss betrayal? After all, it's merely a contractual relationship."

"How dare you speak of abrogating the treaty? Is this the work of the Master of the Hundred Wraith Union?"

"It's the new Master's will."

"New? You mean the Master has changed?"

"Hehe! Indeed. So, please understand."

The Blood Demon Chief's face contorted at the words of the small elderly man.

"Bring the Master here. I will talk to him directly. I will hold him responsible for daring to interfere with the Guryongsalmak’s affairs."

"You talk too much."


"You talk too much for an assassin. You haven't followed the proper path."


The old man gestured as if there was no need for further conversation.

At that moment, the Black Shadow Assassins unsheathed their swords.


Ten swords instantly split the Blood Demon Chief's body apart.

The body of the Blood Demon Chief, now in more than a dozen pieces, collapsed.

Do Yeonsan's face was filled with horror as he watched the entire scene unfold.

The small elderly man noticed Do Yeonsan and bowed courteously.

"I apologize for startling you."

"Ah, ah! Yes!"


"I am Sal-no (殺老)."


"Yes! As you can see, I'm an aged assassin approaching retirement. I'm too old to even wield a sword now."

Do Yeonsan swallowed at Sal-no's words.

'No energy, huh...'

He hadn't sensed Sal-no's presence until he revealed himself. Just a moment ago if Sal-no had intended to harm him, he would already be dead.

Even now, cold sweat trickled down his back.

Sal-no spoke politely.

“The inside should have been all sorted out by now. Please go in.”


Do Yeonsan nodded and moved, but he didn't let his guard down completely.

Although he received help for now, he wasn't sure if he and the assassins were on the same side.

Do Yeonsan followed Sal-no, ready to take action at any moment.

As they exited the maze and arrived in front of the house, a gruesome sight greeted him.

All the Blood Demons who had infiltrated through the maze were dead.


Do Yeonsan swallowed.

At that moment, Eun-yo approached Do Yeonsan.

"Are you okay?"

"Huh? Yes!"

"Thank goodness."

Eun-yo breathed a sigh of relief.

Only then did Do Yeonsan come to his senses.

Sal-no walked past Do Yeonsan and approached Hong Ye-seol.

"Everything is taken care of, Master!"

"Good job."

"It was nothing."

Sal-no gave a slight smile.

He looked at Hong Ye-seol with an expression like he was looking at his granddaughter.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"Don't say that. Just give your orders whenever you need something. There's no need for you to apologize. That's your right as the Master. Shouldn't we go inside now?"

Sal-no glanced at the house.

Hong Ye-seol nodded and moved her steps.


Sal-no quietly watched her back as she entered the house.


As soon as she closed the door and disappeared, Sal-no looked at Eun-yo and the others.

"You've all worked hard. Our black shadow assassins will be on guard, so please take a break."

"No, it's okay."

"It's fine. Our people have already secured the area perfectly, so take a rest. If you feel uncomfortable, I will be scolded by the Master."

"It doesn't seem like you'd get scolded at all..."

Eun-yo trailed off.

Sal-no smiled wordlessly.

His expression felt even more eerie.


Hong Ye-seol carefully opened the door and stepped into the room.

The room was filled with the scent of medicinal herbs.

The divine physician tending to Pyo Wol, cautiously turned his head to look at her.

"What about the children outside?"

"Don't worry. The children are safe."

"I'm relieved."

It was because the healer had noticed that Hong Ye-seol had no ill intentions. Hong Ye-seol sat next to the divine physician and asked,

"How is his condition?"

"I've done everything I can. The rest is up to his will."

"Then he should be fine."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Because he's the most determined person I know. I haven't seen anyone with a stronger will than him."

"Is that so? Well..."

The divine physician shook his head.

"Did you say you've done everything you can?"


"Then I'll take care of him from now on."


"Don't worry. I have absolutely no intention of harming him."

"I... understand."

The divine physician got up from his seat.

He couldn't completely trust her, but there was no choice.

If she had malicious intentions, both he and Pyo Wol would have already been dead.

At this point, there was no other choice but to trust her.


As the healer closed the door and went outside, Hong Ye-seol moved closer to Pyo-wol.

She saw Gwia, the spiritual beast, curling at Pyo Wol's bedside.

Gwia, unresponsive, merely stared blankly at Hong Ye-seol's face. He knew that she was an acquaintance of Pyo Wol.

Hong Ye-seol alternated her gaze between Gwia and Pyo Wol.

"You two look alike."

In many ways, they were one and the same.

Hong Ye-seol gazed at Pyo Wol's face while kneeling beside him.

"Now the situation has changed."

Previously, Pyo Wol had accepted the request from Ghost King to save Hong Ye-seol.

Thanks to that, they could find the mysterious land and save Hong Ye-seol's life.

If it hadn't been for Pyo-wol, Hong Ye-seol would have died then.

Now the situation was reversed.

Hong Ye-seol was glad about this situation.

"I didn't know you could be this vulnerable."

Pyo Wol was the most perfect assassin she knew.

A person who never let his guard down and doubted everything that existed. Seeing him lying down defenselessly like this felt human.

Once he wakes up, he'll return to being a perfect assassin, so this would be the last time she sees Pyo Wol in such a defenseless state.

Hong Ye-seol enjoyed this moment.

Looking at Pyo Wol's face, she felt rewarded for all her hard work.

After parting with Pyo Wol, she joined the main branch of Hundred Wraith Union.

Her safe return had turned the Hundred Wraith Union upside down.

It was because the leader of Hundred Wraith Union had declared Hong Ye-seol dead.

From the Hundred Wraith Union's perspective, it was no different than a dead person coming back to life.

Hong Ye-seol confronted the leader of Hundred Wraith Union.

"Why did you do that?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You used me as bait, didn't you?"

"Just for that, you're causing this commotion? You returned safely, that's what matters, or are you challenging my authority?"

"I just want to reveal the truth. Did you really use me as bait and try to create chaos?"


The leader of the Hundred Wraith Union did not answer. But his silence was an adequate answer for Hong Ye-seol.

She could accept dying while carrying out a request.

It was something she had been prepared for since choosing this path.

She joined the Hundred Wraith Union believing that they would at least protect her from external threats.

However, the Hundred Wraith Union, or more precisely, the leader of Hundred Wraith Union, had thoroughly betrayed her expectations.

She couldn't forgive someone who betrayed her like that. So, she fought the leader of Hundred Wraith Union.

Of course, the leader of Hundred Wraith Union tried to kill her using black shadow assassins.

At that time, the one who stood up against black shadow assassins was Sal-no.

He was the one who raised and trained the black shadow assassins.

At least for black shadow assassins, his words took precedence over the leader of Hundred Wraith Union.

"The black shadow assassins will not participate in this battle. A leader who does not protect the assassins of Hundred Wraith Union cannot be our ruler."

Upon his declaration, the black shadow assassins remained neutral.

Hong Ye-seol engaged in a fierce battle with the leader of Hundred Wraith Union, and eventually emerged victorious.

The leader of Hundred Wraith Union had not engaged in assassinations for a long time, and his body had become dull. On the other hand, Hong Ye-seol's senses were at their peak, having carried out various requests.

From the moment she hid behind the barrier of black shadow assassins, the outcome of the battle might have already been determined.

Hong Ye-seol killed the leader of Hundred Wraith Union and proudly became the new leader.

After that, she led the black shadow assassins and hurried here to help Pyo Wol.

"So, hurry up and wake up."

Hong Ye-seol whispered quietly into Pyo-wol's ear. In response to her call, Pyo-wol opened his eyes.

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